My Lesbian Sugar Mama Pt. 03


“I know why Mrs. Garza keeps calling you Mandy,” my friend Emma informed me as we walked together across the quad to the cafeteria following Spanish class.

“Why?” I asked. Mrs. Garza is our Spanish professor, and she’s constantly referred to me as ‘Mandy,’ despite that NOT being my name. It’s not even close! It’s been a source of amusement to both Emma & myself.

Hello, and by the way, my actual name is Kenzi Kittle, and I’m a college freshman at State University. And yes, as the title implies, I also have a lesbian sugar mama named Mrs. Morgenstern, who loves me and takes excellent care of me. She’s the one who arranged for me to get my scholarship, she then gave me a free place to stay here, she’s bought me lots of cute clothes, and she regularly fucks me pretty much everytime she visits. It’s an excellent arrangement!

My friend Emma is a cute little red-haired girl with beautiful translucent pale skin and a trim little figure, especially noticeable when she’s wearing her tight blue jeans, which she had on as we walked together across campus. Like me, she’s also a college freshman, and she’s also aware of my having an older lesbian lover.

“I found a sketchbook in Mrs. Garza’s study by an artist named Yeagle,” Emma explained. “He draws this pretty girl named Mandy who looks exactly like you!”

“And what were you doing in Mrs. Garza’s study?”

“Don’t you know?” she responded. “I thought I told you. I’m living at her place now!”

Oh yeah, that’s right. When Emma had first arrived at State for freshmen orientation, she’d opted not to live in the freshmen dorms, and instead found a cute little bungalow that was a bit pricey. It was owned by Mrs. Garza, our Spanish professor, who had apparently taken a liking to the pretty red-head, offering her a discount that Emma still couldn’t afford, but signed the lease anyway. And after she was unable to pay her rent for the second straight month, Mrs. Garza then offered to move the girl into a room at her own house, with Emma agreeing to work as a maid to pay her lodgings. On the surface it sounded like a good deal.

Emma invited me to join her after school to see her new place for myself, and I’d agreed to go along. Mrs. Garza’s house was just off campus. It was large and had plenty of rooms for the professor and her pretty pupil. Emma’s room was on the first floor behind the kitchen. I’m guessing that it was originally built to be the domestic servant’s quarters. Anyway, my friend was expected to vacuum & wash dishes, which all sounded perfectly acceptable until I learned that Mrs. Garza occasionally had Emma doing her chores while wearing ONLY her bra & panties!

“That’s ridiculous,” I told my friend. “Why would she insist upon such a thing?”

“I don’t know,” Emma responded, somewhat glumly. “But she says I look better the less I have on.”

“Maybe so,” I continued. “But that still doesn’t get her house cleaned any faster or better!”

Emma agreed, but didn’t want to talk about it anymore. It was also clear that there was nothing either one of us could do about it at this time. All I could do was promise to talk to Mrs. Morgenstern about Emma’s situation when she arrived later that same evening. Emma thanked me for my concern.


Mrs. Morgenstern visited me almost every weekend, arriving promptly at seven o’clock on Friday evening. She expected me to be bathed, perfumed, and waiting for her, completely nude, when I answered the door to her condo where I lived during the school year. Tonight was no exception.

“Hello, beautiful,” she happily exclaimed as I opened the door. She entered, closed the door, and then kissed me passionately on my lips, before then holding me at arm’s length to inspect my body, licking her lips while doing so. “Turn around,” she ordered, “and let me look at that gorgeous ass!”

Of course, I was more that happy to be intimately inspected by her, as I understood the pleasure that viewing my naked body gave to her. It’s strange, but I could actually feel her eyes devouring my pert little derriere. Seconds later, she was kneeling down immediately behind me, her hands grabbing my hips. I felt her hot breath on my behind just a half-second before feeling her lips. She hungrily kissed my rump as I then bent over slightly to provide her with better access.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured aloud, between kisses. “I’ve missed this delicious butt of yours so much!”

She then arose back to her feet, turned me around, and began kissing me everywhere, on my lips, face, neck, shoulders, & breasts while I submissively stood perfectly still. But don’t get me wrong – I was also LOVING it!

“And I’ve missed you,” I whispered. “Are you going to take me to bed now?”

“There’s no hurry,” she laughed. “I’m here now, and we’ve got the entire weekend to ourselves.”

We then sauntered together into the living room, her right hand possessively cupping my naked ass as we slowly made our way towards the comfortable sofa. She then sat şişli escort down and pulled me down onto her lap, still softly kissing me everywhere while her hands fondled, squeezed, & caressed my compliant nude body. This continued for quite some time without either one of us saying a word.

“I think I want to see you down on your hands and knees and crawling to the bedroom,” she suddenly suggested, with an evil leer in her voice. “And I want you moving both slowly and seductively!”

Seductively? How does one crawl seductively? Actually, I knew exactly what she wanted. Mrs. Morgenstern liked it when I submissively wiggled my little butt as I slowly crawled across the carpeted floor for her viewing pleasure. This gave her pleasure. So I dutifully arched my back to better show-off my ass, and even purred like a kitten as I glanced back at her over my shoulder, my eyelids half-closed. She smiled back at me hungrily.

I then began slowly crawling towards the bedroom, obediently offering my body for her loving caresses which always came when I pleased her. SLAP! Oh yeah, she also enjoyed occasionally spanking my ass when I was in this position. I whimpered as if in pain, which was hardly the case! Sure, it stung a little, but we both enjoyed it!

By the time I’d reached the bed, she’d already grabbed her strap-on from where she kept it in her luggage, and had also removed some of her own clothing as she simultaneously affixed the strap-on around her abdomen. Rarely did Mrs. Morgenstern get naked when engaging in sex with me, insisting that she preferred it when I alone was completely nude. She said it added to the dominant/submissive dynamic we two had going together, adding to the reality of her being over thirty-years my senior. It just felt so much more natural when I was nude while she remained fully-clothed.

“You belong to me, remember?” she had once informed me. “And I’m always going to want you completely naked when I fuck you.” She’d then added: “There’s really no reason why I should remove my clothing, as well.”

She gently helped me up onto the bed, covering my naked rump and the back of my thighs with kisses as I then positioned myself face down & ass up, just the way she liked it. Her hands glided softly across my butt, massaging my skin where her lips had been just seconds before.

“I do so love this gorgeous body of yours,” she observed, before proceeding to then carefully mount me from behind with her strap-on gently rubbing itself against my already moistened pussy. “Are you ready, my beautiful slavegirl?”

I whimpered my assent, as she then slowly inserted her strap-on dildo into my body, at which point I involuntarily moaned aloud. She laughed and triumphantly slapped my ass before then beginning to steadily rock me back & forth, her fingernails digging deep into my ass & hips.

“The ultimate submission,” I heard her hiss as she then proceeded to fuck me. Despite her complete dominance, Mrs. Morgenstern could also be a surprising gentle lover. I knew that my body gave her immense pleasure while at the same time providing her with an outlet for her dominant nature. And my natural submissiveness made the experience equally enjoyable for us both.

Again I bleated my surrender as she laughingly continued to ride me in this fashion, occasionally slapping my butt just for the pure joy of hearing me cry out. We were both in heaven. At one point her right hand grabbed at my hair, pulling my head back, before she then pushed it down onto the pillow, with both of her hands returning to possessively clutch at my upturned ass & hips.

As her physical exertions eventually began slowing down, her arms reached around beneath me with her hands possessively grabbing at my breasts, squeezing and fondling them, which brought forth another soft moan from my mouth. Mrs. Morgenstern laughed as she slowly lowered herself down on top of me and began kissing the back of my neck. My body instinctively flattened itself down onto my stomach with her kisses & licks then slowly making their way down my back, gravitating towards my curvy little butt, which anxiously awaited the loving attention that it instinctively knew was coming.

I’m in heaven when Mrs. Morgenstern passionately kisses my rump, as she’s just so amazingly good at it, especially after she’s just finished fucking me doggy-style. There’s something enormously erotic about an older and more dominant lesbian woman worshipping the bottom of her submissive younger girlfriend/slave with passionate, loving kisses. I enjoy it more than I can say! I so love being her possession!

Anyway, she continued kissing, nibbling, licking, and even biting at my derriere for the better part of five minutes, while I lay there purring contentedly while arching my ass upwards to give her better access. At one point she even planted her lips securely onto my butt, leaving a small hickey right there on my right ass-cheek as her mouth finally broke free with a loud pop!

“Hey, that’s going to leave a mark,” I objected. I really don’t think çapa escort she cared. She kissed my butt one final time before then sliding her way back up my nude body, with her hands possessively groping me the entire time.

“Camile says your legs are amazing,” she remarked, as her manicured nails grazed up my thighs. “She’s right, of course… but it’s this amazing little tushie that I’m hungry for right now!”

After planting another warm wet kiss on my butt, she then ordered me to role over, remarking: “Let me look at that pretty face of yours.” I immediately obeyed, at which point she kissed me on my parted lips while simultaneously maneuvering her strap-on into my pussy and fucking me in the missionary position for a while, with her eyes glaring into my own with a predatory expression. She again licked her lips hungrily.

“Okay… back onto your elbows and knees,” she laughed. “I’m ready for that kissable ass of your again.”

I giggled and obeyed at once, with her again placing her lips on my curvy butt while her hands once again possessively took hold of my hips and lifted them up so that she could once again fuck me doggy-style with her strap-on. This time she was in less of a hurry, taking me more slowly & deliberately, with the whole thing continuing for a number of minutes until her physical lusts were finally fully sated. We both felt exhausted. I rolled over onto my back while she continued kissing me on my lips & neck.

“So… tell me,” she playfully inquired while I caught my breath, “what’s been going on with my beautiful blonde college girl?” She kissed my shoulder while her fingers gently tweaked at my nipples.

I then related to her all of what was happening in my world, including what Emma had told me about Mrs. Garza. Mrs. Morgenstern listened without comment while I filled her in on the situation.

“Well, well, well… it sounds to me as if the little Irish girl has got herself a lesbian mistress,” she observed with a laugh. Mrs. Morgenstern always called Emma the ‘little Irish girl’ because of her curly red hair and fair complexion. “How old is this Spanish teacher that she’s now living with?”

“I’m guessing that Mrs. Garza’s probably somewhere in her forties,” I replied. “But what makes you so sure she’s a lesbian?”

“Why else would she make your friend clean her house in only her bra & panties?” She continued: “College is very expensive, and I can think of far worse ways for a pretty young girl like Emma to pay her way.”

“I found a way before she did,” I proudly noted, staring into her eyes with complete love & devotion. “I found somebody who loves & cares for me.”

“Yes, you did,” she laughed, kissing me on my lips. We continued our embrace as her hands glided down my back to contentedly grab & hold my naked ass.


“Oh my God… she really DOES look like you,” Mrs. Morgenstern exclaimed. “it’s almost like that guy modelled his creation on YOU!”

We were both sitting at my computer, watching You Tube, with me typing ‘Mandy by Dean Yeagle,’ at which point we discovered these drawings of a pretty blonde girl in pigtails held by red ribbons. The resemblance was uncanny (except for the fact that I rarely-if-ever wore my hair in pigtails!) Mandy was blonde like me, she had a slender young body very much like my own, and a very pretty face with my same eyes, nose, and even my mouth!

“She’s also got your cute little butt,” Mrs. Morgenstern observed, amazement in her voice. “You really should find this Yeagle guy and sue him for unauthorized use of your image!”

I laughed along with her, but it really did shock me to view myself in comic book form. “I think Mandy’s breasts may be bigger than mine,” I opined, although the difference was negligible.

“Possibly… but I still say it’s you!” Mrs. Morgenstern licked her lips. “She even dresses like you… it’s no wonder your professor calls you ‘Mandy’… it all makes perfect sense now!”

I had to agree.


Meanwhile, my friend Emma was still concerned about being Mrs. Garza’s maid, so I made an appointment the very next day to talk with our Spanish professor about the girl’s situation & concerns. I dropped by Mrs. Garza’s office precisely at four. In order to guarantee a warm welcome I had dressed in short shorts, a tight tank top, and even tied my blonde hair into pigtails with red ribbon! If, in doing so, I’d hoped to grab her immediate attention, it most definitely worked!

“Well, well, well,” she excitedly exclaimed upon watching me enter her office. “If it isn’t Mandy herself, in living breathing color!”

“My actual name is ‘Kenzi,” ma’am!”

“Yes, I know who you are, dear,” she said, staring at my legs with undisguised glee. “Sit down… or continue standing, if you’d prefer!”

I chose to sit. She continued staring unapologetically at my bare legs.

“And what can I do for you,” she eventually got around to asking. “And fındıkzade escort WHY are you showing up in my office looking exactly like ‘Mandy?'”

“Do you like it?” I smiled, arching my back somewhat to show off my figure.

“Yes… I most certainly do,” she replied. “Tell you what, Kenzi… or Mandy… would you mind standing up and doing a slow turn for me?”

I didn’t mind. I stood up and did a sexy little twirl for my very appreciative audience of one. I could actually hear her intake of breath as I bent over slightly to show off my pert little bottom for her viewing pleasure.

“You are quite the attractive young lady,” she said at last, catching her breath as I began to sit back down. “Tell you what… that chair is a bit wobbly… why don’t you come over here and sit on my desk instead… closer to me… while we talk. You know, I really can’t get enough of these long slender legs of yours!”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I said with a smile, daintily perching myself atop her desk, within arms reach. She quietly laughed, shifting some papers that I’d almost sat upon, her fingers intentionally grazing my leg and thigh as she did so. I could tell that this visit was starting off exactly as I’d hoped.

Anyway, I then explained to her about Emma being one of my close friends, along with my concerns that the girl lacked the experience to be a proper ladies maid, and that she dreaded appearing scantily-clad in the presence of other women, particularly older women. I decided not to bring up my recent slumber party where Emma had actually done those exact things, as it wouldn’t have helped me make the case I was attempting to put forth.

“Emma is a very pretty young woman,” Mrs. Garza agreed. “And, as I’m sure she’s told you, she needs this job as my maid to pay for her room & board.”

“Yes, ma’am… I fully understand,” I said. “But she told me that you want her serving refreshments at an upcoming book club gathering that you’re hosting Wednesday night, and you even got her a maid’s uniform?”

“That is correct. She IS a maid, and I want the women attending my little get-together to see her.”

“Yes, that’s perfectly acceptable,” I continued: “But the dress you’ve given her is very short, and Emma is a shy girl. I’m not entirely sure if she can pull it off!”

“And do you have an alternate proposal?” she asked.

“Well… yes, I do,” I began. “But first, perhaps you could explain to me what exactly it is that you’re trying to accomplish, and why it’s so important for you to exhibit a young girl in a short dress for this gathering?”

“Fair enough,” she responded. “My answer is simply that I’d like to show off in front of my friends. They’re always showing up with pretty younger women while I always seem to be alone. I have several beautiful young female students, like yourself, in my classroom, but as our relationship is purely academic, I can’t exactly parade you in front of my friends. I often wish I could. But Emma’s a different story. Emma actually works for me! I can actually order her to dress a certain way for occasions of this type.”

“Okay, I think I understand,” I told her. “And I thank you for your honesty. So, what you’re saying is that you want a girl who’s willing to play and look the part of your submissive serving girl?”

“Yes, that’s essentially what I want.”

“Well…,” I slowly responded, with downcast eyes. “I was thinking that perhaps I could be your maid instead… just for that one night?”

Mrs. Garza’s eyes immediately widened with surprise and delight.

“If you’re serious… I mean, yes, that would work… yes, you could be my maid,” she murmured, half to herself, checking out my body with a smile on her face. “If you’re serious about doing this, I’d be more-than-comfortable having you substitute for Emma!”

Of course, I WAS serious, and I smiled back at her happily.

“Have you actually been a maid before?”

“Well, no… not exactly, but I’ve kind of served an older woman in that very capacity,” I truthfully remarked, without going into details. “And I’m not in any ways shy about appearing before other women wearing an extremely short skirt.”

“No doubt,” she laughed. “You’re clearly comfortable showing off these beautiful legs that God has blessed you with.”

I nodded happily, blushing slightly.

“Do you own a maid’s uniform that you can wear?” she then asked, her fingertips slowly making their way up my bare leg. “I’m thinking maybe something with a short skirt and fishnet stockings?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded, thinking about the skimpy & incredibly sexy French maid lingerie that Mrs. Morgenstern had purchased for me not so long ago. “I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised, ma’am!”

“Then we have a deal,” she smiled. “Be at my house on Wednesday at four!”


I was right on time. Emma greeted me at the door, immediately taking me into Mrs. Garza’s study where we then planned what lay ahead. First of all, the older woman wanted to see my uniform, and so I changed right then & there in her downstairs bathroom while we continued talking. When I stepped out moments later in my French Maid lingerie she was completely blown away.

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