My Indian Lover


I had a spot between his powerful legs, covered in dark, curly hair, and sinuously muscled. Long and thick, pulsing with life, I licked and sucked at his hard shaft, taking it as deeply into my mouth as I could. His hands were wound in my hair as he gently pressed my head further down and coaxed me to take him deeper. I braced myself against the urge to gag as his head invaded my throat. Saliva coated his cock, slippery and warm. I bobbed my head and then lay still as his hips thrust and bucked, fucking my mouth, a substitute pussy.

My lips wrapped eagerly around his thick shaft and struggled to contain the ropes of milky white cum that exploded from his cock. I knew the warmth of it as its thick, slight saltiness coated my mouth and slid down my throat. I felt his hard length pulse and swell, only to slowly soften as my tongue gently lapped at the last remaining traces of his seed. I lay peacefully in my spot between his legs, knowing that I brought him to the brink and pushed him over with only the urgent desire of my mouth.

I begged him to fill my needy, wanting hole with gebze escort his cock. In sheer desperation I clung to him, my empty pussy compelling me. I pleaded to have him quench the desire that only he could fulfill. As he speared his rock hard member into my dripping cunt, I cried out with the ache of need and greediness, both satisfied and still wanting.

With each powerful thrust, the head of his cock rubbed against that spot, that bundle of nerves in my pussy, making me scream as jolts of pleasure shot through every inch of my body. Sobs and moans of delight were wrung from my very core. Over and over he filled me. I felt him reach his satisfaction as his powerful hips slammed into me one last time and his body heaved that last sigh of release. He rolled off of me, completely spent. I laid next to him, bathed in bliss, his cum slowly leaking out of my pussy as it spasmed over and over in exquisite ecstasy.

My fingers dripped with his slippery beauty. I dipped them again into my well fucked pussy and coated them in the göztepe escort ambrosia of his cum. The slick essence of him covered my clit and helped to bring on an earth shattering orgasm that was greater than any I had ever experienced. One hand held on to him as an anchor in my sexual storm, as the other circled and teased the tiny bud at the center of my core. The physical pleasure was heightened by the knowledge that I was covered in him, dripping and coated with his delicious cum. I reveled in the sheer hedonism of it.

I drove myself further and further to the edge, panting and moaning, my cries growing louder. His hand roamed my body, groped my breast, pinched my thick nipple and elicited a cry from my parched lips. One moment I was whole and the next I had shattered into a million fragments of pleasure. My hips bucked and twisted as my whole body was consumed with the intensity of the moment. I cried out his name again and again. Then I lay still, the only sound was my heavy breathing and the thump of my heartbeat. I halkalı escort buried my head against his chest as he stroked my hair.

In the dark of night I rolled over in bed. In his half sleep he reached out his hand and ran it along my shoulder and back, pulling me to him. I scooted closer, resting my head against his chest and fitting my body against the warmth of his skin. In the sliver of light from the window, I looked at my pale hand as it rested on his dark chest, rising and falling as he breathed. The contrast was simple and beautiful. He pulled the blanket over me, covering my naked body against the chill. I took a deep breath and settled back into a restful sleep. The noises of the night were many, but in that room there was a peaceful stillness.

He teases me that I worship his cock, but it is true. I am compelled to worship what brings me pleasure and drives me to distraction. It is not just his cock that I am enamored with. It is him.

But he is not mine to have. I only hope that the one who is blessed to have him sees the beauty, the strength, the virility, and the depth of character that he has. I hope that she worships and adores him as much as my heart longs to. I hope that she brings him happiness, delight, and joy.

Mora piya – I was only with you for a short time, but you will always be with me. You will haunt my thoughts and dreams, and I welcome that, for it is all that I will have. ~Belle~

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