My First Mature Woman


Recently I broke up with my high school sweet heart. We were together over 5 years. She was the only woman I’d ever been with. I had told myself before getting into another relationship with a woman my age I wanted to be with an older woman. I’ve had a fantasy of being with a hot older woman for a long time.

A little bit about myself. I’m 23 years old. I’m six foot three inches tall. I’m very fit 6 pack abs and defined chest. I have curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m extremely well hung. 13 inches long and as thick as a pop can.

My ex was not able to handle my size. I thought maybe an older woman could handle my size. I had never experienced what it felt like to balls deep penetration. This was a big part of my desire to be with an older woman.

3 weeks after we had broken up I was working in a city I had never been. I had finished my day and had dinner. I decided I’d get a hair cut. I was looking for a hair salon. When I passed a small mall in the corner was a small shop. Julie’s hair salon. I pulled in parked walked inside.

It was a small one chair a mirror one wash station and a door in the back corner. There was an older woman 60 or so in the chair getting her hair cut. That’s when I see Julie cutting this woman’s hair.

She was short about 5 ft 2 plump but not to big just right. She had blonde hair and blue eyes her body was great a huge ass and huge breast. She looked to be around 45. up as the door closed. She walked over to the till where I stood. “Hi can I help you?”

“Yeah I’d like a hair cut” I managed to reply. I was still checking her out from head to toe.

“You’re in luck I have one spot left before I close. And it’s empty Have a seat honey.”

I sat down and waited watching her as she cut the woman’s hair. Her ass was amazing and her tits were huge. Her jeans showed her ass off. And her shirt showed tons of cleavage. After about ten minutes she was done the woman’s hair. She got up paid and left. Julie looked at me waiting in my chair and said.

“Just a minute honey I gotta sweep up this mess.” She said as she swept up the hair. As she bent over I couldn’t help looking at her huge ass. It was so big and round and perfect. As she turned to empty the dust pan she looked back seeing me looking at her. She smiled I looked away trying to make it look like I had not just been looking at her ass. In my head thinking nice she just caught you. She then came over flipped the open sign to closed and said

“Ok honey take a seat!” I got up and went over and sat down in the chair looking back at her in the mirror. “So what would you like done honey?” She asks.

“Just a nice trim please” I reply.

“Ok sure thing honey.” She said as she ran her fingers in my hair. “Wow you have great hair!”

“Thank you” I replied. She started cutting my hair. She was very outgoing. We talked about everything from my job to how I play sports still. And played hockey as a kid. That’s when she seemed to make a point of telling me that her son was grown and moved out now but he played hockey also. And she missed watching him but didn’t miss the busy schedule as she is a single mom. Jackpot she is single.

After that we kept talking but it seemed to turn. And now we were flirting with each other. It seemed like she was taking her time to cut my hair. As she would stop as we talked. I didn’t mind a bit thinking take your time this is fun.

As we talked she walked around in front of me. She was trimming the front of my head and my side burns. Her huge tits right in front of me inches away. The shirt she had on showing tons of cleavage. I was getting a hard on in my pants. But I wasn’t worried as I was covered by the sheet she put on me. I could feel I was almost hard a good solid semi hard on. I had to move in the chair to adjust myself as my monster cock got harder.

Then she went behind me again and I’m thinking she still is cutting my hair. As she takes the sheet covering me off. I was shocked and I looked down right away. Seeing what I thought I would see. My hard on in my jeans. I hear her say “Ok honey all done what do you think?”

But as she said the word “think” her voice changed. I look up at her in the mirror and see her looking down over my shoulder. Probably she was trying to see what I was looking at. There she is eyes wide open jaw dropped. looking at my bulge. All I could get out was “uummmm I’m sorry maam”

She looks up at me in the mirror and says

“Oh honey you don’t need to be sorry at all.” I see her eyes go back down and look at the bulge again. “Oh my god honey don’t be sorry at all.” She put her hands on my shoulders. And says “I’m closed for the night now would you like to stay a while and go back there with me?” As she looked at the door in the back corner.

I look at the door too and didn’t even think. I just said “SURE.” As I looked back at her in the mirror my cock now getting hard again. Fast she looks at my bulge again I hear her breathe in as she sees it getting bigger again.

“Oh wow.” Bahçeşehir Escort She says as she walks over and locks the front door. I get up and turn to her as she walks back to me and opens the door in the back corner of the shop. Turns and watches me as I walk over my bulge now almost full hard on. I see her smile then bite her lower lip with a naughty girl little grin on her face. I walk in the room and see a desk and a couch. I step inside and turn as she closes the door.

She steps over to me puts her hands on my chest. And I lean down and kiss her while I put my hands on her huge ass. She breaks free from are kiss and grabs my shirt with both hands and lifts it up. I raise my arms as she lifts it off of me. Her eyes scan my upper body. She smiles as she looks up at me and says. “Omg your fit. I’ve had a fantasy of being with a hot young stud for such a long time now.” I feel her hands make their way down to my belt. Her hands stop at my belt and slowly start to take it off. Still looking into her eyes I reply.

“I’ve wanted to be with a curvy older woman for so long too.” She smiles I lean down and kiss her. As she gets my belt open and zips down my fly. She stops kissing me. She looks at me and asks

“How are old are you honey?”

“23” I reply.

“I’m 46” She says as she takes a step back. As she looks down. My fly open showing my red boxer briefs. The bulge is very visible to say the least. Looking down at it her mouth wide open eyes wide open. She says

“Oh my god your huge!” Her eyes come back up and look into mine. Then she asks “Are you gonna take charge of your cougar you hot young stud?” I smile and reply

“Yes I am!” She smiles right back at me looking very happy and excited. In a low deep voice I say. “Get on your knees.” Looking into my eyes she kneels down. Still looking up me I say. “It’s not comfortable in my jeans you take that big fucking cock out.” She bites her lower lip again then says.

“You’re a naughty boy honey.” She reaches up and puts one hand on each side of my pants by my hips and lowers them down. Slowly the base of my shaft appears her jaw drops “Oh my god that is huge!” She looks back up into my eyes and smiles. And then looks back down again. She says “Look how fucking thick that cock is!” She pulls my pants down further. Saying “It’s so long too where is the end of it?” Oh fuck honey it’s so huge!” Then it pops out and almost hits her in the face as it stands out straight. She smiles as she reaches up and grabs onto it in her right hand.

She says “My little hand can’t even reach around it it’s so thick.” She says as she looks up again and smiles. She says “wow this is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!! by a lot like twice as big holy shit honey. Wow how big is this monster cock?”

“Thirteen inches.” I reply.

“Wow 13 oh my god it is almost twice as big as the biggest I’ve had. 8 inches is the biggest I’ve ever had. But you’re like way thicker.” Then she tightens her grip as she looks back down at it in her hand. She opens her mouth and starts to suck it slowly at first. But then starts going to town on it sucking it wildly. After a moment she pulls it out and spits on it. As she strokes it. Then just she was putting it back in her mouth I hear her say to herself “I can’t believe I’m being such a slut!” I was blown away but it turned me on so much. Then I thought I need to take charge of her big time. That is what she wants.

I reach down and grab her hair. I pull her up off my cock and ask “what did you say?” She looks up surprised that I had heard her. Before she can reply I say “yes I heard what you said.” Still holding her hair I bend down and whisper “you like that your being a slut don’t you?”

She looks into my eyes and softly says “yes.”

I stand back up straight and grab my cock in my right hand. Still holding her hair in a firm voice I ask “you’ve found a hot young stud and you wanna be his little cougar slut don’t you?”

She bites her lower lip again and looking into my eyes she says “Yes I do honey oh my god yes I do!”

I quickly reply “that’s good now suck my cock you slut.” She has it in her mouth in a flash and goes crazy on it. Sucking it like a champ. It feels so good. I moan “oh fuck yes that’s good slut. Suck my big fucking cock. Fuck yes suck it oh fuck.” I kick my pants away then I noticed that she is still fully clothed. I pull him out of her mouth. She looks up surprised and says.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“We need to get you naked slut slut!” I reply. She smiles and stands up as she takes of her shirt off then her bra. Looking at me as she does waiting to see how I react to her huge tits. My jaw dropped as they fell out. They were massive and her nipples were huge too. I say “we’ll your twice as big as I’ve ever seen too slut.” As I look at her tits.

“DDD’S!” she says as she smiles.

“Wow” I reply as I grab them one in each hand. I bend down and lick and suck her nipples. I nibble on them. Then she turns her back to me and takes her pants off. As Beylikdüzü Escort she looks back at me pushing her ass out at me.

“You like a big ass?” she asked as she slips her pants and panties down to the floor. She kicks them aside I reach out and grab her big ass.

I say “fuck yes slut I love this big fucking ass. Oh my god its huge.” She turns back to me and we kiss again. Until I pull away and say. “Ok now that your naked you can suck my cock slut.”

As I grab her hair and push her down onto her knees. She looks up at me as I push her down and says. “Oh good honey yes I dont wanna kiss you when I have this great big fucking cock to suck instead.” back into her mouth he goes.

She sucks it like wild now sloppy wet head. It was so hot looking down watching her suck it as deep as she could. Until she gaged each time down. “Uuuggghhh ugh uuughh uuughh uuuggghhh uuuggghhh uuughh”

“Fuck yes slut suck it! Oh fuck yes you suck it so good!”

“uuggghhh uuuggghhh uuughh uuughh ugh ugh” She pulls out for air she spits on it. Then strokes it as she looks at me smiling and asks.

“You wanna fuck my big tits honey?”

“Yes I do slut.” I reply. Still standing in front of her on her knees. I look down as she grabs her tits as I flop him between them. She pushes them together as I start to thrust. She looks down and giggles and says

“Wow this way better than a normal cock. They just vanish in between my huge tits But not you oh wow look at that big fucking cock. Fuck my tits oh wow honey oh god yes.” she looks up at me smiling “Woohooo honey!”

She says as she looks back down again. “Look at it does that feel good honey? Does it? Does that big young cock feel good in between my big old tits hmmmm?”

“Oh yes it does slut oh fuck it feels so good. Do you wanna feel it in your pussy now?” I ask.

“Oh my god yes honey you have no idea!”

She says as she looks up at me. She gets up as I stroke him. She gets on her back on the desk legs spread apart. She says “I’m fixed honey no condoms needed!! Oh my god I want that big fucking cock honey”

I walk over and smack her pussy with my rock hard cock. Then I slip him in slowly as she gasped. “Oh my god fuck that’s amazing.” She was so wet it went over half way in before it felt just a bit tight. I slowly push him in and out working him inside her. She moans “Oh yes work him in slow stretch my pussy.” After about 5 minutes I was all the way in. Felt so good to finnally fuck all the way in. As my ex took about half and that was it!

Julie took it all and loved it. As I see him go in balls deep I tell her. “Oh fuck yes slut it’s in your taking it all. Oh my god that’s amazing.” She looks up at me and replies

“Oh my god its amazing honey. I feel so full. I’m gonna cum soon!” I fucked her on her back for a while. She came twice. Then I fucked her from behind she came again. This time she squirted all over me. A huge gush came out as she came. She screamed as she came. “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD AAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCK”

Looking down at my cock pounding her as she squirted all over me. I say “yes oh wow your squirting. Oh yes cum hard slut. There you go yes.” Her whole body is shaking as she cums. After she stops she asks. “Oh my god honey I did squirt didnt I?

“You sure did” I reply.

“Oh my god I’ve never ever done that before.” Still pounding her doggie I feel that its going to be turn soon. In a deep voice I say.

“Slut I’m gonna cum soon too.” I was pounding her now hard. She screams,

“I want you to pull out and come on my face honey! I always a fantasy that if ever fucked a monster cock I’d want it to cum all over me! Will you cum on my face honey.”

She says as I pond her doggie.

my thighs smacking her big ass! Clap clap clap clap clap!! “Fucking right I will cum on your face slut!!” I reply as I pound clap clap clap clap clap clap “here I cum!” I moan as I pull out and grab it and start to stroke him. She turns around so fast and kneels down in front of me.

“Oh my god honey you fucked me so good. I’ve never cum more than once you got me 3 times. Oh fuck look at that huge fucking cock. Cum for me honey! Mark me! Make me your slut!” Then I start to feel it. Im getting so close now.

I say “here I cum here I cum here I cum oh my god!! Oh FUCK FUCK FUCK YES.” Then first shot is so intense. A huge rope of cum hits her face. Looking down as it hits her right cheek I adjust and aim it into her mouth. The second wave hits her nose some goes in her mouth and the rest hits her chin then her neck. I had no idea I could cum so much. It was a massive load. I let go of my cock and run my hands thru my hair as I look down at her. Cum in her mouth on her face. Drips of it onto her chin and down onto her tits. I say to her. “Holy fuck that was good.” I giggle then say “oh wow you look so good with that all over your face!”

She looks up and swallows. Then she smiles. Reaches up and grabs the base of my shaft and tightens her grip. And says

“I’m sure there a few more drops.” As she slowly strokes him all the way to the head. I shake as she does in pleasure.

I’m looking down watching as a bit more cum drips out she leans in. Opens her mouth and sucks the head. So hard then as she pulls out it makes a loud pop smack sound!! She looks up at me and smiles still holding my cock and says “I’ll empty this monster cock any time honey!”

Then she starts sucking him again. Taking in all she can. She gags each time she as takes all she can. Loud sloppy wet head. Uuughh uuughh uuughh uuuggghhh uuugghhhh looking up into my eyes hands on here tits as she bobs up and down “uugghh uuughh uuughh uuuggghhh uuuggghhh uuughh.” Then smack pop sound again as she pulls him out of her mouth again. She looks down at her tits and uses her finger to get the cum on her tits. She sucks her finger clean. She looks back up smileing she still has cum on her cheek. I use my cock to wipe it into her mouth. She keeps looking at me smileing. Then she she sucks my cock again as i wipe the cum into her mouth. I ask “so my little slut how was that?” She smiles and replies.

“Oh my god that was amazing.” Then she slowly starts stroking me again she asks how was it for you? Before I can reply she starts asking me “was it good?” “Am I a good little slut?” I quickly repy “oh my fucking god yes you are.” I walk over and sit down on the couch. She gets up and comes over to join me. As she goes to sit next to me I stop her. And say “what do you think you are doing? Do you think we are done?”

“Huh?” She replies

“I just sat down here so you can ride me now.” She looks at my cock still rock hard.

“Oh wow honey ok oh my god.” she says as she straddles me. And climbs on top of my cock. It slides right in as she lowers down.

It feels so good as she slips my cock inside her wet pussy. “Oh fuck yes now I’ve got that pussy stretched out.” She giggles and says

“Oh yes you do.” she pulls her legs up and gets onto her feet. And starts bending her knees bouncing up and down on my cock. It glides in and out so easily now. She puts her hands around my neck as she bounces up and down. She looks down trying to watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy.

I grab her ass and say “fuck yes there you go.” Her huge tits bouncing like crazy right in front of my face. As she lowers down I pull her hips so they smack my legs. “Yes like that slut balls deep fuck that cock deep! There you go yes ride that whole fucking cock.” She flips her head flicking her hair back as she goes faster.

“Holy fuck honey Im gonna cum again! Oh my god oh fuck fuck fuck” Her tits bouncing like crazy. As she goes up right to the head then smacks down hard each time. As she smacked down there was a smack clap sound clap clap clap clap. Then as she starts to cum again at the same time her ass made the CLAP sound as it hit my thighs she screams one word each time as her ass makes the clap sound.





” LOVE ”





Then she kept screaming wildly “Oh my god I’m Cuming again aaahhhhhh fuck honey oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I feel her squirt again. She stops bouncing after she finishes Cuming.

I lean in and motor boat her tits.

“bbbbllllllluuuuuurrrr rrtbbrrbbbrrbbbbrrb”

I say as I motor boat them. Still holding my neck she giggles I stop and look at her and I giggle. Then she starts grinding her hips on my cock.

She asks me. “Have you got more cum for me in there honey hhhmmmm do you?”

“Yes I do its been over a month!” I reply “I’ll have another load for you.”

“Oh good.” she says. She gets up kneels in between my legs and starts sucking my cock again. Then she stops holding the base of my shaft looks up at me as she strokes it. She asks “How do I get it out honey keep sucking? Back in my pussy? Titie fuck?”

I quickly reply “all 3 in that order.” She smiles and says.

“Oh fuck your such a bad boy” She says as she dives back down onto my cock again “uuughh uuughh uuughh uuuggghhh uuuggghhh uuughh.” I pull her up and off my cock as I stand up. On her knees still looking up at me. “How do you want me honey?” She asks

“Doggie again!”

I reply.

“Oh good.” She says as she stands up. “That is my favorite!” she goes to get on the couch on her knees bent over like we fucked doggie earlier.

I stop her saying “no not like that.” She looks back at me.

“You said doggie?”

“I know but not like that. Over here,” I say as I grab the couch. I pull it away from the wall. “Over here on the arm rest kneel on it legs together.” She does looking like what’s going on here this is new. I push on her neck. “Bend right over there you go legs together. Bend right over down onto that couch. And push that big ass back. Yes like that.” Her face down on the couch. She turns her head looking back at me. Now seeing what I wanted.

“Oh fuck its gonna be so deep like this!”

She says. I step over to her and slip him inside her pussy. She moans as I slip in him inside deeper deeper deeper. “Oh honey mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm Oh honey hhhhoooooollly fucking deeeeeep mmmmmmm.”

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