My Daughters Soft Lips- Please Comment


My Daughters Soft Lips- Please CommentAfter my wife left with another man I was a single father of a daughter who was just turned ? years old. I was awarded custody after her mother left and had a hard time readjusting to being single again at 33 years old. I worked from home so didn’t have much time to mingle or meet people.I spent a lot of time on the couch after my daughter went to bed watching porn and jerking off.Interracial porn ( Big Black Dicks with cute Innocent looking White Girls always got me hot ) and I would pull out my cock , oil it up with baby oil and slowly stroke while watching black studs feeding and cumming on these beautiful young white girls- The oil on my cock made it feel as if it was being sucked by someone. Before I was married I would go to porn theaters and pull out my dick and someone would eventually sit down next to me and suck it while I watched porn- always a huge turn on for me.My daughter must’ve noticed I was depressed, lonely and always at home and would ask if I wanted to watch a movie together ( she like horror movies) and would cuddle up next to me and put her head on my shoulder while holding my arm- she always smelled so sweet and fresh. Her warm body always felt so nice sitting next to me.   I would imagine how it would feel to kiss her soft lips or have her legs opened and licking her sweet young slit.After she would go to bed I would put on my favorite interracial video and jerk of slowly , pulling on my dick with my oily hands, imagining Melissa’s ( not her real name) soft lips moving up and down, sucking softly, running her tongue over my dick while the black stud on the video was shooting a huge load into the mouth and over the face of a cute young white girl. I would imagine Melissa sucking his dick and getting cummed on and sucking his cum and I would shoot a bigger load than normal.  I started getting a little more comfortable while we watched her shows together Escort and would put my arm around her while she cuddled and rub her arm or back, caress her hair and tell her how soft it felt and how pretty she was and she would always give me her pretty smile with her soft , pouty lips and say “thank you daddy”. Just hearing her call me Daddy made my dick twinge.  She started getting a little friendlier with me as well. She would rub my arm and rest her head on my chest- i wanted to gently push her head down to my dick but wasn’t ready for it yet.  We progressed to the point where she would get so close her budding breasts would be pressed against me, then she put her right leg over mine and pressed even closer to me and started to rub my chest , telling me how strong i was. ( my little girl was seducing her daddy and soon it would get to the point of no return.      Every night after dinner she would come downstairs for what she called “Our Time” and we would watch TV together with her cuddling close- usually watch Miley Cyrus or some other teen show.  Every night at 10 she would go to bed but she used to kiss me a quick peck on the lips- Now her lips linger a little longer…it was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing her and deep kissing her soft young lips! She was seducing me and driving me crazy with guilt feelings ….but they were over powered by lust !    After she would go to bed I would put on one of my Inter-Racial Sex DVD’s , pull out my cock, oil it up and watch while I stroked- imagining my daughters lips sucking me gently…watching big black cocks cumming in young white girls mouths and on their pretty , young faces until I shot my load.One Friday night when it was time for her to go to bed she asked if she could stay up later and watch something that I liked ?  She said we always watched her shows but she wanted to watch something I like. I assumed she meant a John Wayne western or Escort Bayan a War movie . She went to the DVR ,put a disc in and came back and sat down next to me.  Before she clicked the remote she told me that she knows I like this movie ’cause she saw me watching it several times.  She cuddled close and clicked the remote and the image on the screen was a white teen on her knees surrounded by 4 HUNG Black Studs who were taking turns pushing their big black cocks into the lucky girls mouth ! I tried to get up and said that she was too young to watch this but she reached to my crotch and softly grabbed my cock and said “Please daddy, I want to watch this with you, I know you like it and want to make you feel good .  My cock was growing in her soft hand and she noticed it and slowly started squeezing softly and releasing her grip and squeezing again.  She knew she was getting me hot and I was weakening.  She looked up at me and pleaded again saying, “Daddy , I want to make you happy , you don’t need to watch this alone- I already watched from the top of the stairs. I like the movie and I want to be your little girl”.  My dick was fully hard now and I sat back down and she continued to softly stroke my cock with her  little hand.  It felt so smooth, warm and soft all at the same time. I couldn’t help myself-put my arm around her and softly caressed her arm before reaching down and softly tweaking the nipple of her budding breast. She said “:ohh Daddy…that feels nice”.  Then she stopped stroking and was watching the video where the white girl was moving her head up and down on a big black dick and the stud announced he’s cumming and pulled out of her mouth to shoot his load over the white girls face. I turned to my daughter and put my hand between her legs to slide it up and down her slit which was getting Wet .  She was only wearing panties , a bra and the bathrobe ( I guess she had planned this Bayan Escort whole thing ) which was opened.   I told my little girl that the white girl did a good job -that she made him feel so good that he “rewarded” her with his cum. I told her it was like getting ice cream after eating All your dinner.  She smiled at me and said that she wants to make me feel real good so I can reward Her !  She said she never did it before but was watching my videos (which were all Big Black Dick/Cute Young White Girl Gang Bangs).  She got on the floor n front of me and my dick jumped at the thought of her putting her sweet soft lips on” Daddy’s Dick”.  She took my cock in her hand and softly kissed it , a sweet “butterfly” kiss.  She licked it like a lollypop making my cock jump every time she reached the tip, then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my cock head making me moan with pleasure !  I told her to relax a bit and see how far down she could go telling her that I will teach her to b the best . ( I had at least one of my buds that I wanted to eventually share her mouth with).  She eventually moved her head up and down on my swollen cock and softly squeezed my balls as she did so.  I told her I was going to reward her with my cum and tried to pull out but she head my cock in her sweet , young mouth and sucked every drop out of me- then she jumped up and ran to the kitchen and spit it out- lol.  She came back very apologetic saying that it was her first time and she wasn’t ready for so much but promised that she would swallow every drop of “Daddies” cum next time !  I told her what a great job she did and she said she learned it from watching the girls in my videos-  She couldn’t understand how the white girls were able to take such big black “penis’s” as she called them, in their mouths and “private Parts”- lol.   I told her that after a while with me she would be ready to move up to something like that but she climbed on my lap and told me “I only want you right now daddy” .  I kissed her soft lips, tasting my cum on the and told her that I have a Treat for her now.   I sat her on the couch , pulled down her panties and ….more to follow

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