My current college girlfriend fucked an older blac


My current college girlfriend fucked an older blacSo apparently my girlfriend fucked a much older black guy. Her friend, and roommate Hannah was telling me today that my girlfriend, Kristen, a couple weeks before she met me basically picked up a black dude. This occurred during the first week of fall semester 2014. Kristen is a freshman. She’s very pretty, natural blonde hair, honors student from the suburbs. She kind of acts like Jennifer Lawrence. The story, according to Hannah, goes something like this. Apparently Hannah and Kristen went to Starbucks just off campus one night. On the way they were stopped by a middle aged black man cat-calling them. They proceeded on to Starbucks. They both were sitting in the more comfortable chairs around the corner, barefeet up on the table in front of them. Kristen, however, wanted to go back and get that guy, and see if that guy, who was across the street sitting on a bench, would have coffee with them. She put on her flip-flops and walked across the street. They talked for a couple of minutes, and he came back in side with them. They proceeded to talk for a while. He was 47, bursa escort slightly overweight, from Mississippi, and working here at a local distribution center. He had a slight goatee, and a full head of hair. Kristen kept flirting with him. After a while they decided to go for a walk around the downtown area just off campus. They walked outside into the cool morning air. The conversation went back to more of his history. Hannah thought they would probably part ways at around 10:00, but Kristen asked him back to their dorm. Hannah was taken aback by the way that Kristen phrased it, stating, “oh my god, it’s almost 10:00, in an hour we’ll have to check him in as a guest”. They proceeded back onto campus, and to the honors dorm. They went back to their room and Kristen and Oscar sat on the couch. They talked for a few minutes. Oscar started rubbing his hand up and down Kristen’s leg. Kristen started talking about black guys and having sex with a black guy. It started to become various obvious they were going to fuck. Then Kristen went to the bathroom down the hall and texted Hannah to come bursa escort bayan meet her. Hannah went to the bathroom and Kristen asked her if she would be okay with leaving the room for a couple hours. Hannah asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. Kristen said yes, she was. Hannah asked her if she had an condemn, and Kristen said she had protection (whatever that means). Kristen went back to the room. A couple of hours later she texted Hannah and said it would be okay to come back to the room now, but that Oscar was going to stay the night. Hannah was kind of freaked out by this, though she sleeps on the top bunk. She went to the room and Kristen was wearing her bathrobe. Hannah says that the room defiantly smelled like they had done something. Oscar was in Kristen’s bed. Hannah grabbed her toiletries, and went to the bathroom to change, and brush her teeth. Kristen walked in, and said that she and Oscar had fucked, and that she had blown him, but she wouldn’t give him a rim-job. Apparently, he did the same for her. She also said that he finished in her. They escort bursa went back to the room and went to bed.When Hannah woke up Oscar was just walking around their room naked, his partially erect penis on display. He was talking to Hannah while she was trying to get her things together to go shower. We she came back from the shower she walked in on Oscar jacking off with Kristen’s underwear. He again acted really casual about that. Since it was a Saturday morning Kristen was still asleep. Hannah didn’t want to leave Oscar and Kristen alone, so she tried to talk to Oscar who was passively stroking his junk. He tried to get Hannah to touch his dick but she wouldn’t. Kristen woke up a few minutes later. Kristen was just lying in bed while Hannah, and nude Oscar were just hanging out. Kristen wrapped her sheets around her and proceeded to casually talk about stupid shit. Kristen was really worried about Hannah seeing her naked so she asked her to go down the hall. After 20 minutes Kristen walked out of the room in a t-shirt and shorts and walked Oscar to the door of the dormitory. Hannah recalled this story to me, and I recalled it hear for you. I know the structure doesn’t seem all that great, but I am just stating what Hannah told me. This story is weird because Kristen won’t let me record us having sex. I’ll ask Kristen about this someday. But she would be pissed if she found out Hannah had told me.

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