my best friends mom


my best friends momwe had just arrived at a local was sunday bruch with my best friend Mike,and his mom and dad,along with my folks and two sisters.we were in santa barbara,it was the summer of 1962 i was 14 years old ,I had known mike for about 2 yrs we met in the 5th grade.we lived abouta mile apart,and were frequently at each others homes.our families bacame friends,and would bbq together,once or twice month.usualy at mikes.I prefered mikes house to mine,primarily because they had a “POOL”.and that was a big deal in 62,and mikes dad was a meistro on the coals.introducing me to the wonders of sarıyer escort american barbecue.I was born in scotlandspent early years in to have access to a private pool was TITS UP.Ha! one of my favorite expressions back in the day if it was cool, it was tits up.So enough background,lets get to the point….. Mikes MOM..Her name was Rubyshe was 38 yrs old shoulder length auburn hair and the best looking middle agebody that i had ever seen in my short life.the first time i realised it. wasthe advent of the “bikini” (most of the girls wore one piecers with flaps and ugly esenyurt escort patterns)…..It was yellow with a small ruffled trim around the edgestame by todays standards but it was tight, sweet mother of god “it was tight”hard nipples fighting through the fabric to be free,a whisp of pubic hair peeking out of the edges of her bottom.(this is before you gals went “neat”)I never realised that a woman had a “mound” down there until,that day.But my cock sure “noticed” and that was a problem,as i was wearing a blue knit suit. and my cock WANTED those days i was trim, avrupa yakası escort around 95 lbs with ashock of red hair,(no freckles)and a cock i could drive nails needless to say, my problem was bcoming more and more off i ran trying to cover myself, claiming i had to use the bathroom,as i passed rubyshe gave me a glancing smile. there was only one way to solve this problemwhen i got to the john and pulled my suit down,my cock jumped into my handa full 8 inches with a crimson head and a no longer ruffled foreskin.six quick strokes, as my knees buckled,and i grabbed the wall above the toiletwith my left hand. pointing him down against his will into the waiting mouth of the comode.ten ass puckering pulses of hot cream splattered in the hole, on the seat,on the tank … I had to bite my lower lip to keep from crying out in joygod i miss that cock. getting older be continued

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