My Best Friend, Brother, and Me: Part 4


As I kissed Missy with my silent thank you, I sat there and still could not believe that my brother had fucked me. The one man that gave me the shivers when I saw him, had given me what I wanted and his girlfriend, my best friend, let him. She had shared her lover with me. I was grateful. But as I kissed Missy, there was something more in her lips. I tasted hot desire. There was more to my best friend than I actually knew. I could taste in her lips that she wanted me. And I felt Missy wanted me more than Brantley. Poor Brantley just stood in front of me and Missy and watched us kissing. I tried to wonder what he was thinking, but I could not get into his head. We had just done something that meant the whole world to me, and here Missy was, kissing me, wanting me, and all this in front of my brother. But, as much as I really hated to admit it, even though I felt myself in love with my brother and Escort Erenköy truly knew that I was, a piece of me so wanted to do more with Missy. Why? I truly did not know. I just felt I had to explore other options. Was that wrong? In my mind it was, but my mind was also telling me to keep on pursuing whatever was going to happen with Missy. Part of me wanted to push Missy away as she kissed me and another part of me was saying to go on with it. I had the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. I was put in the middle and that is not a good feeling. However, I chose to go on with Missy; even given my feelings for my brother. I tried to weigh both in my mind as Missy kept her lips locked to mine, but at the moment, Missy was weighing out over Brantley. I guess there was also more to me than what I thought. I still thought my brother was the hottest guy içerenköy escort I knew though. That would never change my mind. Brantley kept watching as his girlfriend kissed me. Missy then took her hand and cupped one of my C sized breasts and massaged it. Immediately my nipple began to rise again. I felt the heat in it as it plumped. I could not believe that I was getting aroused again so soon after fucking my brother, but Missy was bringing the feelings inside me back to a head. God it felt so fucking good. Missy stopped kissing me and moved her head down and took my hard nipple in her mouth. Slowly, she ran her tongue across its rigidness and over the tender bumps of my areola. I moaned from her hot mouth over my plump nipple. I felt the wetness once again escape my already sensitive pussy. I watched as Brantley observed us loving each other and I saw Tuzla escort bayan his cock begin to lengthen again. God he was so huge. I loved how his cock grew and stuck out so long in front of him. As Missy continued the assault on my nipple with her tongue, I watched my brother slowly stroke himself, his huge erection standing straight up in his hand. His cock was so beautiful. Missy began to moan as she sucked on my nipple, then I felt her hand cover my wet slit. She used her thumb to circle my clit, to bring it out of hiding. That did not take long, as I was very aroused. The minute her thumb started doing circles on my clit, my pink nub revealed itself and Missy used my hot naturalness to lubricate her swirling thumb. Then I felt Missy’s finger slide inside my wet pussy. I tilted my head back and moaned from being stimulated in two places. Brantley began to moan as he stroked his long cock. I did not have to look at him to know he was enjoying what he was seeing. He was having fun feeling his own hardness. I felt my free breast begin to firm naturally from desire and the nipple in the center of it also begin to rise. Slowly, I used my hand to massage it and pull on my erecting nipple.

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