My auntie took me to her torture chamber and squirted all over me


I’ve always had a crush on my auntie,she’s is such a MILF, her body is amazing and her tits are huge…..every weekend when I visit her house, I cant help but stare at her body, especially when she is in her work clothes, as she is a nurse. Sometimes even flirt with her, she knows that I have secret feeling for her as we spoke a few months ago and she said that as we where two consenting adults…..when the time was right she would help me with my feelings and urges for her. So anyway a last Saturday she phoned me and said that my uncle was away on business and that she wanted me to sleep over to keep her company…..great I thought, this must be that Escort Fikirtepe right time she was talking about. I grabbed my clothes and went straight over, when I got there my cousin was just leving to go to a house party and she said she wouldn’t be back until tomorrow evening,,,even better I thought, we now have the house all to ourselves. Anyway I went into the house and went upstairs, my auntie was lying on her bed in a black latex bodysuit with a open crotch and a big cut out where her breasts were,,,,,i couldn’t believe this was really happening. My dick instantly became solid. My auntie approached me and Sancaktepe escort ripped off all my clothes throwing them onto the floor. I went grab her tits but she grabbed my neck and said I had been a naught boy and I had to be punished. The first thing what happened on this night was immense….my auntie grabbed my balls pulled me downstairs to where the basement door was, I had never been in her basement so I didnt know what was down there. When we got down inside the basement I was amazed at what I saw….a black and red room with stocks, tables, gyno chair, a sex swing and other kinky devices. She pushed üsküdar escort bayan me towards the sex swing where she climbed up onto it and told me to get on my knees and lick her pussy…..her pussy was all wet and moist, as I licked and sucked on her slit she began to moan intensely and after 3 or 4 minutes she screamed that she was cumming,……now this is where I got a shock, because I found out that my auntie was a squirter and had the power of female ejaculation. As she came, her juices poured into my mouth and all over my face, I was now soaked in her pussy juices, it was like something out of a porn movie. Once we had dried off from this she took me over to the gyno chair where she hopped up, placed her legs on the stirrups, I spread her legs wide open, she then said I had freedom to do to her whatever I want with the items on the table next to her…..well on the table there was, an enema kit, a speculum, a ring gag and some elctro shock pads.

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