Mutual Aid


Jess and Kyle pulled up to the side of the road, weaving their way past the several fire apparatuses until they were waved down by an Engine parked across half the road, blocking hose running across the nearby lawn. Leaving the ambulance running they stepped out, used to the roar of diesel engines echoing loudly, waiting for the blue helmeted safety officer to approach from the rescue vehicle further up the road.

They had been called to respond to a fire fighter with possible heat exhaustion working to extinguish an abandoned fully involved structure fire. Seeing that the temperatures were in the high 30C’s the last few days and humidex bumping it in the 40’s it was a bad day to walk, let alone be weighted down with 15-20KG of gear hauling a hose line!

Kyle walked down the side of the ambulance, pulling on his reflective vest before reaching the back doors to pull out the stretcher. Kyle was 190cm in height and build like a slightly rounded brick, the vest stretching to cover his wide rounded shoulders. His hair cut almost to nothing; the bright sun reflected off the sweat already forming on his face.

Jess, his partner, shrugged into her vest easily as she adjusted her glasses before stepping to meet the safety officer. Jess was shorter than Kyle, her black hair pulled back in a hasty ponytail. As she approached the officer she noticed his eyes roam quickly over her tight white top, the vest doing nothing to hide the curve of her chest, let alone the snug tactical pants framing her tight round butt. She gave a crooked half smile at the look, recognizing the officer from dozens of mutual aid calls over the last couple years, before brushing some stray hair back that had stuck to her forehead.

Hearing the clang of Kyle dropping the wheels of the stretcher with their bags, she waited as the officer finished his admiring gaze, smiling slightly.

“Hey, what have you got?”

“Hi. One of our firefighters ended up getting overheated before making her way to rehab,” the officer stated. Wearing his bunker gear and helmet she could see the sheen of sweat on the older man’s face as he took a breath before continuing.

“Oh, crap. Is she out?” Jess asked concerned as Kyle walked up pulling the stretcher beside him. “We knew you guys were here. Dispatch wanted to send a coverage unit but everyone is blocked at the hospital right now or on calls.”

“Ah shit man,” Kyle says stopping beside the two, “How’s the rest of the crews.”

“Good,” the officer replied as they step around other vehicles, “Hot as fuck but doing ok otherwise. We have rehab set up over by the apparatus back here” he said waving behind him with a wide awning offering shade to the chairs set up by tables covered in water bottles. “Rehab is busy, but we have a couple medical responders checking the crews as they cycle through.”

Turning away as he spoke, the officer started walking up the line, speaking in his radio on the way.

Navigating the hose lines, they wheeled their stretcher under the large awning set up by the rescue vehicle. A row of chairs was lined along the back in the shade, the arm rest of each chair with pockets full of cold water where six firefighters were resting, jackets off and bunker pants pulled down to the top of their boots. Finding a clear spot, they lowered the stretcher to knee height while Jess grabbed her bag with a grunt to step around to the far side where two of the first responders were sitting beside a third slumped in the chair.

Jess recognized the woman right away and dropped the bag at her feet while reaching out to check the pulse on the woman’s wrist.

“Hey Amanda, how you feeling honey?”

Amanda brought her head forward and smiled at seeing Jess and Kyle setting up beside her. Amanda had been a volunteer responder for years and had worked on countless calls with Jess and all the local Paramedics. İstanbul Escort Amanda was a larger, well-built woman with light brown hair that was pushed back damply from her forehead. Her fire department tee shirt clung wetly across her chest, as usual without a bra, so her nipples poked like small tent poles while one of her fellow responders waved a shirt across her for the breeze.

Amanda was well known amongst the crews for showing up on calls letting the girls sway. The woman never showed any notice to the distraction with the other responders and Jess at times figured that while friendly, Amanda never even thought of the effect of the view.

Kyle, ever the boob guy, settled with a smile as he wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Amanda’s arm.

“Hi Kyle, hi Jess,” Amanda said slightly breathless, “Sorry to have to bring you guys out. I think I got a bit overheated out there. We’ve been on two other calls before this and just had a weak spell.”

“Don’t worry about it Amanda, let Jess here check you out,” Kyle said as he inflated the cuff. His eyes drifted down to Amanda’s breasts and Jess caught the glance between him and the responder still giving Amanda the breeze.

Ducking her head to hide her own smirk, Jess quickly checked Amanda’s pulse and breath sounds to make sure there had not been any smoke inhalation. Amanda’s skin was looking red and she couldn’t tell if the shirt was sticking to her from sweat or her helpful voyeurs.

“Well, tell you what. Your vitals are a bit off but nothing too bad. Breath sounds are fine but I’m going to pull you off this alarm. I can check you out a bit better in the truck but you should be ok to pass on the transport.”

“Well,” she said hesitantly, “I guess so?”

“Yeah, go get checked out Amanda,” the safety officer said walking past, “If Jess here clears you then you can come back but you’re not going back on a line for the day.”

“Fine,” Amanda replied grudgingly leaning forward to stand up.

“Hang on,” Kyle said moving to support her arm as Amanda stood unsteadily. Jess stood back as another responder took Amanda’s other arm while she kicked free from her boots and bunker pants. Her dark blue pants underneath looked as damp as the shirt and clung to her curvy hips like the shirt was to her body. The kicking motion was making for some interesting wiggling and Jess felt that tingling feeling start again. While the whole scene was less than sexy, watching Amanda step forward with the swaying sticky shirt and the helpful hands was tapping all over that lively button she had been playing with lately.

Jess held the stretcher steady as Amanda lowered herself, wiggling in place as Kyle fastened the straps with eager help from the other responder again. Moving back to the ambulance only took a few moments and Jess took a deep breath as Kyle finally shut the back doors, stepping back to speak with the fire guys while she did her thing.

“Ok now that were out of sight, we can check you out a bit better,” Jess said as she looked Amanda over. The red flush was fading, although with the AC on in the back of the truck Jess knew her patient would have a chill soon.

“Thanks Jess, I feel fine though really!”

“I know Amanda, but you’re a bit overheated and with these wet clothes you’ll be freezing soon. Let’s get this stuff off you and dried off then see how you’re feeling.”

Amanda glanced sideways at Jess a moment, Jess holding her breath thinking she may have gone a bit far. She admitted to herself that she was curious to check out Amanda a bit more closely, that tingle getting stronger by the moment. Not to be obvious she busied herself with the monitor beside her until she heard Amanda sigh. Sitting upright Amanda pulled the shirt over her head, the wet material lifting her breasts before dropping them back down on her Kadıköy Escort belly. Jess watched the move, impressed, her own chest was large but Amanda easily had a cup or two on her.

Amanda lay back again, tucking her arms to her side and pushing her breasts upward. Jess just stared a moment before catching Amanda’s glance.

“Um, everything ok?” Amanda asked with a hint of nervousness in her tone.

Jess took a breath, the tight feeling in her chest making the cool back of the truck suddenly hot as outside.

“Yeah! I mean yeah, its fine. I was going to hook up the monitor but you’re still pretty damp. I’ll grab you a towel here.”

Jess stood quickly to lean over Amanda to reach the towels on the shelf by the head of the stretcher. Looking down she was surprised to see Amanda looking her over as she enjoyed the birds eye view herself. Amanda’s nipples solid in the middle of large areolas; the soft skin covered in goosebumps. Jess sat back slowly, Amanda’s eyes watching her as she settled.

“Here, you can dry off a bit so I can get this monitor hooked up.”

“Would you mind doing it?” Amanda said softly, “I’m still a bit tired.”

Jess looked over at Amanda wordlessly, mind racing as the tension in the back wound tighter. Amanda looked hesitant, as if it was all she could do to ask for the help. Their eyes met for a second before Jess smiled and picked up the towel.

“Sure honey,” her voice quavering slightly. The tension she was feeling rocketed through her, her hands shaking with excitement as she unfolded the towel.

Amanda relaxed her arms and closed her eyes while Jess shifted to brace herself between the stretcher and bench seat. The pressure pinched her hips slightly although not enough to put the pressure on her clit she was starting to desperately need.

Starting at Amanda’s neck she gently rubbed the rough terry cloth towel across Amanda’s upper chest biting her lip as Amanda’s breathing slowed. Amanda’s hand dropped to Jess’s thigh, squeezing tightly while her other hand slid to the side of her hip, fingers just under her belt.

Jess glanced nervously to the small window separating the cab from the Ambulance then the side door window. Kyle was still outside chatting, so she knew she had a few minutes before there was a knock on the door. Leaning forward she slid the towel down cupping the side of Amanda’s breast, letting her latex gloved fingers brush Amanda’s large nipple, testing the waters for Amanda’s response. The sudden breath and push forward made Jess giggle under her breath as she used both hands to cup Amanda’s breast, massaging under the material.

“That feels really nice,” Amanda said quietly.

“That’s good,” Jess said squeezing again then moving the towel to the other side, “This will help you relax some then.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said gripping Jess’s leg tightly before rubbing her hand up higher.

Jess glanced out the side door window, still no one coming as she squeezed Amanda again, her thumbs flicking both nipples.

“Oh yes just like that.”

“Did you want me to take the gloves off?” Jess asked as she cupped both breasts under the towel, pushing upward squeezing the soft skin hard, smiling as Amanda let out a squeak when fingers began rolling the nipples.

“No!” Amanda said quickly, “No, leave them on!”

“Ok honey,” Jess said laughing quietly. She watched Amanda unfasten her pants belt and the button, her hand slipping under the material. Part of her couldn’t believe she was feeling up her friend while she masturbated on the stretcher, rolling and massaging Amanda’s large breasts. Jess squeezed again drawing another moan as Amanda’s hips started to rock against her hand. Wiggling uncomfortably, she pinched her hips forward, so needing a squeeze of her own.

Her breath felt short with excitement, Amanda had amazing Ataşehir Escort breasts and to finally have them by the handful was something every guy out there would want to do!

The rougher Jess squeezed, catching her nipples between her gloved fingers the more excited Amanda acted. Her hand disappeared under her pants, visible under the material from Jess’s position. She watched excitedly the motion under the pants, the fist bunching as the hand started moving in desperate circles. Why the hell does this have to happen on a call!

“So, you like it rough do you?” Jess asked quietly as her fingers rolled Amanda’s nipples before pulling them out with a twisting motion.

“Oh fuck,” Amanda said loudly, face flushed again her hips moving faster as Jess brushed her fingers roughly again before sinking her fingers into Amanda’s chest and squeezing.

“So that’s a yes,” Jess laughed. She cupped again, shaking Amanda’s breasts then dropping them to slap across both nipples before squeezing again. Amanda moaned loudly, her head pushing back against the stretcher. She scooped one in her hand, squeezing to make the skin tight before slapping sharply several times.

The gasp from Amanda was loud enough to make Jess look to the window again, but not before slapping a couple more times then gently caressing while giggling along with Amanda’s pleasure.

Suddenly Amanda’s hand let go of Jess’s leg and pulled her forward tightly against her chest. Jess took the nipple in her mouth, sucking and biting as the strong hand squeezed her hair. Amanda’s breathing was loud although she was trying to keep quiet. Jess had to move her head and arch back a moment to pull her smeared safety glasses off, the nose piece digging painfully into her forehead.

“Oh God,” Amanda whimpered over and over, her hand moving even quicker as the stretcher bumped forward with her rocking.

Jess sucked harder, crushing Amanda against the top of her mouth while her other hand squeezed the other tit hard. Amanda buried Jess’s face against her as her body arched, knees snapping shut as her hips jumped from the bed. Jess looked to the door in panic, the manic thrashing sure to catch someone’s attention. After a final shudder Amanda dropped to the stretcher with a heavy breath.

“Thanks Jess,” Amanda said glancing past her to the back door.

“You are most welcome,” Jess said squeezing Amanda’s breasts again before sitting back to wipe her face, “Have to admit I’ve been checking these out for a time now.”

“I know, you and everyone else. I like it.” Amanda blushed again pulling the blanket over her chest.

“Did you want a lift to the hospital now? You don’t actually need to go.” Jess felt like she was on fire, watching the busty responder get off under her hands a torment she so did not need right now.

“No, I’m more than fine!” Sitting up she kissed Jess quickly as Jess pulled herself free from between the bench and stretcher. Stretching her arms over her head both women jumped as the door opened and Kyle stuck his head in. His eyes widened to see Amanda’s bare chest swaying before she dropped her hands grabbing at the blanket. Jess turned to face him, her face a mix of shock and fear. Kyle took in the red marks on her forehead from the glasses and smears on Jess’s face a moment before clearing his throat.

“Ah, the safety officer wants to know if we’re going to transport?”

Amanda had dropped the blanket letting Kyle get a look at her chest, a shy smile catching his eyes.

“No! I mean no she’s fine. We’ll be out in a minute!”

“Sure. Yeah ok.” Kyle leaned back, looking at Amanda’s exposed chest once again before shaking his head and shutting the door firmly.

“Oh fuck,” Jess said dropping back against the wall of the Ambulance.

“You think he’ll report you?” Amanda asked concerned.

“No, hopefully he will blow it off,” Jess said while packing her monitor away.

“Well if not you could always blow him off,” Amanda said with a laugh while scooping her breasts and pinching her nipples roughly.

“If I’m going to do that, I’ll make sure your around!”

“Wouldn’t miss it!”

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