Ms Coney

Big Tits

After 2 sessions at the therapist where he explained they’d split up over him looking at porn and masturbating all the time, Ms Coney opened up the detail on the 3rd visit. Dominic was encouraged to talk about the roots of it all and it became apparent he was obsessed with cunnilingus and analingus. As Ms Coney got him to open up, the young man seemed to be relieved at opening up and talked about how he thought about it all the time and watched porn on things like facesitting a lot. Despite her professional air, Ms Coney was surprised such a good looking young man had such an obsession and wondered. He was scheduled to do a 12 point programme with her which meant 12 sessions so for the next one, which would be their 4th Ms Coney wore a loose fitting skirt which came to her knees. At 48, she certainly wasn’t old but had a few years on her client, who was only 29. Sure enough, when he arrived Ms Coney noticed Dominic stealing glances at her legs and made her mind up.

“So Dominic, do you sometime find yourself say looking at a woman in the street and wondering what it would be like to perform cunnilingus on her?” she asked him professionally.

“Yes Ms Coney, that often happens” Dominic admitted.

“Tell me, I feel we’re making improvements here but is there a specific age that you seem to find the ideal woman at?” Ms Coney pursued.

“Um, well usually older than me for some reason, I don’t know why” Dominic said, relieved he was letting go of all this.

“Mhmm. I think you need to test your reaction and self control in order to find any form of closure or indeed help you deal with this” Ms Coney said.

“Thanks Ms Coney, yeah, I mean it’s ruined one serious relationship so I’m willing to try anything” Dominic replied.

Evelyn was almost squirming in her seat at what she was going to propose.

“Okay, well, lets start with something simple. Say I did this, what is going through your head? Don’t feel embarrassed to say, I’m here to counsel you” Evelyn assured him.

At that, she gently hitched her skirt up a little, revealing her thighs a bit better and watching his reactiion.

“Um, oh gosh. Erm, well” Dominic hesitated, but his eyes were glued to her legs.

“Just tell me your thoughts” Evelyn said.

“Well, um, I look at you like that and um, think, oh I wonder what it would be like to go down on you” Dominic stammered.

“Mhhmm, really? You are obsessed with the act then. I think the key is to work on your resistance young man and overcome that in order for you to move on with a clear mind” Evelyn stated but left her legs on display.

“Um, okay Ms Coney, that sounds um, like a good idea” Dominic said hopefully.

“Okay, well for this next response, it will require you to pay attention and remember to tell me your thoughts” Evelyn said.

“Okay Ms Coney, lets do it” Dominic responded, but he had no idea what the therapist intended.

“Right young man. I need to judge your resolve response. So, first of all move off the chair and in front of me. No, not standing, yes just kneeling there. A little closer if you don’t mind. Now then you are obviously in much closer proximity to me now and are your thoughts still the same? Are they stronger or weaker?” Evelyn pushed.

Dominic was kneeling and she had parted her legs a little so that he was staring at the tops of her thighs. Evelyn had very cleverly let the skirt hide her actual crotch. The next surprise was something she intended on revealing fairly soon.

“Um, just the same Ms Coney. Well, um, probably stronger” Dominic said, staring at the tops of her thighs.

“Stronger eh? Dominic we may have to confront the issue head on then. Are you with me?” said Ms Coney.

“Yes Ms Coney” Dominic said, but he had no idea what she meant.

“Right, well firstly you are going to have to move closer. Yes, just in front there. Hang on, I’m losing my balance, wait that’s better, my legs aren’t all that heavy are they? Now then, are your carnal desires just the same?” Evelyn said.

Now, he had moved forward so that his face was separated only from her crotch by the part of skirt that still covered it and Evelyn had used the excuse of balance to put her legs over his shoulders.

“The same Ms Coney” he said with a dry throat now.

“And what are your desires now?” Evelyn said, tightening her skirt so that the young man was now staring directly at her hairy crotch.

“Much stronger” he said quietly.

“Well, what I mean is, say for arguments sake you wanted to phrase your desire as a question to me. What would it be? This is for your own benefit young man” Evelyn added.

“Um, well, I guess, um, something like, can I lick you?” Dominic said.

Dominic I’m trying to work out your level of self control, you’re going to have to help me on this one. I mean, if you had that strong a desire, would you simply say can I lick you? What I’m getting at is say hypothetically you were with a woman you fancied and you were in front of her and you really wanted to lick her, would you Escort Bayan just say can I lick you? Or would you ask nicely? Or how would you do it? And remember this is if you weren’t sure the woman would let you or not so you were really trying to ask her, what would you say?” Evelyn asked him.

“Um, okay, well I guess I’d say please, let me lick you?” he said nervously.

“Look, say you were bursting for the toilet and needed to use a public one and you didn’t have any change, would you just say please or would you really appeal to the person’s better side?” Evelyn pushed him.

“Um, sorry Ms Coney, I’ll try. Okay, well, yeah I’d probably be desperate. So I’d say please I’m begging you, please let me lick you? My tongue is yours, please I’m begging you” Dominic said.

“There, that wasn’t so hard was it now? Okay, you’re doing well but we need to work out what the triggers are for your sordid thoughts. Maybe it’s smell. Okay, scoot forward until your nose is against me” Evelyn said and inwardly smiled as he did so.

“Good, now bear with me” she said and reaching down, she helped his nose push against her slit.

“Okay, now is your desire stronger than before or less?” Evelyn asked him.

“Um, much stronger Ms Coney” Dominic said.

Evelyn was beginning to get wet now but was having fun spinning this out. Glancing up at the wall, she knew they had 45 minutes left of the hour’s session. Each session was £40 and he paid at the end of it usually.

“Okay, so it could be smell. But we need to compare it to another sense. So far, we’ve covered sight, smell and I guess a little bit of touch. We need to see if the link is maybe even triggered by taste. So what I need you to do is pretend this is one of your lovers say and do what you usually do, then after a minute tell me if your desire is stronger, just the same or less. Can you manage that?” Evelyn said matter of factly.

“Um, oh, yes Ms Coney” Dominic said.

“Well, begin then” Evelyn said and had to bite back the gasp as his tongue pushed inside her lips like a velvet glove.

Evelyn kept her eye on her watch and after about a minute and a half, Dominic stopped.

“Ms Coney?” he asked.

“Yes young man?” she replied.

“Um, my desires are stronger I think” he stammered.

“Really? Oh, I wasn’t sure what the result would be. Well, I think it’s important to see if perhaps the length of time makes your sordid wants lessen. Okay, we’ll continue for now. I mean continue with the touch experiment and let me have a think” Evelyn said to him, smiling as his tongue resumed it’s oral toil.

“I need to note some of this down so I’ll keep you out of sight and out of mind for now” Evelyn said and let her skirt cover his head, hiding in between her thighs.

Now that Dominic couldn’t see her, Evelyn locked her hands behind her head, legs over his shoulders and grinned at the empty office around her. She was being licked out and the hunk thought it was all part of his therapy. Oh, it was definitely going to be part of his therapy alright! Evelyn now decided she had every intention of making this a solo project that would last a long time! At 48, she had experienced some wonderful lovers but this young man was definitely the most skilled pussy eater she had ever known. His tongue had straightened to fuck her pussy gently and she reasoned she would have to cum at least once before he left. Flipping back the skirt so she could see him, she watched him work his tongue inside her.

“Okay, well, obviously I’m not a robot Dominic and it may be that our experiment accidentally causes me to have an orgasm, you understand? So rather than pretend I’ve not had one, I’ll let you know when I’m close okay?” Evelyn told him.

“Yes Ms Coney” Dominic replied, resuming his work.

Evelyn began to enjoy what he was doing and a couple of times directed him to different areas of her pussy with his tongue until her hands directed him to her now engorged clit. Her orgasm began and her legs tightened as she gasped and sighed.

“Okay, keep doing that, your sordid act has almost got me off. Don’t stop” she gasped as she came at last.

It seemed to last a couple of minutes then she realised she was holding his head tightly to her and let go, pushing down on it a little bit.

“Clean me up now” she said and lounged in her chair as his tongue lapped all the moisture from her whole crotch.

At last, it was over and she directed him to stop.

“Okay, well I think we’ve made some progress as we’ve looked different stimuli triggers but we need to really get to the cause of them and there’s a long way to go. Same time Thursday” Evelyn said as Dominic got up from the ground.

“Okay, so I’m making progress you think? Thanks Ms Coney” he said hopefully.

Taking out £40 from his wallet, he paid Ms Coney then left while she chuckled to herself. Thursday was 3 days away and she couldn’t wait.

Thursday rolled round and at 7pm, Dominic arrived and noticed Evelyn was dressed this time in Bayan Escort a shorter skirt. Unknown to him, she had hold ups on and no knickers once again. He was soon seated and Evelyn made a great show of checking notes and looking over her glasses studiously at him.

“Okay, this will be an instant response session” she said knowingly.

“Um sure Ms Coney” Dominic replied, not a clue what she was on about.

“You’ll be tested shortly. I mean, for example, the next session will be about alternative response then the next one is positional response so I’ve got my work cut out” Evelyn said in mock resignation.

“Oh, well thanks very much Ms Coney” Dominic said amiably.

“Right, well for instant response, you have to respond how you would to certain tasks or questions and I need to ascertain your speed of response, okay?” said Evelyn.

“Yes Ms Coney” Dominic replied.

“Right, well what are your thoughts when you see this?” she asked and slid her skirt up, parting her thighs to reveal her bare crotch.

“Um, well, I um, you know, think about going down on you” Dominic said, staring.

“Okay, well that was the easy bit, I thought you would say that. So if I said, begin immediately, what will be your physical reaction? Not verbal, just reply with an action” Evelyn said.

Dominic hesitated, thinking the question through and she could see he was trying to justify this as simply a test but he reached a decision quickly and moved to kneel between her legs without speaking.

“That was fairly instant, but it wasn’t completely instant, was it? You hesitated for a while. Now, we’ll try this again. This time, we’ll try the taste response. Your reaction?” challenged Evelyn.

The response was instant and his tongue was against her cunt immediately.

“That was better. Okay, I have my doubts on the taste test so continue with this one for the time being” she said and let her legs rest on his shoulders again while he ate her pussy.

Evelyn was still a good looking woman but time and a busy work schedule didn’t leave lots of time for the gym. She attended at the weekends and usually one morning a week but was still the latter side of a UK size 14. No matter, her client wasn’t here to judge how thick or how lithe her thighs were, he was there to be cured by Evelyn and she was working hard at doing that.

“It might help you if you show me your full repertoire” Evelyn said to him suddenly.

“Sorry, I’m not sure I follow Ms Coney” Dominic said.

“Well, as you’re obsessed by this, you must think you are good at it. So imagine for argument’s sake this is a pussy eating contest and you are giving your best performance to secure a a place in the final and try out all your special moves. Can you do that?” Evelyn challenged.

“Yes Ms Coney” he said and immediately attacked her pussy again.

“Now remember, your absolute best” she warned him and gasped as his tongue seemed to go further than a tongue ever had inside her.

Evelyn thought through things. After this session there would be another 7 sessions. After the next two and depending on how he did, she would make the last 5 very special sessions indeed. After that, well she needed to have a think about things further; they could continue private tuition for, oh as long as she could stand!

Dominic’s tongue was like a magic wand, licking in all the right places, pausing to lap gently, tongue fucking her deeply and teasing up to her clitoris before dropping back again. This was the life; Evelyn may have overstepped the mark with her client but he was somehow buying into the fact this was helping him. Or maybe he just loved licking pussy that much, he would lick anyone who wanted him to. No matter, once the 12 sessions were up, they could do private house therapy and see how long he could stand that for. She was going to struggle and hold her orgasm back but reasoned maybe an early one would let her enjoy a proper session of pussylicking before the 2nd one.

“We should test your emotional responses and I’ll be doing this across all our remaining sessions. To start with though, if you were doing this to a past sexual partner and they called you a name, say cuntlicker or oral slut, which would you be least enamoured by?” Evelyn suddenly asked him.

“Um, cuntlicker Ms Coney?” Dominic said.

“Okay. Well, continue, actually go up a bit now, to my clit. That’s it, work it over now” she insisted.

Dominic’s mouth latched onto the bud and he sucked gently, his tongue moving at the speed of a hummingbird as she began to reach orgasm.

“Keep sucking cuntlicker, don’t you dare stop now” Evelyn hissed and then the orgasm hit hard and her thighs locked against him like trees in a gale.

Once it was over, he lapped gently and she directed him to try and catch any stray juices on her thighs and then to suck any moisture from her pussy hairs before resuming a gentle tongue action inside her.

“What went wrong there?” Evelyn asked him.

“I’m not sure I follow Ms Escort Coney” Dominic said hesitantly.

“Well, I thought we were making progress but I’m afraid to say you were worse that time than the last time. Why? What I mean is I am trying to get you to the point of being so enthusiastic about this that you eventually go the other way and are not enthralled and desperate to lick pussy whenever you see one. But although you clearly aren’t cured, you didn’t give your all there and you did say you would” she said accusingly.

“Sorry Ms Coney, um, I thought I was really trying” Dominic apologised to her.

“I can see I have my work cut out anyway. No matter, but next session I want a real improvement. Now then, take your time and I’ll let you know when to move up again” she informed him.

Not much more was said, apart from Evelyn occasionally making some detached observation but soon she felt her barriers drop again and the gorgeous young man’s skills took her over the edge again. It was already just over the hour and she ushered him away, before smartening herself up a bit.

Dominic went to pay her and she took the £40 before bidding him goodbye. The next session would be on Tuesday.


Evelyn wore a long but loose skirt for this session, minus knickers. When Dominic pulled up a chair she glanced at him over her glasses.

“Okay young man, this session is about alternative response. Now then, in order for this to work, it will require something different. First off, kneel here for me” Evelyn said indicating in front of her.

Dominic obeyed whilst she held up her skirt.

“Closer!” she barked to him and he shuffled right between her thighs.

Once there, she covered him with her skirt.

“Now then, for a dark task we need a dark atmosphere. This time, can you locate my asscheeks? Okay, now then part them gently and bring your tongue to bear on my sphincter, yes like that. But you’re going to work it inside; c’mon it’s not that hard surely? There, now, withdraw slightly and then back in. Can’t you go further? Okay, that’s a little better. But keep going that far on every thrust, yes good. Okay, keep doing that while I record your response, obviously this is an alternative to some of our earlier sessions hence it being an alternative response session. But remember, just because it’s a different therapy, the eagerness to improve must be evident. Okay, you’ve got the hang of it, now just keep repeating” Evelyn instructed him.

She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it excitedly as Dominic licked her ass like he was born to it. He could lick her pussy later but right now, she was revelling in the power she felt over him and the belief this would only get better with time. After over 20 minutes of this, Evelyn felt amazing. She rolled her skirt up and watched his flushed face pressed up against her asscheeks while his wonderful tongue thrust deep into her asshole.

“Okay, up for now. We can do that again another time” Evelyn said.

Dominic moved up to her pussy, grateful for the respite his tongue felt. It was a real strain to rim Ms Coney for so long and the base of his tongue felt tender but he took to the new task with equal effort. Soon, Evelyn had her legs and hands holding him to her pussy as she came hard. So hard in fact, that she even finished the session 5 minutes early, absentmindedly telling him to leave the money on her desk and go.


When Dominic came next time he was surprised and aroused to see Evelyn wearing an unusually short skirt. It came up high on her thighs and she was standing, her bum leaning against her desk. She glanced at him and as per usual he locked the door first.

“Okay, positional response. Come here, no kneel again” Evelyn said quickly.

Dominic approached and knelt before her.

“Now then, what do you see?” Evelyn said.

“Uh, your pussy Ms Coney” Dominic said and indeed it was naked and visible between her thighs.

“And you feel the same way as always?” Evelyn checked.

“Um yes Ma’am” he said.

“Okay, well it seems it doesn’t matter the position, your filthy mind still thinks the same way. Well, in that case use your tongue” she ordered him and he complied immediately.


Evelyn decided that the remaining office sessions would as much as she could handle.

“Dominic for the next 5 sessions I’m going to do reverse psychology. For example, sometimes when someone gives up smoking, they have one last night and smoke as many cigarettes as they can. Almost making themselves sick in fact. They then feel it’s easier to give up and by proxy they break the habit. Same with this. You will be overindulged, you will eat as much pussy and ass as both of us can humanely handle and I’m sure at the end of it all, you will not have the same strong desires as you did previously. You see?” Evelyn said to him.

“Yes Ms Coney. So you think if I do it so much, I won’t want to do it anymore?” Dominic checked.

“Exactly. But it’s not going to be easy for us these next 5 sessions however lets make the most of the time we have. If you could begin immediately” Evelyn ordered him and his tongue was inside her in less than 20 seconds.

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