Mr. Right Now Ch. 01: Nick


I’m leaning against the wall near the door at Dirty Sally’s, nursing a beer. It’s about noon on Sunday. This is a Labor Day weekend so the crowd is even bigger than usual.

I’m a little shy in bars. Especially crowded noisy bars. It doesn’t matter. I can just hang out in a gay bar and a guy will hit on me. I’m not handsome, but I am tall, rugged, and moderately athletic, dressed in blue jeans and a tight tee-shirt. Also, I’m available. Right now. That’s important for a lot of the men in Dirty Sally’s, especially on a Labor Day weekend.

A black man in his late 20s comes up to me. He’s wearing civilian clothes—sneakers, khaki pants, and a long-sleeved tan shirt—but he has a military haircut and bearing. He’s probably stationed at Fort Hood but it could be one of the bases in San Antonio. “Hi. Can I buy you a beer?” he asks.

Of course he can. His name is Nick. We talk about nothing significant over fresh beers and then leave. Of course, he doesn’t have a place, so we go to mine. I take my car and he follows me home in his pickup truck.

Back at my house, Nick and I head straight for the bedroom. The king-sized waterbed takes up most of the space. We strip quickly and face each other naked. His cock is still soft, but growing long and heavy. So is mine.

I take Nick in my arms and kiss him. I’m glad he doesn’t resist. Some men do. Blow jobs and ass fucking are all right with a lot of guys, but they draw the line at kissing.

Nick kisses me back, aggressively, with more tongue than women usually like. I’m not the first man he’s kissed. He does it really well, rubbing his hard body against mine while we knead each others’ firm buttocks.

I break the kiss and take a step back. His cock is hard now, standing out from his tightly-curled pubic thatch. I wrap my fingers around his stiff shaft. It’s longer and thicker than my erect penis, milk-chocolate brown with a bright pink tip. “God, you’re sexy.” I sink to my knees and take his oversized rod in my mouth. It tastes of sweat, precum, and hot man.

Nick’s cock is one of the biggest I’ve encountered. Not all black men are that well hung, but he certainly is. I take its head and shaft deep into my throat. It’s a big stretch. I have to pull back to get a breath before going back down on him, but I take a little more of his massive rod each time.

Finally, my compressed lips grip the base of his swollen cock. I have that whole big black monster deep in my throat. We stay still until I run out of air. I pull away, gasping for breath. My cock is as hard as a steel pole.

“Man,” Nick whispers. “That was great. Not many can take the whole bursa escort thing.”

“I like a challenge.” I suck his cock, stroking his swollen shaft—so thick I can barely close my thumb and index finger around it—while I kiss its hot pink crown, clamping my lips around its corneal ring, licking its tightly-stretched skin, and probing its cum-slit with the tip of my tongue.

I slide my circled thumb and index finger down to the base of his cock and curl my remaining fingers against his bulging balls. He moans as I bob on his rod, going from barely kissing its tip to taking its entire length deep in my throat.

He grabs my shoulders and fucks my face. I grip his rod and squeeze his balls to keep him from getting too rough. He groans and I can tell he’s getting close.

I like sucking guys off, but I’d rather feel Nick’s hot cum splashing my anal walls, after he’s given me a long hard pounding. Most of the men I pick up—or do they pick me up?—are total bottoms. I like being a top, but not all the time. And I really want Nick’s big thick black pole up my ass.

Nick pulls his throbbing dick out of my mouth. “You’re a great cocksucker.” He grips me under my armpits and lifts me to my feet.

“You’ve got a great cock. I love sucking it.” I tongue-kiss him. He tongue-kisses me back. Our tongues lash each other violently.

“I like your cock, too.” He grips my swollen rod and strokes it roughly. “Now, I’d like it up my ass.” He lies on the bed and lifts his butt, showing me his sexy little puckered hole, pink against the tan flesh surrounding it.

I spend a few seconds admiring his sexy ass, balls, and especially his rock-hard dick. I still want that big stiff pole up my asshole, but I’ll settle for fucking his butt. I get the lube, coat my index finger with the slippery gel, and slide it up Nick’s hot little hole.

He looks surprised, but takes it easily enough. I twist my wrist while working my finger in and out, distributing the lube. I pull out, add more lube, and stick it back in. “Come on,” he says. “I’m ready.”

“All right,” I say. “So am I.” I lubricate my stiff dick, grip its shaft, and press its head into his hot little pink hole. Nick moans as I stretch him open. “You like that?”

“Oh yeah.” His expression is a mixture of pleasure and pain. “You’ve got a big cock.”

“And you’ve got a hot tight butt.” I draw back slightly, wait while he takes a few breaths, and then press forward again. My cock-head goes in deeper, stretching his asshole wider. He tenses up and gasps with pain. I pull back and push forward again, repeating the process until my cock-head görükle escort slips through his tight little anal ring. I slide into his depths, stopping with my balls pressed against his butt cheeks.

Nick is staring up at me, looking surprised. “Man,” he whispers.

“You all right?” I can tell Nick’s an anal virgin—or close to it.

“Yeah,” he answers. “It hurt, but also felt so good I wanted to keep going.”

“How’s this feel?” I pull almost out and then push back in. He moans in pleasure. I take a few more strokes, then pull completely out. I push back in through his tight anal ring, stopping just inside. His moans get louder. I tease his asshole for a while and then drive home, slapping my pelvis against his butt cheeks.

“Oh fuck! That’s good!” Nick gasps. “You’re the best.” He rolls his hips, working his hot tight hole around my stiff rod. I move in time with him, slowly at first and then faster. A lot faster. He screams as I hammer his ass.

The tension in my balls builds and builds. “Oh man,” I gasp. “I’m gonna come.” I slam him harder and faster. “Come in your hot—” Cum explodes from my throbbing cock, squirting into his depths.

I hammer him over and over, shooting each time. Finally, I collapse on top of him with my cock still buried deep in his ass. We kiss. Long, hard, and dirty kisses. Aggressive male kisses.

We shift positions and my cock slips out of Nick’s butt. “You didn’t come,” I say.

“No,” he answers. “Not yet.”

“You gonna fuck me?” My slightly-softened cock roars back to full hardness.

“Yeah. How do you want it? A lot of guys ride my dick. Especially the first time.”

“Well, I like playing cowboy,” I say. “And doing it doggie style. And most everything else. But, I want you face-to-face. So I can look into your eyes when you stick your big hard cock up my ass.”

He stands up and I take his place on the mattress, on my back with my knees folded against my chest. “Come on. I’m ready for you.”

“You better be.” Nick picks the lube up and kneels between my spread legs. “Because I’ve been saving this hard hot load for you and I can’t wait much longer.” My stiff cock jerks as he lubricates my asshole—slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. I’m about to scream when he pulls his finger out, smears lube on his big thick hard ebony rod, and presses it between my buttocks.

“Oh man!” I groan. It hurts, but not much. The pain just increases my desire to have Nick’s monster cock buried deep in my ass.

Nick takes me carefully, pushing forward until I tense up and then drawing back. It doesn’t take my anal muscles bursa escort bayan long to relax. My painfully hard dick throbs as his oversized cock slides home. “Oh yeah!” I gasp. “That’s right!”

“Damn. You got a sweet ass.” Nick pulls all the way out. My cock jerks again as he slowly presses his extra-wide cock head back through my anal ring. Then, he pushes his long thick pole into my depths, just as slowly, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. “A fucking fine ass.” He pulls out and pushes in again, as slowly as before, pausing to work his big cock-head in and out of my anal ring a few times, before making the big long dive.

The third time, he just yanks his dick all the way out and then thrusts it roughly up my asshole. “Yeah,” I say. “Pound my ass.”

Nick fucks me steadily, pulling almost out and then slamming back in, slapping his pelvis against my buttocks. “You like that?” When I nod, he grabs my ankles and lifts them up over my shoulders, raising my ass higher. “You’ll really like this.” He swings my legs as he fucks me, rocking my butt up to meet his driving rod.

I’m close to coming when he moans and thrusts violently, shaking my whole body. A long jet of hard hot juice splashes my anal walls. My cock throbs. If I touch it, I’ll come in an instant.

Nick rams my ass again, shooting another big hot load. Then again and again, coming with each rough thrust.

“Damn, that was good.” Nick pulls his cock out of my ass and moves away. “You’ve got the best ass.”

“What I’ve got is this giant hard-on.” I bend Nick over the bed. My cock and his anus are still slick with lube. I drive my stiff pole up his ass and fuck him hard and fast, coming almost instantly. “Wow. That’s a lot better.”

I pull out. Nick straightens up and turns to face me. “That was great. I’d like to stay, but—”

“You’ve got to get back to your wife and kids.”

“Yeah. In Killeen.” That’s 75 miles north of Austin. Fort Hood is located there. “I have to barbecue. Relatives coming over.”

“Sure. I understand.” I kiss him, tenderly this time.

He kisses me back, a little hurriedly. “Can I use your shower?”

“Sure.” Ten minutes later, he’s gone.

I take a long slow shower and then go back to bed. I lie in the tangled sheets, smelling Nick’s and my sweat and male musk.

It’s been a good afternoon.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2019 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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