Mr. Intruder


Starring Sherrie, Mark and Julie

“Sherrie, I simply have to tell you about Mark and me and I’ve got a favor to ask you, honey.” Julie whispered as Sherrie fondled and suckled her tits.

“Hmmmm, whatever, honey. You know I’ll do anything for you, dear.” Sherrie had her mouth full of luscious nipple and was desperately trying to swallow the plump melon beneath it. Sherrie’s hand massaged Julie’s hot mound of Venus at the same time. She slipped a finger inside and relished the wetness and tightness of her pussy.

“Oh baby, you’re getting me so hot. How am I going to tell you my story?” Julie said, only halfway complaining.

“You want me to stop?” Sherrie smiled, while her hand found Julie’s lovebud and rubbed it hard and fast.

“Ohhhhhhh. No, of course not, honey. Finish me now. I need it,” Julie ordered.

Sherrie quickly scooted down between Julie’s thighs. Julie spread her legs wide to allow her lover total access. Sherrie’s tongue sought out Julie’s clit and began a hard ramming action. She stuck her tongue out, flicked Julie’s erect clit, sucked it in and started the process all over again. This butterfly technique as Sherrie called it was certain to bring Julie to a shattering climax in no time at all. She slipped two fingers into the other girl’s pussy, curled them up and pumped against her G-spot. This was sure to put Julie over the top.

Julie cried out in sheer pleasure as ecstasy mounted in her body. She threw her legs around Sherrie’s back and pulled the woman tighter to her. At the same time, she arched up and drove her pussy hard against Sherrie’s fabulous mouth.

Sherrie tongued and sucked and pumped with her fingers in a merciless dance of pleasure. She wanted Julie to cum. Cum hard. Cum now.

“Oohh, Mmmmm,” Julie’s screams turned into low-throated growls as the first wave of orgasm blasted through her body. The second one hit right on the heels of the first. A third followed and she peaked. Julie’s body convulsed in intense ecstasy. “Aaahhhh. Oh my God. Oh my God. Mmm,” she howled.

Sherrie didn’t ease up until Julie feebly pushed her head back. “Enough honey. You’ll make me pee. Oh my God, that was fantastic,” she gasped while trying to catch her breath.

Sherrie continued kissing and licking the hair above Julie’s pussy. Her breath brought tingles that flowed through Julie’s whole body and settled into a warm afterglow.

“Oh God, honey, you make me cum so hard,” Julie whispered as Sherrie slid up beside her. They kissed deeply. Julie loved the salty, tangy taste of her womanhood upon her lover’s lips.

Sherrie snuggled up against Julie, resting her head on her shoulder. Idly she fondled Julie’s still-erect nipples, bringing more whispers of pleasure to her lover.

Julie sighed. She intended to give Sherrie the same treatment, but right now she needed to rest. Besides it did Sherrie good to wait for her cum.

“Now honey, before I take care of you, I’m going to tell you my story.”

Sherrie gave her a pouty look, but Julie knew it was fake. Sherrie loved to hold off her own pleasure and Julie knew it.

“As I said, Mark and I was in bed a couple nights ago. We were doing our warm-up game. That’s where I just stroke his cock and fondle him very slowly. No mouth action, no fast jacking. It’s just a warm up and he always tells me to stop if he gets too hot. Mark loves it and he always rides me harder and longer afterward. Mmmmmmm… Oh yes… where was I? While I jack him, I tell him a fantasy. Warm up isn’t over until I’m done telling the story. Get it?”

“Oh yea, honey. You tease the hell out of him, just like you do me,” Sherrie said, trying hard to look pouty.

“Yea and you both love it. Anyway, I decided to tell him about a couple of women with a two-headed dildo. Know where I got the idea for that story?”

“Well, duh. Could it be us and our little friend, Two-head?” Sherrie laughed.

“But Mark doesn’t know about you. Or I should say didn’t know about you. So I’m telling him this story and he is getting hotter and harder by the second. He really starts breathing hard and squirms around under my hand. It’s definitely not warm up game anymore. In fact, he got so totally turned on, he shot a load.”

“Oh no. He came so fast? I’m sorry. Don’t tell me that was it for you?”

“Oh don’t worry. Yea, he shot one, but he was so hot, we fucked three times that night. But the news is that all night long he kept begging me to tell him more details about us and Two-head. Every time I told him how we rode it together, he’d get hard again and we’d have another go around. Believe it or not, I was getting tired. Yea me, Miss Insatiable. He wore me out. After the third fuck I was so exhausted, I let it slip that the story was true. Then he started begging me to invite you over.”

“What?” Sherrie raised her head and looked Julie in the eye. “Invite me over… to his house?”

“Yes. He wants us to put on a show for him. He promised me that was all we had to do, unless beylikdüzü escort of course we want to do more with him. Personally, I’m thrilled with the idea. It might be fun and sooner or later, I’m going to have to tell him about us. You don’t have to worry, I control him real well. If I tell him this is look but don’t touch, he’ll keep his cock to himself. He’d never disobey me. He knows he’d get nothing for a month and that’d kill the horny guy. He’ll do only what I say he can do. He promised me that.”

“Well, he is your boyfriend and all. I don’t want to mess you guys up or anything. I mean I like the idea and you know I’m a slave to your wishes honey, but I don’t want to cause any problems with you two.”

Julie kissed Sherrie and massaged her plump tits. Sherrie’s nipples rose to full erection at the soft touch of her hands.

“Sherrie. I think it would be fantastic if you and Mark got to know each other… and I mean know each other sexually. I’m all for giving him this show and going wherever it takes the three of us. But I’m not going to order you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing.”

Julie brushed her lips down across Sherrie’s supple stomach and found her moist womanhood. As Sherrie spread her legs, Julie licked her tongue up and down the blonde’s slit. Sherrie was already open and Julie’s tongue opened her more. Her rosebud grew harder and literally throbbed against Julie’s lips and tongue.

“Ohhhhhh, baby, baby,” Sherrie moaned.

Julie kept up her tongue lapping and worked three fingers into Sherrie’s open love tunnel. “It was always so much better to make Sherrie wait for this,” Julie mused as she worked her lover to a high state of excitement. Julie pumped her fingers in and out of Sherrie’s pussy like a hard cock. Sherrie was so open, she fisted her, driving her whole hand inside the wet tunnel of desire. She breathed in deeply, sucking in the rich musky aroma. Nothing smelled or tasted as good as a woman in fragrant heat and Julie savored the odor.

“Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh,” Sherrie’s moans turned into cries of pleasure as her orgasm rose and shattered her body. She arched against Julie’s face and screamed as another wave of ecstasy jolted her.

Julie eased her hand out of Sherrie’s pulsating pussy, but kept up her tongue work.

“Oooooh, stop honey. Please. Oh God, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Gheeeesh,” Sherrie groaned. “Yes.”

“Yes? Yes what?” Julie asked, her head sticking up between Sherrie’s tanned legs.

Sherrie looked down at her lover and marveled at her beauty. “Yes, honey. I’ll put on a show with you for Mark and no restrictions.”

Julie scrambled up and lay on top of Sherrie. She kissed her hard and long, letting Sherrie enjoy the love juices on her lips. Finally, she broke off the kiss, “Oh thank you, honey. I must say, it has made me hot thinking of him watching us. But I have a little surprise planned for him as well. Hehehehe. Let’s just say, he’ll have to pay for this show. It won’t be a free ride.” Julie smiled at Sherrie’s questioning frown, “Don’t worry honey. You’ll love it, but for now it’s my secret. Let me call Mark. You think you’ll be ready tomorrow?”

“Honey, I’m ready right now.”

“No. Tonight you’re mine and we’ve just begun, baby.” Julie planted another kiss on Sherrie’s full luscious lips.

* * *

The next day, Julie and Sherrie drove over to Mark’s house. Julie carried a large purse. It was their toy bag.

“So you’re not going to tell me what you’ve brought for tonight?” Sherrie asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Follow my lead and do what I tell you.”

“Don’t I always?”

“Yes you do honey and you are well-rewarded for it.” Julie slipped her hand off the wheel, fondled Sherrie’s thigh and up under her skirt to her crotch.

Sherrie wore no panties in compliance with Julie’s dress code for the night. She spread her legs and let her lover have a good feel of her womanhood.

“Hmmmm, honey. I have half a mind to give you a ride in the back seat right now,” Julie said, her eyes sparkling.

“Please do.”

“Too late, we’re here.” Julie pushed one finger inside Sherrie’s lips, withdrew it and sucked it dry. “I see you’re ready for tonight’s action.”

“For sure. I’m a hot and ready girl.”

“Yes you are honey and you’re going to have a blast. Wait to you see what I have planned.”

They pulled up into Mark’s driveway and got out. Mark was waiting, dressed only in his bathrobe. Julie had been very clear that if he wanted a show, he had to follow her orders explicitly. When they entered, Julie was glad that her male lover knew how to follow instructions. He wore his royal blue robe and had two drinks in his hand.

“Hi, I’m Mark,” he said and offered Sherrie a drink. Mark was stunned by the blonde’s beauty. Her tight mini-skirt and equally tight blouse showed off her luscious curves to the fullest. Long blonde tresses framed a gorgeous face with beyoğlu escort full red lips and deep green eyes.

Julie looked even more beautiful. Her long red hair shone in the dim light and her eyes sparkled. She too wore a short skirt, not as short as Sherrie, and her blouse was not quite as tight, but they definitely left nothing hidden. Neither woman wore a bra. Mark enjoyed the sight of four nipples staring back at him. Belatedly, he handed a drink to Julie.

She smiled, “Okay lover boy, put your eyes back in their sockets. You haven’t seen anything yet.” Julie kissed him and continued, “Did you prepare the playroom?”

The playroom as they called it was a windowless room in the back of the house. It had extremely plush carpeting, lots of pillows, a couple couches and candles on small tables around the edges. It had a wet bar with refrigerator. There was a huge bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi tub and a toy closet – stocked with love toys, oils, creams, naughty undies, and videos. In short the room was one huge bed and had only one purpose – pleasure.

Mark was barefooted, but the girls kicked off their shoes and walked in. Soft music played through the ceiling speakers. Sherrie stood in awe. There were mirrors everywhere except where the large screen TV stood.

“Come Sherrie, we go over here.” Julie led the way to several large pillows in front of a couch. Mark waited by the couch.

“Now, just to go over this one more time, honey. You are to disrobe now and have a seat. I don’t care what you do with your hands, but keep them off your cock and definitely off of us. Also, you can moan and groan all you want, but you aren’t allowed to say anything. No questions, no suggestions, no pleas for mercy. Understood? You are to only watch at this time.”

“Yes mistress, I understand.”

“I knew you would. We’re going to pretend you’re not even here and just do what we did at the writer’s conference last month. You watch the show. Have fun… but not too much fun. I’ll give more instructions later.”

Mark slipped off the robe making sure that Sherrie got an eyeful of his manhood. Needless to say, he was rock hard and throbbing in the air. He was completely hairless except for a triangular patch right above his shaft and he was proud of his body. Slowly, Mark sat down, mindful to not fondle himself.

Sherrie lifted one eyebrow at Mark’s rampant rod. She licked her lips in appreciation and smiled. Meanwhile, Julie was already stripping off her clothes. The only thing Julie had told her was that they would recreate the scene from their first night with the two-headed dildo. She happily went along with the plan.

Julie finished undressing Sherrie and then allowed her lover to unclothe her. Julie’s hands played all over the other woman’s body, fondling, caressing, and sliding into every valley and over every hill on Sherrie’s body.

Mark stared with wide-eyed wonder. With the mirrors, he saw everything. Sherrie was drop-dead gorgeous from the tip of her toes to the top of her incredible hair. His cock ached with desire for her.

Julie’s nakedness did the same thing to the young man. Even though he had explored her body many, many times, he still found it fascinating and extremely intoxicating to behold. Sherrie did the same fondling routine. Then the girls started kissing each other, first the mouth, then down the throat, onto their heaving tits. Their nipples stood out hard as four pillars of rock. The mirrors made it seem as though dozens of women tasted each other in the room.

Mark’s cock throbbed and dripped with juice. He squirmed in his seat. “God, the show has hardly started and I’m ready to blast,” he thought. He knew a blast would be the finish for him. Julie had been very firm about that when they discussed the rules for the show. He had to control himself somehow, but the women were so hot. He gripped a pillow in each hand and held them at his sides. His cock stood straight and tall and in delicious agony.

Slowly, the two women melted to the carpet. Sherrie put her head between Julie’s thighs and licked hard. Her ass pointed straight at Mark. Her pouting pussy lips seemed to wink at him. He moaned and checked the view in the mirrors.

Julie squirmed around under Sherrie and in seconds the women were in a 69 position. They lapped each other from top to bottom. Mark saw every stroke in dozens of reflections around the room. A steady stream of love juice oozed from his raging cock. For that he was thankful; the pressure released was the only thing keeping him from shooting off. “I wanted a show, but I never dreamed it would be this hot,” he thought, not taking his eyes from the beautiful sight of the hot lovers.

The girls had squirmed around and rolled over. Now Julie’s gorgeous bum faced Mark and Sherrie’s tongue licked from her ass down to her clit and back again. It drove Mark wild.

Just when he thought he’d lose it totally, Julie managed to squirm bizimkent escort her way out of Sherrie’s embrace and walk to the purse. From the groan Sherrie let out, he knew she had been on the verge of cumming. Julie leaned against the wall over the purse, catching her breath.

“My God, they were both on the verge,” Mark thought. He marveled at Julie’s sexual control and knew once again why he obeyed her as his mistress.

At least the short break as Julie rummaged around in the purse gave Mark a chance to recover control. The couch was wet under him from the copious amount of clear love juice that had been allowed to leak away. Ordinarily, someone would have had a tasty drink of that, but not tonight.

Julie pulled out the two-headed dildo and greased it with the love cream Mark had set out earlier.

“Now the real show begins,” Mark thought. For some reason, the whole idea of his mistress riding to heaven while sharing a toy with another woman made him incredibly hot.

Julie had Sherrie move over even closer to the couch, placed her on one of the bigger pillows, and took up a facing position on another. Both girls spread their legs and let them fall over the pillow edges. Mark’s view of both girls was unimpeded and with the mirrors on the walls and ceiling, he could see every detail from every angle.

Julie slid the dildo up and down Sherrie’s slit. This two-header had a short handle in the middle. Julie held this as she eased the toy into Sherrie’s open love tunnel. Sherrie moaned with pleasure and took about five inches inside her. This left another five or six inches of length up to the handle. She squirmed around on the toy fitting it to her insides. Julie fucked it in and out a couple of times. Sherrie moaned.

Sherrie signaled she was ready to ride by taking the handle and the other length in her hand. Now Julie leaned back and spread her legs. Mark saw her wide-open love tunnel too, thanks to the couch position.

Sherrie stroked the dildo up and down Julie’s wet slit and slowly let it slide into her lover. Julie squirmed, arching up a bit and worked it around. She also took about six inches. Sherrie fucked the toy back and forth a couple more times.

Mark saw the incredible beauty of this toy as Sherrie worked it on Julie. Every time she pushed in, her side slid out and when she pulled it out of Julie, her side slid into her. The joy of this was not lost on Mark’s poor throbbing erection either. It was all he could do to just watch and not touch.

After a couple of strokes, Sherrie stopped pumping. Both girls rested for a second. Then Julie took control, grabbed the handle, and started riding away. Sherrie easily caught the rhythm.

The girls rocked back and forth on their pillows, sharing a deep penetrating toy. Julie controlled the handle, but Sherrie put her hand on it as well. It seemed to steady the action and allow them to ride it faster and deeper. Soon the handle was banging against the blond pussy and then against the red one. Mark heard the slurpy, squishy sounds as love juices flowed from each of the hot women. The toy was coated with juice and slid faster and deeper as the girls rose higher and higher on twin climaxes.

Their moans soon became screams as wave upon wave of orgasm shot through them. For a couple of seconds, they stopped the action as their orgasms peaked and the intensity became too much to bear. Then they started up again, quickly rising to another peak.

This time, it seemed to Mark that Julie got there first. She wanted to rest afterwards, but Sherrie drove the toy with relentless desire as her own climax reached its peak. Julie could do nothing but scream louder as she climbed to a higher level and waited for Sherrie to slow down.

Sherrie finally did ease back, but almost immediately Julie’s slow pumping turned faster and faster as she touched that higher peak and went even higher again. Sherrie cried out as jolts of ecstasy surged through her tortured body right on the heels of the second round.

Julie kept up a fantastic pace pulling and shoving the toy back and forth while she rode out another round of stellar climaxes. She had peaked higher than even she could imagine possible. Climaxes rippled through her body now, almost non-stop.

Sherrie reached the same peak of pleasure and almost passed out as her pussy went on automatic, cumming and cumming over and over again.

Mark was ready to explode as he watched the incredible show before his eyes. Both women were experiencing countless multiple orgasms. They didn’t scream anymore, but only whimpered as another wave blasted through their bodies. He noticed that Julie had let go of the handle and only the rocking back and forth of their bodies on the pillows provided the stimulation for a final series of climaxes of ever decreasing intensity. At last the girls were cumming down.

Finally, even the rocking stopped and the girls started breathing again. They lay totally still on the floor, moaning softly.

Mark moaned more loudly in despair. He was on the verge of exploding and something had to be done to help him.

Julie opened her eyes and smiled weakly at him. “Just a couple more minutes honey, while I catch my breath. I’ve got something planned that’ll send you to heaven. Just a few minutes. You can wait that long.”

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