Mother Lust


My mom and dad got divorced when I was thirteen, at first I was shocked and frightened and was sick with worry that I’d never see my dad again.He got caught out having an affair with a woman at work, and I remember thinking WHY ?Cos she was slightly older then him and definitely not very good looking.I couldn’t work out why he’d “played away” with someone like her, I’d heard the stories about middle aged men going with young sexy women to get their youth back but HER !My mom wore glasses, and was a bit plump but even then she was a lot sexier then his mistress.My mom kept poisoning me against him, saying how much he’d ruined her life, and I started to hate him.He had a weekend a month where I stayed with him but though I always tried to get out of it, my mom insisted that I go.Relations between me and him were always strained, and after the first couple of times, his g/f stayed away for the w/e.We went on like this for a couple of years when one night after he’d been drinking he told me why he’d two timed mom, and suddenly I felt guilty about hating him all of that time.He was actually in tears when he told me how mom hated sex, how she used to pricktease him and he actually had to beg for sex, which when she allowed it consisted of her lying still for a few minutes while he relieved himself in her body. About that time at school I overheard some of my schoolfriends discussing in great detail what they’d like to do to my mother, how big her tits were and how frustrated she must be, being on her own after so many years of marriage, and how older women loved young cock, and speculation on whether I was fucking her. I was shocked and angry at first but didn’t let on that I’d overheard them because, I would have had to fight each of them (And almost certainly get beaten up by several of them), and it would be humiliating for my mom. But it made me start looking at her in a different way, I started looking at her tits and looking up her skirt where possible, and being Escort Çekmeköy that age I kept getting embarrassing erections that I did my best to hide.She caught me masturbating several times in my room and told me to stop it at once as it was “dirty”.At first I almost died of shame but later on started getting angry.I wasn’t hurting anyone, it was perfectly normal and it was none of her business. I decided to get my own back, and get an eyeful at the same time..I oiled the hinges to the bathroom and packed the bolt receiver so that when you thought that you had slammed the bolt home it was only held by the merest thread and a forceful push from the outside would open it. Knowing her routine, I made sure that I was out when she was having her weekly self pamper bath as opposed to her usual daily shower. I then snuck into the house and waited quietly for the sound of the bath draining and then walked in feigning astonishment at seeing her standing up in the bath with everything on show holding a towel.She quickly covered self up, but not before I’d had a good look at her cunny and tits.Pretending to be indignant I said for Gods sake mom bolt the door when you come in here ! I waited until the w/e and oiled her bedroom door hinges cos I knew that she usually had an afternoon nap.I then left a note in the kitchen saying that I was out probably until the evening, and then hid quietly in the spare bedroom until I heard her go into her room and start undressing.I waited a bit and then walked in to see her just in her slip.I again pretended surprise, and said that I didn’t know that she was in and had thought that there was a burgular in the house. I thought that it make her more reluctant to come into my room, plus I enjoyed seeing her naughty parts. I also messed with her mind mornings by asking her if she was alright as she’d been shouting in her sleep and making pain noises.She asked me what she was saying in her sleep and I said Gebze escort off hand that I couldn’t make out the words. Several days passed where I could masturbate to my hearts delight without her “raiding “me.But I became complacent, came home from school to an apparently empty house, went up to my room and was having a lovely lush wank, when she walked in. The sheer surprise of it made me shocked and angry, and for the first time ever I shouted at her, even before she could speak.”Enjoying yourself are you ? Seen what you want to see ? You hypocritical old pervert !”She was so taken aback that instead of shouting at ME for disrespect and making such an obscene accusation against my mother she mumbled that she hadn’t meant to walk in, and that she was sorry and so on. By this time I’d calmed down and was crapping myself that when her shock was over she’d tell dad, who divorced or not would beat the living shit out of me. So bluffed out of desperation, “I’m sick of this, I’m going to live with dad and I’m going to tell him all about what you’ve been doing, about how you come into my room to perve, how you accidently on purpose leave doors unlocked so that I can see you naked, and how I have to listen to you everynight talking dirty about what you’d like me to do to you, even shouting out my name. I couldn’t believe that she was taking it so passively, and instead of telling me off she was stammering apologies, that she didn’t know and she was sorry, and please, please don’t tell my dad or anyone else. I pretended to relent, got off of the bed, pulled my clothes up to make me decent, and hugged her.I said that I realised that she probably wasn’t even aware that she was consciously acting like that, and that as a healthy woman, with a healthy sex drive she was feeling the effect of not having a man in her life after so many years of marriage. But even so I said, it was terribly wrong of you to keep prickteasing me and making me frustrated, Şerifali escort bayan and god knows what psychological harm you might have caused me. So I’m going to get help for you, starting with our family doctor and getting some advice from dad.This as I thought caused her major panic and she began begging me not to do that, and apologising over and over again. It was then that I said you have to do that or get it out of your system.I’m not going to allow you to get a b/f as I don’t want gossips talking about my mom and shaming the family.She looked a little relieved at this, but then I said I can help you or I will ask for advice.I think at this point she knew I was blackmailing her into sex but she was between a rock and a hard place.I made her write a note asking me to relieve her sexually so that she couldn’t backtrack afterwards, and as quickly and as gently as possible (So as not to scare her off) removed her and my own clothes and laid her on my bed, opening her legs.I was a virgin at that time (Though I knew the theory of what to do having seen many porn books), told her this and said that I would need her help.I was very erect at this time and just about to put it in her when sheasked me to go to the bathroom for some vaseline as she was dry.I didn’t know what she meant but did as I was told and watched while she lubed her cunny and then put my cock in her.I think that I was a bit rough due to inexperience and came after a very short time.But I was erect again very soon afterwards and gave a her a good long hard fucking, which I must have repeated about six times at least.I thought about what dad had said, noticing that she didn’t come once, and had a look of acute shame on her face the entire time.This didn’t bother me a bit as I was so totally enjoying her big soft tits , her lovely little cunt and my mastery over her. After that I used to fuck her everyday, make her dress up sexy for me, and “innocently” pricktease my schoolfriends. I used all three of her holes, made her talk dirty and masturbate in front of me. Eventually I got older and got married, and it came mostly to a stop, but every now and again when I visit her on my own I’d get her to suck my cock or titfuck her (My wifes tits while lovely weren’t big enough to do this). 

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