Morning Showers by Annie_Guns


Morning Showers by Annie_GunsAnnie & I spent some time together recently and I asked her to write about what we got up to. Here’s her story. She’s an excellent writer as well as a first class slut.I feel a stirring behind me in the bed. The sheets being moved off me. The chill of the room hits my skin and i get goosebumps – not least as I feel a warm hand in the small of my back, stroking down across my buttocks and feeling its way between my legs. I instinctively part my legs a bit to let your fingers find me. Your fingers brush my clit. I flinch half in pleasure and half in a little bit of pain – it was a heavy night the night before having had my pussy pumped so it was beautifully swollen and pink and my cunt plunged relentlessly by both your fist and cock. I disregard the pain and let you seek out more of my pleasure. My pussy is instantly dripping at your touch. My sweet juices smothering your fingers. You put you fingers to my mouth and let me lick them. I want you this morning as a continuation of last night.You move your body close behind mine so we are spooning. You reach round to my nipples and twist each one in turn Escort – you hear me gasp and feel me arch back onto you as you do this. They are hard without much effort. I can feel your cock resting between my soft bottom cheeks. It is rock hard and wanting some attention. You get up from the bed and stand in front of me. Your throbbing erect cock is within easy reach of my mouth so I begin to lick and kiss the head of it before taking it into my warm moist mouth. The sleep in my eyes is quickly rinsed away by the watering your cock induces when I take it deep in my throat. I want to take it deeper down my throat and I imagine you spunking in my mouth filling me with hot creamy cum and it makes me work you more. You ask me if i would like to take a morning shower. How could I refuse such an offer?I am still half asleep as I feel you d**** a length of silk rope around my neck, run down between my breasts and bind each one tightly. Once you have bound me you flick my nipples and slap the rapidly swelling flesh of my tits. It wakes me up quite suddenly. I can feel the sensual sting right down my spine and its is as if Escort Bayan the nerves are directly attached to those in my cunt – i can feel my pussy pulsating and fluttering as gently as the brush of butterfly wings against skin. I sense a increased surge of wetness inside me. As you stand me up I can feel a trickle of dampness running down my legs. If only you would put your lips to my pussy right now I would cum on the spot…..You lead me to the bathroom – a black marble wetroom. You stand me against the cold wall in the shower and hand me my favourite vibrator and instruct me to play with it and fuck myself. I can see myself in the full length bathroom mirror behind you – I am very horny. I am so turned on and daren’t turn the vibrator on to full as I would explode in seconds and I want this feeling to last as long as I can bear. You are stood watching me enjoy myself. Your arousal is obvious and I want to please you – I want you to join in with me. You step forward and lower me down so that I am sat on the floor. You are now towering above me whilst I sit on the cold slate with my vibrator jammed as far up Bayan Escort my cunt as I can get it. It feels so good. You are holding your cock in your hand and I want to suck it and lick it for you but you won’t let me so I put my head back and open my mouth and wait for you whilst grinding down on my vibrator. I feel the heat of your piss on my face before I taste it in my mouth. A relentless stream of hot bitter-sweet piss splashing across my face, in my mouth, dripping off the tendrils of my bed-hair, running down my bound tits, into the split of my cunt and onto my hand on the vibrator and splashing onto the slate beneath me. I rub my spare hand across my tits feeling your warmth and wetness all over me. You move the bits of wet hair from my face so it doesn’t sting my eyes. I’ve cum quietly whilst you were showering me and I do not know where your wetness ends and mine begins. Once you have finished you put your hand softly on my face and draw me close to your dick knowing that I will take it in my mouth and clean it for you. My mouth is still hot from your golden stream – I wonder if you can feel it? You stand me up carefully to ensure that I do not slip and kiss me hard and deep for a few seconds, whilst deftly unraveling and untying the soaking bondage rope. You massage my breasts as I feel the stream of fresh warm water from the shower head above me.

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