Mom’s Friend


Ron got woken up hearing some distinct chat from the living room. He got up and listened to the voices. One was his mother’s. He was very sure that the other one is Linda. She is a very close friend of his mother, Kate.

Linda, Linda Adams is 40 years old, little younger than Kate who is 42. They are friends for almost 15 years. Ron known her since he was a kid. He likes her very much. She was always very nice to him. He loves to spend time with her whenever he gets a chance. She was divorced 10 years back and was single since then.

Ron just turned 19 and his graduation is done. He came back to home to have a break while planning for his career. He’s only 5’2 and lean. He got short brown hair and brown eyes.

He quickly rushed to the living room to see her. They were laughing by the time he entered.

“Oh! Who do we have here?” Linda said with a happy tone.

“Hi! Ms. Adams. It is so good to see you.” Ron extended his hand to greet her.

“Oh come on! Give me a hug.” She stood and welcomed him.

Linda is kind of a giant standing at 5’11. She has 34D sized chest and perfectly toned body. She is very fair and got blonde hair. She wore a low cut blue dress which gives a very good cleavage.

Ron was completely taken away by looking at her. He immediately went on to hug her. His face was just above her chest. She smelt great to him. He held her firmly to get the maximum feel he could get. He got an erection with that. He tried to his level not to press it to her.

Linda kissed him on his forehead as he got back from the hug.

“I guess it’s been 6 months since I met him last time.” She said to his mother.

“Yeah! You were not there whenever he came for a holiday and he was not there whenever you visited.” His mother replied.

“But finally, we made it today.” Linda laughed.

Ron sat across her and was trying very hard to hide his erection. He didn’t put on his underwear and his penis was poking on his shorts. He thought of making an excuse to go back to his room but didn’t want to miss being with her for the time she was there.

“So, how are things going on Ron?” Linda asked.

“Everything is good.” he replied with a smile.

“Great!” she took the last sip from her cup and stood.

“I guess I should be leaving now. As said there is lot of work to do.” Linda said to Kate.

Ron felt sad as she was about to leave.

“Yeah! Hey, may be Ron can help you with all that.” Kate said.

Ron looked at both of them not knowing what are they talking about.

“I don’t know. He just came for his vacation. And also he might have other plans.” Linda said looking both of them simultaneously.

“I don’t have any plans. How can I help you?” Ron replied.

“Linda wants to redecorate her home and could use some help moving all the stuff.” His mother said to him.

“Sure! I can do that!” he said to Linda.

“Thank you so much Ron! When can you come over?”

“You can take him right now I guess. Anyway I’ll be out of town for this weekend to attend my company’s annual gathering. He can stay at your place.” Kate said.

“That’ll be great then! I promise you a good time.” Linda smiled to Ron.

“Give me some time to get ready.” He stood to go to his room holding his still erected penis through his shorts pocket.

“You might want to pack some clothes for the weekend!” His mother said to him.

Both the ladies sat back and started discussing something.

Ron locked the door as soon as he entered his room. He quickly removed his shorts as his penis was aching to be released. The thought of being with Linda for full weekend aroused him so much. He removed his t-shirt and went into his bathroom.

He started stroking himself by imagining Linda. He imagined how she would look without any dress and how would it be like fucking her. He had been fantasizing about her for a long time. She was like his first crush. With the thought of fucking her he stroked very hard and came very hard. He quickly took a bath and stepped out of the bathroom.

He wore a blue jean short and a white t-shirt and then packed couple of other shorts and t-shirts in his backpack. He made sure he had some tight underwear just to hide his erections. He then headed down.

“You ready to go?” Linda stood seeing him. He just smiled back.

“Thank you so much for sending him. I really appreciate that.” Linda said to Kate as they hugged.

Both Linda and Ron said bye to Kate as they left. They got into her car and gone.


Ron was so happy about the coming weekend and all the time he could be next to her. Just when he is about to start to talk something Linda got a call. That call lasted till they reached her place.

“I am extremely sorry for that call Ron. That must have made your time so boring.” Linda said while parking the car into garage.

“It’s okay Mrs. Adams.” Rom smiled back. Actually he wasn’t bored at all. All the time she was on that call he just tried to stare at her body.

Both got down the car and she led him to the main door. He followed etiler escort her looking at her ass swaying in front of him. He wanted to grab it and squeeze it.

Linda opened the door for him and both of them entered. She locked it behind and said “And we are home now.”

It is a big house for one woman to live Ron felt. He could see some expensive stuff around the room.

The living room is quite large with all the furniture required. There is a big TV across the couch. Many books were placed in the shelves. To his left there is dining table and kitchen next to it. Steps to the first floor are adjacent to the kitchen.

“You have a very great place, Ms. Adams!”

“Thanks Ron!

“You can put your stuff in that room.” she said pointing to a room in the corner.

“Okay!” he replied.

“Just give me a couple of minutes to change. Make yourself comfortable.” she said while climbing the steps to go to her room.

Ron stood staring her ass again until she was out of his sight. His dick was already hard in his shorts. He went into the room Linda showed and closed the door. He placed his backpack on the bed and went back to the living room.

“I hope you like my place.” Linda said while coming down. Ron was taken away by her dress. She just put on a white shirt through which her bra was visible. To that she opened a couple of buttons. All her bosom was at display. And she wore a jean short which barely covered her thighs. Her long legs could be seen every inch.

“I do. This is great.” he stammered with his words still looking at her.

“Thanks you!” she just smiled. “Would you like to eat something before we start?”

“No! Thanks! I’m good!” Ron was still in awe looking at her.

“Come on Ron! Be casual! I ain’t a new person to you!” she said as she thought he was feeling uncomfortable.

Linda got some sandwiches and sodas from the kitchen and settled on the couch. Ron sat across her. They had some casual talk about their lives while eating. Once done she went to put the tray back in kitchen. Again Ron’s eyes were locked on her butt and got a full-on erection.

“Shall we start then?” she said coming back from the kitchen. “Yeah!” he replied.

She just explained him how she wants to move everything and they made a plan and started accordingly.

For Linda, she has no idea about Ron’s thoughts. She was just busy with her work. She took the packing part and Ron handled moving them.

While getting back from store room, Ron accidentally bumped into her back which he made full use of it by grabbing her waist not to lose balance.

“Hahaha, Careful little one!” Linda said. He just smiled back while leaving her which he didn’t want to.

For the next couple of hours they were busy doing the work just as planned by Linda. And then they settled on the couch for a break.

“I think we did a good job here”, Linda said looking around the room.

Ron just looked around and said “Yeah!”

She just stretched herself and closed her eyes for a moment.

He then looks at her, her bare legs and her sweet covered shirt through which her bra can be seen holding her boobs in place. He is lusting over her. He just wants to be on her and take her at his will.

“Let’s get freshen up and then we can have lunch. What do you say?” she said by quickly standing.

“That would be great”, he just replied back.

Linda smiled with his answer and started going to her room. Ron too left to his room after staring her ass until she is out of his sight.

He just couldn’t get her of his mind. “What if I get into her room now? I might see her completely. What if she locked the room? What if she didn’t? I could just see her and come back.” He knew he is taking a risk her but he wanted to. He went back to the living room just to make sure she went in.

It is completely silent now. And he took the steps to go to her room. To his luck it was opened when he tried. He took a little peek for her but couldn’t see her. His heartbeat raised as he stepped into her room.

It was quite a big room. A king size bed, couch set and a TV just as in living room and it is very spacious. He heard a door knob sound and quickly went back the couch to hide.

Ron raised his head a little to see what’s going. Linda was there in her earlier dress itself. she placed a robe on her bed and started undressing herself. This is what he wanted to see and he just locked her eyes on her body.

Just in seconds, her shirt, short, bra and underwear all piled up on her bed and she was completely naked. Ron could feel his dick fully erected. He could only see her bare back and glimpse of her breasts while she was moving. She put on her robe and went into the bathroom without even knowing that she did a strip show to her best friend’s son.

Making sure she was gone, Ron came out from his hiding. He took her panties and sniffed it. He just loved the smell of it. Putting that in his pocket he just left.

He came to his room and took out her panties eve gelen escort and stick that to his nose. He is taking all the scent in. It was all wet with her sweet and he started licking it. He felt like licking her pussy. He dropped his shorts and underwear to free his cock. It is now fully erected and he started stroking it while he is till sniffing her panties. He just lost in his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Linda came out of the bathroom finishing her shower. Her first look went on to the bed where she could see her underwear was missing. She checked the sides and all then noticed the door which was left opened by Ron.

She didn’t even bother to put on some clothes. She just went down to Ron’s room with only a robe on her. She opened the door only to see naked Ron stroking himself with her underwear on his dick.

He let out a roar as he cam onto her panties. He just kept stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing Ron?” Linda said with a high pitched voice.

He opened his eyes and turned towards the door to see Linda.

She stood right in-front of him folding her hands just below her boobs which made the robe open a bit to show her cleavage.

“Ms. Adams, I am sorry,” he just stammered while trying to hide his erection with her panties.

She could see his cum on her panties. “What is my underwear doing on your dick?”

“It is… I am… Sorry Ms. Adams.” he couldn’t reply her.

Ron just stood naked with his head down, covering his dick by holding her panties on to it.

“What on the hell do you think you are doing? This is not something I’ve expected from you.” She just left closing the door. He could feel her distress from her voice.

He stood still for couple of minutes and then thought what she would do. He just hoped that she didn’t tell his mom about what happened. He cleaned himself and got dressed. He just laid on the bed as he didn’t want to step out.

Linda back in her room got dressed. She put on a jeans and t-shirt which completely covered her body which she thought might be the reason for his behavior. She’s still upset about what had happened. She came down only to see he was still in his room. She went into the kitchen to made lunch for them.

After placing everything on the table she went to call Ron for lunch.

This time she knocked on the door. “Ron, you there?”

Ron slowly walked to the door and opened. Linda was right in-front of him. He didn’t talk anything. She could see the shame on his face.

Finally she broke the silence. “Just forget everything and come eat your lunch.” Both left to the dining room.

They had their lunch in silence.

“I’ll do the dishes later. You just leave them.” she said to him when he was about to wash his plate. He placed that left to his room with his head down.

Even Linda felt bad about how he was being sad. She cleaned the table and did the dishes. She thought of leaving him alone for some more time but didn’t feel that would help. She went straight to his room and knocked.

“Ron! Can I come in?” she said and opened the door.

He was just sitting on the bed with his head down. She sat next to him.

“See kid! I agree that I was mad at you because of what you did. But I won’t feel good if you be like this.”

“I am sorry Ms. Adams!” Ron said in a very low tone.

“It’s okay, I understand that at your age you have such feelings all the time.” she placed her hand on his back and patted.

He just didn’t respond.

“See, I totally cleared my mind on what had happened earlier. I am not angry at you on that.

Still he remained silent.

She moved a bit closer and said, “You must be doing your girlfriend all the time then, huh?” She laughed a little.

“Actually, I don’t have one.” he replied.

“What? You are joking, right?”

“No I am not. I have never been with a girl till now.” he said with his head still down.

She didn’t know how to respond on that.

“It’s you I always think of,” finally he told her.

“Me?” she was shocked to here that. He just nodded.

“And what do you think of? Fucking me?” she said that in her normal tone as she didn’t want to scare him off.

Ron remained silent.

“Look at me Ron, I am as old as your mom. I don’t understand how can you even think of me like that?” She said that out but she actually felt happy that she still got it to make someone so younger than her fantasizing her.

He was still silent with his head down.

“You have so much life ahead. You’ll meet girls of your age. You’ll have them and trust me you’ll enjoy that. You know, fucking them.” She couldn’t believe herself talking all this to him.

“It’s not about fucking younger girls or fucking you. I don’t know I really like you so much. I know you are a friend of my mother for which I shouldn’t even get these kind of thoughts about you. But, every time I see you I feel like taking you, kiss all your body, make love to you and make you mine.” He finally started speaking.

Linda fatih escort was stunned to what he was saying but she got turned on a little bit.

Not looking her he stood up and took a couple of steps. “And many more. I want to get naked with you and get into your bed. Play with your boobs, suck them, bite them. Make you moan hard from the pleasures of me taking your pussy. Cum all on you and keep this doing again and again.”

She was both angry and turned on with all what he talked.

“Stop it Ron!” she finally stopped him.

He then realized he said many things. “I am sorry Ms. Adams. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad in anyways. I am extremely sorry.”

“It’s okay Ron! I can understand. It’s actually good that you could finally talk about what’s going on. I am not at all angry on you.” She managed to give a smile to him.

He went back to the bed and sat next to her again.

“See, Ron! Whatever that is you are having on me is just lust. You are an young man who just entered the adulthood and you found me attractive to you. It’s just my body you see and you fantasize about doing things to it. You’ll get over with it once you get someone else in your life.”

“I don’t know. You are always on my mind. I just couldn’t stop thinking something else. I am sorry!”

“Please don’t be sorry about anything Ron!” she actually felt sad for him. There’s a moment of silence in the room.

She broke the silence and said, “I don’t know whether this is correct or not but I hope it’ll help you. If we both sure about things gonna stay between us I am gonna suggest something.”

He looked her with a confused face.

“I don’t know how to put this but since we talked way too many things I guess I can say this too.”

He still looking with a question on his face at her while she was talking.

“Why don’t you just do it in-front of me?”


“You know, jack off while I am watching. So that you’ll feel better. I guess then we can go back to normal.”

“Ms. Adams, I don’t think I can do that.” Ron said with his head down.

“Hmm.. Alright then. You need any help? My help?” She said while patting his back.

He again looked at her with confused face.

“Here is the deal. You stand up and remove your shorts and I am gonna give you a blowjob and let’s get over with everything.”

He was completely shocked with what she just said. He just didn’t know how to and what to respond.

“I just want things between us to be normal and I think it would help us clearing up your mind. So, come stand in-front of me and let me give you my head.” she said that and stood there.

Ron got up and stood in-front of her. He looked so small before her frame.

“I don’t know what to say Ms. Adams” he said while removing his shorts.

“It’s okay. Don’t say anything!” she watched him removing his shorts.

He removed his underwear. His dick was semi hard and he kept his hands on it to hide.

“Come on Ron! Don’t be shy. I think that ship has sailed a long time ago. May be this will make you feel better.” She said that and removed her T-Shirt and Bra in a moment.

He let his dick free looking her topless and it started getting hard.

“You like them?” She jiggled them a little with her hands.

“You have a beautiful pair Ms. Adams.”

She blushed a little. “Thank you Ron! Now let’s do this.” She knelt before him.

She adjusted herself and took his dick into her hand. She gently stroked it a little feeling the length and girth. He was now fully erected in her hand.

Ron’s penis was about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide at its full form.

“I must say, you have a good one here.” She said and started kissing it.

“Oh my God! I cannot believe what is happening right now.”

Linda laughed a bit and opened her mouth to take him in. While doing that she took his balls into her other hand and started squeezing them.

“You like that?” she said after sucking his dick for couple of times.

“Yeah! Your mouth feels so good around me. I think I might explode right away.” He replied with extreme pleasure in his tone.

“I’ll take care of that. You just enjoy it.” she replied and resumed her sucking.

She held his dick in her right hand to guide into her mouth while sucking it gently. She licked it after every few strokes. With all the attention to his penis she also used her left hand to squeeze his balls.

Ron felt like he was in heaven. It was something which he imagined many times in his head. Now, there he was with his dick in her mouth. He could feel an orgasm building in his balls to burst into her mouth.

He started moving his hips to push himself into her face. She was actually surprised by his move. With one hard suck at his rod she removed her mouth and started stroking it with her hand.

“Did you just try to fuck my face Ron?” She asked him with a seductive tone while kept stroking him slowly.

“I am sorry Ms. Adams, I was completely..”

“It’s okay. Just take it how you want.” she said and took his dick into her mouth again.

He could here the slurping noise from her mouth sucking him.

“Ms. Adams. You are so great!” Ron said while enjoying the sensations getting from her mouth on him.

He closed his eyes in the pleasure and slowly started to move his hips since he got her approval. This time Linda didn’t say anything but continued to suck him.

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