Mom , Me Ch. 23


As I left school, two thoughts passed through my brain: I hoped Rachel was not going to be a problem, and I was surprised I didn’t see Jennifer hanging around my locker, and I didn’t see Jane either. I decided to walk down to Lucy’s Coffee Shop and purchased a White Chocolate Frappuccino, and write an email to Sarah like she told me to.

Lucy’s Coffee Shop was crowded with students, but I found a small table toward the back and sat down with my Frappuccino and added her email information to my address book. Then I wrote to her and told her how much I enjoy being with her this afternoon and knowing that she wanted to have a special relationship with me. I also told her I was looking forward to spending Thursday with her, and asked what time she wanted me to come to her home. I also asked her if she would send me her address and phone number, and I promised I would store her information in a secure place where no one, not even Ginny would be able to find it. Then I gave her my home address and cell phone number in case she needed to contact me. I told her she could write to me anytime during the day or night. Then I told her how special it was to hold her today in my arms and how she let me hold her beautiful breasts in my hands. I finished my email telling her how much I loved her and enjoyed being with her. I also told her I was glad she liked the present I gave her this afternoon. Then, I finished my drink and thought I would walk over to Jane’s house and see if things cooled down between her and Jennifer before I headed home.

I knocked on the door of Lilly’s house and waited for someone to answer, but my knock was answered with a verbal response, “Come on in.” So I opened the door and walked inside.

“Billy! Oh, Billy! It’s so wonderful to see you! Come here and give Lilly a hug and one of your sweet wet kisses.” She turned from the woman, whom she had been talking with, and came quickly toward me, with arms spread wide, and her gorgeous welcoming smile. “Oh, Billy! I’ve missed you baby, and she threw her loving arms around me and placed her sweet wet lips upon mine, inserting her tongue smoothly inside my mouth. Our tongues intermingled in a joyful dance. I love how she kisses me; our saliva flows over our lips. Lilly really gets into kissing and I enjoy her wet kisses a lot. When she kisses she holds back nothing!

After she kissed me, she leaned her body back while still holding me, and then looked me in the eye. Then she said, “I’m so happy you came to see me this afternoon Billy. I’ve missed you terribly.

“I’ve missed you too, Lilly. Is Jane here?”

“Jane was called to work Billy. She won’t be home until late, but I have a delightful surprise for you. My youngest sister, who just arrived this morning from Flatwoods, Kentucky has come to stay with Jane and me for a while. Flatwoods is located close to the Ohio River. Ironton, West Virginia lies on the other side of the Ohio River from Flatwoods. I have several relatives that live over there along the Ohio River. I call them my beloved River Rats. Then she giggled, taking my hand and leading me to her little sister. “Betty Lou I want you to meet Billy. Billy is the man I’ve been telling you about all day. He’s an awesome lover Betty Lou. And Billy, this is my sister Betty Lou. You are going to enjoy being with her Billy. I guarantee it.”

“Nice to meet you Betty Lou.”

“It’s Esenyurt Escort a pleasure to meet you Billy. Lilly has been raving about you all day. I’m so happy to be able to meet you the day of my arrival here. Now, I can see if everything she told me about you is true or not.” Then she gave me a loving smile as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips tenderly upon mine. Her kiss was so tender and I enjoyed how she kissed me.

“Billy, you should know we Kentucky folks don’t great one another like you English people do. I’m glad you’re here Billy so you and Mary Lou can get acquainted.”

“I’m glad to be here Lilly and I think Mary Lou and me will enjoy good times together. What do you think Mary Lou? Do you think we’ll get along?” Then I put my arms around her and drew her into me. Our lips met for the second time and I enjoyed feeling her sweet lips massaging mine and feeling Mary Lou’s body pushing into mine and our lips pressing hard against one another, then she worked her tongue between my lips and it danced delightfully inside mine like Lilly’s did. My tongue finally was able to press against hers and we kissed for a least a couple of minutes before she broke free and looked me in the eye and said, “Sis, your Billy really can kiss. I think we will do find together.”

“Then Lilly said, “I told you he’s special. Jane sure found a gem in Billy. Now, why don’t you take Billy into Jane’s room and get acquainted while I start fixing some grub for us to eat later…that is unless we decide we might have more interesting things to do.”

Lilly took my hand and placed it into Mary Lou’s and told her to take me into Jane’s room and get better acquainted. I heard that familiar giggle of Lilly’s. I also knew I was going to be spending the better part of the evening here this evening. As we entered Jane’s room, Mary Lou turned slightly and kicked the door closed behind her. Then she turn and face me and smiled saying, “I like everything I’ve heard about you, and everything I’ve experienced myself with you. You’re a good one Billy. I’m happy to have this time to enjoy you alone. I heard you really enjoy women’s breasts. Were they telling me the truth?”

“Yes, indeed. They were telling you the truth.”

Mary Lou pulled her sweater over her head and I saw two beautiful well-formed breasts sticking straight out in my direction. “Wow,” is all I managed to utter.

“Wow, what Billy?”

“Wow, I love your breasts.”

“Well, they’re yours to play with, but first you need to take all your clothes off. Then you can play with them as long as you want.”

She quickly removed her skirt, dropping it around her ankles and then she pulled down her panties and said, “Do you see anything else you want to enjoy, Billy?”

“Mary Lou I like and want all of you!”

“Well, take your clothes off Billy and you can enjoy all of me. Hurry up Billy, we need all the time we can get to get well acquainted with one another.

I removed my clothes and threw them in a corner near the dresser. Mary Lou was already lying on her back with her legs high over her head. Then she said, “Hurry up Billy, my pussy needs your attention.”

As I climbed up on the bed my cock was hard. I knelt down and put my lips on her very wet pussy. She was wet and eager and I pressed my lips into her folds that were guarding her jewel. Then my tongue pushed Avcılar Escort her folded skin aside, and my tongue entered into her beautiful cave. It wasn’t long before I was massaging her clit and she was moaning loudly and thrashing about, occasionally making loud noises and jerking about in the bed. She grabbed my head holding onto my hair with her fingers, as she was reaching a climax.

Then she shouted, “Stick your cock deep inside of me Billy! Now, stick it to me baby boy! I put my hard cock at the entrance of her hole and shoved it through her flaps and deep inside of her vagina. She screamed with delight and said, “Fuck me Billy! Fuck me hard! And don’t you dare stop. Don’t you dare pull your cock out of my pussy. Don’t you pull it out until it’s a limp piece of meat. Oh! god! It feels so good. Lilly’s right! You’re fantastic! Oh! You are so big! You’re feeling every inch of me. I love it! Keep going Billy! Bring your Mary Lou to an orgasm! Oh! god, this is awesome! Then she tensed up and jerked and I unloaded my cream into her. The first load caught her by surprise and she yelled! Oh, bless you baby boy! That felt wonderful!” Then I shot another load into her and she yelled, “Give me all of your cum Billy! I want all of it!” I shot another load of cum into her and she yelled. “This is the best fuck I’ve ever received! I want to take you home with me Billy. Please say you’ll go home with me. You will love Flatwoods. I have a lot of sisters, aunts, and cousins that would love to have a piece of you.”

I was finished so I pulled out of her and lied next to her on the bed and we kissed and hugged. She kept telling me what a good lover I was and that everything Lilly had told her about me was true. She got up on her knees and bent down and began cleaning the remaining cum from my cock, and suck up every drop as if she hadn’t eaten for months. She said, “Billy I’m full of your cum. It’s leaking out of me, but I’m going to try and keep as much of it inside of me as I can. I can’t remember having so much cum pumped into me. You could show the men folks at home a thing or two; that’s for sure.”

Then she yelled, “Lilly! Lilly! Come here sis!”

“Lilly came in and said, “What?”

“Thank you sis! This is the best gift I’ve ever received! Billy is a wonderful fucker! Wow! My pussy is full of his cum!”

“I’m glad you had a good fuck Mary Lou! You’re going to have to move over because I’m next. Billy, rest for a few minutes here with Mary Lou. I need to pee before we begin making love together.” Lilly left and Mary Lou turned to me and whispered, “I want more of you tonight Billy. I need to feel that huge cock of yours filling up my pussy. It was wonderful. You made me feel like a real woman just now.”

“I enjoyed it to Mary Lou an I’m enjoying sucking your beautiful tits too. They are luscious!”

“There for you Billy. Nibble on them as long as you want. I like how you are kissing, sucking and pulling my tits with your lips.”

Lilly returned and she was completely naked. She lay down next to me and took my penis into her hands and began rubbing my cock and it began to grow in her hands. She said, “So you enjoyed making love to Mary Lou. Did you enjoy pumping her tight pussy Billy?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it a lot! We fucked as if we’ve been fucking all our life together.”

“Yes, Lilly, your Billy was awesome. We had a awesome fuck. I’m going to convince him to come home with me. You know if he comes home with me he’ll have so many country women wanting a piece of him. Isn’t that right Lilly?”

“Yes, I know he would. But, he’s staying right here and he can have as much ass as he ever could want right here with Jane and me. If you want him then you’ll need to move here where he is now located. Otherwise, you can use your memory as you masturbate alone in Flatwoods!”

“Maybe I will move here. You have a couple of rooms not being used.”

“Your welcome Mary Lou, but right now Billy’s cock is hard again and wanting to get inside of Lilly. Isn’t that right Billy? You want your big juicy cock inside of Lilly, don’t you now. Tell Mary Lou you enjoy being inside of her sister’s pussy.”

“Lilly’s right Mary Lou, I do like to fuck Lilly and I enjoy how good she smells and tastes when I am eating her pussy.”

“You enjoyed eating my pussy a few minutes ago, didn’t you Billy? Tell Lilly how tasty my pussy tasted and how sweet my pussy juices tasted on your lips.”

“Lilly, she telling the truth. I loved the sweetness of Mary Lou’s pussy juices and I also enjoyed her sweet smells as well. You both are wonderful lovers and I want you both!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed fucking both of us Billy. We’re all family and families share everything with one another. We’re both pleased to share your love. Now, show me how much you want me Billy. Your cock is hard and my pussy is wet, very wet. So thrust that big fat stiff rod deep inside my pussy and make me scream and thrash about in joy!”

I turned Lilly over and she got on her knees and placed her arms on the mattress. I got behind her and pushed my mushroom into her wet pussy. Then I pushed hard and it went in gliding against her pussy walls. She screamed in delight and we got into a good rhythm together. We were moving fast and she was enjoying every second of it. I noticed Mary Lou was hot again. She was laying on her back next to us and she was masturbating to the rhythm that Lilly and I had established together. This family is amazing. They sure liked to fuck! We fucked, using several different positions before Lilly was ready to have her orgasm. She began to scream, breath hard, jerk and moan and I was ready also, so I said to Lilly, “If you are ready; I am too.”

She said, “Shoot it into me Billy!”

I released my seed deep inside of her womb and she yelled, “More! I want more of your seed Billy! Fill your bitch Lilly full of your warm sticky seed. I shot another load into her and she yelled, “More! I want more of your seed Billy. Fill your Lilly up to her entrance with your seed.”

I was exhausted and told the ladies how much I enjoyed the afternoon with them but I needed to get dressed and leave. I told them I had to study my lessons and get some rest.

They understood and after I dressed they both walked me to the front door, neither of them put anything on, but they both gave me long wet kisses. While I was kissing Lilly, I felt Mary Lou’s hand grasping my testicles. She whispered, “I want more of you Billy. Please come back tomorrow and fuck me again.”

“I can’t promise for tomorrow, but I want more of you too, Mary Lou.”

“She pushed her naked body into me and said, “Good.”

I walked home wondering if Lilly and Mary Lou were going to tell Jane I was there while she was at work.

As I walked near Jennifer’s house I wondered if she was home. I decided I would go over and see her. I walked up to the front door and knock. I heard steps inside.

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