Miss Valerie


Valerie was a haughty Russian blonde in her early twenties with her hair pulled up and expensive glasses on. She had an air of a princess about her and was dangling her sandals from her metallic blue toenails when her mother led me crawling on my knees in the room with my leash on.

My penis sprang to attention as soon as I laid eyes on her perfectly formed feet, with soft pink pedicured soles and long toes. My nipples were erect from the tiny clothes pins pinching them and they moved and bobbed with my movements.

“Miss Valerie, here is your slave for today,” her mother said.

“He is very submissive and especially good at cleaning feet with his tongue. I think you will enjoy his foot rubs and he is a dutiful little butt-licker as well. I have him service mine several times a day and his tongue is very talented in that regard.”

Valerie smirked and picked up a small cat-o-nine tail from the table beside her.

“Well, there is one little problem, and I will have to punish his cock for having the audacity to drip on the floor.”

I looked down at my penis and it was throbbing and dripping uncontrollably from being in the presence of this fine young beauty. She rubbed her foot on the kızılay escort purplish mushroom head of my penis, smearing the pre-cum the length of her long sole and making it snap back to attention so that it slapped my belly and splashed some liquid all over my face.

Then she held her arched foot sole up to my mouth and smeared the pre-cum on my face.

“That is soo NASTY, ” she exclaimed with the pretense of disgust in her voice.

Then without warning, her mother jerked my leash back while Miss Valerie whipped my penis with the small whip until it stung so bad there were tears in my eyes.

“Please stop, I will do anything you say,” I begged.


“Yes, Miss Valerie.”

“Well, well.” And with that she stood up, turned her back to me and pulled down her tight jean shorts, revealing her purple thong panties. Slipping them to the side she sat on my face as I knelt on the floor and I obediently tongued her butt hole, bathing in the aroma of her sweet musky scent.


I plunged my tongue in as far as I could and wiggled it and attempted to please her as best possible.

“Faster, you butt-licker,” kolej escort she sneered and laughed as she whipped my exposed belly, deliberately hitting the tip of my penis with the whip. I winced and she bucked.

“Good stroke!” her mother cheered. I sped up to please her better. After quite a ride, she came, dripping butt juice all over my face, and forbade me to wash my face.

“You will learn to relish my scent, slave!” she cried.

“Mother, I would like to have him service us ladies on the yacht, since he has such a cute butt and just look at those big nipples!

That evening found me on the deck of their yacht which was tied up at the city dock, kneeling in front of a couple of deck chairs occupied by Miss Valerie and Miss Audriana with a leather neck collar and a pair of skimpy leather thong bikini bottoms on.

I was scrubbing the deck floor on my knees, while lighting their cigarettes and fetching drinks and ashtrays.

Miss Audriana was wearing some Keds sneakers which she had me remove gently to rub her soft warm feet. Then she rubbed her smelly perspiration all over my nose, which gave me an instant quivering erection.

My maltepe escort hands were shaking and she laughed and prodded her toes into my mouth and commanded, “Suck them!” as she looked down at me with a disdainful smirk on her lovely face.

As I immediately obeyed, I heard a titter of laughter from some young ladies walking by the boat dockside as it was moored.

My face burned with a crimson feeling of shame, but I re-doubled my efforts to please her, since it was my duty to pleasure her any way she liked.

The taste of her sneaker was mixed with warm hot perspiration on the bottom of her foot.

“Does it taste good?” she smirked.

“Clean them up, I want those dirt stains gone!”

Apparently, she had been walking barefoot before she put her Keds on without socks on this hot, humid summer day.

I sneaked a peak up her soft, smooth bronze legs and caught a glimpse of her bare pussy. She noticed this, and I found myself shortly below deck knelt over the seat of a chair, taking a bare ass paddling from her.

“How dare you look up my skirt without asking permission!”

After many whacks on my stinging butt, she and Miss Valerie had me lick their pussies to several orgasms.

I spent most of the week-end washing and cleaning up below deck, and hand washing their lingerie.

Wealthy Russian women are really dominant and cruel and like to amuse themselves with making male servants pleasure them. They really know how to subjugate submissive males like me and use them.

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