Miss Karen’s Basement


Miss Karen and I had met at a big gay bar near Washington Navy Yard and we had had a sweet experience in my car. She was telling me a story about her encounter that evening in the ladies room and I got so excited I pulled my cock out and began stroking it. What else are you going to do when your erection is tenting the gym shorts you’re wearing? She could’ve seen it whenever she looked down so I just did what came naturally. A few minutes later she reached over and stroked it and finally gifted me with an incredible blow job. As we were walking back to the club, she informed that she was a dominatrix. And that she wanted to take me to her dungeon. The thought of that kind of scene gained immediate traction in my brain. Around midnight as I was about to leave, I caught up with her at the table of the redhead she had fondled earlier and she gave me her phone number. She introduced me to her new friend by saying, “This is Michael and he wants to visit the dungeon.” The busty redhead’s response was tell-tale: “Ooooh, a bad boy, all you boys here are bad.” Obviously, Karen had told her about her alter-ego. Fact was I was being especially bad that night. I had been ogling the cute little Filipino bartender Carlos, and she had also seen my chatting up a TV. Actually, I’d say I was lathering up the TV, a magnificent blonde with a superb body, a cinch to pass anywhere, anytime. She was with a guy who looked like a gangster so I didn’t pursue taking her home. I was a little drunk and quite horny—still. So now I was on my way to the bathhouse where I would cruise naked and play in the water with many other Yeşilköy escort bayan degenerates like me. On the appointed day I drove deep into Prince George’s County where she lived. Her house was a one story rambler but I could see that it had a basement, although the windows were oiled over. My heart was beating with anticipation as I walked up to her door. I was very experienced sexually and by this point I usually more cool than hot as I walked up to a playmates house. This time was different. I knew I was in for something way different, but really I had no idea what to expect. I knew very little about S I liked to show off my cock. In fact that was the great thing about the discos in the summer. Guys would be practically naked and shameless in their behavior and I was no different. I was pretty slutty and loved to give guys erections. It was so bacchanalian. Incredibly decadent. That disco beat was very primal. I seem to remember my hand was shaking as I rang the doorbell and I sort of gulped when the vacuum effect of the door opening caused a slight draught around my shorts. Holy shit, she’s right out of a bondage book. It was the long legs and spike heels that I saw because my eyes were sheepishly down as she opened the door. I was truly nervous, like the kid with hopes of somehow seducing the sexy MILF down the street. So long and so creamy were those legs; Last Friday night I’d have dropped to my knees and licked her shoes—taken the heel in my mouth and sucked on it—no prompting needed. But on this day, I was completely at her mercy. As Escort Yeşilyurt I stepped into the house she pushed me back against the wall. Her plump ruby red lips were no more than a couple of inches from mine. “You’re even cuter in the daylight.” Immediately, her right hand found my cock straining for room to expand outward and her big tits were rubbing against my chest. “Oooh what is this? So hard, aren’t we? I really liked sucking on it last Friday night. Um- Ummm” The cat had my tongue so my body took over. I just kind of swallowed. I had gone from zero to sixty. Whatever sense I had before I arrived was gone. My body took over. My hips started grinding my cock into her hand and then she let go. “You think you’re just going to be able to get off right here in the hallway? That’s the trouble with you. You can’t control yourself.” She had actually yelled at me. “Oh Karen, please.” I tried to grab her hand but she backed away. Instead I replaced her hand with my own. Her left hand went to her hip, schoolmarm style. “You want to cum? You’ll cum, you little bitch, but you’re going to cum when I say so. Downstairs! Let’s go.” She held her stare a minute and then turned and sashayed down the hall toward a closed door. When she got there she stopped. “Well? Are you going to just stand there with the dick in your hand or are you going to learn how to behave like a real man.” I turned and walked in her direction, my cock pointing out and up, and swinging with each step. She held the door open and I slowly descended ahead of her. It was musty but cool, much cooler Zeytinburnu escort than the upstairs. A dim light came from the right and I went toward it. What I saw wasn’t like an S&M book, though. It was just a shelf chock full of sex toys and regalia. There were a couple of dildos-one big, one more like my size, and I walked up on the ramp under a rather hot heat lamp. There was a set of stocks and what looked like a chiropractor’s bench, but none of the black-on-black motif you’d expect. From behind she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my cute round ass. Then, almost immediately, before I could turn around, I felt a hot shot to my buttocks that sent me forward, almost falling over. WHACK! I reached back to protect my ass. “Don’t do that, or I’ll hit your hand!” She yelled, and I fell to my knees almost in tears. Man did that hurt. Oh My God. “Stand up and grab those handles up there” Without thought or pause my hands went up into the two straps I had seen suspended from a sliding track on the ceiling. As she clamped them shut she said: “Now, you’re going to learn what it’s like to be really horny and there will be nothing you can do to get relief.” “Oh fuck, Karen, please,” I muttered. “Oh no, you little dirty little whore I’m going to teach you.” She turned and walked off the platform toward the stairs, only to stop and look back with a wry smile. “You just think about why you’re here and I’ll be down in a few minutes.” By then my cock had receded. And despite the hot lamp beating down I felt chills on my body. The best way to describe my state would be half scared, half excited. I knew this was just a game, a power exchange of sorts. I never thought I could ever feel this way during a sex act. I’d felt a little pain, I was now hoping the pleasure was just ahead. After about five minutes or so I heard voices up stairs, and it soon sounded like they were coming down the stairs.

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