Mike’s Meat


Paying Mike!

I was up every morning at 5:00 am. I grabbed my Wall Street clothes for later, but I was dressed in my workout clothes. Then, I jumped in my corvette and I headed to the gym. I worked out in the morning, because there were no distractions. No one was calling on the phone. No one wanted to meet with me. Hell, no one was even awake! I was in good shape. I had been working out for about 5 years. I am 5’9″ and I weigh 185 of pure muscle. I will say, in all humility, I am as handsome as fuck. I hate to brag, but it is the truth.

Women hit on me wherever I go. I would be walking on the beach and women would run up and start talking to me out of the blue. I would hear women talking about me being an Adonis as I walked by them. I had a waitresses tell me that the workers had voted and decided that I was the best looking guy that they had seen all week. At Burger King a manager threw in an extra whopper with my order with her phone number on the wrapper.

These kind of things happened to me all the time. I got all kinds of special treatment just because I worked out and happened to be good looking, did I mention, I’m pretty well off also. The problem is, I am gay! These women were wasting their time as well as mine. I wasn’t interested. Maybe, if they had a brother? But, I definitely wasn’t interested in them. To make matters worse, I was at a loss as to how to get along with men. I mean romantically. I could hire and fire them, but I still was single. I was great in the business world, but when it came to men and relationships, I had no game.

One of the reasons I like going to the gym so early in the morning is because of the guys who worked out at that time. These hunks are hard core manly men. They were there to work out and not socialize. I could hardly get them to converse with me at all. I think they were more of the alpha male types, rather than the friendly kind of guy types. I still thought that they were hot! They were all attitudes and muscles. There isn’t a one there that I wouldn’t blow if only they would give me the chance. I wasn’t sure I fit in with this group of men. But, I had to work out. Right?

One very handsome guy is Mike. He is 6′ tall and 210 pounds. He has dark hair, beautiful smile and massive legs. I could hardly keep my eyes of Mike’s thick legs. I would watch Mike load hundreds of pounds on the barbell for his squats. He would spread his legs to about shoulder width, jerk the barbell up on his thick shoulders and slowly squat. I would watch him in the mirror to see how his legs would bulge with muscles. I could hear him grunt as he tried to control his speed and form to get the most out of his squats. My favorite part of Mike’s squat is when he is in the down position with his legs bent and his butt close to the floor. His workout shorts tend to ride up on his thick legs pulling the shorts really tight. Right at that point, Mike’s body would push his jock covered bulge forward and smash it against the fabric. I could see the outline of his man meat through the cloth of his shorts. His crotch was framed by those huge muscular legs. Fuck, it was one healthy bulge! I was desperate to crawl over between those monster legs and lick his cotton covered bulge! You can imagine that it was hard to concentrate on my own workout.

I would often use Mike as beat off material at home. I would be his faithful licking slave. I would start off tonguing his feet. I would move my tongue around and between his masculine toes. I would slip each toe into my mouth sucking them like an appetizer before the main course. Then I would lick my way to Mike’s massive calves. After I had tongued every inch of each calve I would move up to Mike’s thick muscular thighs. When I was done worshiping his tree trunk thighs, I would move to Mike’s beautiful bundle in his jockstrap. Before I could get my tongue out, Mike bursa escort would reach down and push my face away from his crotch and then I would cum! To me there is something about a straight guy rejecting me that gives me a rush. I guess it’s the courage that I have to build up to try and touch him at all. It is the danger that I feel for my safety. It’s that I may get the hell beat out of me by a crazy hater. I guess the rejection proves to me that he really is straight. But, for the straight guy to let me get so close to his cock is just so hot!

One morning after I finished my workout, I came into the locker room. Mike was already in the shower. His gear was left on the bench in front of his locker. I looked into his open gym bag and saw Mike’s jockstrap on top of his workout clothes. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the locker room. I reached into the gym bag and pulled out Mike’s jockstrap. I quickly brought the damp jock up to my nose. I took a deep breath of Mike’s sweet ball sweat. His jock smelled like bleach and detergent from a recent wash. But, mostly it smelled like Mike’s hefty glorious meat. My dick got hard rapidly in my shorts. I knew if I spent too much time with Mike’s jock that close to my face, I would blow my load! So, I grudgingly dropped the jock back into the gym bag, just as Mike came around the corner with his thick cock a swinging. I looked up at Mikes blue eyes and my hard cock started spurting cum. I quickly turned away from him while a large wet spot appeared on my shorts. I held my breath while I finished my climax. It was a huge orgasm. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I hope Mike didn’t see any of this.

I grabbed my towel and headed to the shower. I decided it would be best for everyone if I undressed at the shower. I sure as hell didn’t want Mike to see my sperm covered boner in the middle of the locker room. I hastily shed my clothes and stepped into the shower. I was still shaking from climaxing so hard and the fact that, I almost got caught with Mike’s jockstrap up to my face. Fuck that was hot! I really am an adrenalin junky! In the shower, the visual I got having Mike’s wonderful jockstrap on my face, and then, having Mike all together naked, turn the corner was more than I could handle. I beat off quickly and quietly. I had nutted a second time in 5 minutes. I finished my shower. When I came out, thank God, Mike was gone.

The following morning I got to the gym early. I was in the locker room stowing my gym bag and in walks Mike. Mike comes over to me and in his deep gravelly voice says, “What were you doing with my jock strap yesterday?” We were the only ones in the locker room. Mike’s voice seemed way too loud and echoed off the walls. He wanted an answer. He wanted it now!

Fuck, I guess he saw me after all yesterday! I started babbling, not knowing what to say. “I just picked it up off the floor. I figure it…”

Mike all impatient grabs my shoulder and shakes me a little, “I don’t want to see you touch my stuff again,” he says all pissed off.

“It won’t happen again,” I said. Then he drops his gear in his locker and heads out to the gym.

Damn! He sounded so mad. He definitely sounded straight that’s for sure. Thinking about what just happened I started to get hard. There was a lot of testosterone being thrown around in there! I felt his large fingers close over my shoulder as his big hand grabbed my shoulder. His arm was flexed hard when he reached for me. I could see his triceps and biceps tighten while his hand was squeezing my shoulder. That was really hot! He definitely is an alpha male.

I waited a couple of minutes for my dick to go soft and then headed out to the gym. There was just Mike and me working out so far this morning. Mike was on the bench press getting ready to work on his chest. Mike calls out to me, “You mind spotting me?”

I görükle escort guess I better spot him, anything to make peace with him. Mike had loaded 250 pounds of weights on the barbell. I stood at the head of the bench press with a loose grip on the barbell, just in case he needed an assist. Mike did five reps as if they were easy. His sixth rep was not so easy. Mike was struggling to get that last rep off his massive chest. His arms were straining and his pecs looked like they would break out of his skin. He pushed up with all his power and the barbell began to rise. I was there to spot him, but I was there to admire him as well. The pure force in his arms and his chest was like a visual aphrodisiac to me. My cock began to fill again. God, I had no control! Fuck me! I gave Mike an assist for the last few inches. I stepped back from the bench press quickly. “I only assisted you for a couple inches. You did the rest on your own,” I said.

Mike jumped up from the bench and put his hand out to me. “Thanks man, I appreciate the spot.”

“Any time,” I said.

“I’m sorry I was so rough on you in the locker room. I am having a bad week. I’m usually not so quick to anger. My name is Mike, by the way,” he said.

“I’m Chris,” I said. “What sort of bad week are you having?” I asked.

“Well first thing I got laid off at work. Then my landlord needs me to move out because he is turning my apartment into a condo. I want to enter the Mr. Tampa contest that is in two weeks and I don’t even have the fifty bucks to enter. I wish I was rich so I could devote all my time to working out and not worry about money,” he wished out loud.

My mind quickly went into problem solving mode. “I think I may be able to help you out with a place to stay. I’ll have to check to be sure. If you can stop by my house later tonight, I’ll let you know what I can do for you. I live on Miller Lane. It’s not far from here. It’s the only house on the street,” I told him.

I live in a pretty big house that I inherited from my folks. Some people may call it an estate. It sits on 7 acres of land, has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, plus a pool and my own tennis court and sauna. I live there alone. I know I have room for Mike to stay, but I wanted him to come over to talk about a couple of conditions before he decides to move in.

At eight o’clock Mike arrives and I give him a grand tour of the house. I had the interior designed by a professional. Everything was white. The carpeting, the furniture and the walls were all white. Then there were splashes of color everywhere. The green plants, the multicolored paintings and most of the art pieces were an array of beautiful color. The whole place had a clean, modern look to it. Mike said, “Wow, you have done well for yourself Chris. This house is beautiful. You are one very lucky guy.”

“Thank you. Mike, I have five bedrooms upstairs. I am the only one who lives here. You are welcome to stay until you find a place, but there are a couple of conditions.”

“Chris, I can’t afford to pay rent to you. I have to find a job and get my life back in order.”

“Come on with me and have a seat on the couch. I’m sure you noticed I am a very neat person. My house is very important to me, so if you stay here, you must keep yourself and my house spotless. That means no sweaty body or dirty clothes on my furniture,” I began, “I’ll let you stay here rent free if you agree to that and one more condition.”

“Sure what is it?” he said.

“Mike, I love art as you can see. When I look at you, I see a magnificent work of living art. The way you have sculpted your body, makes me think of the statues of Greek Gods. You are like Hercules on earth. Your legs especially are an inspiration to me. They are so massive, chiseled, and just plain muscular. You are very beautiful man!” I said.

“Thanks,” bursa escort bayan Mike said apprehensively.

“Here is the deal. While you live here you are to wear nothing but white jockey shorts. That is 24/7. I want you to be meticulously clean at all times. That way I can look at you and be inspired by you whenever we both are here.” I said. “You have nothing to fear from me Mike. I know that you are straight. That is one of the costs of you staying here rent free. I get to look at you.”

“Hell no,” Mike yelled! “I’m not going to be no statue for you to look at.” “This is too creepy for me!” Mike gets up and stomps out the door. I guess his answer is no!

For the next week I saw Mike at the gym. He ignored me like I had the plague. Then Monday night I get a call from Mike. “Chris,” he says, if your offer is still open, I would like to live there rent free. I really need a place to stay while I save up some cash.”

“Okay Mike, I now have an additional request if you want to stay here. Like I told you, I love how big and massive your legs are. How about you do some leg poses that show off your legs for me. You only have to indulge me on days that you do your leg routine. Are you in? “I ask. “You agree to my conditions?”

“Yes, I agree with your terms,” he said unenthusiastically.

On leg day, Mike moved in. Once he was settled I called him down. He still was in his street clothes. “I thought we had an agreement Mike. The next time I see you, you should be in your skivvies.” “Remember 24/7”.

“Sure,” Mike says. I’ll go upstairs and take a shower and I’ll be back down.

About 20 minutes later Mike comes down the stairs dressed in his tight white underwear. I watch him come down the stairs. Man, he is built like a God. I could see the way every muscle on his body was flexing as he moved step to step. I felt a little anticipation. He comes over and stands in front of me as I sit on the sofa. He turns around slowly so I can see how he looks all the way around. The cloth fits Mike like it is glued to his skin. Those hard as rock gluteus maximus muscles are beautifully covered in pure white material. He is truly one beautiful man.

Remembering it was leg day Mike backs up and does a couple of leg poses. He showed off his legs beautifully. I ask Mike to come closer. “Mike, can I feel how hard your legs are?”

Trying to seem cooperative, Mike reluctantly agrees and lets me feel his legs. I drop down on my knees and reach out to his calves and then slid them up to his meaty thighs. My face is so close to his body, my face, just inches from beautiful package. I take a deep breath of clean man scent. My eyes are staring at the outline of Mike’s fat cock through the tight cloth. I can see his dick head underneath his foreskin. His cock is thick and beefy. I began massaging his beautiful thighs. My cock was so hard it hurt. Without thinking, I must have gotten to close to Mike’s cock. He says, “You’re too close! Just my legs that’s all I agreed to. Keep your hands off my dick.” He pushes my face away. Oh, Fuck, I thought and I started to cum. Just like my fantasies!

I didn’t say anything for a couple of seconds. I had to wait until my climax subsided. I didn’t move from my kneeling position. I needed to distract Mike from seeing the wet spot on my leg.

“You’re right Mike. Thanks for posing for me and for letting me feel how tight and hard your leg muscles are.” I reached in my back pocket and pulled out a $50 bill. I leaned forward and stuck the money under the waistband of his briefs, like he was a stripper. This is for your entry fee for the Mr. Tampa competition.

My short term plan was to give Mike a little money for a reward when he gave me little favors. Train him like a little puppy. My long term plan was to have Mike rely on me for all his needs. I could provide him with shelter, food and spending money. I could be his sponsor, so he could spend his time at the gym getting bigger for me. In return, Mike would give me what I needed sexually. Baby steps, I needed to train Mike to be my toy, with baby steps. Tonight was his first lesson!

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