Meeting Ron’s Brother Ch. 03


Following on from the great dogging session at the car park we decided to carry on the fun back at Ron’s.

Sam, Ron and I travelled back to his with one of the guys from the serviceman’s club(Barry), whilst Simon and Louise(the young couple) took another two of the guys (Paul and Trevor) in their car, following Ron slowly as we trundled to the house.

That was giving me and Louise a total of 6 guys between us!

I had redressed in a fashion.

My skirt was back on, as was my blouse and my stockings had been reattached to their suspender clips. Cum still leaked out of my pussy and I looked exactly as I had been: royally fucked and spunked on.

Young Louise had discarded her panties as well, her short denim mini showing off a great pair of legs as she climbed into the back seat of their car beside Trevor. I commented to the men in our car that no doubt he was getting an eyeful, and probably a handful on the journey!

I was right. She told me Trevor’s fingers had hardly left her cunt for the entire trip!

They quipped in that they were getting the same. My tits were on easy display, and all I had to do was part my legs to show of my dripping shaved hole to them.

We arrived at the house after a few minutes and we all had a drink.

Louise looked amazing. If I didn’t already have other plans for the evening, even I would have eaten her alive straight away! She had long brunette hair, and green eyes, and a shaved pussy.

Anyway as I said, we all had drinks. The guys asked us if we were nervous at all, and by the look in Louise’s eyes I could tell she was as gagging for another fucking as me.

Another couple of minutes passed, and the doorbell rang again. This time, in came three more men. One of the guys had phoned ahead and let some of the crowd at the serviceman’s club know what was happening.

Now there were nine men and just us two girls.

Drinks flowed, and the music started playing. If you would have seen us from outside the window you’d have thought that this was just like any other social gathering, but everyone there knew it wasn’t!

Louise was dressed in the shortest of denim mini skirts, white heels, bare legs and a tight top.

I was now in my blouse, with my tits on show as three buttons had been undone. My black mini skirt and stockings, with my high heels to top the look of a complete slut off!

Eventually however, things started to change.

What started out as me dancing with first one man, then another. Soon turned into me dancing with first two guys, and then four, and then, well I lost count!

At one point I looked up, and saw Louise and Sam kissing and making out on the couch while they watched me. his hands up her skirt and feeling her tits under her top. The next thing I knew I was kissing first one guy, then all the guys around me in turn.

I turned to look around again, wanting to savour the gang fuck that was developing. I looked over to see how young Louise was fairing and was greeted by a delightful sexy scene.

She had squatted down and lifted her mini skirt up allowing the lads a view of her pussy. One of the cocks was the first to enter her willing and sweet mouth. She pumped his cock hard savouring the familiar flavour of precum as it oozed from his swollen knob.

Another of the strangers popped his cock out as well and she rubbed her fingers around the sweaty, slick member. With long strands of saliva dripping from her chin she swapped from one to the other continuously until they were as hard as iron. She even had a moment when she sucked both of their cocks into her mouth at the same time.

To their merit they kept their composure well and seemed to be lasting without spunking up too soon. There was plenty dirty talk going on, as Louise was pleasured by a few of the guys in turn.

The two men she was gobbling could even still watch me when they were getting a blow-job.

Louise then said she needed to feel a cock in her cunt. She needed fucking.

The chances of her keeping quiet seemed remote, she was obviously a moaner and a swearer. It was obvious she would let fly with the language of lust.

One sancaktepe escort of the guys pulled his shorts down a little bit further and sat down on the settee. She spun around and while lifting her skirt to allow her husband Simon a nice view, she slid down onto this guys stiff cock. No more than five metres away her husband let out a moan of joy as he wandered around he room.

He happily watched as the glistening cock pumped into her moist hole as Louise moved like a human piston, sliding up and down around his shaft. Her hair swung from side to side in perfect harmony to the small groaning noise she was beginning to make.

Her husband must have remembered how vocal she was when she was in full flight, so put something in her mouth to shut her up!

From that point, it was like I was carried on a wave.

I felt a guy dancing behind me, and rubbing his hard cock into my ass through my skirt and his pants, and another guy was doing the same while dancing in front of me and two more guys were each pressing into opposite sides of me.

I didn’t even feel it as my skirt was unzipped and my tits taken fully out of my blouse.

I then felt at least four hands squeezing my tits, and rubbing my nipples. My knees really did start to feel weak, and I didn’t resist as I felt lots of hands lower me to a chair.

I had hands, and then mouths, and tongues all over my body, and within seconds I was down to my stockings and heels.

I opened my eyes again to see a large cock being pressed to my lips. I wantonly opened my mouth and lovingly allowed that sweet cock to press forward. I was turned sideways, and I felt a tongue and lips start sucking my pussy, and another licking my ass, and another sucking one nipple, and another sucking the other nipple. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I looked over to see Louise, now naked except for her white high heeled shoes. She was on all fours in the middle of the room. Ron was behind her fucking her hard and she had two guys feeding their cocks into her mouth alternatively.

Things had heated up and how!

The next thing I knew, the cock in my mouth was pulling away, and I could feel myself being lifted onto the floor beside Louise.

From that point on things started to get a little rougher and hornier.

I was placed on the floor doggy style facing directly at Louise’s head. not that I could see much of her face. She had a cock rammed solidly into her willing mouth at the time!

I felt the tip of a rather huge cock begin to probe my pussy lips, and then with a strong but smooth push, that wonderful cock was buried deep inside me. I grunted, and pushed back like a demented fucking slut to meet the man who was fucking me.

I heard someone say; “Look at the slut,” then a friend chip in with, “She loves it you can tell. The married bitch is a cock tart. A real town bike.”

The guy behind me must have had a nice big set of balls too, because I felt them slapping my ass, and I’m sure everyone in the room heard them slapping my ass as he fucked me harder and harder.

I didn’t get long to think about the wonderful feelings in my pussy before another cock was pressing against my lips, and I started sucking on the shiny helmet in front of me.

Louise had time to urge the men fucking her to carry on. “Fuck me harder you dirty old cunt,” I heard her scream at Ron as he pistoned away.

I was turned more to one side, and a pair of lips latched onto one of my stiff nipples. A hand was rubbing my swollen clit, a different hand than that which belonged to the cock pounding my cunt.

Then a second cock joined the first cock I was sucking, and I started alternating between licking and sucking one cock, and licking and sucking the second, then everything went black as I had my first crashing orgasm.

“Fuck me. Go on fuck it. I’m gonna cum on your fucking hard prick,” I informed the guys as we screwed ferociously.

I lost total control and was thrusting back hard into the cock pounding me from behind. I went from one orgasm into the next, into the next.

Later ümraniye escort Sam told me I was literally screaming.

I felt the cock inside me start to pulse and he was cumming deep up my twat as I was cumming as well. Seconds later the cock in my mouth erupted, and I was swallowing delicious, salty and sticky cum.

As all this was happening I felt the spurts of yet a third cock covering my tits with jets of hot spunk. The guy spunking in my mouth got the last few ropes across my face, as I watched Louise having her arsehole plugged by Barry and Ron was spunking heavily across her face at the same time.

“Fucking get a faceful of that you bitch!” I heard him say as he emptied his wad across her pretty young face.

I was a complete mess covered with cum, and my own juices, but I couldn’t stop cumming myself. Then everything really was a blur. A blur of fucking and sucking heaven.

Louise and I got into a 69 position and lapped the spunk from each others cunts and then we snogged in front of the guys to get them up for another session. Our tongues tasting the salty sprays we had both received on our faces and tits.

“Oh fuck Louise that’s so good that’s so good,” I moaned as she felt me up gently and then sucked on my rock hard clitty, far more gently than the men who sucked so greedily. I could tell Louise was genuinely turned on, as was I and we both seemed really encouraged by this.

She moved to the foot of the dining table, and then climbed on top, spreading her legs and moving them up, her white high heels dangling off her feet. She held a tit in each hand, squeezing a nipple with her hand while dipping her head and twirling her tongue on the other, back and forth, back and forth, taking her time until she begged me to lick her cunt out. I willingly obliged and for the first time I got to taste another woman’s cunt, as her juice mingled with all the spunk and sweat.

She pressed upwards with her hips, trying to push her clit hard against my tongue. It was rock solid, swollen and I felt she was on the verge of climaxing. I wanted to tease her a bit and so I licked my way up to her throat, and then gently touched her lips with mine.

Louise opened her mouth in acceptance, and now our lips locked, tongues intertwining. She wrapped an arm around me holding my head as we kissed.

Louise’s’ other hand moving down my back, over my ass and back up again. The kiss went on and on as we explored each others bodies.

Then I gently began to finger fuck her. There was a sharp intake of breath from her and the watching guys and the kiss was broken. I finger fucked her first with two, then three, then four of my fingers as she bucked back against my hand.

After a few minutes she came on my pumping fingers, swearing at me as she did so. “Oh fuck yes Anna. Make me cum you slutty bitch!”

She then moved down the table, and her tongue found my mouth again as we kissed again. Then she dipped her finger up me as she returned the finger fucking session on me.

I have to say she was very beautiful (which of course everyone agreed on), but I also felt a feeking of deep sexual attraction to the girl.

I lay back and let her lick me out, my hips leaping up off the table in time to the tonguing I was getting as I felt myself moving closer and closer to a wonderful orgasm.

“Louise, oh fucking hell, Louise. Please lick me, you’re so good you’re the best I’ve had please let me cum oh please. Yes, yes,” I mumbled as she lapped at my open wet cunt and clit, bringing me to another crashing cum. I moaned in delight as she finished me off with her fingers, driving deep up my squelching cunt-hole.

“No, no – you mustn’t stop!” I begged . “Put them all in me – now!” and with this she inserted her thumb up my slippery quim, and she was now fist fucking me as the men urged her on.

“Go Louise fist the Scottish slut.”

“Fist the tart.” Sam shouted as he got behind Louise, spread her legs, slipped his red hard cock up her cunt from behind and began to fuck her as she stood bent over.

I was now literally begging for cock in any hole, tuzla escort and young Louise was keeping pace!

She fucking swore almost as much as me and she definitely had the guys drooling over her. Her tight young body was really pretty, the bitch!

I was cussing like a sailor, and begging to be fucked, or to suck cock. Louise slipped her cream covered hand from my gaping pussy and moved over to carry on the standing fuck with Sam.

I was then laid down on my back as five of the guys circled me. The other four where entertaining Louise on the dining table.

My stockings were now ripped to shreds. The left one was around my knee as the right clung onto the suspender strap for dear life. Spunk stained the silk and Louise didn’t look much better!

Her arse was red from the slapping it had taken, her tits a mass of love bites and her hair all over the fucking place!

Two guys were shoving there dicks in my pussy at the same time, while two wanked off and the last one shoved his dick in my mouth. Then I felt something being stuck in my ass. At first I thought a cock but it was cold for one and way bigger.

Later I found out it was a beer bottle. I was completely stuffed. The pleasure was unbelievable as I was fucked hard in every hole. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pools of jizz, while the guy in my mouth came bucket loads all over my face and hair. I swallowed what little got in my mouth but most was on my chin and cheeks. Then the other guy who was fucking my pussy came all over my tits.

I felt so used, all covered with cum, more dipping from my pussy and a bottle in my ass.

Then the bottle was removed and and one of the men, Barry I think, stuck his own cock in my arse and as he fucked me hard anally. Just then both of the guys (Simon and one of the strangers) who where tugging off came all over my face and tits. With my pussy having been stuffed to the limit and a dick in my ass and now one in my mouth as well I came heavily again. I felt just like a whore fucking with a huge group of guys I didn’t even know.

At one point Louise I had three guys servicing us at the same time side by side. Both of us having a double dicking, cunt and arse full with a prick to slobber on at our mouths as well. The other three guys were watching intently and getting their strength back at this point!

Louise had said she was ready to take Ron’s cock up her backside so asked Simon who was fucking her pussy to stop moving for a moment while Ron slid up behind her and then guided the head of his lubed-up cock head up into her tight young ass-hole. He got the full head of his cock inside Louise’s ass and then he pushed forward, she moaned from both the feeling of having Ron’s big cock filling her but also the very erotic sexy feeling of having her husband and Ron up her at the same time.

She let both Simon and Ron have their way with her as she lay on top of husband and underneath old Ron while both of them fucked her in two holes.

I loved the sexy sounds of the two cocks as they fucked in and out of her pussy and her ass-hole and I could hear the other guys cheering them on as she was getting fucked hard and fast.

I encouraged them both as I was now being placed into position beside her for my double entry cocking.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah Go on. Make her fucking scream. Oh fuck, really bang her good and fuck her till she cums for both of you,” I said.

She let the two horny guys whose cocks filled her rut in and out until she exploded in a strong powerful orgasm and when the cock began to cum inside her pussy, Louise started another cum. Then with his orgasm complete, she felt Ron’s cock slamming in and out of her tight ass until he also began to spurt his big thick cum-load deep inside her bowels. When they’d all finished cumming, she let the guys pull out and she cleaned their cocks up as I was being fucked hard by my two studs.

I could barely believe how much cum there was.

When they left me my hair was sticky face crusty with cum I felt a slight breeze in my pussy and ass because they were gaping open from all the fucking. I looked at my watch and it said 3:00 am. We had been screwing for hours.

And luckily as one guy would cum, another would be ready to take his place. The guys resting and recuperating as Louise and I drained their balls one after the other. Until hours later the guys cocks and balls had been truly drained and emptied.

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