Me and My Big Mouth


“I’m not sure I can do this.” I said as I looked up from my knees at Dave.

“Well, you’re the one who offered ya know.”

“Yeah, I know but you were going on and on about being horny and were keeping me awake.”

“You could have just said ‘be quiet’.”

I knelt there in the living room of Dave’s apartment in silence. I didn’t know where to look. Looking up at his face felt weird. Looking straight ahead had me staring straight at his semi erect cock. And looking down at the floor felt submissive than looking up at him. I closed my eyes and stayed silent.

“Well, Jayson, what was it you did say when you could have just said ‘be quiet’ or better yet nothing.” Dave continued.

We had been camping along the Oregon Coast when the conversation turned to women. I’ve been dating Amy for a few years now with plans to get married when we finish college. Dave had just broken up with the girl he had been dating since high school. It was about midnight and he was going on and on about how Diana had fucked him over, cheating on him, and as a result he hadn’t had sex now in about three weeks and how horny he was. He ranted for about an hour all the while keeping me awake.

“For god’s sake Dave, it’s midnight and I’m tired. Go to sleep. If you let me get some sleep I’ll suck your dick when we get home? Will that work?” I said in frustration.

“Okay.” And with that Dave rolled over and was soon asleep.

I had forgotten all about the incident until we got back to his place a few days later.

“Come in and we can shower first.” Dave said as we pulled into his parking spot.

“Shower? First? For what? I want to go home and see Amy.”

“Before you blow me.”

“Wait? What?!”

Dave turned and looked at me as he got out of the truck. At that moment I remembered what I had said.

FUCK!! The word repeated over and over inside my head!

“Come on Jayson. Lock up the truck and let’s go.”

I really didn’t think he was serious. I figured he’d back out so I wasn’t too worried. Dave was already in the shower by the time I locked up the truck and grabbed my clothes bag and got to his apartment. I called into the bathroom to ask if he wanted coffee. I needed some after the long drive home. I made a pot and waited for him to finish. He walked out wrapped in a towel and told me the shower was mine.

While showering I got to wondering if Dave really was serious about this. I started thinking about how Amy sucked my dick and how I would do it if I had to. I was still hoping he would back out. I felt my cock start to get hard! I quickly attributed it to thinking about Amy blowing me and not me blowing Dave. I cranked the water to cold until my boner was gone. I dried off and headed toward the smell of coffee.

Dave had poured my coffee and left it on the counter. When I walked into the living room he was bursa escort sitting in a chair watching a porn movie. SWELL! A towel was draped across his lap and beneath it I could clearly see the outline of his hard on.

“Why don’t you leave your towel on the floor there, Jayson? You probably won’t need it.”

I hesitated but eventually I let go of the towel and it slid to the floor. I stood there naked holding my coffee cup and feeling very naked. I imagined the scene in my head and thought how absurd I must look. Although I thought if it was a woman this scene would be incredibly hot. I glanced at the TV to see a gorgeous Asian chick sucking off a guy dressed as a cop. Against my wishes my dick began to stir as I watched her lavish his cock with attention. I looked at my coffee. I tried to force my boner to go down. I didn’t want there to be any assumptions I was enjoying this. I stood there fascinated at the oily sheen on the surface of my coffee. I was hoping if I didn’t move or make a sound Dave would sense my unease or come to his senses and forget this whole thing.

“Come over here and kneel down Jayson.”

FUCK!! No such luck about him coming to his senses.

My body began walking toward him before my brain said it was okay. It felt as if my legs had a mind of their own. When my knees bent and I found myself kneeling between his legs I felt like I was in a trance. Dave pulled the towel aside and I was up close and personal with another guys dick for the first time.

And that brings us back to my current situation of kneeling in silence.

“You really want me to do this? I know what I said but you really want this?”

“Look. I’m so horny I don’t care who sucks my dick. I need to cum and my hand is beginning to leave indents on my cock.”

Dave repositioned himself in the chair by moving his body forward until his balls were hanging down and his butt was half off the cushion. I watched as his balls swayed just a foot or two from my face. Staring at a nut sack from this vantage point was unique. I had only seen my own from above. Dave must have shaved in the shower because the territory before me was devoid of any hair.

“Come on Jayson. Amy is going to be wondering where you are.”

What the hell would Amy say if she ever got wind of this? What would anyone say? FUCK!!

“Dave, you have to promise me no one, NO ONE, will EVER find out about this. Okay?” I said emphatically.

“Yeah. Sure, okay. But let’s not make this an all-day event okay. Get on with it already!”

“Are you going to watch?’

“Fuck no! I’m going to watch this movie and imagine the mouth attached to my cock is that little Asian hottie!”

Okay. Well that made me feel a little better.

I haltingly reached out and cupped his scrotum with my hand. I raised my hand to gently lift his balls. They görükle escort felt heavy. Probably full of cum I thought apprehensively. My fingers gently curled around his sack.

Dave moaned as I held his balls.

“Your hand is warm from the coffee cup. It feels good.”

I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or repulsed. I had just brought pleasure to another dude by touching his balls. It was easier to be happy about it and I continued. I began to tickle the back side of his sack with my nails and finger tips by curling my fingers toward me as I cupped his balls with my hand.

Dave let out another moan and rocked his hips back and forth. He was grinding his butt into the cushion as he did. Emboldened, I let go of his balls and took hold of his cock. It felt smooth and hard in my hand. I ran my fingers over the shaft. Like a layer of rubber over a piece of steel. Holding someone else’s cock was completely different than holding my own. When I held mine, I could feel the sensations in my cock. However, holding Dave’s cock, the sensations where in my hand and fingers. I was able to feel the vein on the bottom as well as the soft spongy head. I ran my hands up and down the entire length. I quickly glanced up at Dave. His head was back and his eyes were closed. When I looked back down a drop of pre-cum was oozing from the tip. I squeezed the head to make the liquid come out then ran my finger over the slit to gather it up. I swirled it around between my index finger and thumb.

“Taste it.”

I looked up again to see Dave watching me.

“Lick your fingers. How does it taste?”

I did as I was told and licked my fingers tasting his pre-cum.

“Like nothing really. Maybe a little salty but no real taste.” I said. Surprised at my own casual description of tasting another man.

“Okay, continue.”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to watch?”

“The movie ended and I was switching to a new one and glanced down.”


I took hold of the shaft and began to jerk his cock off. It was an odd sensation moving my hand in a way I was unaccustomed to. I was pulling my hand toward me rather than away from me as I do when I jerk off. It took a few strokes for me to get a smooth rhythm going but I did. I was beginning to enjoy this.

Dave moaned again and moved his hips in the chair. This time his butt rose from the cushion while he let out a deep sigh. I watched as his hands gripped the arms of the chair.

I was doing this! I was really doing this and Dave was getting excited by my actions. This time I was happy. Repulsion never entered my mind. I was getting into this. I wondered if Amy felt the same way when she got me off?

“Stop playing Jayson. I’m getting close and need to cum!”

I had come this far to back down and really wanted to finish this. I rose up on my knees bursa escort bayan and leaned forward. Dave put his hand on my head and guided my mouth down to his cock. I held his shaft still while giving the head a long slow lick. Picking up a large drop of pre-cum in the process.

“Are you expecting me to swallow it?”

“Of course! You already tasted it? What’s the big deal?”

Secretly I was hoping he said that. I wanted to taste it, to feel it in my mouth, to swallow it. But I didn’t want Dave to know I wanted to. I wanted him to tell me to do it. I opened my mouth and started working my way down his shaft. He was a little longer and thicker than me. Regardless of his size and my size this was the first dick I ever sucked so really, I had not point of reference. My lips wrapped around him and I slowly worked my head up and down. Once I got the motion down and my confidence up I began to pick up the pace as well as the amount of cock I was able to get into my mouth.

A loud moan came from above me and Dave’s hips rose from the chair pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I could hear his breathing get heavier and quicker. I was feeling proud of myself.

I increased my up and down motion and continued to force as much of his meat into my mouth as possible. My hands found their way down to his balls and began to gently massage them. I could hear his breathing get more intense as his hips rose off the cushion and did a mid-air wiggle before setting back down. A low growl came from above. His shaft was slick with my saliva and his pre-cum and glided effortlessly over my lips and into my face.

Dave let out a sound somewhere between a scream, a growl, and a moan. I felt his scrotum contract and his balls move. I slowed my head motions and waited for him to erupt.

The first blast of cum caught me by surprise! As did the second. Before I could swallow, a bit of cum escaped my mouth and ran down my chin. I managed to swallow the next blast as well as the remainder of his cum. I pulled my head back from his shaft and quickly licked my chin. I noticed a pearl sized drop of cum emerging from the slit and I quickly licked that up before clamping my lips over his glistening dick again. I gently began to suck the rest of the cum from his balls until he pushed me away. Dave sighed in contentment as he sat there with his head back and eyes closed.

“My god that was one incredible blow job, Jayson. Have you ever done that before?” He asked.

“No. Never. That was my one and only.”

“Well, if you ever need to suck another cock again I am always available for a repeat performance.”

“We’ll see about that. But it looks like you’re ready to go again now.” I said jokingly as I reached down and took hold of his dick that was again getting hard. I was shocked at myself for so casually touching his cock.

“Maybe next time I’ll fuck you, Jayson.” He said as he slapped my naked ass.

“We could always skip camping and just spend a few days of me taking care of you. But for now, I have to get home to Amy.” I said as I took a sip of cool coffee and wiped my face on his towel.

The End?

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