Makalea’s Make Up Assignment


Summer classes would help Makaela graduate college sooner but having gone to her friend’s birthday party, Makaela had not slept all night. She was also feeling a little sick from drinking too much. She sat in class feeling terrible as her professor handed out the exams. She heard Miss Lena ask sternly, “Makaela are you ok?” Irritated Makaela answered rudely, “Yes, Professor, I’m fine.” Makaela’s head hurt and she could barely see what was on the test. She did the best she could, as quickly as she could so she could sleep. Back at her house she kissed her mother, then stripped to her panties and fell into bed. Thank god this was a Friday. She wore her tight jeans to show off her ample bottom. As she was preparing to go out her mother called. Her mother was sorting the mail and said, “Baby, there’s a letter for you.” “Oh, Mommy, can you please put it in my room?” She would read the letter when she got home. Her mother kissed her. “Of course, honey.” Makaela said goodbye to her mom and got into a car that was waiting outside of her house. All her friends leaned out playful telling Makaela to hurry up. The girls spent the whole day shopping. In the past Makaela’s mother had enforced a strict curfew, but she gave her daughter a little leeway. Makaela was now 20 so she could stay out as long as she wanted as she long as called or texted her mother to let her know where she was and what she was doing. Makaela got home at two and whispered in her mom’s room that she was home. Her mother happily acknowledged Pendik escort her then fell right back to sleep. Makaela went to her room and showered. She saw the letter on her bed and tore it open, inside were the scores of her exams. She felt her stomach turn in fright, she had completely failed. Failing this exam meant failing the course. Makaela felt her body shaking “Oh god, no,” she whispered. She wanted to beg the professor, Miss Lena, for extra credit but in the small class Makaela was her least favorite student. Makaela spent whole classes just talking to friends, when asked to put the phone away she always refused. She truly regretted that now. Monday morning she knocked on Miss Lena’s office door and heard a voice from inside, “Come in.” Makaela walked into the office. Miss Lena looked up. “Ah, Makaela, what a pleasant surprise,” she said with scorn. Makalea didn’t know what to say at first finally she said, “Please don’t fail me,” in a soft voice. Miss Lena looked incredulous, loudly she said, “You come to my class every day taking nothing seriously. You usually do well on exams but you never turn in homework. You come in dressed in a way that distracts all the boys for the whole class. I know how you pass all your classes, you do no work but you just pout to the professor and you get high marks. Do you think big breasts and a fat rear impress me?” Makaela looked at her Miss Lena with wide eyes. “I don’t do that!” she said angrily, but a second Beykoz escort bayan after, she realised even though she didn’t mean to, what Miss Lena said was true. Miss Lena’s eyes flashed. “Don’t you dare give me that attitude. You think I don’t know that you were hungover and tired when you took this test? You failed my course plain and simple, now get out of my office.” “Please! please! don’t fail me, Professor Lena. Please! I’ll do anything. It’s just the beginning of the course! Please I’m begging for extra credit, or any way not to fail. Professor I’ll do anything,” Makaela said sobbing. Miss Lena thought for a long moment leaving Makaela crying and nervous. Finally Lena looked up at her. “Well this is an opportunity to give you the proper discipline you deserve.” Makaela’s heart sang with hope. Miss Lena continued, “I see you waving your big butt around, making guys and male professors fall for you. Well you won’t be doing that after a sound spanking.” Makaela stared at her Professor and stuttered, “W-what?” “Let me put it in a way you can understand,” Lena said. She then continued, “You can fail my class or you can receive a long and hard spanking that should teach you to behave. You will get high enough marks on the exam so that you can still pass with an A if you work hard. Choose.” Makaela’s mother had spanked her before but only when she had done something that crossed the line. She wasn’t spanked much but when she was it was more than Escort cevizli memorable. She had been spanked three times since summer vacation started, all three memories made her cute face blush in shame. “Makaela, I am busy, get out,” Miss Lena said after a moment. “I’ll take the spanking,” Makaela said in a tiny voice. “What was that?” Miss Lena asked sternly. “I’ll take the spanking,” Makaela said again loudly. “Then ask me for your punishment,” Miss Lena again said sternly. Makaela, with her head down in shame, asked, “Miss Lena, may I please have a spanking?” “Do you deserve a hard spanking Makaela?” her professor asked. “Yes ma’am I deserve a hard spanking,” she replied softly. Miss Lena went to her desk and studied Makaela’s test. “You missed forty questions on this exam.” She looked up at Makaela. “Forty strokes of the cane should teach you to study next time.” Makaela looked at her professor in stunned horror. Miss Lena put the test down. “The forty strokes will be given hard over your bare bottom.” She looked up at Makaela without even a shred of compassion. “Now get out of my office.” Makaela recieved an email that she should report to Miss Lena’s office promptly at 12. Sweating in fear Makaela blinked and it was already 11:30. Terrified she got into her car and drove to the building housing her evil professor’s office. Miss Lena looked up. “You are ten minutes late, Makaela.” “I’m sorry ma’a-” was all she could say before her teacher cut her off. “You will receive four extra strokes,” Miss Lena said standing up and pulling out a ratten cane. She swished it in the air a couple of times. “Please not on my bare bottom, please Professor Lena,” she pleaded to her professor. “Maybe if you didn’t have such an ego, what a disgrace, doing zero work while getting perfect grades.

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