Madhurima Pt. 06

Ariella Ferrera

The story series is about an Indian girl’s exploration of sexuality.


All of them lay exhausted on the diwaan in the drawing room trying to catch their breath with their young bodies touching each other.

Rahul was the first to get up and he went to clean himself up. Veena leaned over and spoke into Madhu’s ear “have you ever sucked a cock?”

Madhu just shook her head. Veena got up and said “I have an idea and I think you will love it. I just love sucking a cock, the high it gives to see a man pleasured and under control feels so good. Let me see.” She said smiling wickedly.

Veena went inside as Rahul was coming out after washing himself up and he entered the room naked and he lied down on the diwaan next to Madhu and just started to suck on her nipples and Madhu was just shocked at his boldness but she just could not manage to speak anything, she just hummed and as he was sucking her nipple, her hand unknowingly went to his cock and she started fondling it as it rapidly grew in size.

Madhu bent a little and tried to take the dick into her mouth, he was only too happy to adjust. She stared at the cock, it’s opening and gently licked it, and then licked all around the bulbous head while fondling his balls. She then slowly tried to take the length of the entire cock down and as she tried to do it, she gagged once but just then she felt a hand over her head pushing her down over his cock and she looked, it was Veena who was slowly trying to push her deeper on the thick meat and she just whispered in her ear “relax, take the entire length down” she just hummed and obeyed her.

She felt the entire length now inside her as her nose touched his belly and in that position she started to bob her head up and down managing to catch her breath in between, “she’s a natural cock sucker” Veena thought to herself.

Rahul just stared in amazement at his luck, two hot girls, one virgin and not only did he get to take the virginity he was also getting his cock serviced by her and she was just mind blowing. Rahul felt like he was about to cum so he tried to pull out of her but she just wouldn’t let him, her throat’s grip on his cock was tight just like her pussy. He just groaned and Veena understood immediately that he was about to release his seed and Madhu was just in another world and was mindlessly bobbing up and down on his cock almost always taking the entire length in.

Veena pulled Madhu out and said “let him cum on you.”

Madhu just left his cock with such sadness wanting more of it. Veena started giving him a handjob and asked Madhu to kneel in front of him so that she could take his cum. He started to cum in spurts and Madhu’s mouth was already open to take the seed in.

As he spilled his seed over her face, she got the first few drops in her mouth. She was initially taken aback by the taste of the thick gooey white liquid, but she kind of liked it and immediately put the cock back in her mouth pushing Veena’s hand away and Rahul was in another world.

Veena looked in amazement at Madhu as she gulped the entire cum down and squeezed Rahul’s dick for the last few drops of his cum and then left his cock only after Rahul was completely spent.

She sat naked on the floor and she unknowingly started to remove the cum from her face and licked it like it was cake topping. And Madhu then saw both of them staring at her and she just smiled and said “What? I like the taste.”

She then got up and asked directions to the washroom and continued to lick the cum off her face and body on the way.

Rahul lied spent on the diwaan and Veena sat on the sofa and laughed at him as she said “You’ve been sucked dry now” to which he just responded in un-understandeable groan.

Veena got up and went to the kitchen to make tea for all of them. When she came out Madhu and Rahul were chatting sitting on the sofa, Madhu had her legs folded up and she was still naked like her, but Rahul had his shorts on now. All of them sat together and discussed about today’s events.

Madhu was the centre of almost the entire discussion as both of them wanted to know what were her feelings about today’s events and did she enjoy it or not. Madhu was enjoying the discussion about today’s events and then she asked Veena what were her most enjoyable moments in sex. Veena tried to skip the talk about it but Madhu was persistent so she just looked at Rahul and asked if the box is still there and he just nodded yes.

Rahul then asked her “do you want to see?” and she just nodded her head and said “I think we can tell it to her.”

Veena and Rahul led Madhu to a room where there was a huge box in the corner of the room. Madhu stared at it blankly wondering what is the point of showing her a box of all things. Veena broke the awkward silence and said with a lot of pride “this is exactly where my journey as a cum loving nympho Ankara bayan escort started.”

She started the story on the “the box”. She said “the first time I gave a blow job to Rahul I was reluctant to swallow his cum but he just held my head down so that I was forced to swallow it. And the moment I first swallowed that I knew I was addicted and I wanted more, I wanted to cover myself in it, I don’t know what changed in me but I just loved it too much.”

She continued “That evening I had given Rahul one blow job after the other and by the third time I got almost nothing from his cock, I had sucked him dry but I just wanted more. So we thought of the idea of the box from porn videos we watched that day and we thought of the concept of gloryhole. And I loved the idea of giving anonymous blow jobs because there was no fear of being seen, so as you can see we made a couple of holes in this box for guys to put their cock in so that I could get all the cum I wanted.”

She smiled and held Rahul’s hand and said “Rahul that day had arranged about 5 guys who came to his house and I sucked them one after the other from the holes. Almost all of them were happy to give me their seed and I was only too happy to get it. Most of the guys went thrice to get their cock serviced and when they got exhausted and left I came out of the box only then. I was covered in cum and while I was inside I also took off all my clothes so you could say that not only was I covered with cum I also had a lot of cum inside my belly. Since that day we had decided that we will do it again one day and well, if you want we both can do it together.”

Madhu could not believe what she heard however she wanted to try it too, her nipples were already rock hard listening to her story then suddenly out of the blue breaking her reverie she was brought back to reality when she felt a hard slap on her breast, it was Veena who laughed and said “hey calm down your nipples are making holes in the air.”

All of them laughed looking at Madhu’s nipples and Rahul looked questioningly at both of them and they just shook their heads in agreement. Madhu and Veena went to the washroom together to get cleaned up and while cleaning up, Madhu saw the beautiful red mark on her breast due to the slap she just received.

They could hear Rahul making telephone calls inviting guys over for a party. Madhu asked Veena “I hope that the guys don’t get aggressive and pull us out of the box, I don’t want to be called a slut openly.”

Veena nodded her head and both of them put their clothes on and went to Rahul voicing their concern and Rahul agreed to what both of them said and suggested that “I will always be inside the room and also I will make sure that not more than 4 guys are in the room at the same time and whenever they feel they are done, they could give a missed call and he would make sure that all of them leave immediately.”

Madhu was now excited about the entire idea of both of them being safe and also enjoying as many cocks as she wanted. So she tugged Veena and said “come, let’s make a couple of holes for me!”

Veena laughed in response and said let’s first try and fit in together in the box. They sat together and put the box over them, there were 2 holes already inside the box and despite the darkness inside, Madhu could make out dried streams of sperm inside, she could almost also smell it and this made her excited and she then marked from the inside the height at which she wanted the holes.

She made two for herself with help from Rahul and Veena. Now they started to wait.

The bell rang and Rahul indicated them to get inside the box and get ready as he left the room, he locked it from outside. Both of them got inside the box and waited and Veena sitting inside said “why are you so fidgety Madhu?”

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room and of the box she realised that Madhu was trying to take off her clothes, Veena looked in shock and said “seriously Madhu?! Already?!”

Madhu laughed and said, “I don’t want to get my clothes dirty you see.”

Then they heard the door being unlatched and they became quiet immediately and they heard a few guys get in and Rahul knocked on the top of the box and said “get ready girls, the guys will be coming in groups of four and I’m here in case you need to get out and do anything and laughed.”

They heard the pants unzip and suddenly then a cock appeared from one of the holes towards Madhu and immediately she wrapped her mouth around it and the guy on the other side just groaned at the sudden warmth on his cock by her young mouth.

She kept him inside her mouth for a few moments and slowly licked the cock up and down and then she heard a grunt and the guy said “oh yes baby, such my cock” and now there was another cock at the other opening which she grabbed in her hand and started jerking him.

She turned around Escort bayan Ankara and at the corner of the eye she saw Veena was also busy with two cocks, momentarily their eyes met and Veena winked at Madhu and smiled with her mouth still around a cock.

Veena and Madhu were both furiously sucking a cock and jerking the other simultaneously when suddenly one of the guys started to shoot his sperm and the sheer volume and strength took Veena by surprise and she just moved back a little and the drops reached Madhu who felt something warm trickling along her back, she turned around and saw the beautiful sight of streams after streams of cum spraying out from the cock covering Veena’s top.

Madhu could not control herself and leaped forward pushing away Veena to take the explosion inside her mouth and the guy also shook the moment as he felt a warm receiving mouth around his cock and he grunted loudly as he shot jet after jet of hot sperm into her mouth and it was then Madhu realised that this guy came more than a mouthful and the cum was now drooling out of her mouth onto her breasts which she rubbed into her breasts and she also continued gulping and she was overjoyed.

Meanwhile she realised that her hand had itself grabbed onto the another cock and Veena had adjusted herself onto the cocks which were previously being sucked by Madhu and she was busy swallowing the cum from one of them.

The other cock Madhu was sucking just leaked a small amount in her hand and shrank, Madhu lovingly licked the entire cum from her hand and now all four holes were empty.

Then they started to hear a new batch of guys getting ready to enter the room and Veena started to remove her clothes and Madhu was staring at Veena and then suddenly she bent forward and started to kiss her on her mouth. Veena returned the favour as their tongues played in each others mouth and now both of them were naked inside a box and there were four new cocks ready and they got onto their jobs of cock sucking immediately.

Madhu was now aroused and her pussy was leaking continuously and her nipples were screaming for attention so while she sucked onto a cock and jerked the other with her hand, her other hand pulled on her nipples and in between she fingered her pussy furiously and she felt as if she had gone in a trance as she was about to cum.

The cock in front of her mouth and the one she was jerking started to cum simultaneously and also the cocks Veena was jerking had started to shoot their sperm, it felt surreal as the semen was flying in all directions and she had started to orgasm and she squirted herself and all that could be heard was groaning and grunting echoing in the room and she looked at Veena through her glazed eyes and she saw that her face was covered in cum and she was fingering her pussy furiously and slowly the cocks withdrew, she could hear the guys talking among themselves that this was probably the best blow jobs they had got and she felt both happy and proud.

Within a few moments Madhu moved towards Veena to lick the cum off her face and Veena pushed her away and said “hey, it’s mine and I like it when it dribbles down” gently rubbing the semen on her face and cheeks.

The door opened and within a few moments, four cocks were ready. Madhu blew them furiously without taking a break and she made the guys cum on her face and tits rubbing their cocks on her face and boobs as they groaned and grunted.

She lost the count of the number of cocks she sucked and sperm she drank but there was no stopping both of them now and also she felt that a few cocks had now repeated themselves and she had lost the track of time.

Veena looked exhausted now and Madhu embraced her cum covered body and kissed her forehead lovingly and Veena also rested her head on Madhu’s cum covered breasts and both of them were now quite wet with the cum they had received and it was all getting mixed as they continued their embrace.

This time the room opened but they heard only two guys entering and Rahul knocked on the top of the box and said “Everyone has left and I have saved the best for the last. Get ready you two!”

Both of them just stared at each other still in their embrace as they saw a cock enter the box, it was a beautiful cock with huge veins popping out at least 14-15 inches in length almost as thick as both of their wrists together and Madhu just stared wondering how this cock could possibly fit in her mouth, meanwhile Veena was already up and had started to take the huge mushroom head into her mouth and was indicating at Madhu to push her head down.

Madhu stared in amazement at the vigour shown by her exhausted friend and she obliged by holding her head from the back and forcing her to take more of the meat down her throat and just as Veena gagged, Madhu let go of her grip on her head and Veena gave a dead stare and she understood that Veena Bayan escort Ankara liked it when she gagged while trying to force the entire cock in her throat.

Veena’s eyes were streaming down tears and Madhu saw in amazement that she had almost taken down 10-11 inches of the meat down her throat and her mouth was stretched almost grotesquely around the cock but she was looking beautiful in her own way with her mascara streaming down with tears from her eyes and she still managed to bob her head up and down as much as she could.

Veena took Madhu’s hand and put it behind her head and indicated that she should push it down till she manages to take the entire cock and Madhu obliged her friend and even though she kept gagging, she forced her down the cock which stretched her jaws apart and tears were now continuously streaming from her eyes and they heard the guy groan out loud as she managed to take the entire cock down her throat and her nose touched the box and the guy also pushed himself further.

Veena obliged by keeping her mouth open for him and she then withdrew herself from the cock and then holding it in her hands, she offered it to Madhu.

Madhu took her tongue out and gave the purple – red mushroom head a lick and held it in her small hands which could not encircle it completely and she started to lick the sides with both of them holding the cock and licking it together and also kissing each other in between, they licked the entire length up and down while offering the tip to each other in between and as they were playing with it.

The guy grunted in a low growl and Madhu opened her mouth to take the cock into her mouth and as she stretched her jaws open, she felt a slight pain and she looked at Veena who held her hand and asked her to go further and as she took in more of the cock in her mouth, she felt a sense of calm take over her and although she felt gagging a few a times and giving up the struggle of fitting the entire cock she felt that Veena had held both her nipples together and twisted them sharply to cause pain and force her to open her mouth further.

She looked at the cock and realised that still a few inches of cock here left out and her jaw was hurting her now and her eyes were rolling out tears continuously and Veena was in no mood to leave her nipples which were almost at the edge of beginning to bleed, she instinctively started to rub her clitoris to let her mind forget of the pain.

As she rubbed her clit and Veena pulled her nipples, she realised that her head had touched the box and the guy was now groaning continuously “yeah baby, now move your head up and down.”

Madhu tried to do the same as best as she could. She was now loving the feeling of the stretching of her throat and the pain – pleasure mixed impulses coming from her nipples and with the continuous rubbing of her clit, she felt as if she had a heady mix of a drug cocktail with her head spinning. She felt she was reaching another orgasm and sensing this, Veena pulled away her hand from her clitoris and pushed her two fingers inside her vagina and started to finger fuck her pussy.

Madhu was now leaking continuously and her nipples were just another sore story which never stopped receiving twisting and pinching from Veena. Madhu wanted to scream out from the melange of sensations rocking her body but she couldn’t as her mouth was stuffed with cock and Veena was relentlessly fucking her with her hand and she was also humping her hand but now she had taken control of pulling her nipples.

Veena stared in amazement at the amount of pain she gave to herself, Madhu had twisted her nipple around the finger and was pulling so hard on them that the entire breast looked like a stretched out cone, even when sitting on her knees and her mouth around the cock, she had pulled her nipples to almost touch the ground. The guy now screamed I’m about to cum and just at the same moment, Madhu’s orgasm hit her and she squirted out on Veena’s hand and almost went limp.

Veena saw that at that moment, Madhu was squirting like a shower head left open and the entire floor was now wet and the guy started to cum in spurts and Madhu was almost lifeless with her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

Veena immediately held the guy’s cock and put it at Madhu’s mouth as if it was en elixir that could get her friend out of her semi conscious state while she continued to squirt out fluid from her vagina. Madhu even in her semi conscious state swallowed as much cum as she could while the rest dribbled down her breasts.

The guy pulled himself out and Veena quickly gave a missed call to Rahul. Rahul immediately sensed that there was something wrong, and sent the guy out and when he opened the box he looked at a sight he had never imagined or seen in his life.

Two naked girls completely drenched and covered in semen from face to their breasts, nipples and abdomen with one resting her head on the cum covered breast of the other while continuing to leak from her vagina.

Veena asked Madhu “are you fine?” Madhu smiled through her daze and said “never been better.” Both of them knew, they were hooked.

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