Lincoln’s Pride Ch. 08


I swore I would protect him. My heart was pounding in my ears as I watched Anders through the window. I knew we couldn’t keep him here forever, Samir was set on just the two of us.

“Habibi, my boy. You can barely protect yourself. This is for the best,” Samir came up behind me and gave my stomach a gentle rub. He had read my mind. I turned to see him considering me with those deep eyes that searched me.

“Baby blue eyes, always so worried about everyone else,” He straightened up, and reached for my cheek.

I pushed away from him, but he caught me. He slid an arm around me and pulled me back against his chest with a serious look. I inhaled his cologne, a sharp wave of spicy amber, and instantly remembered to whom I belonged.

I groaned with the annoying realization that he was right. I had nothing to offer Anders, nothing of my own.

“I know it is important to you that he is taken care of. But you are mine to take care of. Anders needs a lion of his own, and Khalid already seems quite taken with him,” Samir waved a hand towards the window where Anders and Khalid were twined together on a lounger by the pool.

Khalid was on his back against a bright orange towel. His chiseled bronze chest shimmered in the morning sun with a thin line of black hair tracing down to disappear beneath a pair of white swim shorts covering his healthy bulge.

Anders did look happy tucked into Khalid’s side. His delicate fair skin, slathered with sunblock, clearly defined where he ended and his new Lion began. Khalid rubbed his back gently and sipped a glass of something dark and icy. Anders stared up at him adoringly and clung to his side.

I knew Anders was impressed by Khalid’s ample cock. I’d seen how his eyes doubled in size when we changed together after our last workout. His jaw dropped halfway to the floor and he looked over at me to make sure I was seeing the same thing. I had just shrugged and nodded knowing I couldn’t compare.

It was all he wanted to discuss the whole ride home. I half expected him to start a fanclub for it, maybe print up some t-shirts or build a monument. He was hooked from first sight and that night when we played together I knew I no longer held his interest. He knew I was owned by Samir and our three-sided arrangement wouldn’t last. I definitely didn’t enjoy seeing Samir slide inside him. My hole twitched with jealousy.

“Anders agrees and is eager to start again here with Khalid. They seem quite taken with each other,” Samir looked at me sternly. “You would ruin that for him?”

“No, but I promised him he would be safe. I have to make sure he is taken care of.” I looked down at his chin and bit my lip.

“I know, little one. You have a good heart. It is what I love most about my boy… But you would go with him? Leave your protector? Leave the man who knows and adores every little inch of your handsome body?” Samir leaned in and kissed soft pecks down my neck. He paused at my pressure points and sucked each one expertly. It sent a rush of heat through me, weakened my resolve. I trembled and leaned into his lips.

“No, but…” I whispered and closed my eyes against him. His hand went down to my ass and pushed under my jogging shorts to cup my cheek. He squeezed it firmly and rubbed a finger over my hole.

“My little pink princess is leaving his lion?” he asked in a low, seductive growl. My cock pulsed against his thigh.

“No, sir,” I whimpered under his control. “I just…”

“My boy’s little pink hole will be filled by another?” he kissed his way back up my neck and planted his lips on my earlobe. He chewed it softly as my body melted into his chest and vibrated like a tuning fork.

“Uhhh,” I moaned and caught my breath, “Never, sir… uhhhh!”

“Then that is settled,” Samir stated in his business voice devoid of any erotic tones. He gently nudged me back and I fell against the bed with my cock pushing my shorts to full sundial. It was like being slapped out of a dream.

“Wait! Uh… weren’t we gonna…” I gave a questioning smile. I raised up off the bed a little and pointed at my raging erection.

“Really, Lincoln,” Samir frowned at me. “We have an important event tonight. My mentor and most respected friend is in town. We can’t just spend all day in bed.”

“Oh… I… of course… sorry, sir,” I bit my lip and looked down feeling like a scolded dog. A second later I felt him land next to me on the bed.

“Well I suppose if you need some time to worship your master, we can accommodate that,” He propped himself up on one arm and winked his big brown eyes at me with those full dark lips pressed into an eager smile.

He leaned into me and kissed down my neck while a hand slid around my back. I let my head fall back and moaned as he hit just the right spots. He played me like a flute as my cock pushed to full mast in my shorts, not that he cared much about that.

I felt a hand slide into the back of my shorts and a rough finger slid over my hole as Lara Travesti my eyes fluttered to stay open.

“Fuck please,” I hissed as he teased my hole with his dry finger. He wouldn’t go in dry. He did get off on domination, but also on the way he could make a tall hunky blonde boy crumple into a lust-filled bottom.

His lips found mine then and his teeth scraped against my lower lip playfully as his beard tickled my cheek.

“Yarja baba!” I whined against him, “please, daddy.”

He brought the finger that had teased my hole up to my lips and pushed it through. I sucked on it eagerly. He pushed it to the back of my mouth and I gagged on it, slobbering down the back of his hand. He pumped it a few times, our eyes locking to let me know he was in control, gauging my needs.

Sufficiently wet, he took back his finger and wiped my spit off the back of his hand onto my cheeks. He laughed gently at my wet cheeked scowl and then kissed my nose.

“Shorts,” he whispered to me and I quickly pushed the shorts and briefs down my thighs and then off. My cock thumped out against my shirt and I brought my knees up into my chest so he could get to my hole.

He kissed me deeply as he began to work his finger up inside me. We’d had a lot of practice so it wasn’t all that unfamiliar to his intrusion. I started to squirm on him while he pushed around inside me, opening me up and touching all the spots that made my body move without control.

“Fuck! that… fuck!,” I whined as he buried his nose into my neck and lipped at my shirt collar.

“Dirty little mouth this morning,” he laughed and started to pump his finger in and out of me.

“Sorry, sir, I… fuck!” I arched my back, gasping for air as my cock thumped and pulsed against my stomach. “Please fuck me, please.” I turned and buried my face in his thick, black hair. My nose hit the scent of almond mixed with his cologne. I lipped at his hair, pulling at it playfully.

“Easy, princess. I’m already losing it up there,” he joked and started to push a second finger into me.

“No sir, it suits you,” I said with the pure honesty that comes with losing control of your body to a pleasure expert.

“Maybe my cub needs something to do with that beautiful mouth?” I felt his smile spread against my neck as his beard tickled my skin.

“Yes sir, please,” I whined.

He raised up to look me in the eyes as his two fingers gently strummed my hole. “You know you’re my world, right?” He said with a little uncertainty in his eyes.

“And you are mine,” I assured and watched his cheeks fill out with hope. “You’re all I need, sir.” I admitted.

He scraped his chin against mine and then buried his lips into my cheek and blew a raspberry playfully to lighten the intense heat between us.

Samir pulled away from me then and let his fingers slip out of me leaving a trail of desperate need in their wake. He wiped them on a fresh hand towel from the bedside table and then slid off his shirt and tossed it across the room.

I scrambled up to all fours and put my lips against the waistband of his jogging shorts. I looked up at him with needy eyes and he leaned down to kiss my hair. I slid his shorts down and was hit on the nose with his thick brown snake. It smelled fresh from the shower with just a hint of piss at the tip. I licked at it, tasting my lion.

Without warning, he pushed his cock into me and gripped my hair in his fist. I felt the fat tip touch the back of my throat and gagged on it as his thick shaft stretched my jaw. He slid in and out a few times with force and I fought to breathe through my nose as he used me for his pleasure.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes and saw him smile down at me. “Too much for my baby cub?” he laughed. I tried to nod or grunt in agreement, but he had too firm a grasp on me. He slid in and out, pumping my skull with force as I began to adjust to it. I wiggled my ass behind me to try and tempt him away from my mouth.

Looking up, though, I saw his eyes close and his face screw up like he wanted to cum. I knew that look and it filled me with disappointment that this was ending soon.

“NOOO!” I tried to scream around the thick meat filling my mouth. I wanted that nut inside my other end. “MMMMM!” was all I managed.

His eyes opened and he looked down at me with confusion, but then nodded knowingly. “Oh yes, I almost forgot your hole needs its lion’s gift,” he laughed and let go of the clump of my hair he had been holding.

He slid out of me and I fell forward against the comforter gasping for air.

And then I popped my head up towards something my eye had caught in the window above our bed. The window framed a small alcove off the pool area shielded by a wall of Italian Cypress.

Khalid was there sitting in a chair with his shorts pushed down and his bronze skin glistening with sweat. Anders was naked between his legs squatted down with his pale ass clenched tightly. Khalid had Manavgat travesti his fingers twined through Anders’ blonde hair roughly pushing him up and down his thick brown cock.

I crawled up the pillows to get a better look, inadvertently positioning my hole in the air for Samir. I didn’t awaken to that fact until I felt his tip pressing into me.

“My baby wants it from behind today?” he chuckled from behind me oblivious to what was going on in his backyard.

It took Samir a few minutes of slowly pushing into me before he realized what I was watching. I guess he truly did only think of me when we were together. By that time Khalid had pulled Anders up and had him squatting in his lap over the massive dark meat. Watching Anders’ face, pure ecstasy as he slid down Khalid’s pole. Something of it hit me right in the gut. I knew he would never again be satisfied by my larger than average white boy cock.

Anders turned towards the window to confirm this fact to me with eyes contorted awkwardly with that blissful mix of pleasure and pain. Khalid had his heart and his hole. Our eyes locked and he tried to put out a smile towards me, but he was getting stuffed too hard and it came out like a severe “O.”

I realized I was giving him the same look as my own lion was ramming into me. Anders and I mirrored each other through the window in an awkward dance as he slid up and down on Khalid and Samir started taking out his frustrations at my lack of focus on my stretched hole.

He leaned over me and bit softly on the back of my neck, chewing his cub’s scruff as he filled his baby’s hole. I felt his hot breath escape around my neck and it sent chills through me. I felt pride at bringing him pleasure as he gave me what I craved. I tore my eyes from Anders to bite down on a corner of pillow that rubbed against my lips.

“Uh Uh Uh,” I whined as he forced his way deep inside me finding all the little spots that lit up my runway.

“You see, little cub?” Samir surprised me from behind as he growled into my ear. “Anders enjoys what he was created for. Like you, he needs to be filled by a real man. Your place is here. He is quite settled on his lion,” He gripped my hair and turned me to face him as he leaned farther and kissed me hard.

“Samir,” I started.

“Yes, my love,” he said as he sped up his invasion on my well conquered land.

“So am I, sir. Thank you for giving me what I need.” I whispered as his lips hovered over mine.

“Fuck,” he growled deeply and started to unload inside me. I felt his thick weapon go still inside me and then it started to pulse and fill me. It was so big and powerful that it actually lifted me off the covers each time he shot out another volley.

“Fuck,” He held me tightly with my back against his chest. He started clawing and squeezing my nipples, twisting them as my body started to join him. My cock started shooting out cum all over the covers and hitting up to my arms and chest.

I laid there against his brawny arms, suspended over the bed spasming helplessly as he filled my hole and I coated his bed.

“Fuck,” we cried together, our new favorite word for this all familiar feeling.

His teeth bit into my shoulder as he sucked on it and kept jerking and pumping cum into me.

I forgot entirely about the scene outside the window as he slid all the way into me and dumped the last of his cargo off at the port of his needy cub.

He slumped forward and pressed me down into the sticky mess of our love. He turned my face to kiss him deeply as his weight rested uncomfortably on me. His tongue wrestled mine into submission as he came down and the last bits of his joy leaked into my slurpy hole. I felt his cum running out of me around his shaft as he pumped it lazily. It ran down my thighs and dripped onto the already ruined bed.

He rolled over onto his back and brought me with him as we were still locked together with his massive tool lodged deep inside me. He spooned me there against the bed, kissing my neck and making butterfly kisses with his eyelashes against my cheek.

He rubbed his prickly beard against my cheek and then settled in for a quick nap as he hugged me tightly. I squirmed a little in his grip and then settled in with my face against the pillow. I felt his warm breath against my ear and then he started to snore in a blissful nap.

His methodical snore lulled me into a dreamy nap. I dreamed we were in one of the video games he liked to play, soldiers side by side fighting zombies in a war torn abandoned resort town. I never got to shoot any of them though. Much like when we played the game together, he was quicker on the draw and seemed to anticipate where they would pop up.

And just like when we played together, he would toy with me. He’d point out one and say, “Get it baby!” but then before I could get it he would take it out and claim it was too close to me.


“Are you sure this is what you want me to wear?” Side travesti I tugged at the thin, skin-tight black t-shirt. It was this semi-see through material that showed the white of my skin which had gotten paler since Samir insisted I be slathered in sunscreen every day on every exposed piece of flesh. It was tucked into equally tight khaki pants that made my ass look pretty awesome. He was normally more conservative with my clothing.

“Yes, of course,” Samir said, popping his head into the bathroom to look me over with an approving nod. “They shouldn’t be that tight though… You’ve been lifting more. I thought I noticed earlier, but now I’m sure of it.”

“Yes sir! Khalid and I have been challenging each other! He’s stronger than he looks,” I flexed my arms excitedly for him in the mirror expecting a smile of admiration.

“I’ll talk to him about that. It wasn’t the plan for you,” he grunted and went back to the main room.

I gave myself one last series of flexes in the mirror. The pants gave me a nice big bulge in the front and I squeezed it a few times to pump it up. Kick-ass me looked pretty hot.

“You look fine, stop primping, princess,” Samir had poked his head back inside just in time to catch me fluffing. He didn’t miss the opportunity to knock me down a notch.

I ran my fingers through the top of my blonde hair to push it back. Samir had me on weekly haircuts to keep it shaved down on the sides and just long enough on top for him to get a firm hold on me when I was sucking his cock. He liked to pull on it and then shove me down until I gagged on him. It was a good look on me and gave him something to hold on to.

I turned to exit just as he was coming back into the bathroom. He took it as me needing a hug. He pulled me into him, kissed me, and squeezed my ass.

“Let’s go, little cub. I don’t want to be late,” He said and pushed me out towards the front door.

We spent the drive over with Samir filling me in on Kamal’s success. He had been Samir’s mentor through college and a business internship. He was in his early 40’s and had amassed a fortune in oil and land investments. He was here to look at infrastructure improvements in Satra and Samir hoped he would partner with him on a few possibly lucrative projects.

“He is self-made, Lincoln. No family money. He earned it all from his hard work. He is a genius in our field.” Samir had explained. I feigned interest as I watched the city fly by us in a colorful blur as we headed to the collection of hotels along the waterfront.

“You will be good, obedient, and most importantly quiet. Keep your eyes down and look only at me unless he requires your attention. You will not speak unless directed. If you have any needs you look only to me and wiggle your nose twice. Understood?”

Samir had his hand on my thigh as he drove the sports car unnecessarily fast up a wide, flat boulevard. He squeezed me and moves his hand up near my bulge which made my cock stir and my hole twitch in anticipation.

“Yes… Sir,” I gulped and looked down at his hand. I put my hand over his and he lifted up and intertwined our fingers together. He squeezed my hand assuringly.

“You’re a good boy, Lincoln. I know you will make me proud.”


“Kamal, old friend,” Samir began and then pushed me in front of the man he had just kissed in standard Arab greeting. “This is Lincoln, my obedient cub.” Samir squeezed my shoulder and then thrust me forward into Kamal’s waiting arms. The older man pulled me into his substantial chest.

“Salaam, Habibi,” His soft brown lips were uncomfortably close, a few inches above mine. When he spoke, his lips were just the right height to fill my nose with the wine he had just sipped. I looked down at his tight, green polo shirt stuffed with muscles as I tried to figure out what I should do in this greeting.

His large, round eyes studied me. I only made quick glances up at them and felt the weight of his authority push me back down. His thick, camel nose gave me a subtle sniff. He towered over me with the calm strength of a lion who knows there is no challenger to his throne.

I felt his hand in the center of my back as his brawny arms drew me deeper into his spicy, amber cologne. He kissed my cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of burn from his prickly black beard. He leaned down and rubbed his nose against mine as his warmth spread through me with a shiver.

I tried to gently pull away from him, but he held me firmly and spoke over my shoulder to Samir in Arabic as he cupped the back of my head and roughly worked his fingers through my hair. “He is very beautiful, Samir! It is obvious that those blue eyes sparkle only for you. Mine will be joining us shortly. He takes too long to get ready. He isn’t as fair or blonde as yours, but he is a good boy. Has it been that long since you’ve visited?” I was proud of myself for understanding all of that.

“You are most kind, Kamal. Though I am sure your cub is much more handsome and assuredly more obedient under your instruction,” Samir responded in Arabic with that cultural conversation style of downtalking your own things so the other would praise them. I was getting used to it, but still I felt like a used lamp in mid-haggle.

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