Kitty’s PantyBoy PrickTease Pt. 01


So, tell me – would you like to be my PantyBoy tonight? Would my PantyBoy enjoy a nice, fabulously erotic prick tease session with me? Hmmm??

If so, perhaps it would help your decision if I dressed up in the black vinyl dominatrix outfit I described in my “Kitty’s Sensual Prickteasing” story…would you like to see me all sexied up like that?

All righty then, I figured you might. Maybe I’ll wear my thigh high black vinyl spike heeled boots for you, and I’ll put on my tiny little matching booty shorts and hike them waaaaay up my ass cheeks. Then I’ll put on my see-thru fishnet top, pulling it on over my shiny black vinyl bikini that just barely covers my nipples, leaving my hot tits spilling out all around it.

And I’ll add a tough-looking black leather belt, with loops and studs on it around my tiny waist, and it will have bondage toys of different kinds attached to it, dangling suggestively. I’ll also put on a black leather, metal studded collar and matching wrist cuffs.

My gorgeous, long golden blonde hair will be teased up all wild on top, and it will cascade down my back in long, soft, flowing waves. And of course, I’ll put on lots of slutty “hooker” makeup for you, including smoky black cat-like eyes, rosy red rouge and red, glistening, juicy wet lipgloss.

Now then – have you decided if you want to play PantyBoy prick tease games with me tonight yet?

No? You haven’t decided??

Well, maybe your decision will be further swayed if I promise to use my lovely, long, shiny red fingernails to convince you. How would I do that? Well, perhaps I could titillate and tantalize various sensitive areas of your naked body, slowly dragging my sexy red fingernails all over you…up and down, back and forth, and round and round in big circles that slowly turn into little circles.

Hmm, I wonder where you might like these sexy, shiny red fingernails to go?

Where? You want them to go WHERE? Well…okay, maybe I’ll tease you there with them for a while…now, where should they go next?

Yes, you little darling, my erotic fingernail teasing affections will be used to coerce you and make you surrender to your submissive PantyBoy desires, and if you agree to put on pretty-girl panties for me, your cock teasing rewards will be even more tantalizing and stimulating than you can possibly imagine…

Would you like to know how?

Well then, imagine your etimesgut escort sexy, busty blonde prick teasing girlfriend, all dolled up in her kinky black vinyl dominatrix outfit, looking all gorgeous and slutty and towering above you while you sit on the floor beneath me, completely naked. I’ll strut back and forth in front of you for a minute, staring down at you and showing off my sexy body to titillate you for a while, and then I’ll sit down on the couch in front of you.

I’ll take out some pretty pink panties and show them to you, telling you how satiny and silky smooth they are, and then I’ll dangle them above you, holding them up right before your eyes. And I’ll begin taunting you with them, making you want them but not letting you have them.

Do you wanna hear more? Yes, of course you do!

As I show them to you, telling you all about how sexy they will feel, how yummy it will be to wear them for me, I’ll encourage you to say the magic word I’m going to teach you about…do you want to know what the magic word is? Here’s a hint…it starts with a “p”, the next letter is “l”, and it rhymes with “tease”.

What’s that you said? Oooo, very good!! That’s it, now just start saying that, over and over, but only when I say so, okay?

As you begin begging for the sexy pink panties, I’ll look down at you with a wicked smile and dangle them right before your eyes. I’ll toy with you for a few minutes like that (okay, maybe it will be a little longer than that), displaying them for you, making you beg me to wear them, and even telling you to try to grab them, but I’ll abruptly pull them away, keeping them out of your reach.

After teasing and denying you like that for a while, I’ll eventually let you touch them. Maybe. But I’ll hold onto them, though, as you reach up and rub them between your fingers, inhaling sharply at the feeling of the smooth sensual fabric in your grasp. We wouldn’t want to simply give them away to you just yet, now would we?

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” I’ll say sweetly, continuing, “Don’t you just love these pretty panties, baby? Would my PantyBoy like to wear these sexy panties for his Mistress so she can give him a nice, yummy prick tease tonight?”

You won’t be able to speak – you’ll be simply mesmerized and hypnotized at the sight of me teasing you like this, and the feeling of finally etlik escort being allowed to touch and caress the sexy pink panties will have you so turned on that you won’t be able to think straight.

And the sight of me, sitting above you and taunting you in such a luscious way, will really drive you out of your mind with excitement too, which you will find to be quite overwhelming.

So you’ll just sit there as I giggle at you, observing your arousal and taking great delight in it as you continue to feel the silky panties with your fingers.

Noticing your silence, I’ll yank them away from your grasp, saying playfully, “Fine! I guess you don’t want to wear them after all!!” The look in your eyes will be simply precious as you suddenly burst out in agonizing desperation, begging me not to deny you…

But I won’t give them back to you yet, instead I’ll just keep dangling them right in front of your face, making you beg me for them, only to scold you and deny you with them, over and over…and as the wicked little begging game continues, your already erect cock will swell even more with desire as I continue your erotic torment.

Your erection will start to pulse with excitement as the blood surges through your veiny cockshaft, and your cockhead will turn all shiny and purple as your behavior gets more frustrated and desperate. You’ll look up at me as you continue to beg and plead for your panty enslavement, and the desperation on your face and frustration in your voice will start to make my pussy tingle…

Your begging will become even more insistent as the wicked game continues, and I’ll notice this and torment you more by making you put your hands down on the floor beside you. With you controlled like that, I’ll dangle the silky panties before your eyes some more, twirling them round and round, and I’ll swat you in the face with them, over and over and over.

With each swat will come a scolding, “Bad, bad, bad boy!”, I’ll say, once for each swat, “Naughty, naughty, naugh-ty boy!” The emotions in your begging will become deliciously intense now as your sexual frustration begins to make you go absolutely out of your mind…

Finally, right when it seems like you might simply burst into tears with raw sexual frustration, I’ll casually let the sexy panties slip out of my slutty red-fingernailed claws, and they’ll eve gelen escort land directly on your cock, which by now will be standing at full attention with a spot of pre-cum oozing out of the tip.

The sensation of the silky fabric on your aching erection will stun you for a moment, and you’ll just sit there and close your eyes as your whole body tingles with the yummy sensations…and then, suddenly and firmly, I’ll command you to stand up and put them on!

Your body will tremble as you obey, getting up and fumbling over yourself as you try to put them on. Your hands will be shaking but you’ll manage to slide the pretty panties up your legs and tuck your hardon into them.

I’ll laugh at your struggling and push your hands away from the panties abruptly. Then I’ll reach out to adjust your cock under the smooth fabric so that it stands straight up, presenting the sensitive underside of your cockshaft to me, all erect, engorged and vulnerable.

Next, I’ll reach out with my pretty hands and start to use one of my long, soft fingers to slowly rub up and down the underside of your throbbing erection through the shiny pink smooth fabric, and your eyes will close as you moan in ecstasy.

Up and down my finger will slowly go, and then it’ll focus on the tip of your cock, on the frenulum just under your cockhead, going gently round and round. I’ll continue this activity for a minute or two…or three…

Then I’ll use the sharp tips of my long red fingernails to tantalize your erection, slowly dragging them down the length of your cockshaft, then back up, over and over. You’ll be in absolute heaven as I giggle at your helplessness and continue the erotic cock teasing using those shiny red, sexy fingernails that I know you just LOVE!

“There now, sweetie,” I’ll say teasingly, taking my hand away, “isn’t that yummy? Doesn’t that feel good? You DO love it when Kitty teases you like that, don’t you? Now you stay right there like a good boy and we’ll continue with your little PantyBoy prick tease!”

You’ll sit and watch as I stand up and matter-of-factly put my hands on my hips, staring down at you, pleased with the results of my wonderfully wicked prick teasing so far. I’ll start to strut around you, encircling you like a temptress stalking her prey, and you’ll be mesmerized by the site of me.

Your eyes will naturally fall onto my boots, those sky-high heels and the shiny black vinyl wrapped all around my long, sexy legs, and you’ll drool at the sight of my hot curvy ass right in front of your face as I prowl around you and plot the next move in your inevitable surrender to me…

Mind you, this is all just a suggestion…if it excites you, we will discuss it in the next chapter…


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