King Fuck


It was my birthday, and the banquet was ready. Man it’s good to be a king. The ceremony was to be carried as usual: I would be seated on my throne and my guests would be on each side of the castle’s hall as the ladies to entertain me would come to me one after another through the hall, walking on the red carpet.

The first trumpet announced Miss Orange, the “teaser”. She had orange hair and orange lips. She came towards me quickly and gave me the tip of her orange costume and I held it as she rolled away. Her costume peeled of like an orange’s skin revealing her beautifully pale nude body. The nice and dynamic movement of her hips hypnotised me. She went from left to right, back and forth and I felt my dick stirring in my pants.

She was just my appetiser. She came in front of me and I reached for her white skin. It was soft and firm as I touched her breasts with the tip of my fingers, she had such lovely pink nipples, perfectly shaped, round and sensitive. I then touched her firm ass cheeks as she did a sort of belly dance. Her buttocks were sweet peaches. I caressed her legs and her lips with my fingers. I yearned to kiss her and touch her young pink flower with my fingers but she went away. As if sensing I had a full stiff and I was dangerous.

The Second trumpet blasted on everyone’s hears and the beautiful woman jester showed up. She was my “entremets”. She was dressed with a green body of latex, kind of like catwoman in green and she had the Jester hat on, a slim figure with a beautiful body and green eyes. She came towards me hoping and rolling over the red carpet and kissed each of my cheeks.

“I don’t want any jokes today,” I said softly but with authority, “I just want to fuck you nice and slow.”

“Your desires are orders!” she said, “The King wants to fuck!”

Everyone applauded as the sight of her breasts through the thin green material reaffirmed my erection. She opened my pants and took my dick out, the crowd went “Ohh!” She tickled my balls with her special tingling staff smiling wickedly and then grabbed my dick and started jerking it off and tingling my gland with her staff until it became rock hard. She then showed me her red tongue through her pulpous lips, she licked my shaft and I felt she had a metal piercing on the tip of her tongue. She took my gland on her mouth and sucked gently as she took the whole length of my dick in her mouth. It was so good I felt my pre-cum sliding into her mouth. She started sucking up and down and I grabbed her head by her jester hat forcing her up and down.

“Do it with your breasts!” I demanded.

She opened her tight costume undoing the front of it and put my dick between her soft but firm breasts and started masturbating me in that way, leaving her tongue out so that my dick would touch it from time to time. The tingling of her metal piercing was delightful. I touched the tip of her breasts with my gland leaving pre-cum on them.

“Ok, now I want to fuck you!” I say firmly.

“But my king, you forget I’m a virgin and I wear a chastity belt.”

“What?!” I almost screamed.

She smiled and answered, “It’s my joke of the day.”

Everyone laughed.

“Give me your staff, I think you need some correction!” I said aroused.

She obeyed.

“Now show me your ass and your pussy,” I demanded.

She turned around and unzipped the opening that covered her sex. I gave her two kick snaps with the staff on her ass cheeks and touched her pussy lips with it, she moaned slightly.

“Watch out king, don’t hurt me,” she said with a slightly shaky voice.

I made back and forth movements with the staff, and she kept moaning as it became all wet. I made some more circling movements and even put the tip of it in her vagina.

“Stop!” she said.

“Come over!” I demanded.

She came on top of me and my gland tried to find a way through her extremely tight pussy lips. I finally penetrated her, her pussy Antalya Escort was so hot and tight around my rock hard dick.

“Oh… you’re so hard it hurts me!” she said trembling.

She started moving her pussy over my dick wildly. I kissed her and we intertwined our tongues, her piercing caressing my tongue, tickling me. I drove my dick into her deeper and deeper. Her pussy kept clenching my dick tighter and tighter. I could feel her ass tighten through the green latex material, her perfectly round hips made like a sculpture. And I kept penetrating her perfect shape, diminishing the distance between us, driving deeper into her, spurting pre-cum wildly into her flower. I felt my inflated gland driving into her ready to burst.

“Are you gonna come my king?”

“Yes I am!” I said driving my hips madly against hers.

“The king is going to come!” she announced to everyone.

The valet came with an empty cup and she pulled back from my dick with a big effort.

“Hey, I want to come inside you!” I demanded.

“I’m sorry my king, the rules are the rules,” said the valet rigidly.

As she drove my gland into her mouth and sucked avidly I drove my finger in her pussy. The way her pussy sucked on my fingers and the sparks of cold metal on my dick drove me mad. When I felt her first spasm I felt the sperm running through my shaft, she took her head away and pointed my dick towards the glass cup: I dropped my load hard: I spurted on the cup and everyone applauded as seven times sperm filled the cup. The valet passed the cup to my important guests and they each had a taste of my sacred sperm.

“Hail to the king!” they cheered.

The jester kissed my cheek and said softly, “Thanks for that finger my sweet king, I came real good.”

“I felt it,” I said and kissed her mouth and she kissed back passionately.

“Still wish I came inside you,” I said.

“So do I, but it’s against the rules.”

“Fuck the rules! I am the king!”

“Don’t say that again, It might start a riot.”

The women were rejoicing with the taste of my sperm served on the champagne cup, the source of life, as they said. I felt sad as the sweet jester went away, winking at me and blowing me a goodbye kiss.

As the third trumped sounded hard a huge peacock shape appeared at the door. She was splendid. A silhouette like one of a renaissance sculpture, every single of her muscles tense, generous breasts, long dancing legs, her hips were hypnotising and her peacock tail that spread from her ass like a rainbow was a work of art. Her peacock costume was top notch: blue, green, red and shiny with gold sparkles. She started doing the peacock dance, the guests started clapping and cheering: “Peacock, Bigcock!” “Peacock, Kingfuck!”

The peacock feathers soon revealed her brilliant pussy has they spread apart. She was to be my “main course”, and I could tell, a fantastic fuck. Let me correct myself: I would rather say a bombastic fuck. She came straight to me and drove her tits in front of my face. I grabbed her firm breasts, surprised on how hard her nipples were. She turned around and with her ass caressed my dick, so that it got big again up to my belly button. Her tail tingled my face and her ass caressed my shaft up and down, and I was soon begging to penetrate that sweet pussy while I squeezed her rock hard breasts. She was so hard I felt she could break me in two. But my dick was so hard I was up to the job.

To my surprise, she jumped up and went to the middle of the hall, she bent herself and spread her legs apart revealing her pink lips to me, moving her ass cheeks and rotating her huge peacock tail. I felt the urge to stand up and go fuck her right there but I hadn’t moved from my throne in years and it was against the rules. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary. She walked backwards in that position showing her pussy lips, that would touch themselves with each movement letting Antalya Escort Bayan out her juices that would drip on the side of her legs and to the floor. The peacock tail was jingling wildly. I felt an urge to masturbate myself, but I waited entranced.

She finally was right in front of me and with the same movement she sat on my tower and it penetrated such a firm and hot vagina that I thought I was going to come right away. But she clenched her pussy muscles so as to massage my dick and control the pressure. She started pumping on my dick in a way I didn’t know was possible. She wanted to take all my sperm, she wanted to suck me dry, and she kept pumping like a professional love machine.

She had such firm muscles, her pussy clenching my dick violently, making it steel hard, sucking my dick up and down. What a bitch! what a fantastic fuck! Her smile was there all the while, all shiny. Her pussy was the definition of a black hole, of a hole in space and time were you could get lost forever. I felt my gland and shaft gliding through her, rubbing her clitoris, her inflated labia forming my gateway to heaven. To make a sex machine of this calibre come wouldn’t be easy. I started playing with her clitoris and driving into her faster and harder. She gave small sighs “Uh”, “Auh”, “Argh”, “Ouh!”. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore. Her perfectly round buttocks and tense vaginal muscles caused the inevitable. I grabbed her cannonball tits and squashed them as the sperm in my balls went flowing through my cock and into her snatch. She went away so that I squirt out of her, my first load went as high as the candelabrum on the ceiling, the women guests went wild and jumped forward with their mouths wide open to catch my sperm in mid air. The second spurt went right through the hall, and the guests threw themselves forward in order to catch it. With the third squirt the mob got near us since it barely went over miss peacock. The fourth went all over Miss peacock’s body and tail and they jumped onto her, licking her wildly. The 5th a 6th squirts hit the mob on their faces, and the valet had to stop the mob from jumping at me.

“Don’t touch the king!” he screamed spreading his arms to protect me.

However Miss Candy loop came from behind the throne and managed to catch part of my 7th and 8th squirt. But the Gemini twin sisters pushed her back. They simply grabbed my dick and took turns to suck my final two loads. The guard came and took them away.

The magistrate spoke, “They should be condemned to the guillotine for touching the king without permission.”

But I intervened and said: “In my great generosity (I enjoyed their young lips sucking my dick) I grant them my pardon.”

The mob was rolled by the guards except from miss peacock that was on all fours as three women were licking her snatch in order to catch some of my first load, they sucked so avidly, one from below and two on the sides, driving her tongue wildly in her vagina that she was screaming energetically, and then frantically as her excitement reached it’s peak. She screamed loudly and constantly on a high pitch as her juices went out from her vagina like a fountain. Her orgasm was so powerful it soaked the three other girls and I even received a few drips from it on my face. As she collapsed on the floor the guards took her and the three other girls and in no time we were able to end my dinner.

I was getting quite tired after all this action but the fourth trumpet woke me up to introduce my desert: a big white cake with strawberries and chantilly cream came through the door. Miss Strawberries and Cream came out of it all covered in cream. She was all white and sexy, with a certain frailty that touched me. An enthralling music started and she came towards me doing the belly dance. Her hands touched her belly and breasts and her sweet smile seduced me at once. She came right in front of me with her nude body.

“Come Escort Antalya over me!” I said to her.

I went for the strawberry stuck in her belly button, I ate avidly and started licking her belly up to her tits, I munched the strawberries attached to her nipples and then sucked on them; they were real firm and tender. I went up to her neck, and sucked on it, I was starting to get hard again as I felt the taste of Chantilly and her skin. I kissed her on the mouth exchanging cream and saliva with my tongue and told her to stand on my throne. So she did. I started licking her legs slowly and I told her to bend her knees a bit and put her pussy near my face. I immediately went for it.

“Augh!” she exclaimed surprised, “You tickle me!”

I drove my tongue avidly in her pussy and found another strawberry in her vagina. It drove me mad. I munched it and swallowed its sweet juices and drove my tongue up and down her vagina, then I circled around it and started making the letters F. U. C. K over and over again, she started pressing her pussy harder on my face as she moaned harder and harder. I massaged her ass, and felt as if eating a big piece of cake. There was still another strawberry up her asshole; she gave a deep moan as I took it with my mouth. I then sucked on her clit. I was determined to make her come with my mouth, the Chantilly cream running through her vagina tasted so good. She started screaming wildly, she was very sensitive. My dick got rock hard again.

“This time we will be cautious,” said the valet.

He installed a pump on my dick which was connected to dozens of small plastic flexible tubes, each female guest sucked hard on the tip of one of them in order to pump my dick and get some of my sacred sperm.

“This way we shall not waste a drop,” he said satisfied.

I felt my dick being pumped by dozens of people, It felt nice but aggressive. I sucked avidly on her clit, I munched it and I spread her lips apart with my tongue. I found one last strawberry in her and slurped it wildly.

“Oh my king, I’m yours!” she said.

She rubbed her vagina hard against my mouth so that I could barely breath. I felt her muscles clench and her clitoris become rock hard. I rubbed it wildly with my tongue; it palpitated harder and faster until she exploded with a long moan. I felt her muscles relax and she fell over me like a baby. I felt all the pressure on my dick kept coming. I was very hard, but I didn’t know how much sperm I had left. My dick ached a bit.

I was surprised as she grabbed my balls and then started sucking them gently, then avidly. She got completely upside down and put her vagina on my face, each of her legs on one side of my head. I touched her lips softly and she shivered and moaned. She was really sensitive now. When I drove my tongue into her vagina she contracted her muscles as if it was my dick. I started fucking her with my tongue and she started screaming wildly, so wildly that I wondered if she was cuming. All her body was shivering, and chantilly cream was dripping all over. I keep ramming her clit with my tongue.

“I can’t take it anymore!” she screamed as she spurted on my mouth and immediately turned around and sat flat on the tube in my dick rubbing her vagina against it.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed frantically.

I realised I was shooting pre-cum which was instantly swallowed by my guests. Her cum dripped over the tube as she kept going. I grabbed her breasts and massaged them. They seemed to be inflating and deflating wildly as if she was coming again and again. I realised I was coming too and all my sperm went straight to the tubes been swallowed like coke on a straw by my guests. I heard “Ohhhs!” and “Ahhhhs!” of satisfaction. My balls were soon completely empty. And I was so exhausted I just wanted to sleep.

I barely had the strength to blow the candles from my cake as everybody screamed “Happy birthday!” their breaths smelling of my sperm. When you’re a king it’s hard to get some privacy. Still there are some ways: I discretely told my right hand man when we finished dinner, “Tonight I want Miss Orange in my chambers.”

“Sure,” he said, “as long as you use a condom and allow me to drink your sperm.”

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