Kelly Does Cabo

Big Tits

Kelly was bored. It’s hard to imagine a beautiful woman ever being bored. I sometimes fantasize about coming back in my next life as a sexy, hot, intelligent woman. It’s not because I secretly want to be a woman, I’m here now as a man, and I dig it. It’s what was destined to be for this particular trot around the globe. My fantasy stems from the desire to see what it’s like to hold the power a woman holds, the sexual power, amongst others, but sex is the one I’m intrigued with. To me it is fascinating and, from my perspective, much more interesting than a man’s. Women hold the keys to the universe, they are the proverbial flower around which the world rotates. The men are like bees continually seeking out the flower, the flowers, the nectar. The flower just sits there and the bees come to it, everyone going fucking crazy trying to taste and collect the power the flower has to offer. To me that is sexy. I’m not afraid to say it,

“I want to be the flower.”

I don’t understand how the flower could ever get bored. We’ll see what I think after the next lifetime. I’ll write about it.

Anyway, Kelly was somehow bored. She had made some massive changes to her life a couple of years ago foregoing the extreme partying and promiscuity that made up much of her twenties and early thirties. She had been visited by many bees during those early years and not all of them were gracious about it.

Kelly lived in a beach town at the outskirts of a large city in southern California. It’s a well known place. She lived in the same house for many years and still lived there at this point in time. It had been partitioned into apartments. I think there were four. She had “housemates” essentially. Some of them had become part time lovers, some were women with whom she became good friends. Either way the action and opportunity to go and do things was endless and she wasn’t one to miss out. In changing her life she lost some friends. Once the drugs and drinking are gone some folks show their true colors. Some left and then came back into her life later on. She still has some good friends from that time.

At the time this story takes place Kelly was thirty-six. She looked amazing. Her long straight golden-brown hair encased her high cheekbones and greenish blue eyes. Her lips were full, as they still are. Her smile could melt any man. She truly was and is regal. Shaglus, me to be exact, is known to say that Kelly is his dream woman, and that is true. She is perfect. She has an athletic body, her feet are flawless, her breasts beautifully shaped and medium sized, though now they are larger, with plump nipples that become fully erect. Her legs are strong and to this day look as if she’s in her twenties. She turns men’s heads everywhere she goes. She acts the role of a nice girl, and nice she truly is, but if you can get her alone she’s anything but just a nice girl, she’s voracious and playful. She is a very sexual being.

As she sat in her apartment on this particular day exploring the depths of her boredom her phone beeped. She looked at it. An email had just come in. She clicked on it. As it opened she saw the name Wesley Meadow. She was surprised. She hadn’t heard from him in years.

“What could he be writing about?” She thought to herself.

Wesley had been a lover of hers from the past. He had worked for a friend of Kelly’s named Helga who was an architect. At that time Wesley was becoming an architect. Her friend Helga always organized parties and many architects always came. Through the years of this Helga always invited Kelly to these parties, Kelly had met and hooked up with quite a few architects. Wesley, or Wes, as we’ll call him, was one of them. They had seen each other on and off for years. In the beginning it was really fun but as time passed Kelly felt like she had grown up, to a degree,and that Wes was just kind of on repeat. It seemed as though he was living the life his parents, well to do parents, had wanted him to and was not living his life. He started to become hollow. It became unattractive. During this period of realization she also noticed that his armpits would sweat profusely and stain his shirts. Kelly was not put off by sweat, but this predictable and unsightly version of it began to cool her jets, so to speak, in regards to her sexual attraction to Wes.

She read the note:

Hey Kelly! Long time no see. I was thinking about you the other day and as I was this ad for a trip to Cabo came up. For some reason it tripped a wire in my head and made me think it would be great to see you again. I got this little idea that maybe I could take you to Cabo and we could spend a few days there together. Now I know we’ve had a relationship for many years, on and off, and it was a sexual relationship. I just want you to know that I’m not just trying to get laid, but that the thought of seeing you really got me excited… Not in that way… Well, maybe a little. But there will be no pressure, just friends and we can go from there. I can maybe play a little golf and you can see the sights and get in the sea. We can have a few dinners and just see where it all goes. I hope this isn’t shocking. almanbahis adresi I could use a vacation as my life has become pretty much just work. My Dad is always pushing for me to achieve higher goals. You know how that goes. Anyway, let me know what you think. I miss you. I miss the fun we used to have.



Kelly really didn’t know what to think. She had recently been pondering whether she should buckle down and get a serious boyfriend as opposed to the hook up friends she currently had. The excitement of being invited on a trip shone a sweet glow on Wes. “How sweet of him!” She thought to herself. And then she thought, “Is it he who is sweet, or is it the idea of Mexico that is sweet?” As of right now, well right then, she could care less and in this way it blinded her to all the little things that had become annoying and unattractive about him. Could she see herself settling in with Wes? In all her time living in her apartment she had never had a live in boyfriend. The only man she lived with for a spell was her asshole Icelandic husband whom she married so he could live in the country. She had divorced him only after a short go at matrimony. She was craving stability, cultural normalcy, someone to rely on. She thought it over. Was this a sign? She was superstitious. How could this not be a sign? She began to mull over all the good things about Wes. He was attractive. He was a little taller than her, she was five foot nine and he was probably five foot ten. He was in decent shape though she hadn’t seen him in a while and who knows what office life had done to him. He was nice if not a bit beige. He had some money and at points in the past the sex was decent. His cock wasn’t the biggest she had seen but it got hard and she knew what to do with a hard penis. She began to get excited about the idea. It broke the boredom. She wrote back:

Hey Wesley! Wow, so wild to hear from you. I was just sitting here bored when your note came. It broke the boredom. I can’t promise you anything but it would be fun to go to Cabo and see where it leads. We had some nice times in the past, it would feel good to reconnect and who knows? I’m game. I love Mexico. I’m stoked you thought of me. It got me thinking of you. Let’s do it and see what happens. Like I said, I can’t promise anything but we’ll never know if we never go! Can’t wait. My schedule is free. Arrange it and I’ll meet you on the plane, or in Cabo, whichever is easier.

XOXO Kelly

Kelly knew that she would have sex with him as soon as she wrote the note. She never could resist even when she knew it probably wasn’t for the best. She wrote what she did just because it quieted the voices in her head that were against her going and, deep down, against her doing it with Wesley again. “It’ll be fun.” She thought.

His note back to her was elated, almost giddy and she had to admit it was a little annoying. His tendency to act and talk as if it were his father speaking was tough to swallow. It wasn’t manly or attractive. She did her best to ignore it. It was just a little trip. She could get laid, have some dinners, stay in a hotel on the beach. She loved hotels. She loved sex in hotels. She always said that traveling was the best time to have sex as everything that happens there stays there, you don’t bring it home. It was easy. Once again, it must be nice being a flower.

A few days later Wes sent her an itinerary. She would meet him on the plane Saturday, today was Wednesday, and they would go from there. The resort Wes had chosen was right on the beach front in Cabo San Lucas. She had never been there before. It looked somewhat fancy. They would be staying three nights and all of her expenses were being paid. What could be better? She began packing the next day in her own meticulous, organized fashion. She packed her bikini, her sexiest underwear, her razor, a couple of sun dresses, some tops and a skirt or two. She loved packing. She savored the thoughts of being on vacation in a few days and even the potential romance with an old flame.

“Maybe he’s different now?” She thought to herself. “Even if he isn’t he is still a really nice guy whom I’ve known for a long time. It’ll be fun.” She thought excitedly.

Saturday came and Kelly had made her way to the airport. She was dressed in white shorts and a loose cotton tank top that showed off her belly and arms. At this point in her life she still wore make up and shaved her legs and armpits. She also trimmed her beautiful little flower. She had sunglasses on. Wes’ plane had arrived on time, he lived up north, and she was to get on to the same plane. Wes had made sure they were seated together. As the gate opened to board passengers she made her way down the walkway. Once inside the plane she saw Wes rise out his seat and wave to her.

“Oh my God, his arm pits are sweating.” She said to herself.

She couldn’t believe that would be the first thing she saw of him. He beamed and called to her. She made her way down the aisle. He rose up and they embraced.

“It’s so good to see you Kelly! You look better than I remember and the memory is great. almanbahis adres Wow, you’ve only gotten more beautiful!” He said

As he hugged her she felt the wetness under his arms on her shoulder.

“Oh, sorry about that.” He said. “It was hot as hell in here on the flight down. Hopefully they’ll dial in the air conditioner once we’re airborne.”

He wiped her shoulder off with a napkin.

“Oh, that’s okay. I understand.” Kelly replied. “It’s really nice to see you too. You look great as well. Have you been smoking?”

Kelly had noticed the strong odor of tobacco, like a cigar, on him. Kelly had quit smoking a few years back.

“Oh, you know, I enjoyed a cigar at the airport. Me and my golfing buddies are into cigars these days. I try to smoke a few a week. I thought a pre-flight stogie in the smoking lounge with a little brandy would be good to calm the nerves.” He retorted.

Kelly was a little put off by it. It wasn’t even the odor, really, it was more that it didn’t seem in line with his character. Smoking cigars was big right now in business culture and she just found it a little cliche and strange. It seemed forced. She was also a little put off by his outfit. He looked like he walked out of an LL Bean catalogue, like a fifty year old Floridian businessman on vacation. He didn’t used to dress like that. She assumed it was all due to the corporate architecture firm he worked for. She blew it all off and sat down.

“I’m excited to be going to Mexico. A week ago I had no idea this would be happening and then boom I got your email. Thanks for the thrill. It should be fun.” Kelly said.

“Ya, I thought it’d be good for us to reconnect and take a little trip together. I always felt bad that we never went further, you know, became boyfriend and girlfriend, like officially. Do you know what I mean? We never became “serious” and when I look back I feel like I missed a real opportunity. You are so much fun and you’re so beautiful. I really miss those easy early days with you.” He said longingly.

“Oh, ya, I mean we did have fun. I guess I’ve thought of that a few times too, it’s part of why I’m here, to see if there is something between us. I’ve been craving a more stable life, but who knows, we don’t want to put undue pressure on ourselves. Let’s just see where things go. We’ve known each other for a long time. Let’s enjoy the trip and we’ll find out what’s to come. And, by the way, thanks again for taking me!!” She said.

The flight was smooth and quick, only about an hour and a quarter or so. The talk was pleasant enough with Wes, mainly just reminiscing. When they stepped off the plane it was hot and Wes began to sweat again. Kelly noticed but made sure not to stare. They got a cab that took them from San Jose del Cabo, where the airport is, to Cabo san Lucas.

They arrived at the resort. It was nice if not a bit typical, even somewhat corny, but generally well done. The lobby had high ceilings and was full of tropical plants and some cacti. Everything was made from wood and it all had a beach “palapa” feeling. Wes checked in and got their keys. Their room was on the third floor and would be facing the sea and overlooking the three pools. When they got to the room Kelly noticed there was only one king sized bed. She looked at Wes.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry about the bed situation. They were out of double queen rooms so I just went ahead and got this one. Depending on how things go I’m happy to sleep on the floor if need be. I don’t mind at all. It’s a pretty room, though, don’t you think?” He stammered.

Kelly was a little taken a back regarding the bed situation. She knew before they came that she would most likely be having sex with him, she was horny and it would seem stupid to not have a little fun. She was a little disappointed though in his somewhat “wormy” way of going about things.

“Yeah, Wes. I guess it would’ve been nice to have the option. Oh, well. We can figure it out. Seems we might as well unpack and then stroll around and see the place, maybe go to the pool and have a drink. The afternoon is getting on, soon the sun will set. It’d be fun to get a beverage and then maybe some dinner. We can catch up some more. You can tell me about your life up north and I can tell you about mine. It has been a long time.”

With that said they unpacked. Kelly didn’t change her clothes and neither did Wes. She thought they were an odd sort of couple with him being so “Land’s End-ish” and her being more colorful and loose. At this point he wasn’t what she considered to be the type of man she would be deeply involved with. He had lost some of his youthful vigor and had adopted the culture of his work and business life. She never saw herself with a golfer for a partner. Wes seemed just that, a typical golfer.

They left their room and made their way to a little palm frond bar by the pool. He ordered a gin and tonic and she got herself a margarita with salt on the rim, on the rocks. It tasted good. There were quite a few people around, mainly in swimsuits. She had seen a few handsome men there but it was a pretty common tourist crowd, kind almanbahis adresi of beige as well. A few men had taken notice of her. Wes had noticed and said,

“Seems you still turn the heads like you used to. I always felt proud when I was with you, like I had something unique and interesting as well as sexy.”

“Aw,” she replied, “that’s so sweet of you to say. I’ve always thought you were handsome as well though our surroundings were different back then. It’s so wild to be here at a resort. People on vacation are an interesting breed. It’s weird that in our culture people need to leave their lives, to vacate their lives, to do stuff like this. I mean it’s fun, but it is weird.”

Wes nodded but didn’t seem to really listen. They continued chatting somewhat shallowly about life. They told of people they had been with, of work, of how times were changing and that it was a trip to be getting older. They then went to dinner at a little place in town. The food was decent. Kelly had a steak with rice and beans and Wes ordered a plate of chicken enchiladas. They ate and drank. They were both becoming a little drunk.

“Why don’t I pay the tab and let’s head back to the room.” Wes said. “It’s been a long day and I have a somewhat early tee time tomorrow. They’ve got great courses down here. I’m excited to play. Just so happens one of my father’s business partners is in town and he invited me. You can do whatever you like tomorrow. I should be done by noon. We can have lunch and maybe go to the beach if you’re into it. Does that sound good?”

Kelly was a little dismayed but played everything cool. A tee time? Was this a golf trip or were they here to spend time and check each other out? She couldn’t help but feel that just maybe she was serving as arm candy for Wes. It didn’t seem like his style, as far as she could remember, but she was getting the impression that he was moving further and further from his true self and turning into some type of corporate zombie, just following the trail guide to life made by Citibank. She was definitely horny as she hadn’t had sex in a couple of weeks but she had to admit the way he was acting wasn’t really turning her on.

“Okay.” She said. “I guess I’ll just take tomorrow as it comes. I’m a bit buzzed and full! It’d be nice to go to bed early and get some sleep. I have to pee. You can pay the bill and then we’ll go. Sound good?”

Wes nodded and sipped his drink. She went to pee. As she walked to the bathroom she noticed one of the waiters give her a smile and a nod. He was a handsome Mexican man. She smiled back at him. The exchange gave her a little jolt in her groin. She felt herself get a little wet.

When she came back out Wes met her in the middle of the restaurant and they walked out together. It took about fifteen minutes to walk to the hotel. Once inside they made their way up to the room. Wes opened the door and they moved into the air conditioned abode. It was cold. Kelly turned the dial up a bit so as not to freeze.

“Well,” said Wes, “I guess this is the moment of truth. Shall I set up a bed on the floor.”

Kelly didn’t really like the way he phrased it, lumping it all on her. Her pussy was still a little bit wet from the glance of the waiter. She had been thinking of him on the walk home.

“No.” She said. “That would be ridiculous. You’ve paid for the room, it’s your room really. We can both sleep in the bed. We’ll see how it is.”

With that she took off her clothes. She looked fabulous. Her nipples were slightly erect and her body was tan. She turned herself around twice and said,

“How do I look?”

Wes was enthralled.

“You look amazing Kelly. You’ve always looked amazing. It’s so nice to have you here.”

With that said Kelly approached Wes. She kissed his mouth. She put her tongue into it. He responded and pushed his back into her mouth. She undid his button up Polo shirt and pulled it off of him, the sweat stains in the armpits were visible but in her intoxicated state she ignored it. He still looked good. He had a little bit of a spare tire from the corporate grind, but he was still muscular, his youth had not disappeared altogether. She licked his small nipple and kissed him again. Then she reached to his cargo shorts and undid his belt and then the buttons. They fell to the floor. He stood in his white briefs, his cock was beginning to stiffen. She felt it through the fabric and licked his nipple again. She then lowered to her knees and pulled the elastic waist outward revealing his growing penis. She pulled them down and it sprang out.

“I remember him!” She exclaimed.

And remember him she did. She had sex with him many times in their past. He had a decent cock, it was about six inches long and wasn’t too skinny. It wasn’t incredibly unique but it did get hard and she had fun with it when they were younger. She felt a comfort in recognizing it, in knowing it, a familiarity that seemed sweet to her. She took it in her hand and began to stroke it. It got firmer as she did. She squeezed it and then took him into her mouth. The taste of him was strangely unfamiliar to her. Not like she remembered. It wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t intoxicating. She was nonetheless intrigued and turned on. She thought of the Mexican waiter as she took him deeper into her mouth. Her motions quickened and she made small slurping sounds as she sucked it. He began to moan.

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