Katherine Takes Control Ch. 02


Katherine Takes Control Chapter 2

In which Katherine introduces Robert into their lives…..

After nearly eight years of marriage Katherine had taken charge of their domestic life. John became comfortable with his position as a ‘house husband’ and particularly looked forward to, and, surprisingly, enjoyed, the punishments that Katherine had recently decided upon to correct shoddy work. John was apprehensive about the pending visit of Robert, who worked for his wife and who Katherine had arranged to come to their home to make a professional assessment on the way the home was run. But this is what Katherine wanted so, after mild dissension, he had accepted it. He spent five days preparing for Robert’s planned visit.

Robert arrived at exactly 9.00 am as planned. He was a tall, well built, self assured guy with broad shoulders, a likeable face and a mass of untidy dark hair on his head. He was rugged looking, clean shaven and attractive. He was about fifty years old, was dressed in a business suit and carried a briefcase.

John showed him into the sitting room where Robert retrieved a notebook from his briefcase. He told John that he would get on with the assessment but would be grateful for a coffee. It seemed somewhat arrogant of Robert to demand a coffee before it was offered to him, however John proceeded to the kitchen to prepare it. Shortly, Robert joined him and John gave him his coffee. “The sitting room and dining room were quick to assess,” he told John. “And I am glad to tell you that they have got 5 marks each. Did Katherine explain the marking system?”

“Yes, she told me that you would grade between one and five with five as the best.” John was rather pleased with the scores so far. Those hours spent cleaning the house had paid off. Perhaps this visit would not be as much of a problem as he had anticipated.

“The kitchen will take a bit longer as I need to inspect general cleanliness as well as food hygiene and all the electrical appliances. Let’s start with the fridge.” He took a good look around the fridge and as he did so he made various notes. John watched as he inspected the freezer, cooker and other appliances. When asked, John pointed out the waste food bin and other items. John sensed that the kitchen inspection was not going as well as that of the previous rooms.

When Robert had finished he asked him how it had gone.

“Well the fridge has some old food in it so that has scored two. The waste disposal has not been properly cleaned for sometime so that scored one. Other appliances were not too bad but the overall kitchen score for cleanliness is two.”

“What do those scores mean?” John asked.

“In our business world a ‘one’ is unsatisfactory merits a revision of the contract. ‘Two’ indicates a facility is not up to the standard required and merits a discussion and a small penalty charge.” As this was explained John was wondering how Katherine would interpret ‘penalty’. This could be interesting, he thought. His cock stiffened. Robert continued: “I need to look at the rooms upstairs now.” Together they left the kitchen and went up the stairs. Robert asked which room was their bedroom. John showed him. He was somewhat embarrassed as he felt that their room should be out of bounds to strangers. Robert started opening drawers and looking inside them.

“I regret that the cupboards and drawers are personal and I don’t want you looking in them.” John told him purposely.

“I understood from Katherine that I was to undertake a full inspection,” he replied.

“Well I don’t think that she meant for you to look into our personal possessions.”

“We better clarify that with Katherine.” As he said this he took out his mobile phone and dialled “Hi Katherine it’s Robert” There was a pause. “Oh yes it is all going well. A few minor problems with the kitchen but otherwise OK so far.” There was another pause while she replied. “Well we are upstairs now and John tells me that I should not inspect the main bedroom.”

After listening to the reply he handed the phone to John. “She wants to speak to you.”

“What’s up darling?” she asked.

John explained that he didn’t think that Robert should be going into their personal stuff in the bedroom.

“Darling, Robert is a professional assessor. To do a proper assessment he needs full access. Let him get on with his job.”

“Full access?” John asked.

“Full access,” she repeated angrily. Little did he realise at the time how those two words were going to come back and haunt him later.

He didn’t think that it was worth arguing however, as he knew that if he did she would undermine him.

“Put Robert back on.”

John handed the phone back to Robert.

“Yes, very well Katherine. My report will be with you by Friday evening. Yes, I will certainly

include a recommendation on possible remedies.”

He cut the call and looked at John with a smug smile on his face. “OK,” John said dejectedly, demetevler escort “You can have full access.”

“Good.” It was not long before John saw Robert handling Katherine’s bras, panties and other intimate clothing. Robert held up a pair of light blue lace, see through French knickers with its matching bra. “Nice.” Robert said. “I would love to see Katherine filling these.” Robert had touched a raw nerve. Not only was John shocked to hear another man speak about his wife in this manner but he had lovingly given the sexy lingerie to Katherine on her last birthday.

John was embarrassed seeing Robert touching her intimate clothing; but he also found it erotic. Robert was handling the sexy bra and panties that Katherine had recently worn. He imagined Katherine wearing the lingerie and parading in front of Robert, or perhaps in front of them both.

His thoughts were cut short by Robert. “Where is the laundry basket?”

John pointed it out to him. He looked inside. He extracted a pair of Katherine’s panties.

God this is embarrassing. Robert put down his notebook and studied the panties with both hands turning them inside out. He looked at John, showing them to him. There was a distinct stain in the gusset. He returned them to the basket without saying a word.

Robert sat down on the bed.

“Katherine asked me to look at remedies for shortcomings,” he told John.

“I don’t understand.” John replied.

“Well there must be penalties for low scores. With a commercial organisation it would result in a financial penalty or, in the worst case, a suspension of contract. But we need to work out a suitable penalty for a domestic situation.”

John wondered where this was leading. “Well I am sure that Katherine and I can sort something out.”

“Well, Katherine asked my advice.” He paused again looking at John. “Tell me, John. Does Katherine discipline you?”

John took a sudden breath. His heart thumped and his cock twitched again. It was hardening again. He was highly embarrassed. Butterflies were running riot in his stomach. He liked Robert. He was a manly type who would not stand for any nonsense. John admired this and felt slightly under his spell, even though he resented the question.

“Well does she?” Robert repeated.

What right did this man have to ask such a personal question? He was reluctant to answer, but he knew that Katherine, if she was here, would demand a reply. His knees felt weak and he held on to the door for support. He cleared his throat. “Er…. Yes.”

“What does she use?”

God how embarrassing! John squirmed. He looked up from the floor “Well that hair brush mostly,” John told him pointing to the hair brush on Katherine’s dressing table.

Robert picked up the hairbrush and struck his hand with it. “Well a hair brush is for children. Anything else, John?” After a moment’s silence he asked again. “Does she ever use anything else on you? “

“Yes, more recently she has used a riding crop.”

“Get the crop.”

John seemed to have fallen under Robert’s spell as he turned, opened the wardrobe and reached for the crop.

John handed it to Robert. “Oh yes,” he said. “That’s more like it.”

He swished it through the air. “How many times has she used this on you?”

“Er… only once.”

“Only once.” Robert swished the crop through the air. “And how many strokes did she give you?” he asked.


“Only twelve?”


“On the bare?”

God this was embarrassing. “Yes, on the bare.”

“Did it leave marks?”

“Yes, They lasted about two weeks.”

Robert handed the crop to John who returned it to the top shelf of the wardrobe.

They returned downstairs to the sitting room where Robert packed his brief case and got up to leave. He told John that he would pass his report to Katherine on Friday.

John wondered what it was that Katherine saw in Robert. He could understand that Robert was a domineering figure, if that is what she wanted. Perhaps she saw nothing in him and it was just fantasy on his part when he imagined some sort of sexual attraction between his wife and this older man who had asked some very personal questions.


That evening after supper as John and Katherine relaxed on the sofa she asked him how the assessment with Robert had gone. John explained that it had seemed to go well although there were some shortfalls.

“That was all a bit unnecessary for you to try and deny him access upstairs.” She told him.

“Well I wasn’t happy with him rummaging through our personal things.”


“Well, for example, I was not happy when he took out the French knickers and bra which I had given you for your birthday and inspected them. He said that he would like to see you fill them.” He didn’t mention that Robert had also handled her dirty knickers.

Her hand went to her throat and she took a deep intake of breath. Her voice wavered as dikmen escort she replied: “OK, so he has a slight fetish. You would have done the same had the boot been on the other foot. Don’t worry about it.” She leaned over and kissed him. “Anything else?”

“I think that he knew that you had beaten me. He wanted to see the crop.”

“Oh my! My goodness! Did you show it to him?”


She tapped his knee. “Wow. My, my! Good boy,” she told him. “That was very good of you. Did he want any details?”

“Yes, I told him that you had given me twelve strokes on the bare bottom.”

Katherine grabbed John’s penis and gave it a squeeze. “Oh, that is such a good boy admitting that. That is so brave of you. I am so proud of you.”

John could not understand why; but Katherine immediately kissed him hard on the lips. She was still breathing hard as she gripped his cock harder.


On Friday afternoon Katherine phoned John at the library.

“Darling, Robert has finished his report and needs to discuss it with me. I would like you to be there so be a dear and get some wine out so he can come around this evening and tell us about it.”

John clocked off work and spent the next couple of hours going out to purchase some canapés and going home to prepare glasses and plates. He opened a good red Pinot Noir and put a couple of white wine bottles in the fridge. All was ready when Katherine arrived home as normal at 6.00pm.

“He said that he should be here in the next half hour. I need to freshen up.” With that she ran up the stairs to the bedroom.

John remained downstairs. The door bell rang and he answered it letting Robert in.

Robert was still in his office suit and was carrying a folder. They politely shook hands and John showed him into the sitting room. He offered Robert a glass of wine. He replied that his preference would be a whisky with ice. John left the room to fix the drink, taking the time to fix himself a glass of red wine. John took the drinks through to the sitting room and saw that Robert had chosen to sit on the sofa. He had put the folder on the coffee table in front of him. John offered him some canapés and he remarked on how good they were. “Is Katherine here? He asked.

“Yes, she just got in before you and is freshening up.”

“Well we can’t start without her.” They took a further sip of their drinks in silence.

Katherine appeared at the door. She had taken off her office clothes and was now in a loose sleeveless white shirt that buttoned down the front and a pair of light baggy lounge cotton trousers; almost like pyjamas. Her high heels were replaced by comfortable flat shoes. Her hair was down and she looked radiant. Both men stood as she entered.

“Darling, I will have a gin and tonic.” She moved into the room, took a couple of canapés, sat beside Robert on the sofa and struck up a conversation with him while John attended to her drink. When John returned they were chatting happily and laughing. As she laughed her hand rested on Robert’s knee. But it was only momentarily. Just a gesture of friendship, John thought.

“Well let’s get on with this report.” She turned to Robert: “How has my husband been looking after the home Robert?” John sat on a chair opposite them.

“Well it all looks quite good. I can see that there has been a lot of hard work making this a comfortable well looked after domestic residence. I have seen many worse.”

Katherine looked at John. “Well done, darling. Praise indeed.” John was delighted.

“Now just give us the bad bits, Robert. Don’t worry about the good bits I can read about those later,” she told Robert.

“Well the fridge, freezer, cooker, dishwasher and general cleanliness of the kitchen were not up to standard. I awarded these respectively: 1, 2, 1, 2 and 2.”

“Oh dear.” She looked at John and took a large swig from her G&T. “Anything else?” She asked as she nursed her drink.

“Yes, well I was not impressed with the way your clothes had just been bundled into your drawers. They were not neatly put away as they should have been.”

“Oh!. Was clothing graded?”

“Not the actual clothing but the tidiness of the drawers and cupboards. I gave it 1 and another 1 for the dirty clothes left in the laundry basket.”

“Oh, dear. Another two ‘ones’.” She looked at John raising her eyebrows. “What do you think, darling?”

John’s throat was constricted. He had to clear it before he could speak. “It is not really fair to compare my work in this house with commercial practice. This is a home not an office block with a contract.”

“But darling, you know that I value Robert’s views and that is why I asked him to make this assessment. Now, do you dispute any of Robert’s findings?”

John knew that he was not going to get anywhere with this. Best to admit it and move on, he thought.

“No, I agree his findings. Perhaps there are areas where I have not been sufficiently vigilant.” elvankent escort John said thoughtfully.

“Let’s have another drink while we think about this.” Katherine said.

John got up and took the glasses to the kitchen where he replenished them. He was confused where this was going. What was the purpose of all this other than to humiliate him? He had welcomed her recent dominance and even the punishments, but that was a private matter between the two of them. What was this guy doing in their home casting judgement?

When he returned with the drinks Katherine and Robert were in deep conversation. John noticed that her hand was on his knee again.

John passed the drinks to them. “Darling, I have asked Robert to give us the benefit of his experience by telling us how he thinks we should proceed. Is that alright?”

Before John answered Robert got up and said that he wanted to use the loo. He knew the geography of the house and headed out of the room. John sat down opposite Katherine.

“Well, I don’t see where this is going. Robert has given his report and I accept that. What more is there to say?” He asked her.

She took his hands in hers over the coffee table which was between them.

“Well we now need to remedy the faults, don’t you think?”

“Well I suppose so. But I can sort out the matters he has brought to our attention.”

“Darling,” she got up and stood beside him. She placed his hand on her breast and sighed deeply. “I think that Robert is going to suggest some form of punishment for the various problem areas. I have asked him to recommend suitable penalties.” John’s cock reacted positively at the thought of chastisement.

“Oh, no. That would be between us. Why should he get involved?”

“Because I welcome his advice.”

“Is there something going on between the two of you?”

She looked him in the eye and sighed. Just then Robert returned to the room allowing no time for her to respond.

John felt defeated. He had lost control of the conversation. His cock was slowly expanding and he was getting warm feelings on his buttocks as he thought of the way this was going. Secretly he admired Robert, even liked him, but he wasn’t going to tell either of them. It seemed obvious to him that this situation was going to lead to some from of punishment. ‘Corporal punishment….’ he pondered. ‘Oh God….’ His heart was racing even faster.

Robert and Katherine resumed their seats on the sofa. John remained standing in front of them. They both took a drink. Katherine was studying John.

“Let’s move on,” she said.

Robert referred to his notes and spoke in a serious manner. “In the commercial environment a score of ‘two’ would be “unsatisfactory” and a score of ‘one’ could lead to a possible revision of contract. So we need to consider similar consequences. John has already told me how you have subjected him to corporal punishment in the past.” He looked at Katherine.

She smiled and took a deep breath. “Yes, that’s right.” She said. John’s cock twitched.

Robert continued: “I told him that your hairbrush was not a suitable punishment instrument for a man and I was gad to hear that you have introduced the crop.” Katherine was now breathing hard as she looked across at John.

Robert paused before continuing: “So for each score of ‘two’ I suggest six strokes of the crop and abstention from sexual relief for a week.”

Katherine looked at John. “Well that seems very fair don’t you think darling.”

John was beginning to loose his nerve. There was a comforting feeling in his pants as his cock expanded. He knew that he could not influence this. But did he welcome it? He was confused. He had enjoyed it last time she had beaten him. “Yes,” he croaked.

“Good. Carry on, Robert.”

Robert took a drink from his glass then put it down on the table. “Well a score of ‘one’ is significantly more serious so I suggest that in a domestic scenario it would be justified to award a caning with a proper punishment cane.”

Katherine’s hand went to Robert’s thigh. She looked at her husband. “Oh!” she exclaimed. John’s cock was as hard as it could get straining the confines of his trousers.

Robert continued: ” A score of one would merit twelve strokes of the cane and abstention from sexual relief for him for two weeks.” Both Katherine and John gasped. God, he really could not……. he touched his cock. It was close to bursting.

Katherine saw him. Her hand went to her mouth. “Oh, my goodness.” When her hand returned to her lap John saw her fingers grip the crotch of her trousers. The hand moved slowly in a caress. She was turned on by the thought of him being caned.

John was aware that Katherine would get aroused when corporal punishment was on the agenda. Clearly the conversation with Robert was exciting her sexually. John’s stomach churned. His heart was pounding.

She paused and, as an after thought, as if in a dream, she looked at John and asked: “Could we take that. Darling?” She was agitated. One of her hands was moving back and forth along Robert’s thigh. She was rubbing it fiercely in an aggressive way while her other hand continued its stroking of her own crotch.

There was silence in the room except for the heavy breathing. John’s stomach turned. But his cock remained hard. It moved again. He was bursting to come.

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