Kate’s Heavenly Hell Ch. 06


If you aren’t into chastity stories, please don’t read, and don’t leave dumb comments.

If you have read the previous chapters, you know how I have been locked in chastity for 5 weeks, and desperately need out.


I waited until Kate had completely removed the high security metal cage from my cock before I took the blue Viagra pill. I really couldn’t believe it; after 5 long weeks of constant sexual stimulation, with my cock locked in a steal prison, I was finally free! And to top it off, I was finally going to have a proper threesome with the two most beautiful women I knew.

Kate looked up at me “we said you could finally have Alexa, but I get to have you first.”

“Fine with me. Kate I have missed feeling you pussy so much, I am happy with that. And having Alexa will be the best ‘dessert’ ever!”

Kate stayed on her knees, and started gently stroking my cock and rolling my balls around in her hands. The sight of her sexy manicured nails wrapping around by hardening shaft for the first time in five excruciating weeks was overwhelming. Alexa must have moved behind me, she now had her stocking clad legs wrapped around my wast, with her breasts pressed up against my back, she used one hand to rub my chest and pinching my nipples, while the other joined Kate stroking my now rock hard cock.

After having been kept in a chastity cage for 5 weeks, I thought I was going to cum in seconds; but I should have known better than to worry about that. Not with these two girls. After bringing me to the edge of orgasm and keeping me riding that edge for a few minutes, Alexa moved over, and Kate pushed me onto my back. Alexa mounted my chest, and made a big show of stripping out of her tight button up shirt.

As Alexa slowly reveled the sexy half cup corset she had on underneath, Kate resumed her assault on my cock. I took in the amazing view of Alexa’s tight body and amazing nipples the corset was putting on display, Kate took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking, and using her tongue, twirling it around the head of my desperate cock.

Once Kate sensed I was getting close to cumming, she released my cock. Alexa slid up my chest and moved her pussy close to my mouth. As I eagerly tried to reach her beautiful slit with my tongue, she kept it just out of reach, teasing me. She slowly moved closer and closer till she finally let me have her. As I started to suck on her sweet lips, Kate lowered her pussy onto my cock.

Kate didn’t move, knowing it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. Kate reached around Alexa and held her two amazing titties. Kate’s sexy nails seemed to frame and highlight the perfection of Alexa’s breasts. Kate started to pinch and pull Alexa’s nipples. I kept working on Alexa’s pussy, licking her slit, sucking her clit, and nibbling on her lips. Alexa was getting close to cumming.

Even without moving, Kate’s pussy had me on the edge of cumming. She could feel my cock growing Beylikdüzü escort and knew I was about to cum, so quickly lifted her pussy off my cock.

“You know, we aren’t going to let you cum until we both have first.” Kate said.

Alexa looked like she was about to cum, but trying to hold off a little longer. “We should have our fill, then lock him back up” she hissed. With that Alexa burst, her orgasm was so explosive I thought she might have a stroke. Although I didn’t think it was possible, the thought that they could tease me all night, then just lock me back up made my cock grow even harder.

“Alexa, you are a cruel bitch, you know that right” Kate joked. I’m not sure Alexa heard her though. She seemed like she was on another planet post orgasm. “Well, I think it is my turn.”

Kate moved into her favorite 68 position, but this time, my cock was free. Knowing I wasn’t going to get any relief until I could make Kate cum, I got to work. I started by sucking her pussy lips, then started licking her clit. Kate was stroking my cock, and again had me on the edge in no time. Alexa must have come back from her post orgasm coma. She got down between my legs, and started sucking my balls into her mouth. This was almost too much. Infact, for Kate, it was too much. Seeing my so close, so stimulated, but not quite able to cum, Kate couldn’t hold back any longer. Kate screamed out her pleasure. “Oh God…Fuck…Baby…So FUCKING Good…”

Finally, when she had come down, she got up. “Baby, are you ready? After 5 long weeks of chastity, and a hour and a half of teasing, it is finally time!”

“God yes. Please, let me fuck you!” I grabbed Kate, bent her over, and rammed my cock into her pussy doggy style. After all the teasing, I could only last for a few strokes. I pounded her pussy hard for several strokes, then harder as I started to cum. And cum, and cum. I think my orgasm lasted for ever. As usually, it also brought Kate to an earth crashing orgasm.

As we fell down onto the bed, me on top of her back, my cock still firmly in her pussy, I heard Alexa, “Wow. That was so hot!”

There was so much cum, Kate went to the en suite to clean up. Thanks to the pill I had taken, my cock stayed hard. Alexa was gracious enough to allow me to recover from my intense orgasm, but mounted my cock as soon as I appeared coherent. She started cow girl, but then when Kate came back into the room, switched to reverse cow girl. This allowed the two girls some intimate time together. They started kissing, then as they whispered quietly to each other, they started fondling each others breasts.

Wanting to be helpful, I undid Alexa’s corset, then I started grabbing her ass. After a minute, I licked my finger and pressed it into her rear hole. Alexa gasped and started grinding her pussy onto my cock harder. Kate was getting hot again, and started to rub her own clit. Alexa added her had fingers to help while Beylikdüzü escort using her other hand to massage my balls. Alexa was getting close, which had me almost ready to cum again. Almost like some magical moment, all three of us orgasmed at the same time for the first time. Alexa fell backwards onto me, my head almost exploded, and Kate fell over onto the bed.

For a few minutes we all lay there in a ball of naked post sex bliss. The Viagra was doing it’s job though, and my cock stayed hard. Once the girls recovered, they worked together licking and sucking my cock. It was the first time I have ever had a double BJ.

We continued our threesome late into the night. I had two more orgasms, while Kate and Alexa had several more than that. We finally fell asleep around 2:00 in the morning.

I woke up feeling rather groggy. Then I remembered what had happened the night before. My cock started to swell.

Suddenly, I felt the familiar restriction of the cock cage.

I looked around, and neither of the girls were in bed. “Kate! Kate!”

Kate came out of the en suite, “What is it baby? Wasn’t last nigh amazing?”

“Well yes, but what is with the cage? After 5 long week I just go it off!” My cock was now straining against the cage, trying to get hard. “And where is Alexa?”

“Oh, after Alexa and I had a quicky downstairs, she left. Part of her deal to make up with Jen and get the key to your little cage back was that Alexa promised to take Jen on a romantic two week vacation.”

“Ok, whatever… But what is with the cage then?”

“Umm, you do remember agreeing that if you go to have sex with Alexa, I could keep you locked in a chastity cage all the time, right?”

“Fuck! I forgot. Your not serious are you?”

“Oh yes! I am very serious. Why do you think I was able to get over my jealousy. After all this time of not letting you fuck Alexa, this is the only way that I could let go and allow it.”

“Well, you will let me out for sex right? It’s just to insure you don’t need to worry about me messing around on you right?”

“Yes. Of course. Only…I don’t have the key.” My jaw dropped! “Don’t look so sad. Alexa promised to keep good care of it.”

“Oh my god! I can’t believe this!”

“Baby, all this talk has me horny as hell. Think you could help me out before you get ready for work?”

Kate always did get off on not being able to let me out of my prison. “You know, if I had the key, I would love to feel your hard cock in my pussy like last night!…I guess I’ll make due with your tongue”

As I eagerly licked her to a morning orgasm, my cock felt like it was going to burst out of its cage!

Two weeks? I had survived 5 weeks, I could survive 2. Then I could fuck Alexa again! Ok, I could do this; I think.

It was a long two weeks. Kate was a nonstop sex maniac. My chastity predicament kept her horny all the time. She must have averaged 4 Escort Beylikdüzü orgasms a day, every day. Meanwhile, my trapped cock got none. It did get a lot of teasing though. Kate made sure to not ignore me. She gave frequently massaged my balls, played with my nipples and gave me chastity blow jobs. My balls were constantly aching. But I just kept reminding myself of the impending threesome we would have when Alexa returned.

Finally, Friday arrived. Alexa had returned from her trip and came over; she was wearing the key on a necklace.

Alexa didn’t seem herself. She seemed a little on edge. After we had a light dinner, we all headed up stairs. While Kate and I were excited, Alexa appeared to be getting quite nervous.

After we started messing around a bit, Kate was going to get the key to unlock me. Alexa grabbed her hands, “there is something I need to tell you first!” She hesitated. “Maybe it is easyer to show you.” Alexa undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“Oh my god!” Kate exclaimed. “What is that?”

“Is that a female chastity belt?” I asked. “Why are you wearing that?”

“Oh this is too good!” Kate burst out. “The two sexiest people, and I have them both locked up.”

Alexa started to explain how, as punishment for breaking up with her, Jen had locked her in the belt during their vacation. Jen had tormented Alexa and her new chastity boy for the two weeks. “She says she won’t unlock me until I give 10 people orgasms. So far, I only have Jen and Ron, her chastity boy. It was one of those anal ones…”

“Oh wow!” Kate chuckled. “Baby, I was going to let you out right now, but this is just too good. Your going to wait a little bit longer.” She got right into it. “Alexa, lets get you a little closer to your magic number.

Kate grabbed Alexa by the back of the head. As she lay down on the bead, she guided Alexa down to her pussy. Kate gave me the ‘come hither’ finger wag, and started kissing me passionately. I tore her shirt open and started kneading her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers. While both Alexa and I were getting horny and frustrated with our chastity devices locked, Kate came to a thunderous orgasm.

Kate wasn’t finished. “Baby, you know what? I think we should keep you locked up till Alexa has earned her freedom. Are you willing to help her out? You could be her 4th.” Kate got the strapon out and had Alexa put it on. Kate watched with devilish hungry eyes as she had Alexa take my ass.

Alexa and were so horny and desperate, we both worked up a fast hard rhythm. It did nothing to help Alexa though, but I was slowly getting closer to an anal release. Kate straddled me and started sucking on Alexa’s nipples. This only added to Alexa’s frustration, but the sight brought me over the edge. My cum oozed out of my cock with a deeply unsatisfying orgasm. But at least I had released some fo the pressure. Poor Alexa just kept getting more and more horny.

After two more orgasms, Kate fell asleep. Alexa and I had no such luck. We were both so desperate and sexually wound up, we just couldn’t get to sleep.

“Alexa, you better find 6 more soon…”

“No kidding! You know anyone?”

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