Karen at 50 Ch. 03


(continued from Karen at 50, part 2)

We made love that night, of course, David and I. We’d both been getting more affectionate with one another, and that often led to sharing a glass or two of wine, and then to bed.

As we were lying quietly together in the dark bedroom, still holding one another in a post-coital snuggle, I whispered, “I have something I have to tell you.”

David tensed a bit, but did not move away. “Is something wrong? Are we OK?”

“Oh, David. We’re totally OK, more than OK. But something has happened, and I want to tell you, but I’m scared you might judge me.”

David snuggled closer. “If you and me are OK, more than OK, then don’t worry. We’re each other’s champions!” he whispered into my hair. “What is it?”

“I’m just going to say it, then,” I said, steeling myself. “Mum asked to see me naked, then she undressed herself, so I undressed, not wanting to make her feel bad. She looked at me, I looked at her, and she said she wanted to watch.”

“Oh. That’s pretty strange behavior,” said David quietly. “Watch what?”

“Watch me. Watch you. Making love.”

David was silent.

“Then we masturbated, together, in Mum’s living room. There! That’s’ it. That’s what I wanted to tell you.”

Still, David said nothing, but he still held me close, breathing into my hair. I could feel his penis stirring against me.

“So, are we still OK?” I asked. “You’re not judging me? Nothing really terrible happened.”

“We’re still OK,” David whispered back. “And I’m not judging you.”

“Oh, good,” I whispered. “I figured you and Mum liked each other so well, and you and I have been getting on so well … and in bed … that you wouldn’t get angry.”

David said, “I’m not angry. And what did you tell her?”

“About what?” I asked.

“About watching us.”

“I didn’t tell her anything,” I stammered.

“Will she ask again, do you think?” asked David.

“I don’t know. Probably. She seems very eager,”

“OK then, I think … it might be OK with me. At least to lead her on a bit, to make her happy,” said David, slowly. “If it’s OK with you.”

I giggled. I don’t know why. “I’ll think about it.”

“OK,” said David.

“Mum really likes you, you know,” I said. “And she thinks you’re lucky to have me. And she is very hairy down there.” I felt like I was just blathering to fill the quiet darkness.

David laughed softly, and held me closer. His hard penis pressing against me suggested that we weren’t quite done for the evening.


A week later, on an early February Saturday evening, David and I invited Mum over for snacks and a glass of wine. Evie had been pressing me all week at the shop, about my “next steps” with Mum and David. She’d been surprisingly eager about the subject. I was rather happy I’d confided in her, and her eagerness titillated me, and sort of inspired me to action.

Mum arrived at our place around 7:00 PM. We sat down in the living room, Mum in a rocking recliner, Beylikdüzü escort David and I on the leather couch. I poured us each some Prosecco, and proposed a toast.

“What’s the occasion?” asked Mum.

“Just us,” said David. “To us, to family.”

“Yes!” I said, and we leaned in to clink our glasses.

“And if you can stay a bit, Mum, if you’re not in a rush this evening, I thought we might watch something later,” I said, casually.

“That would be nice, sweetie,” smiled Mum, sipping her bubbly wine. “Bubbles tend to go right to my head … you’ll have to stop me if I lose control!”

“If you lose control, we’ll probably join you, Mum!” I laughed. “It’s genetics, I’m sure. Bubbles go right to my head, too.”

For about an hour we chatted about this and that – goings on around town, what friends were up to, upcoming events. We nibbled on nuts and olives, and were already half-way through a second bottle of Prosecco.

David proffered the bottle towards me. “More?” he asked.

“Yes, please!” I said, and he topped up my glass.

“June?” he asked, looking at Mum. “A bit more for you?”

“I don’t know that I should,” said Mum. “I feel a bit light-headed already, and I need to be able to drive home.”

“Prosecco is lower in alcohol,” said David. “You don’t need to hurry home, anyway.”

“Well, OK,” said Mum. “Just a touch more.” She scooted forward in her chair to offer her glass to David. When she rocked back after he poured her a full glass, her skirt rode up several inches, exposing rather a lot of her chubby white thighs. I could see David looking fixedly at Mum’s legs. Mum could see him looking.

“Is it a bit warm in here?” asked Mum. “Or is it just me? I know you keep the house pretty cozy, so I dressed a lightly for the occasion.”

“You keep your home pretty warm, too, Mum,” I said. “That’s why we were so comfortable in your living room last week.”

“That was a special evening, sweetie,” said Mum.

“Yes, Karen told me about it,” said David, casually.

“All about it?” asked Mum.

“All about it,” I answered. “But David has some catching up to do, don’t you dear?” I was putting our plan into action.

David, still standing, opposite Mum’s chair and next to the leather couch by me, put down the bottle of Prosecco and looked at me.

“We want to look at you, David,” I said. “Don’t we Mum?”

“We do, Karen?” asked my Mum, wide-eyed. “Well, of course we do. David’s a lovely man.”

“Undress, David,” I said. “All the way. Mum and I will watch.”

Mum said nothing. David looked at me, looked at Mum, then lifted his jumper and t-shirt off, over his head, both at the same time.

My husband David is a 50-year-old man. And he looks it. He’s a bit under six feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes. Standing before us, bare-chested, we could see that he was a bit pale, with little body hair, and a middle-aged paunch at the belly. He’s an average looking middle-aged man.

David Beylikdüzü escort stepped out of his lined house slippers, and he wasn’t wearing socks. He unfastened his belt, unzipped his fly, and removed his trousers, one leg at a time. He folded them quickly and set them on a side table. Gray boxer briefs were quickly removed, and placed atop his pile of clothes.

Naked now, with my eyes and Mum’s eyes hard on him. David spread his arms and turned slowly around. His bum is modest, but I like it. His penis, now bouncing semi-hard, was an uncircumcised six inches, growing out of a bush of light brown pubic hair.

“Oh, my,” said Mum. She lifted the glass of Prosecco, still in her hand, “To us! To family!”

I smiled at my Mum, and raised my glass, “To us! To family!”

David lowered his arms. “So, now I’ve caught up with the two of you, but it doesn’t seem quite fair.”

“What’s not fair?” asked Mum.

“You’re both still fully-dressed, while I’m fully-naked,” said David. “The situation is stimulating, as you can see.” He pointed to his now hard penis. “But I would hope for a more level playing field, if you’re to watch the game, June.”

We’re off-script a bit here, I thought, but OK. I hadn’t thought we’d ALL get naked. David must have just been feeling a little randy, naked on his own.

Mum took David’s hint, and wasted no time in disrobing quickly and leaving her clothes on the floor by her chair. Now she and David were standing, naked. I was the only one still dressed.

I sighed, then nervously undressed, folding and setting my clothes on top of David’s on the side table. We were all three standing naked. Like a weird dream that was making me feel horny.

Mum sat back down and put her hands in her lap.

“It feels like Christmas again!” Mum smiled. “What am I going to watch?”

Mum was naked and eager. David was naked and randy. I was naked and confused. So, I said the first thing that came into my head.

“David is going to lick me,” I said decisively, a little surprised at myself. I sat down on the leather couch, sliding forward, spreading my legs, and closing my eyes.

David said, “Really?”

Mum and I said “yes” in unison. Better than if we had scripted this part.

David quickly knelt before me, and, on all fours, with his bum pointing at my Mum, began to lick my quite wet pussy. I groaned. This wouldn’t last long, after the build-up we’d already given the moment. I was insanely turned-on by the swift development of our situation.

David’s tongue lapped between the lips of my labia, probing up and around, swirling, sucking, gently biting. I opened my eyes, and could see Mum, across from me, rubbing her own pussy and toying her nipples. Her eyes were so wide, watching my husband lick her daughter.

And then, oh, my God, I came. The longest, hardest, climax of my life, I think. I stifled a scream, I know, as David kept licking. I had to push his head away, able to stand no more.

“Enough,” I said. Escort Beylikdüzü “Oh, God, enough.”

David paused, on his knees, looking up at me. My Mum watched us. The room was very still for a moment. They were waiting for me. Waiting for me to tell them “what next.”

“OK … Now, lick her,” I said suddenly.

David looked up from between my thighs. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” said my mother and I, in unison, again.

“My turn to watch, Mum. David, lick my mother.” Maybe I’d lost my mind.

David stood, pushed our little coffee table out of the way, and knelt before my goggle-eyed Mum. He looked back at me. “Are you really sure?”

“Lick my Mum, David, while I watch.”

“Oh, my! Oh, my!” said Mum, moving her hand away from her thick pubic bush and putting both hands on her breasts, squeezing and squeezing that soft white flesh. And David began to lick Mum with eagerness, and seeming familiarity. His penis was still erect and hard, standing out from his pub hair, waving in the breeze of his aggressive licking.

A little voice in my head started in: I love David. God, I love David. Mum loves David, obviously. David is sure enjoying Mum. He’s such a good man. Didn’t David deserve something more? Didn’t my husband deserve release, too? He’s working so hard to please us, to please his wife by pleasing her Mum.

I felt impelled to action. I stood up, and walked over to Mum’s chair. She was close to climax, I could see, but she still had her eyes open, looking from David’s insistent brown-haired head to my eyes.

I put my hand on her head, and spoke as clearly as I could. Somehow, I felt completely out of breath.”I’m going to tip you back just a bit, Mum, to David won’t be quite so close to the floor. OK?”

“OK, OK, OK,” panted Mum. I pushed the rocking recliner back a few inches, raising Mum’s thighs, raising the target of David’s current devotion. David lifted himself up, no longer on all fours, and was able to grab the sides of Mum’s big bum. He never stopped lapping at her.

I got down on the floor, at my mother’s feet. Lying on my left side, I slid under David’s chest. Bracing my left elbow on the floor, and leaning my head on my left hand, I found David’s erect penis directly in front of my face. Looking up, I could see my Mum …she had leaned a bit to her left, so she could see what I was doing. I took a deep breath, and took my husband’s penis in my mouth. My husband, licking my mother, with his hard penis in my mouth. Mum sighed and stared at me.

I sucked hard, like my life depended upon it. I swirled my tongue around the head of my husband’s penis, a he jerked violently, but kept on licking my Mum. He wouldn’t last long. I knew my husband. And I was going to do this right. I’d enjoyed a fantastic climax, and so would they!

They came together, came violently, my husband and my mother. Mum’s left hand reached down for my head, and grabbed a handful of my hair, gasping and trembling. David’s groan was stifled, because his mouth was buried so far between my Mum’s fat thighs, with her right hand pressing him in, as he ejaculated into my mouth, with strong thrusts of his penis. I swallowed, hard and fast.

And I was already thinking: I can’t wait to share this story with Evie, tomorrow.

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