Just For Fun


Just For FunJUST FOR FUN [part 2 of 2]By: Helena Handbasket JUST FOR FUN You WILL need to read “Justin Time” before this one. My back door lover man, Justin, was highly interested in having athreesome with his girlfriend Gisele and me. Firstly the problem was that we needed some sort of pretext, and secondly a plausible explanation of how Justin and I had legitimately met. For the first we decided he’d been to quote me for plastering, and thatfor the second element (this is a stretch, we realised) that in the course of conversation, Justin had told me as they both lived with their parents, they had nowhere they could spend the night together, most of the time. The idea was that I’d offered the use of my home for them to fuck, basically. I didn’t know if this would hold water, as I didn’t know how naive his girlfriend might be. I would never have believed it, but that’s me. It was suggested they come over together on the Saturday night. I woulddo them a curry (well buy one, I can’t cook) and some wine then they could go on up to bed, and I’d sleep in the spare room. That was the plan. How I would actually inveigle my way into their lovemaking was left a little vague. So they came, and lord you should see her, I have a picture, whichhopefully you will find here: *Giselle” It’s not a rude one, she wouldn’t allow that. She was about 5′ 10″ with tousled natural ash blonde hair halfway down her back, kind of skinny but with huge boobs, for her build, and a small but gorgeous arse. She was mesmerisingly beautiful with bee stung lips, and heavy blue/grey eye makeup. She was a goddess. Picture of her here : http://erofiles.freewebspace.com/giselle.bmp We had our meal which was an artistically re plated Marks and SpencerThai ready banquet. This was a bit warm, to say the least, so it was washed down with a large amount of very cold Chardonnay which went straight to all our heads, I think. It was getting on for 10 pm, when Giselle politely asked if they could”go up”. I said of course, I would clear up. I could see the big bulge in Justin’s jeans, as he looked forward to their lovemaking. (Hopefully with me in there!) After I’d loaded the dishwasher I went and fetched another bottle ofwine from the chiller. I acknowledged to myself it would be far simpler and easier, if I just had another glass or two by myself, and then went up perhaps to have a listen, if possible, and have a (quiet) wink. I took fresh glasses, one or three? Did I dare take them up anotherbottle of wine as a pretext to enter the room? The glasses were clanging together as my hands shook at the thought. I went up the stairs as quietly as I could with the bottle and threeglasses. My knees were knocking as I silently went into the spare room next to the room Justin and Giselle were in , I could vaguely hear little mmMMs as I undressed. I left my sheer black stockings and suspenders on, and my high heels, but I removed my thong, covering it all with an ivory satin robe. I tottered, due to nerves, heels, and Chardonnay, back out of the spareroom, and put a trembling hand onto the doorhandly of their (my) room. My heart was fairly leaping out of my chest as I as quietly as I couldpushed the bedroom door open. Moving silently round the door, I was treated to a sight that made menearly faint. Ankara bayan escort Giselle was lying on my bed, her long legs as wide apart as could be,her eyes firmly closed, as Justin licked the perfect little slot between her perfect thighs. His hard on was huge, jutting up between his knees as he knelt. He looked at me, but he didn’t stop. She was holding one of an absolutely perfect pair of breasts, totallydifferent to mine, small nipples with wide pale aureole. She looked at me impassively, she made no attempt whatsoever to coverherself. “I wondered if you’d… both … like a drink” I blabbered The glasses clinked together noisily in my shaking hands “Hi” she said quietly “I was wondering if you’d want to join us… ordid you just want to watch?” she said “Er… whatever you’re comfortable with.. w.. would be f fine” Iblubbered “Come here” she cooed I took a step closer With her spare hand she reached and pulled the tie on my robe. Itopened, and with a shiver it fell to the floor. I was standing there wearing only black stockings and suspenders and high heels. “Christ, you’re gorgeous aren’t you?” she grinned “Totally…. sexywoman” Justin had seen it all before, but was gamely pretending he hadn’t. His cock had gotten even bigger! “What did you want to try first?” asked Giselle, gamely Justin chipped in , his voice hoarse with lust “Why don’t you lie down together and kiss?” “Why not indeed? ” I said, my voice shook as I said it I climbed onto the bed next to the supine body of this gorgeouscreature. Justin resumed his cant licking with gusto, whilst keeping a close eye,looking up her flat tummy to see how she and I were getting (it) on. She turned her head towards me and closed her eyes. I moved in to kissher, she smelt gorgeous, though I could just taste that she’d been sucking his cock as she opened her mouth for my tongue. Our tousled hair met as her succulent lips opened and I thrust myprobing tongue in where it was eagerly sucked. She broke the kiss for a second, grinning in my face “Do you want to play with my tittles ?” She giggled she handed me one. The nipple was painfully hard ! “Can I suck it?” I pleaded She nodded and closed her eyes in bliss as my full and heavilylipsticked lips engulfed the erect teat. Giselle gasped hoarsely I felt sudden movement on the bed and Justin had moved away fromGiselle’s cant, he had got his fucking great cock in his hand and was pushing it in our faces. “Oh my, I think someone wants their cock sucked!” giggled Giselle “Both of you” he grunted, his voice now incredibly gravely I let the nipple go and Giselle and I moved our faces together – he waspushing his immense dick into our faces “I’ll take this side and you take that, lick your way up. Meet you atthe end and song for him!” said Giselle We licked It took quite a while to cover the length of this battleship of a cockbefore my lips were again engulfed in her full lipsticky scented lips. I could sense him winking as he watched us kiss. “I’ve lost my pussy licker” pouted Giselle to me “Why don’t YOU get downthere, while I give this cock a proper suck?” “OH LORD” I thought My first lesbian experience, and now I was going to be expected to eatpussy. If she was truly as inexperienced as me, then she was Escort bayan Ankara far bolder, even taking into account I had engineered this whole experience. Taking a deep breath I moved down her perfectly flat smooth belly to theexquisitely sculpted little cleft between her honeyed thighs. I could faintly smell her. Not unpleasant, musky, like myself when I am on heat. She parted her thighs for me , and I began to kiss her groin, changingto a lick, then slipping into the top of the slot “Up the hole” she blurted, mouth full of cock “Tongue up the hole” I extended my tongue and pushed it all the way inside her, lapping thesticky juices. As I moved up to lap her clit, a hand came down and opened it all up forme Now call me a bragger, but in about five minutes of my pussy eatingshe’d very noisily and very wetly come all over my face. Beginner’s luck? Perhaps, but it was impressive. Once she’d come, she suggested we swap, and I tackled the big cock, andshe parted my sturdy stockinet thighs and went down on me. I have a really big clit so it’s not hard to find. I wanted to watch her lick me, but I had a big cock needing myattention. Said cock was soon right down my throat, which tends to cause watery eyes, and therefore blurs the vision. Shame. However her long and cheeky tongue was gamely trying to lick my cervix! Her tongue was that far up! After pushing me about half way to orgasm, Giselle lovingly kissed mypussy and stopped “Justin, do you want to fuck her?” she asked Justin nodded dumbly “Are you OKAY with that ?” I asked, delighted “With a condom , yes” she said “You have some?” “Yes” I said, and opened my drawer of lingerie, sex toys and lubes etc.I picked out some Trojans which I figured would be big enough to fit this b**st, which was now the biggest I had yet seen it. “Flip over” Giselle told me I flipped, she swiftly smacked my bum “On all fours, now” she said “Gorgeous , all gaping cant and stockingtops, beautiful. And I want you to do something for me!” She took a seat atop two pillows and settled down to have me eat herpussy as Justin fucked me doggy style She was holding onto the bedstead as I lowered my face into her crotch.She again opened her pussy for me to ease my access to her hard little clotty, which was delicious. Even more delicious was the great big knob lining itself up with mycant, behind me, and the thrust of his hips as he entered me, grabbing my suspenders for greater purchase. “Do you think we could all come together?” grinned Giselle Justin just murmured “I’ve held on a long time, I can’t last long!” “Stop watching me eat your girlfriend’s cant then, that won’t help yourstaying power!” I giggled with my mouth full of juicy pussy lips. “I’m nearly there!” said Giselle “Oh! and me!” groaned Justin That just left me, and a glance in the wardrobe mirror and seeing thethree of us fucking and licking, was enough to throw my switches too. Justin’s last irregular little thrusts were enough to fire my rockets. Right on time, rather than come in the condom, Justin pulled out of mypussy, and whipped the condom off. “Faces together NOW” he barked We ended up in a giggling heap alongside each other looking up at him,winking his big cock off until the great white creamy gobs fired out Bayan escort Ankara of the end, in the general direction of our open mouths. He largely missed, getting my chin, and Giselle’s eyebrow and nose. We both licked the deposits off each other and swallowed them down,looking wickedly up at him before ending in a lusty open mouthed song. He continued to wink as he watched us kiss. The fluids were now clearand coating his fist as he pumped. He dipped the head into each of our waiting mouths, savouring the touchof our lips and tongues on his tender skin. “What are we going to do NOW?” I grinned “Our man is out of action for awhile…..” “Have you got any sex toys?” she asked, laughing I led her over to the locked top drawer of my chest of drawers where Ikeep my “paraphernalia”: Exotic underwear, vibrators, dildos, bottom-toys, a video camera, lubricants and condoms. “How about this?” I asked producing a wickedly large vibrator. My handwas shaking as I showed it her She took it from me “God it’s huge!” she grinned, “I’d never get it inside!!!” “Lie back” I said, “I’ll just use it on your clit…” She lay She spread her legs for me and grabbed hold of her tits Justin groaned “Oh My GOD” in the most guttural tone as I got betweenhis lady’s legs. I applied the vibrating head to her clit, and she flinched as it rattledher tender flesh. I turned the control down a little. Justin and I took turns to push our tongues up inside her juicy cant ,within a couple of minutes her hips began to shake, and she’d come again. She sat up and looked me in the eye “Do you like to be fucked up the arse?” she asked “Yes! ” I enthused “Why do you ask? Did you want to stick that vibe upthere?” “Er.. no, not what I was thinking. Justin would like to fuck me up therebut I don’t do that. Can he fuck your ass?” “God , yeah, SURE!” I grinned “I’ll get some lube, now” I trotted off to the drawer to get some ky I bent over on the bed , now vacated, with my arse in the air “Lubricate me?” I cooed, to Giselle not Justin She looked uncertain “Go on ” I said “If you want to …..subcontract that, then I want youto coat two fingers in this and stick them right up my arse” She still looked reluctant “Wimp” I chided her I took the ky and lubed my fingers, reaching behind me to smear it roundmy ring piece. I coated them again, and shoved them right up my arse. “This is what you need to do”, I told her “Have you never tried?” “Only for a second” she said “It hurt” “You rushed it” I advised “you need to take your time to relax and lethim in” She grinned “In fact ” I went on “as you’re such a scaredy cat… YOU come and bendover here, and I will help YOU do it We got her on all fours and I licked my way down her spine to hergorgeous bum. Justin pulled her buttocks apart and I crammed my tongue up her arse. She groaned loudly ! I withdrew the tongue and daubed liberal amounts ok Ky up there, pushing my fingers deeply in. She grunted and damn near collapsed on us. Moment later I was ushering in the big knob of his cock , with no condom, into her ring piece, She flinched and grunted and moaned and her head dropped to the pillow as she exhaled noisily. “Fuck her” I ordered Justin began to shaft her arse, quite deeply, He was loving it, and sowas I . He’d obviously fucked arses before, just not hers. Within a couple of minutes he was shuddering, and pumping his hot loaddeep into her. She was a gasping wreck as he gently pulled out. We took it in turns tokiss and cuddle her, and she finally admitted She’d loved it. For another adventure with all the above and a big black man, tune inagain soon. HH xxx

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