Just A Little Too Early


My name is Tom. I work for a Law Firm in a small town in Florida. It started out as a normal day. I was able too leave work early on this particular day, but normal I call my wife Jill and tell her I’m on my way. Today was different, my cell battery was dead and I didn’t have a charger so I just headed on to the house. My wife Jill is about 5’5,” with huge 36DD tits, a round firm ass. OH and did I mention the best fuck in the world.

I pull the car into the driveway and then into the garage. I notice that her car is in the garage so she should be home. As I open the door into the kitchen I notice two purses on the counter. That’s odd especially since I didn’t recognize one of them. I then remembered that my wife said she was going shopping with her best friend Tammy. Now Tammy is a beautiful natural blonde. Her tits are not as big, just 34D’s. Her ass looks just as good, and I’m sure she can fuck just as good.

I was wandering through the house looking for them when I heard sounds coming from our bedroom. As I got closer I noticed the door was open. I then realized what the sounds were; it was the sounds of sex Not on T.V. sex, but live sex. As I got closer too the door I peered around the corner of the door jam and my jaw just dropped. There on the bed was my wife, Jill, laying on her back, legs spread eagle, and here best friend Tammy had three fingers buried deep in her pussy, and was giving her clit a good tongue lapping. Jill was moaning, “oh yea fuck me with those fingers, I love felling your fingers inside my hot pussy, OOOHHH Yea.” Tammy was really getting into it; she was sliding her fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy, and sucking on her clit. Although I had a raging hard-on, I decided to just watch for a moment or two. By now Jill had Tammy by the hair and guiding her where she wanted her. I knew that feeling and knew it well. Jill pulls back Tammy’s head and says,” I want your cock.” Then plants a big kiss on Tammy’s mouth, tasting here own Juices. Tammy pulls away from the kiss and gets up on her knees. My eyes about popped out, Tammy had on a strap-on that Jill had bought to use on me, or so she said.

It was about 8 inches long and not real fat, that’s why I believed it, was for me. It looked just like a real dick, veins, balls and all. Jill then sits up onto her knees facing Tammy.

She then lowers her head to the skin colored cock; wraps her hand around the base and proceeds to suck on the head of Tammy’s make believe dick. Still intrigued, I continued too watch trying to keep my hands offs my throbbing member. Jill is now moving her hungry mouth up and down the shaft of Tammy’s Antalya Escort “cock.” Taking as much of the 8 inches as she can before she starts gagging. Tammy is watching Jill suck on her “member,” and then says,

“Come on bitch take it all!” Jill then says, “But it makes me gag.”

With that comment Tammy grabs Jill by the ears and starts face fucking my wife.

“How you like that bitch, I’ll show you gagging!” Tammy says. Jill starts to gag just a little and puts her hands on Tammy’s waist to try and stop her. Tammy slowed her movements and said,

“Do you wanna deep throat it now?”

“Yes,” Jill answered.

With that she then slowly lowered her head down onto Tammy’s “8 inch dick.” Slowly she was taking it all until she was at the base of the strap-on. “That’s my bitch,” Tammy said.

Jill then removed her mouth from Tammy’s soaking wet “dick.” “Put this dick in my pussy and fuck me with it!” Jill said. Jill then lay back down and spread her legs and I could see here pussy was just dripping with juices. Tammy still on her knees moves closer to Jill and guides the strap-on into Jill’s pussy. Slowly Tammy eases all eight inches of the fake cock into Jill’s waiting pussy. Tammy started sliding her “dick” in and out of Jill’s pussy, taking slow long strokes.

Jill starts to moan in excitement; looks at her and say, “FUCK ME HARDER!” Tammy then really starts to pound on Jill’s pussy. “OOOOOOHHHHHHH YEEA FUUUUCKK MEEE HARRRDER!” Jill screams.

Standing just outside the door I could hear the slapping against Jill’s pussy, and I had about had all I could take. I eased into our bedroom, walked up to the bed right beside where Tammy was fucking my wife. Tammy’s eyes as well as Jill’s were closed so neither one of them saw me come in. I stood there for seemed like forever watching this beautiful sight, two women enjoying themselves.

I then looked down at the two women and said, “Thought you two went shopping?”

Tammy just stopped in mid thrust. Jill opens her eyes and say, “You Bastard how much have you saw?” “Let’s see, awe yea, I remember you saying, fuck me with those fingers.”

“You’ve been here that long?” Tammy said. “Yep,” I said, “But don’t stop on my account, by all means keep going

I was enjoying it.” “Looks like it!” said Jill looking at the tent in my trousers.

Tammy looked over and saw my manhood and said, “Wow you were enjoying yourself.”

After that Tammy slowly started moving in and out of Jill’s still soaking wet pussy.

“Do you two mind if I get naked and join you?” I ask.

“Thought, you’d Antalya Escort Bayan never ask.” Jill said between moans. I quickly removed my clothes, and moved onto the bed. I started playing with Jill’s tits, taking them into my mouth and sucking on her fully erect nipples.

Jill lets out a huge moan, “Oh yea suck on my big tits, take my nipples into your mouth.”

So now I decided to make my move. I released Jill’s nipple from my mouth. I moved down toward Tammy, “What are you doing, Tom,” Jill ask. “Just sit back, and enjoy your fucking.” I said.

“Oh believe me, I am.” Jill said. “And I’m enjoying fucking your wife’s cunt Tom!” Tammy exclaimed.

As I was making my way toward Tammy, I rose up and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. “OOOHHHH YEAAA!” Tammy exclaimed. Tammy’s nipple came out of my mouth with a popping noise. And Tammy let out another moan. Tammy was still pumping her “dick” in and out of my wife’s pussy.


I then lowered my head down to Jill’s pussy and started to lick her clit, and that just intensified the situation. Jill started too moan a little more and I knew that an orgasm was on the way. I took my hands and pushed Tammy till her “cock” was out of Jill’s pussy.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” Jill screamed, “I was about too cum.”

“I know.” I said, “Just watch.”

And with that I lowered my head down and started sucking Tammy’s “dick.” “OH, MY GOSH!” Jill exclaimed. “He’s sucking your dick Tammy!”

“I know, and it’s just about to make me cum just looking at him.” Tammy said. I slowly take in as much as I can and then pulled my mouth back over Tammy’s “dick.” I could taste Jill’s juices on the strap-on Tammy was wearing. Tammy said, “This is the most erotic thing I have ever seen.”

“There is nothing sexier than a man sucking a strap-on that I’m wearing.”

I then wrapped my hand around the base of her “dick” and started to pump it. The movement from my hand was jarring Tammy’s pussy and she then started to moan.

“Oh gosh, that feels like I really have a dick. He’s sucking my dick,” Tammy moans.

I’m really pumping Tammy’s “cock” now, holding the head in my mouth and pumping like crazy. “OOOHHHH, YEEAAAA, THAT’S GOING TO MAKE ME CUM, OH FUCK.” Tammy exclaimed. I released Tammy’s “dick.”

I said, “I have a better idea.” I told Tammy to move onto her back.

Then, when she was on her back, Jill crawled over on top of her. Then she guided the “dick” into her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it. Escort Antalya I then moved behind Jill and lubed up her ass from a bottle we had on the nightstand. I put some lube on my dick and moved up closer too Jill. I then slowly slide my dick into her ass and waited for it to get stretched out for my dick. I slowly started pumping away at her ass, and the movement was making her slide up and down on Tammy’s “dick.” Jill started too moan a little more and started really getting into it and bucking back and forth. I knew she was still close to Cumming, and the sounds proved it.


I just kept on pumping my dick in and out of Jill’s ass. She finally reached back with her hands and pushed me away. I pulled out of her ass and then she climb off. Tammy removed the strap-on, and said, “It’s my turn now.” Tammy then started to play with her pussy, shoving the strap-on into her pussy. She was moving the cock in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

She then started moaning, “Oh fuck yea, I’m gonna cum.” “Here I cum, Oh fuck me I’m Cumming.”

Her juices started running down her pussy onto mine and Jill’s sheets. She finished herself off and looked at me and said, “I’ve got an idea.”

She then took a towel and cleaned my cock real good. Then said, “Now, fuck your wife!”

I moved between Jill legs and Tammy guided my cock into Jill’s still wet pussy. I started to fuck my wife moving my cock in and out of her pussy taking as long strokes as I could. I knew I was getting real close. Tammy knew this and started playing with Jill’s clit while I was fucking her. This sent Jill over the edge,

“OH GOSH, I’m going to cum again.” “Here I cum, OH! Fuck me Tom!” “Fuck me Hard, OHHH YESSS, I’m Cumming oh yea baby fuck that pussy.” Jill exclaimed.

Just then I felt the pressure building in my balls.

I said, “I fixing to cum.”

Tammy said, “That’s it cum in your wife’s pussy.

Fuck her good; shoot your load in her.”

I continued to fuck my wife’s pussy knowing my own orgasm was building.


I felt my cum shoot into my wife’s pussy. Covering my dick with cum, not just mine but hers also. As I was coming down from my high of my orgasm; Tammy puts her hand on my waist and pushes me away. My dick pulls out of Jill’s pussy, and you can see my sperm starting to leak out of Jill’s pussy. Tammy lowers her head down to Jill’s pussy and starts lick my cum out of Jill. She continues until it is all gone, and then turns to my dick and licks it clean.

She then looks up at me and says, “I love a good cream pie!”

Needless to say, I try to get home early all the time now.

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