Judge Ordered Slavery Ch. 03

For Women

Ryan’s adventure continues. I’d like to thank the fans of this story. It has a few more chapters after this one. I know that it had a dark and vicious start. Some have called me on it. But the overall story is how I categorized it, not chapter by chapter. Those that skim the story may not have understood the whole thing. Thanks to the fans.


He ate as his recliner, and I ate on the floor next to him. He made a light meal for me as he was worried about the condition of my stomach. After dinner I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. We watched TV until late in the evening. Once again I brought him beers. This time he got up when he needed to urinate. It was a strange feeling, I found myself wanting to drink his water.

“You want this?” He said, returning from the bathroom, grabbing his boxer covered cock. He saw the disappointment on my face. I nodded meekly. He smiled.

“Go get me another beer, and you can have the next one.” He sat and I ran to the kitchen. I grabbed the beer, returned to the living room, and from my knees handed it to him. I only waited 20 minutes and he waved me in between his legs. He pulled down the waistband of his boxers and pulled me to his cock. I laid my lips around the head. The warm sweet water filled my mouth. I had to swallow quickly, so I couldn’t savor it until the end. I felt full, but better than that, I felt needed and useful.

“Thank you Master.” I used the back of my hand to get the excess off of my lips as I knelt back next to his recliner.

He finished the show he was watching, turned the volume down on the television, and instructed me to kneel in front of him in the recliner.

“Tomorrow I have to run errands in the morning. You will be left here. I will instruct you how to use the rest of the items in the box for your shows. While I am gone you will put on two shows. One at 10am, and another at noon. I should be back by 1pm. I will be checking on you with my phone from time to time to see how you are doing. I have the website streaming to it.

It’s very easy, just do what the viewers ask you to do, and don’t get overwhelmed by all the orders coming in at once.” He stopped speaking when I raised my hand.

“What is it boy?” He asked.

“Which viewer should I listen to?” He nodded at my question. It was a legitimate question. He thought for a moment.

“I’ll limit the room to 10 viewers, take one request from each of them.” He closed his eyes and nodded. “That should work. I’ll limit each act to five minutes and then have you masturbate your boy cunt for the last ten minutes on camera, until you push out a load of your garbage spunk for them. Do not touch that little excuse for a penis, you have to cum by pumping your slave hole.” He was looking at my face. I kept my eyes on his crotch.

“When I get back you will do your house work. Do you understand?” He asked.

“Yes Master, the slave understands.” I answered.

“Good, now go upstairs and shower, use the cream in the red bottle on all of your skin below your nose. When you are done, dry off and wait for me on the bed. Head down and ass up.” He ordered. I ran up the stairs quickly. I couldn’t wait to be fucked by my owner again.

In the shower, I found the red bottle. There was no label on it, so I wasn’t sure what it was. I assumed it was a liquid soap. I put a large puddle of it in my hand and began to rub it all over my skin. I used it on my whole body, being careful around the base of the butt plug that kept Masters gift inside me.

In short order, my skin began to feel warm, and then burn. I moved under the shower nozzle out of relief from the burning. The water washed over me, stopping the burn, and also removing all of my body hair.

My crotch looked like I had never grown a single hair before. My skin felt smooth and alive. Every touch to any part of my body was like I was touching it for the first time. The sensations were exquisite. My hard on agreed. I quickly finished washing, and shampooing my body and head-hair. I was careful not to touch my inept penis as I finished up.

I crawled onto the bed on all fours, waiting as instructed. I waited for what seemed like 30 minutes. I heard the TV turn off, and began to get anxious for Master’s return to the Bakırköy travesti ass he owned. It was very quiet I couldn’t hear Master moving around at all. I had no idea Master was in the room until I felt him pull the plug out of me.

He immediately replaced my plug with his monster. As he slid into me, I felt my nerves dance under every inch of my skin. The fullness was back, and I was reaffirmed that this, indeed, was my place in life. His god-cock was pushing deeper, he was taking his time getting himself buried into my guts. I had a need to yell out, that he needed to plow all the way into me, but the collar around my neck reminded me, that I was alive for his pleasure. Not the other way around.

It was torturous teasing he was doing. He knew that. He continued to slide only half of himself in and out of my wanton pucker. I was close to breaking my silence and begging, when he finally quenched my hungry slave boy-cunt with his manly member.

He slammed into me. I inhaled quickly and deeply as if coming from the bottom of a 12 foot deep pool. As fast as he had bottomed out inside me, he retreated, only to slam into me again. The process repeated over and over , while the pace sped up.

I knew from my years of dating girls that there was a difference between making love, and FUCKING. Master was now fucking me.

He was pounding into me so hard, I could feel my body sliding forward on the blood red smooth cotton sheets. Soon my head hit the headboard. He had me trapped. Knowing this, the slam fucking became more intense and faster. Cum was now shooting, and drooling from my worthless cock between his thrusts. I could tell from this display of power just how strong of a man he was. I also knew why he was a Master of slaves.

Master’s pace again began to speed up, his breathing quickened. I was almost disappointed by the knowledge that he would be cumming soon. His heavy sack slapped me over and over again, as now he stayed mostly inside my ravaged hole, His hands gripped my shoulders and began to pull me onto his gut ripping spear. My whole body became a tight framework, as all of my muscles contracted, sympathetic to me wanting to tighten just ONE muscle.

I locked down with my boy-cunt muscles and tried to milk the seed out of my Master. That was the final straw for my Master’s breeding stick. He began to wash my insides, with volley after volley of his thick seed, deep in my body. He collapsed on top of me, pushing me down off of my stance and now I was laying flat under him.

His heavy breathing was now all I could hear as he panted next to my left ear. His cock twitched inside of my hole as he slowly retreated. I admired his grace as his cock fell out of me, and the butt plug was replaced in the now gaping hole, with one swift movement of his arms, hands and torso. I lay on my stomach for quite some time enjoying the replay in my mind of the greatest fuck of my life, when he broke the thick silence in the room.

“Take these sheets off the bed and put them in the wash. Then remake the bed, with new ones from the closet.” He ordered. My body did not want to move. I began to try to get off the bed with slow and forced crawling. I wasn’t fast enough. The swat across my ass made me move quicker.

I enjoyed the swat. It made me smile.

As I loaded the sheets into the washer in the basement, I could hear Master moving around upstairs. Then I could hear him talking. I knew it had to be on a phone as I couldn’t hear responses. I walked back up stairs, passing him sitting in his recliner in the living room. I went up to the second floor and retrieved the new linens. As I made the bed I could still hear him on the phone. He sounded excited.

I knelt next to the bedroom door, in the hallway waiting for him to come upstairs. He must have taken a long time because the last thing I remember was nodding off on the hallway carpet.

I woke in bed with him grinding against my ass crack. His breath was slow and deep, so he was still sleeping. His hard cock, was wide awake. I knew I wasn’t allowed to remove the plug without permission, but I really wanted him inside of me again. I decided I would have wait, or, be a good slave and get his cum another way.

I slipped beneath Beylikdüzü travesti the covers. I had hated when he pushed his cock in my throat before. I also knew that if I did this of my own accord, I would better understand my place. I gripped it with both hands. He didn’t move. I put my mouth over the head. I realized just then that this was my first time doing this willingly. Moving at my own speed, made it a more pleasurable experience. I began to enjoy the flavor and the scents of Master.

As I held the first three inches of him in my mouth, savoring the spongy head with my tongue. Master remained motionless. From where I was, I couldn’t tell if he was awake yet or not. I moved on. Moving my tongue up and down, taking him deeper. I knew that this wasn’t enough. I pushed myself down to where he touched the back of my throat. I gagged.

I tried again, with the same result. In order to be a good cum slut, I NEEDED to be able to do this on my own. I took a deep breath. I would compare it to jumping out of a plane for the first time. Once it’s done, it’s much easier. So I stepped out of the door so to speak.

I opened my throat and dove on him. With myself in control I was able to make it less painful, almost enjoyable. I took all of him, a new kind of enjoyable fullness. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. I held the spot, he began to move. He began to push in and out of my throat. He didn’t put his hands on my head yet. My air was running low so I pulled away till he was only in my mouth, quickly caught my breath, and went back down.

Again he gently fucked my throat. I stayed down as long as I could. Feeling the cap of his head moving inside my neck. I pulled away to catch another breath. Still no hand. I dove a third time. Now Master was moving with a bit more purpose. He was more aggressive. I could feel his body begin to tighten.

“So you prefer this over eggs and bacon huh?” He said out of breath. “If you like this better for breakfast then I would like that too.” Now his hand was there, but only lightly, petting my hair. The first blast fired out of him, I could feel it, but not taste it. The next four hot jets of cum fired in rapid succession, as he pulled out a bit. He left the last two smaller spurts on my tongue. It was bitter, and salty. I liked it. I swallowed the bit he left me to taste as I crawled up to the pillow.

“May I still have breakfast?” I asked. He smiled and slapped my face playfully.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to. Yes, get down there and cook us some!” He said. I left the bed and raced down the stairs to the kitchen. As I bounded down the stairs I noticed my cock was hard. I still wasn’t used to the hair being gone. The size of my small penis and the hair now missing, made me look all too young from my perspective.

I had the bacon going, and bread in the toaster. I knew how to cook well, and could time everything to be finished at the exact same time. I cracked his eggs. He liked over medium.

I served him breakfast and waited. He gave me permission, and I began to cook for myself. As he ate he talked to me.

“It’s almost nine. You are going to want to keep that hard on. So I suggest that if it starts to fade that you get it going again by playing with your plug. Not removing it, just wiggling it.” He took a bite of toast.

“Yes Master.”

“The glass rods are different gauges. They are called ‘sounds’. They go into your urethra. This is popular with Masters, as it’s a form of penetration. The dildos are self explanatory. I will remove the plug before I leave so you can relieve yourself, and then be able to perform on camera. Before you go on, you will need to have an enema.” He took some eggs into his mouth. I looked over and his eyes were locked on my bubble butt.

“You remember the weights, those are popular as well. One of the first requests will be to have those on, and you will most likely end up wearing them for the whole show.” He munched on a strip of bacon.

“The next request will be nipple clamps. They are in the box. You’ll know them when you see them. I’ll warn you, putting them on will hurt. Taking them off hurts worse. Not many amateur Masters know this.” He scooped up the last of his eggs and sat back in the chair Bomonti travesti at the breakfast table. My breakfast was cooked I sat down on the floor in front of him and ate.

“The dildos are color coded. The flesh colored ones are all smaller then me. Those are the only ones you are allowed to use. Even if multiple requests are made to use a larger one, you only use the ones I say. I don’t want my property stretched or ripped for five bucks a minute. Clear?” He stood up. He was still naked. I couldn’t help but look at his cock from the floor as I ate.

“Yes Master.” I said. He walked out of the kitchen. I looked at the time.

“Shit!” I said out loud. It was 9:30. I only had a few minutes to finish eating and do the enema before I was supposed to go on.

I heard him leave as I felt the water fill me. I pulled the tube from my hole and held it as long as I could. I sat on the toilet and released. This was the third one. I looked into the bowl and saw clean water. I was clean.

I turned on the computer and flipped on the cameras. I double checked to make sure they were all aimed at the right spot. The day bed was covered by 6 cameras, including one from above. I signed on to the site and made it active. I watched the screen. One name. Now two. Six. Ten.

Time to start.

“Put the nipple clamps on slave boy!” Master was right, they hurt. I winced after the first one. My hand was trembling attaching the second one. The alligator clips dug into my flesh. I began to do a bit of a dance for the second request. I turned around a lot showing off my ass.

“Ball weights! Put em on cunt boy!” Was the third request. I did. Putting on a quarter of a pound. It was enough to make it look very painful, yet it was actually just a dull pain. Next was the dildos. Using them on myself was not nearly as good as having Master in me.

I actually found the entire show to be dry and even boring. The “masters” on the other end seemed to love it. The second show was about the same. Master had not been kidding when he called this a “job”. It was work, not pleasure.

I was dusting the entertainment center as my thoughts drifted to the phone call the previous night. I had never heard him so happy or excited before. I began to speculate as to what would make a man like him that happy. I heard the front door close. He was home.

I continued working in the living room, making sure everything was pristine. I could feel Masters eyes on me.

“On me slave.” He said strongly. I dropped the can of wood polish and the rag and went to his feet. My knees slid on the shiny wood floor, My knees slid into his shoes. I felt ashamed, he laughed.

“Last night I found out that I will be hosting a very important event for the Lifestyle community. I thought you’d be perfect for the show, but now I’m sure you aren’t.” He bent over a bit. He noticed my curious look.

“It’s like a dog show, but with twinks.” Still confusion on my face.

“Um, a twink is a slave boy that has small features. Like how short and skinny you are. You’d win for sure except you aren’t completely trained. I might enter you in six months.” He closed his eyes. I wanted to tell him I wanted to compete for him, I wanted to tell him I was ready. I was not allowed to speak. So I used my eyes. My eyes pleaded to speak.

“What is it boy?” Finally, permission to speak. I had to word this carefully.

“Master, I can win this competition for you! Please let me enter! I have a round butt, and a small useless piss stick. I’m sure my cock is smaller then the rest of the…uh, twinks.” I laid my head on his knee.

“No. Not a chance. Maybe when you see what happens to the four winners you’ll understand. Now, Roberto and the crew are coming tomorrow to prepare the grounds. You are to stay indoors. I normally let them use the lesser slaves I’ve owned. You are no longer one of those. You may be a prized boy. That is another reason I’m not letting you into the competition.” It was what he didn’t say that stuck me. I had become special to him.

I was completely obsessed to see this “dog and pony”, or slave and twink show. I needed to know what it was all about.

“Why would he be afraid to put me in the show? What happens to the winners? Why did he change his mind about me?” I thought. So many questions.

“I need you to go to the grocery store with me. I want to use your restaurant experience to make me look like a great host. I saved two outfits from your pile of clothes. They are in the closet. Go put them on.”

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