Josh Pt. 01


There was something about the way Josh looked at her – simultaneously carnal, patient, and confident. She knew it wasn’t the smart choice, being here. There was nothing prudent in their meeting. But the way he made her laugh, the ease with which he turned her on, made prudence a distant memory.

She took a deep breath as her hand drifted to his chest. The casual caresses of the last hour had fused with the wine to make her body warm and languid. The crispness of the hotel sheets had wilted a bit beneath their body heat, wrinkling and softening as they changed position, their bodies inevitably attracted like magnets. Though she’d felt silly at first, Ana was glad she’d set a mood. Candles, music, and low lighting set the stage for her first time. She was far from being a girl – no hearts or flowers for her. All she wanted was heat and passion and almost-overwhelming pleasure.

Josh toyed with the curls of her close cropped hair, one hand resting softly on her hip, watching their conversation relax her. She laughed lightly and caught her breath as his lips touched hers. Their first kiss – surprising, soft, and sexy – coaxed a moan from her throat. He ran his hand up her side, grazing the side of her breast, as he nudged Ana onto her back. Hands in her hair, he kissed her again with passion and began his descent.

Hands moving over her body, touching and teasing, Josh kissed the side of her neck and the tops of her breasts. He unbuttoned her shirt, kissing the skin of her shoulders as she helped him remove her bra. Urgent to feel his chest against hers, Ana dragged his shirt off and licked his Antalya Escort nipple. He kissed her again, rolling her nipples between his fingers. He replaced his fingers with his mouth and she knew that he wouldn’t stop until her nipples were hard, aching peaks.

She squirmed beneath him, hips moving in involuntary need. “Wait,” she gasped. “Pants. Off. Now.”

Josh grinned at her and sat back on his heels. Opening the snap, Ana bit her lip as she watched the zipper descend. He was hard. Hot and wet and so hard. Running her thumb over the head of his cock, Ana spread his precum and delighted in his sharp intake of breath. She licked her thumb, tasting him for the first time. In a demanding tone he echoed her. “Pants Off. Now.”

She laughed and complied with his help. Jeans discarded, Josh spent the next minute or so playing with the lace edging on the back of her panties, making her gasp and press her ass into his hands. He gently bit her cheek and she rolled over. Getting up, Ana knelt by the edge of the bed. She wanted nothing more than some quality time with his cock.

She explored him – first with her eyes and then her hands. This was the cock. The first cock that would ever be inside her – the first cock that would ever feel her pussy clench in orgasm. She stroked his rock hard shaft and cradled his balls, playing with the soft orbs. She traced her thumb slowly up the pulsing vein on Josh’s shaft and knew she had to taste him. Gently running her tongue around the head, Ana began to take him into her mouth. Josh moaned and she smiled around the dick in her mouth. Antalya Escort Bayan

Sucking his head and squeezing the base, Ana worked to give him pleasure. He took her head, gently schooling her in the things he liked. This was her chance to learn, explore, and suck him to her heart’s content. She picked up speed as Josh began to thrust into her mouth. “I’m close,” he groaned. Pulling out, he sprayed his cum across her breasts. He smiled in pleasure as she tasted his jism and rubbed the rest into her tits. He couldn’t help but kiss her and suck the nipple of her generous breast in pleasure.

Patting the edge of the bed, he told her where to sit. Josh could see she was getting shy, body conscious, but he was having none of it.

“Do you remember what I suggested that first night we talked?” he asked.

Ana bit her lip, body flushed with arousal, and answered him. “You threatened to come over and go down on me for thirty minutes…as a start.”

Josh smiled. “Let’s see what we can do…”

Ana’s arousal overruled her inhibitions. She felt Josh kiss her through her panties and couldn’t believe how much she wanted this. Running his finger up the middle of her slit, he popped it into his mouth, never breaking eye contact. She turned her head and moaned. Gently, he traced her folds slipping in the evidence of her arousal. Holding her lips apart with his thumbs, Josh gave her a long, slow lick with the flat of his tongue. Fresh arousal flooded her pussy at the stimulation. Teasing her mercilessly, he avoided her clit. Ana moaned in protest, begging to be touched. Escort Antalya Slowly, bit by bit, he pressed a finger into her pussy. She moaned again, almost choking on a sob of pleasure. “More.” Josh smiled to himself.

She was tight, but the grip of her pussy walls was sexy as fuck. Teasing the edges with his tongue, Josh watched her pussy throb and weep with arousal.

“Damn, I’m gonna fuck you silly,” he muttered and proceeded to eat her out. Pushing his tongue into her depths, Josh played with her pussy lips as she writhed under his touch. Feeling her spasm against his tongue, he gently thrust his fingers inside her and focused on her clit. Ana moaned and cursed as she came on his tongue.

“Oh, God! Josh! Oh, Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk…”

Josh watched her squirm as she came down from her orgasm. He was rock hard again and ready to be inside her. Grabbing pillows, Josh helped her put them under her ass. Rolling a condom on, he put a thumb on her clit and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly pushing in, he heard her whimper and paused.

“No,” she panted. “Don’t stop. I want you inside me.”

Rubbing her clit, he thrust into her bit by bit, letting her adjust to his size. He thrust shallowly, becoming more aroused as he watched Ana begin to play with her nipples. Almost entirely inside her, Josh grabbed her hips for leverage and buried himself to the hilt. They moaned together.

“You ok?” he asked. “Feel good?”

“Fuck, yes!” she groaned. “Fuck me. Now!”

With that, they moved together. It was new for her, but his hands on her hips meant they hit all the right spots. As Josh fell forward, reaching for climax and striving for the deepest penetration, Ana licked his chest, bit his nipple, and sent them both over the edge.

They lay in a heap, struggling for breath. “Next round,” she gasped out, “doggy style.”

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