Jim’s Almost Swim


The story starts with Jim, a young 18 year old chub, working at a community pool. Check out Jim’s camping trip for part 1!

“Man this job sucks…” Thought Jim to himself as he sat at the receptionist’s desk at the community pool. He sat there every day, watching people come in dry and out wet. Jim would occasionally go for a swim, but felt self conscious about himself. He had gained weight in the past couple of weeks, but he hadn’t really cared about that much, but he didn’t want to be made fun of by the other his age.

So he started working the morning shift, when only older people came. It was not very busy at all either, on the weekdays he’d only have the women’s swim jazzercise class. But it wasn’t all bad, he got to work alone, only one lifeguard on duty, and him. So he just sat there every morning. He thought of the camping trip and how he felt weird about Adam.

On one hand, he wants to see him more often, but Adam said he wants Jim to expand his horizons past “an old fool like me!” But Jim strangely like the idea of older men, those kids his age were too immature and not deep enough. He stared into space as he pondered.

“Can I help you?” Said an older gentleman whose crotch Jim had been staring into space at.

Jim snapped up and said, “Oh, I’m sorry!”

He swiped his card and the other older gentleman behind the first said, “Thanks Jim, see you in an hour or so?” with a smile on his face.

Jim nodded, “You know where I’ll be.” smiling back. The older men walked by. Jim wondered where they found the courage to go swimming even though they weren’t really fit. The first one was short and pudgy and probably 250 lbs, while the other was a big black man, round at 320 lbs. Jim stared at them as they walked by.

About an hour passed and Jim was watching them swim. He thought he should be able to do that like them! He shouldn’t feel bad at all. So he went downstairs and changed into one of the bathing suits.

His bathing suit was tight, showing his big belly and large 275 lbs body, all clean and smooth. He went to take a shower before he went in the pool, when the 2 older gentlemen came in.

“Who’s upfront boy?” Said the tall black man. Cihangir travesti

Jim laughed, “I’ve been here two weeks, and you 2 are the only guys to show up for another 5 hours.”

The 2 gentlemen laughed. “That’s why we like it. Always have our privacy.” said the short man with a smirk. They both went into the sauna as Jim finished shower. As the two men walked inside, he noticed they dropped their towels on the way in, as well their goggles on the floor.

Jim walked over and picked them up and opened the door to return them to the men.

When Jim opened the door, he took a triple take, as both men were naked, sitting legs open, both of them slowly jerking off while talking! He stuttered at first, when the tall black man said, “Now you can see why we like our privacy,” while laughing.

Jim stood there, speechless with his mouth wide open as he stared at their cocks, one long and one fat! The short man look at the other and said, “Hey Marcus, I think the boy likes what he sees.”

Jim hadn’t notice the bulge in his towel! He quickly tried to cover up, almost dropping it entirely. Marcus said, “No need to worry son, Bob’s right. You are enjoying yourself!”

Jim stared for another second, and somehow found the courage to walk inside, close the door and drop his towel, and say with confidence, “Maybe I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying myself then?”

Marcus stood up, walked to him slowly and said, “I couldn’t agree more!” He held Jim’s head tightly while he began to kiss him, his hand making Jim seem very secure and relaxed. He felt even more relaxed when he felt a tongue on his cock!

Bob had moved over and began slowly licking his sausage, while Marcus pushed Jim up against a wall, held both his hands in the air and started kissing his neck. Jim was being teased and began fidgeting around, which Bob seemed to liked, because he began to play with Jim’s balls, sucking them gently, while Marcus licked and sucked Jim’s nipples until they were hard and wet!

Slowly Marcus worked his way down, until him and Bob were on their knees and Jim looked down as they both started to suck his cock! Bob was deep throating him with no problem, Fındıkzade travesti while Marcus was sucking his balls and giving Bob some helping sucking here and there.

Jim was still standing there mouth open feeling these two hot tongue rubbing his cock back and forth while he just laid there!

Jim put his hands on both of their heads as they both moved back and forth, slurping his cock in and out. At one point Bob began to suck just the tip, while Marcus like his shaft up and down! The suction these men created made Jim almost burst to the ceiling! But then they both stopped and got up.

They both went in and kissed Jim at the same time, pushing both of their tongues into Jim’s mouth! They slowly moved over to the seats. “Time for us to have some fun now!” said Marcus as he kissed Jim’s neck from behind.

Bob moved in front of Jim and said, “I got dibs on front, that good?” Marcus nodded, still sucking on Jim’s neck. Jim felt Marcus’s cock against his buttcrack as it was slowly sliding up and down, spreading precum all around it. Marcus then bent Jim over and positioned him in front of Bob.

Bob said, “Time to get fucked boy!” Jim saw Bob’s short but fat cock in front of him and tried to grab it with his mouth while Bob dangled it front of him. Just then he felt the tip of Marcus’s long cock enter his ass slowly. Jim moaned very loudly as it went deeper and deeper inside.

Then Marcus began to fuck Jim’s ass in strides, just as Bob shoved his cock into Jim’s mouth! Jim feels the sensation from the delicious taste of Bob’s meat in his mouth and the strong smooth cock massaging his insides while Marcus’s strong hands grab his chubby ass, occasionally smacking it!

Jim then felt Marcus’s hand reach down and grab his sausage, laughing at how wet it was. He stroked in tune with his pumps into Jim, and Jim in turn slurped Bob in tune as one chubby sexy orchestra.

Jim felt so good as he was held by the head and ass and just fucked until his legs were shaking for excitement. Bob started to moan faster and faster and Jim felt Bob’s cock get super hard and Marcus noticed this too, so he started to fuck Jim even harder!

As Jim screamed Fulya travesti in ecstasy being ridden harder and harder while Bob let out loud moan as he came down Jim’s throat! Jim grabbed his balls as began sucking down this delicious juice as he massaged every drop out of his cock!

Marcus, still riding Jim hard, told Bob, “Let the boy have some of is , *ruff* own medicine, I bet he’s *RUFF* begging for it!!” woofing between pumps.

Marcus laid Jim on his back and fucked his ass as he lifted his chubby legs into the air. Bob bent over and suck on Jim’ s cum drenched cock!

Jim screamed “Oh my GOD! This feel, *pant* so amazing!” as he was sucked and pumped very hard almost unable to talk! Marcus began to shake and fuck Jim’s ass with clear definite pumps, until finally he barked loudly as he filled Jim’s ass with cum!!

Jim moaned loud enough to raise the dead when he was filled, and shot his own loud onto Marcus’s chest and all over Bob’s face! Jim laid there, cum drenched and shaking, while Marcus continued to slide in and out of Jim slowly.

Jim only panted, while Bob slapped Jim on the ass and said, “Man, we haven’t a good fuck like you in awhile!”

Marcus laughed, saying, “I think this job will be fun for you nowadays!” Jim laughed, still to shaking and turned on to move.

~2 weeks later~

Adam had had a hard day, with a lot on his mind. He spent it wondering if want he had done with Jim set him down the road of what had happened. He read the letter again:

“Dear Adam, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten in trouble. You heard about what happened in the pool locker room…5 times, and how I was fired. What you don’t know is that my parents flipped out and kicked me out of the house.

At first I felt scared, but now I think I know how I can get by. One of the guys told me a place where I may be needed. I don’t know what he means, but if it gives me some sense of purpose, or happiness, I’m going to do it. I don’t have a way to get there, so I’ve decided to hitchhike.

Don’t worry about me, once I’ve made something of myself, I’ll be ok. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. xoxoxo, Jim”

He sighed, hoping he would be ok, and looked at the business card that was in the note too, from “Chubby Heaven Productions.” He smiled, as he clicked the accept agreement to become a paid member of their website.

Continued as Jim’s Police Ride….

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