Jenn’s Awakening Ch. 01


Jenn waited, just a little nervously, at the door to the elevator in the exclusive city hotel. She knew that she really wanted to be here for the reason she was here but, still, she couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious.

After all, it wasn’t every day that she did what she was hoping to do this weekend. She had come here, to this place, at this time, to meet a couple, Anna and Leo, who she hoped were going to be the answer to the quandary that she found herself in.

For a moment, she thought about simply turning around and walking straight back out the front doors of the hotel but, then, realised that she still wanted to be here more than she wanted to leave. So far, she’d had a fair bit of fun online with them both and knew that really the only next step was forward, not backward.

She stood there, for a few moments longer, thinking back over, and savouring, the events that had brought her to this point …

Jenn’s quandary was the increasing sexual urgency that she’d been feeling ever since she and a friend had started engaging in some mutual masturbation sessions. Her friend had caught her playing at camp and, rather than running out and spreading the news around everyone else, had reclined and started to indulge herself in the same fashion.

What had followed was many hours of shared fun, mutual but solo, until it ended a little badly when Jenn had hesitatingly wished to take it to a completely shared level, by moving to touch her friend intimately.

She knew now that, maybe, she should have talked about it first, sounding out her friend, but had thought at the time that was where they were both imagining it going. She’d felt more than a little confused, at first, when her friend had not reacted anywhere near like she expected, but now was just sad at the loss of what might have been intensely beautiful for both of them.

Her problem had really arisen when she realised that she was simply unable to go back to her completely solo sex play as before. She had found that having someone else in the same room as her had made the pleasure that much more intense that playing alone now it seemed like something was missing. On a trip to Canberra, she’d even braved the embarrassment of visiting a sex shop to purchase a couple of toys to spice up her late-night solo fun but had found that this had only really exacerbated the situation even more.

The vibrator and the dildo she had bought were great fun, and she didn’t regret them in the least, but once she had got her hands on their phallic shapes and had explored the act of inserting them into her increasingly aching pussy, she then started to wish that they were the real, hot, hard flesh of a man in her hands and teasing inside the wet, craving cavity between her legs.

The more she played with them, the stronger this feeling became, until she just had to think of picking them up and she would become soaking wet inside, oozing gently into the gusset of her knickers. More than once, she had to shower a second time at night, before she went to sleep for the night, after having to bring herself off to satisfy the desires she had for sexual fulfilment.

Which had led to this point at which she’d arrived. Keen to find a way to satisfy all of the desires that were swirling within her and arousing such sexual tensions, she’d noticed a late-night advert on TV for a sexually-oriented Personals website, at which guys and girls were able to meet and arrange discreet assignations with each other for the purposes of mutual sexual pleasure. Surely that might provide the answer.

Being an intelligent young woman, she worked out quickly that her best option to satisfy everything that she wanted to do would be to seek a stable, experienced couple who might be prepared to trade the pleasure of access to all of her fit, young body for her requirement that they focus on her objectives as their own. She knew it was probable that they’d have to greatly delay taking their immediate gratification from her, in order to carefully, tenderly and patiently allow her to explore their bodies and have them explore hers.

She also surmised that it might be likely that, at some stage during the foreplay, she might have reservations or second thoughts and that she might need some gentle urging to continue moving forward through the various stages of sexual play and arousal. As her only shared experience so far had been with her female friend, she was hoping that another woman might understand this and be able to assist her through any jitters or insecurity.

With some hope but no degree of certainty at finding what she sought, she placed her Profile on the site. She wasn’t in any way sure that anyone, let alone anyone suitable, might respond, although logic told her that, at least, somebody would. But, with only a little experience with another girl, which hadn’t really worked out, and absolutely none at all with any guys, she had no guarantee that she would be considered sexually appealing enough.

She Anadolu Yakası Escort needn’t have worried and was actually amazed at both the number and speed of the responses she got, almost immediately her Profile was approved. She hadn’t even had to put a naked or scantily-clad picture of herself up on the site, although eventually she would have plucked up the courage if it had proved necessary. But the photo of herself in normal, everyday clothes had provoked a landslide.

If she had wanted, she could have been licked, stroked and poked by any combination of single guys and girls to huge groups. She could have sucked and fucked herself to a complete standstill and great soreness in a day flat … on her back. She could have had sextoys, fingers, hands, cocks (and most likely other things from some of the more wierd responses) penetrating every hole in her body. Not a lot of patience, tenderness, consideration for her inexperience or offers of teaching her what she might like and what she might not, though.

As she ploughed through the hundreds of responses, rejecting most out of hand, she did find some worthwhile answering. As she did, she found that she also needed to reject a lot of these, for many different reasons. And the ones that she didn’t, frustratingly, were nowhere near where she lived or, worse, were across the other side of Australia. The closest she was seriously considering was a couple in Adelaide, who seemed at least to be considerate and respectful of where she was at in this stage of her life.

She was wondering how on earth to make it all work, how she would explain wanting to go away to Adelaide to her parents, who would never agree with what she was planning to do, when she received another approach that, once again, she almost dismissed out of hand. It was from a guy alone, although he explained that he was in a strange kind of committed relationship with a woman who worked half each year in a major hospital in London. From what he wrote, he seemed nice enough and possibly genuine but she’d thought that about others before.

With a readiness to cut and run at the first sign any problems with him, she replied and decided that she was happy to meet him online to chat outside of the site, giving him her email address and Messenger ID so that they could establish contact. On the first occasion, though, it almost stopped straight away when he misunderstood exactly what she was asking in a specific question and seemed to be telling her that, no, he wasn’t in any relationship at all, just another single guy trying it on.

When she cut contact immediately, he didn’t just give up completely, however, and wrote her a longish email, detailing how the misunderstanding occurred and attempted to explain more clearly and fully how the relationship between himself and his partner worked. It seemed strange but, gradually, Jenn started to understand the logic of it, appreciated the care with which they seemed to treat each other, even when separated by distance for extended periods of time, and decided for herself that it was worth the second chance that he had asked for.

This was Leo, the man waiting upstairs for her with his girlfriend Anna, who was finally back in Sydney from London. Once contact was reestablished, he had insisted that they spend more time online getting to know each other, as he quite frankly told her that she would probably never look twice at him in the street but that he had other qualities which Anna valued highly and which he hoped that Jenn might also discover for herself.

Subsequent online contacts improved quickly and significantly to the point where she felt comfortable enough to send some of her naked pictures and, after receiving similar ones of him, she went so far to swap more, with her playing with her toys and he stroking himself to erection. This swiftly escalated her arousal and very soon they were stimulating each other with online sex play. Everything she wanted to know, asked could they or would they try, he seemed to make so simple and easy to be satisfied.

When she wanted to see his cock grow from soft to hard, he was happy to get his webcam back and arrange it for her. He asked for her to be able to show herself live to him too and, on explaining to him that she no longer had a webcam because her Dad had caught her playing online with her friend and smashed it, he offered and found her a webcam which he sent for her to collect at her local Post Office.

Curious to know what Anna and Leo would like to do with her sexually, she asked him to describe it online but he suggested he could write an erotic story for her and promised that he and Anna would attempt to bring it to life with her, once she was happy with all the sexual activities detailed within it.

Really starting to become excited by the prospect now, she asked him to take the story all the way to a successful physical penetration of her pussy with his cock, deep within her, after all other Pendik Escort mutual pleasures had been fully explored by the three of them together.

She thought that maybe she had found the couple she needed and asked for the chance to meet Anna online as well. After explaining that he did not wish to disappoint Anna by asking and then finding that Jenn wished to form her relationship with another couple, they were able to reach on agreement on a level of committment with which they were both happy. He immediately sent Anna an email with photos of Jenn and they both waited impatiently for her to reply, which she did a few days later.

Leo had mentioned to Jenn that he thought Anna and her would hit it off great but Jenn herself was a little surprised at how quickly and how well they did. Soon, they too were engaged in hot, steamy sexual discussions online, although it was not possible for them to move forward as far with mutual play, as Anna was still in London, sitting in an Internet cafe.

This was increasingly and intensely frustrating for Jenn but, once again, Leo was able to help with the advice to turn that frustration into anticipation for when Anna would return and, also, by more and more online sexual play between themselves. Jenn, though, still found herself resorting to a lot of sexual self-stimulation with her toys late at night alone in her single bed.

She knew that she could hardly wait to be in a huge bed with them, helping them off with both their clothes and hers, her body being intensely explored by them with eyes, hands, fingers, lips and tongues, as she commenced the discovery of both of theirs in like fashion. It was like igniting a slow-burning fire within her, starting deep within her pussy and flowing outward from there through her body, just as the wetness was soaking between the lips of her pussy, saturating her knickers and starting to dampen the skin at the top of her inner thighs.

The heat would spread throughout her body, her nipples would grow almost achingly hard and her boobs, suffused with blood, would become firmer and a rosy flush would tinge their skin, along with her neck and cheeks. She started to understand where the expression “to take a cold shower” came from, as often it seemed like it might be the only way to cool down. When she mentioned that, Anna laughingly told her that she would indeed soon discover a far better way.

It was getting past the point where she needed to touch herself in order to become hot, moist and ready for sex, it was fast closing on the point where all she needed to do was picture the three of them together in her mind and everything that they would be doing. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out, while they all awaited the day Anna arrived back in Sydney.

Soon enough, though, that day had come. Leo had booked a large suite in a city hotel, with a huge bed, for all of them, saying that he wanted everything to be extra special for them all but especially for Jenn. She arranged a cover story about a weekend away for her parents, with a fallback for Anna and Leo to pretend to be the chaperones, should it be needed to complete the story.

A discreet reason for Jenn to be staying with them within the suite was formulated as well. She was their personal assistant who had just arrived in town to join them and would be staying in the suite’s second bedroom. By now, though, Jenn was hoping that she’d never even see the inside of that second bedroom. She certainly wouldn’t, without some sort of a fight!

So, here she was, waiting for the elevator to take her up to the objective of all of her current desires, unsure whether to go on up, or turn and walk quickly out of the hotel …

Thinking back on all that had led to this point, she felt her resolve to move forward to fulfilment begin to solidify, as she also felt the heat, the moisture, the warming blood begin to flow quickly into her lower belly, bringing with it the feeling that her pussy and its surrounding lips and folds were growing to take over her whole body. She was glad she’d decided to wear a skirt, rather than trousers, as she realised there was no guarantee right now that she wasn’t going to cum standing here, wetting her clothes through.

Thankfully, the lift doors opened just at that moment and, without any further thought or delay, she skipped quickly inside, tapped the floor button she wanted and watched the doors close on her life as a sexually inexperienced girl and the lift carried her up to the next phase of her life as a sexually liberated woman. At the right floor, she got out and walked resolutely, not timidly as she thought she might have, to the door of the suite.

As she went to knock, the door opened wide and she was able to walk straight in. Anna was standing inside, waiting for her and moved forward to enfold her in her arms. Almost immediately following, Jenn felt someone else press into her from behind and envelop them both within his arms.

At Kurtköy Escort this first touch from both the couple she had come to be with, Jenn’s knees went a little weak and she relaxed into their embrace. Anna moved one hand up to the side of her face and tilted her head down a little to kiss her. At the same time, Jenn felt Leo lift her shoulder-length red hair away from the nape of her neck and place soft kisses there, moving around to the side of her neck. If she thought she was getting hot on the ground floor of the hotel, waiting for the elevator, it was nothing compared to the heat now starting to grow throughout her body.

Jenn made a soft sound, somewhere between a purr and a moan, at which Leo moved and picked her up into his arms. She turned her head to look into his smiling face and eyes. He asked her if she wanted to have a drink first, or freshen up, or put her small overnight bag somewhere. She grinned back at him and shook her head, NO! She dropped the bag gently to the floor, put her arms around his neck and levered herself up to brush her lips against his, then looked around the room for the door she was sure they should now be stepping through.

Anna picked up Jenn’s bag and led the way through a half-open door, into a room with an absolutely gigantic bed. Leo lay Jenn gently on her back, near the centre of the bed and climbed onto it beside her. Anna joined them quickly on the other side and the couple moved very close to Jenn. Simultaneously, they both kissed her on each cheek and slid their hands onto her clothed body, stroking her gently.

They asked her if she was ready and what she wanted to do to start off with. Jenn murmured back to them that she’d like them to begin, while she savoured the first moments of hands other than her own actually moving on her body to sexually stimulate it. Anna and Leo both nodded silently, began to stroke Jenn over an increasingly wide area of her body and also started to kiss any exposed area of skin.

Initially, Leo concentrated on her upper body, the side of her neck, her bare arms and onto her firming breasts. Jenn could feel her nipples responding by getting hotter and harder within the soft silken cups of her bra, bought new especially for this occasion. He too obviously felt the nipples harden, as he stroked both of her breasts around the nipple area and brought his lips to grip them through the material of her blouse.

At the same time, Anna was running her gentle hands over Jenn’s stomach, her hips, her thighs, over the top of the neat knee-length skirt. So far, she had avoided both Jenn’s mound at the base of her stomach or the tender, sensitive regions beneath them which were rapidly heating and moistening even further as Jenn craved a hand to brush over them. As if by divine command, Anna almost immediately slid her hand down Jenn’s stomach and over her mound, cupping it, the fingers questing and finding Jenn’s stiffening clit through her clothes and softly massaging it a little.

Anna then slid her hand down Jenn’s thigh to the hem of the skirt and then slid it back up again, bringing the skirt up with it to Jenn’s waist. She then bent forward to kiss the soft skin of Jenn’s firm stomach, as she slid her hand between Jenn’s thighs to stroke the soft skin of her legs. Anna’s other hand slid on top of Jenn’s sexy silken knickers, part of the new matching lingerie set.

She massaged Jenn’s clit and pussy through the sheer knickers and rubbed across her mound, covered with Jenn’s fine red fluff of pubic hair. Then Anna’s hand slid beneath the waistband of the knickers directly onto Jenn’s mound and tangled gently within the hairs there, before sliding further down into the moist crevice leading to Jenn’s now-stiff clit and her almost soaking pussy. Anna rubbed Jenn’s clit a little more firmly, causing Jenn to shake with a little involuntary spasm and then to push a little firmly back toward Anna’s fingers.

Anna rubbed back and forth a little more, then allowed her hand to slide further down the wet crevice inside the knickers, till they were flirting with the entrance between Jenn’s pussy lips. She let her middle finger slip inside Jenn, up to the first knuckle, causing Jenn to wriggle her hips up, down and around a little, as if she were trying to suck more of the finger inside of herself, which resulted in Anna’s finger sliding further in, to the second knuckle.

Anna joined that finger with a second one beside it, and repositioned her thumb momentarily on Jenn’s clit, to massage that at the same time as she commenced slow, shallow finger-thrusting movements into and out of Jenn’s hot cunt. As Jenn picked up the rhythm of Anna’s hand movements, she started a matching set of movements of her hips to meet and swallow a little more each time of the fingers, so deftly sliding within her.

Meanwhile, Leo had begun to unbutton Jenn’s blouse to give him increased access to the skin of her arms, shoulders and breasts. When he had it unbuttoned fully, he pulled the blouse out from the waistband of her skirt, slid it down both her arms and lifted her slightly, gently, to remove it completely. He left the bed momentarily, hung her blouse over a chair near the bed, then got back onto the bed, at the top of Jenn’s head with his knees either side.

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