Janet’s Perfect Pair Ch. 05

From Behind

I awakened four hours later to an empty bed, my body covered with sweat, and a nice case of the shakes. Janet was gone, probably to work. I got up put a classical music selection on (Schubert’s Unfinished) and went and got my bottle of scotch. My hands were shaking badly enough that there was no way it was going to get poured into a glass so I forced the bottle up to my lips and took a stiff belt followed by a trip to the bathroom to heave it out of a tender stomach at best. Don came back to his bed took another belt along with a valium and began chanting to himself “take effect, take effect, take effect.” It finally began to work in conjunction with the valium that was prescribed to him as a muscle relaxant for a sore back. Since I was very low and needed another prescription I decided to call the doctor and also give the Viagra a try as Janet had suggested I do.

The nurse called me back pretty promptly and told me that she had already called the pharmacy and to get in touch with them to see when they were ready which I did explaining that I needed the Viagra for tonight. They said no problem to the 100mg pills (the strongest) and that if I gave them an hour they would be ready. I then informed Janet of what I had done and invited her over for a photo session and whatever else happened which she agreed to. The thought of the Viagra excited me because from what I heard you could keep an erection for a couple of hours.

In the meantime until she arrived I needed to get myself cleaned up, shaved, and get myself into a mellow feeling. Not too high just cool. I figured that Janet would be here at 5 PM so I would wait until 4:30 before taking it along with another valium to keep any shakes from starting up.

5PM came around and sure enough Janet showed up looking quite attractive and business like in a blue blazer, white blouse, and matching skirt color of the blazer.

“Hi Don,” she said in a pleasant upbeat manner.

“Well if it isn’t the PERFECT PAIR,” I said in an inviting way. “That is your nickname now because whenever I see you I want to cover your titties with cum after I fuck them nice and slow. But tonight if it’s okay with you I want you to do a slow erotic striptease for me while I photograph you. Just the thought of you seductively teasing me with your titties is already making me hard.”

“I want it clear Don that no one except myself is ever allowed to see those pictures. If you ever show them to anyone else or if I ever catch you fucking anyone else we’re history and I’ll make sure that all future dates will get a titty fucking which will be photographed.”

“No problem, I responded. But I never ever want you to let anyone fuck those titties. The fact that I introduced you to the art makes it special to me that I’m the only one. I was the first and the last person that will ever do this to you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Agreed,” she replied. “How about a drink of your scotch to Antalya Escort loosen me up a little and release my inhibitions so I’ll be in the mood even more.

“I’ll make it up immediately,” I said, as she sat down on the couch and kicked her shoes off.

As I made the drink she took her blazer off carefully putting it over a chair. As I handed her the drink of scotch and soda she immediately gulped down the whole thing and said “let’s get started as I also have other things in mind. How is the Viagra working by the way?”

I pulled my shorts off and watched her stare at my hard cock which was even larger than before.

“Oh baby,” she responded, and promptly got up from the couch and began stroking it gently with her hand. The feeling was great and she continued the handjob with a circular motion and she began saying “I want you to cover me baby. This cock belongs between my twins as there aching to feel that hard cock wrapped around my titties.”

“Let’s do the photos first and they’ll be plenty of time for that in a little while.”

I had set up a roll of white background paper on an empty wall and motioned for her to stand in front of it. Camera in hand I began to photograph her as she slowly removed her clothing one piece at a time. As the blouse came off I saw her in a bra for the very first time and encouraged her to tease me as she removed. She unhooked it and then began to reveal her cleavage an inch at a time letting me see just enough and letting my imagination do the rest. The tops of her titties were perfect with tiny blue veins and very tight cleavage. As the bra came down she revealed her nipples very erect just waiting to be bitten. Isn’t that what they were for? As she pulled the bra completely off and discarded it on the couch she was quite a sight with only a pair of bikini panties on.

As she slowly took her panties off she said “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, yes, and yes” was my reply. I looked down at my cock and could see it had grown even slightly larger.

Janet came over to me, got down on her knees and began sucking quite noisily so I could hear her slurping as she pushed it in as far as it would go. “Do you like it when I suck your cock?” Do you like it in my pussy? Do you like it between my titties?

“Of course,” I responded. “Tonight you’re going to suck my cock, I’m going to fuck you until you scream with pleasure and then I’m going to fuck your titties and cover them with cum. The longer I wait the more cum I’ll produce. I was told that I might be able to go two hours with the Viagra. Are you ready to get started?”

“Oh yes” she replied as she cupped her titties and pushed them together so the cleavage was nothing more than a thin line.

With that response I wasted no time and put my cock in her pussy fucking her nice and slow as I kissed her using my tongue in her mouth to heighten the mounting climax I knew was going Antalya Escort Bayan to happen. Her grapefruit tits were mashed hard against my chest and I could feel her hardened nipples burning. As I developed the in and out motion she gurgled and began to respond “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I continued my fucking as the hard cock slid in and out with a fluid motion and I could feel her wet pussy ready to cum which Janet did over and over until she laid on the bed exhausted.

It didn’t take Janet long to oil up my cock and she rotated both hands around it as she sat on the floor in front of me. “I love your big hard cock but I want to suck on it for a little bit to get it ready for you to put it in between my titties. The handjob was fantastic and I didn’t want her to stop. I moaned as she slid her hands up and down and let the head of my cock rub against her rock hard nipples. She next put it in her mouth and took it all the way down her throat. It was hard for me not to come in her mouth but I held back and just enjoyed the feeling along with the slurping sound of her mouth.

“I think I’ll come in your mouth Janet. I don’t know how much longer I can hold it.”

She seductively replied “You do want to come on my titties don’t you? Do you want me to beg you? Please come on my titties. I want you to cover me with your cum”

With that remark Janet stop the sucking and began wiggling her tits back and forth as the head of my cock was gently stroking the bottoms of her gorgeous mounds. She grabbed my hard cock and began rubbing it back forth against her nipples making them even more erect. Some of the oil transferred to them making them shiny. As she continued she put her hands on the side of her breasts and squeezed them together leaving the head of my cock exposed but the rest was buried in her titties. She then moved her body up and down in such a way that it felt better than fucking or being sucked. The white flesh was now covered with a thin layer of the oil and to make them even slippier I squirted more of the oil on top of her cleavage. All the time she was talking dirty to me. “Fuck em Dan. Do you like fucking them. Is this the best pair you ever had. There only for you. You can knead, squeeze, lick, bite, and fuck them whenever you want. Everyday I’m going to look forward to feeling that big hard cock between my big titties.”

I was as hard as I’ve ever been because of the Viagra and I motioned to her to lay on the couch while I got on top of her to really give them a good fucking. They were the most beautiful pair I’d ever seen in my life. As I mounted her I leaned over and began kneading the breast flesh while I sucked on her nipples. This made her groan as I pushed them together and then in rapid fashion tongued one nipple and then the other continuing to knead the alabaster breast flesh. The kneading had turned them pink which seemed to enhance the blue veins. The tight cleavage Escort Antalya oozed out a little oil and when I slid the cock between them I also was pushing the sides burying my hands in the flesh and at the same time making the cleavage tight. Wet with the oil it was incredibly smooth to slide back and forth watching the cock head disappear and then reappear.

“I think you deserve a pearl necklace tonight Janet.”

She replied almost immediately no. “I want to be be covered with your cum. Spray it all over my titties. Please come all over me. My breasts want to feel that hot semen on them. But don’t cum yet. I want you to fuck them some more. You could fuck them all night and I wouldn’t get tired of you doing it to me.”

As much as I wanted to cum I held back for a little while longer enjoying the tittie flesh that surrounded my cock. It ached from not cumming but I kept up the tittie fucking while all the while Janet lay there moaning. How can such a firm pair be so soft? It didn’t seem to make any sense but that was the way it was.

I knew I was going to cum and I also knew there would be a lot of force so my plan was to move back a little and give myself plenty of room to hose them down really good. There would be no necklace tonight for Janet. The amount I ejaculated was more than I ever have in my life. There were a total of four major squirts. I planted two on each tit and the white semen covered her titties from top to bottom. There was some that hit the top of her tits and slowly ran down her cleavage filling it up with the white fluid. The nipples were covered and it began to drip off them making for a really erotic picture. I wanted to take some pictures but I couldn’t move. I just stared at the handiwork I had done while Janet looked at her boobs approving of the hosing she had just gotten.

I finally was able to get up and grab the camera and I immediately began snapping off pictures of her cum covered titties. A close-up of the nipples, then a shot of first one tittie, and then the other concluding with a shot of both of them a truly erotic sight that would give me an instant hard on the next time I got horny and looked at them.

Janet responded by saying “You covered me real good Dan. I don’t know if you can do better but I’m sure you’ll try.”

“Not only try but I will Janet. I’m totally addicted to fucking your big tits and your totally addicted to getting them fucked. This is the fifth time in four days that we both got our wishes.”

As I laid next to her on the couch she snuggled up her wet body to me and I could still feel that her nipples were erect.

“I don’t want to wash it off Don. I want it to soak into my flesh. Maybe it will make them grow. Would you like that if I had bigger titties?”

“I would baby. I’m sure that it would make your tits feel even better.”

With that both of us went into the bedroom and drifted off to sleep. I took another valium just to take the edge off a little bit. I stared at my handiwork and thought to myself I wish I could come three times. Once in her pussy, once in her mouth, and the climax would be yet another tittie spraying. She sure loved it and I loved doing it to her over and over again.

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