Jail Bite Ch. 02


Hello, all. I know it’s been a long time but I’m getting to all my promises lol. I’m not going to lie, I’m mainly updating on another site that I can’t name here or this story will never get updated. But this story is on another site under the same title name only with different character names. Anywho, enjoy :).

Beta’d by Adrianabelen, whose been with me from the start.


Everyone was staring at them. For the three weeks he’d been here, the scrutiny hadn’t abated. Percy hunched his shoulders down in the futile hope that if he made himself smaller, the less they would stare. He looked up at Sabre sitting next to him but the man seemed intensely engrossed in piece of red meat on his steel tray. When Sabre did chance to look up, all those straying eyes would dart back to their own plates. It was almost funny really. Percy was sure he would have found it funny if he hadn’t been in the prison with them.

With a great big sigh, Percy went back to poking at the meat on his plate. Surprisingly enough, it was bright red and full of yummy fat. It was even better than some of the scraps he’d been fed back in his old pack.

“Start eating, princess. In ten minutes we hit the yard. It’ll be the only time you get some fresh air before going back in the cell,” Sabre mumbled around a mouthful of bloody meat, not bothering to chew and swallow before talking.

Percy took the big slab of meat in both hands and took a small dainty bite, chewing with relish. “You can go on without me if you want. I’ll stay here and finish.”

Sabre stopped eating and looked down at the omega next to him incredulously. “You’re kidding me right? Are you really that stupid?”

Taking affront to the insult immediately, Percy slapped down his meat and glared at Sabre. “I am not stupid! What did I say that is so stupid to you?”

Sabre reached out and took Percy’s chin in between two rough fingers. He quickly jerked Percy around so he was looking around at the room again. When they’d first entered, Sabre had led Percy to the food line, keeping the omega in front of him and then lead him to a corner table. They’d been sitting with their backs to a wall, giving them the perfect view to everyone coming in or out of the large mess hall.

This time, a few of the eyes lingered and Percy shivered when he noticed that they were trained on him and not Sabre. Quickly lowering his eyes submissively like he’d been taught by his alpha, Percy jerked away his chin and slumped further into his seat.

“You might think they’re all starting at me and you’re right. They are. They always do,” Sabre hissed under his breath. The older con’s hot breath hit Percy’s sensitive ear and he hunched his shoulder against the assault. “But a few of them are also looking at you. And do you know what they see?”

Percy shook his head, looking down at his bloody fingers. Normally, back in the pack he’d have killed to lick off fresh blood off anyone’s paws or hands; he’d been that hungry. He was ravenously hungry now but all appetite had fled the moment Sabre had started berating him.

“They see a pretty little omega they think they can spread open and shove a cock into. They see a pretty little hole dripping wet and a mouth made for sucking cock.” Sabre didn’t bother keeping his voice low. The few convicts that were sitting close enough to them heard and looked over to Percy and Sabre with interest.

At those blunt and graphic words, Percy blushed harder and curled further into himself. He wanted to yell at Sabre for saying such horrible things but the other man was right. Those heated looks made sense now. And he’d heard enough horror stories of prisons to fully believe what Sabre was saying. Even in his pack, a few of the lower rung weres had been treated as the pack sex slaves. He himself had been on that path with the beta before coming here.

“I’m not hungry anymore,” Percy mumbled petulantly. He brought up his hands from under the table and pushed his full plate away from him. Sabre huffed besides him before getting up and taking his empty plate with him. Percy felt Sabre grab his upper arm and pull him up. The omega could’t help the small yelp that escaped his lips when he was suddenly airborne, his feet dangling above the ground for a few seconds before Sabre set him down.

A large hand reached over Percy’s shoulder and a for a moment Percy’s back was pressed up close to Sabre’s front. This close, the other shifters smell dominated the air around Percy. Thick and musky, Percy could practically taste the salt and spice of the man. A full body shudder wracked his body. Sabre grabbed his barely eaten lunch and gobbled it up in a few bites. Percy tuned his body, his back to the table and the edge digging into the small of his back and his front pressed tightly to Sabre chest. A trail of delicious blood tracked its way down Sabre’s stubbled chin. Nostrils flared, Percy whimpered out. He was eye level to Sabre ‘s throat, watching the strong muscles rhythmically move up and down as he Ataköy travesti swallowed his food.

Percy was hungry again. He followed that drop of red as it meandered down the cleft of Sabre’s chin. Feeling an unfamiliar hotness unfurl at the pit of his stomach, Percy surged up and caught that drop drop of blood before it could splatter onto the bigger man’s chest. With his hands fluttering like small butterflies, Percy curled them into the the collar of the man’s orange jumpsuit and standing on his very tiptoes sucked small kisses over the granite slope of Sabre chin. His small, pink flickering tongue followed the trail of blood and they rested at the corner of the other shifters mouth. A gust of air and the mouth opened but Percy don’t want to hear words.

Words would not appease his hunger. “Sabre…’m so hot….” Rough hands anchored themselves to Percy’s slim hips, promising to leave bruises. Percy rolled them and rubbed his belly against his mate. Wanting to please, Percy puckered his moist lips and pressed them in a tentative kiss to the man above him. And when he didn’t pull away, Percy preened and pressed more firmly. Those petal soft lips parted and his slick tongue poked tentatively at Sabre’s bottom lip.

Suddenly, he was pushed back so forcefully he slid across the metal table on his back. Panting and confused with dark blurs edging his vision, Percy whined as he looked up at his mate. Why wasn’t he kissing him back? Why didn’t Sabre claim him yet? He had to know they were mates. Did the shifter think he was a defective omega, not submissive enough perhaps? He hadn’t wanted to kill that beta but he’d had to! And he could be better, more docile, more omega like.

His hands reached for Sabre in a soft plea, tears of rejection burning his eyes. The other man panted harshly like he just ran a marathon, his heaving chest desperately grasping at scarce air. Hands clenched at his sides, his eyes darted to all the other inmates slowly surround in them. Only then did Percy realize they weren’t alone. He gasped and sat up, his hands curling over his trembling mouth. Oh, how humiliated he was was. He’d just acted like a bitch in heat.

Lecherous eyes followed his every move. They stripped him of his measly clothes and Percy had never felt so exposed in his life, not even when he’d first come here and a guard had stripped him bare and checked him everywhere for contraband items.

Sabre growled at them and pulled Percy closer to his body. The omega willingly curled himself around the mans arm, heedless to the fact that the shifter might need them to defend them both. He looked up at Sabre’s snarling face and hid his face into the angry man’s bicep. He’d messed up again, and this time his mate might not forgive him.

He missed the yellow green flash of reptilian eyes that finally succeeded in pushing the other inmates back. Thick arms slid under Percy’s thighs and the omega let himself be lifted. He wrapped his legs around his mates thick waist and his arms around his tense neck, his face still pressed to Sabre’s arm.

He barely noticed them moving through the crowd. Sabre’s arm held him safe and secure, keeping the other inmates at arms length the entire way to their cell. He unceremoniously dumped Percy onto their shared bed. The sheets were still rumpled and smelling of them from last night. Percy tried to cling to his mate, for no other reason other than that he missed being held. But Sabre shrugged him off and went to their door to slam it shut. He gestured over to a waiting guard and had the door locked.

“What the hell was that, Percy?” Sabre exploded. Percy whimpered and scooted back on the bed until his shoulder bones hit the unforgiving concrete of their jail cell.

The large shifter prowled forward. An angry vein throbbed at his temple. A thin sheen of sweat covered his face, and small beads of water covered his upper lip. He looked flushed, his slitted pupils expanded and completely overtook his eye color.

Percy shook his head in the negative. “You’re my mate and you haven’t claimed me yet!” He whined plaintively. “I can be a good omega, I promise. I’ll be the best omega to you.” This was the first time Percy had spoken about his suspicions out loud. When Sabre hadn’t said anything in the first few days, he hadn’t either. He hadn’t wanted to ruin camaraderie they’d built. Sabre slept with his every night, and. Percy found the other man’s slight snores usually lulled him to sleep. His warmth made him feel safe and his touch calmed him. He didn’t want Sabre to take that away from him.

“We’re not mates.” Sabre took a step back when Percy made a pained sound and crawled forward on his hands and knees. Percy knew it to be a lie. The larger shifters heartbeat was erratic and when he’d spoken those words, they jumped tellingly. Though his tone was emotionless, he almost looked frightened when Percy came closer. Sabre tried to school his features into a more neutral expression but he couldn’t hide his dismay when a distraught Percy, on the Bahçelievler travesti verge of tears stumbled off the bed and fell on him. He couldn’t retreat further, he was a large man barely constrained by a tiny cell. He had no where to run.

“But I am your mate, I am! Is it because I’m a werewolf and you’re not? I don’t care about that, Sabre, please. Smell me, I can prove it!” Long fingered, delicate wrists so beautiful and graceful grasped Sabre’s jaw and pulled him down to his proffered neck. Percy rolled his belly submissively against his mates and pressed his scent glands right into Sabre’s nose.

With a guttural groan, Sabre gave in. He walked Percy backwards and fell on top of the omega. His large body entirely covered the slighter omegas one but Percy didn’t mind. He liked the heaviness of his mate. Unlike before, when he’d been held down by the pack beta, he’d felt suffocated. But now, he want more. He wanted the hard press of Sabre’s body, pressing and pushing until he had nothing else to give and he was entirely consumed by Sabre’s passion.

Sabre nosed along his threat, pressing the hard tip into Percy’s sensitive gland. The omega moaned and thrust his belly up just a little bit closer. Opening his mouth wide, he demanded, “Scent me, I want to smell like you.”

With a pained groan, Sabre pulled away. “I can’t…if I do I’ll never be able to stop, and then you’ll hate me for it.”

Percy whined and shook his head. “I wont, I won’t. I promise. I want you to mate me, please Sabre!” He held out his hands to Sabre but the large shifter haltingly pulled away. His eyes were ablaze, his jaws clenched. He began to morph into his second form. His teeth elongated to the sharp points of a predator. Green and black scales edged his face and ran down his neck to disappear under his jumpsuit.

“You don’t even know me.” Sabre bit out. His hands were visibly shaking. Claws peeked out and bit into his palms, drawing pinpricks of blood.

“I know that you’re my mate, that’s enough.”

Instead of answering, Sabre banged on the wall beside the bars. “Guards!”

Percy watched with wide eyes as two instantly rushed forward. They skidded to a stop when they saw the green scales and teeth.

“Open the fucking door,” Sabre bit out, his words barely legible. His teeth elongated so much they were biting into his human lips.

The guards nodded frantically and fumbled with the keys. The other took out metal shackles but looked in danger of wetting himself. Percy frowned. What was going on?

The cell doors opened and Sabre turned his back. He willingly put his hands behind his back and waited to be cuffed. They quickly cuffed him and led him out of the cell. The guards kept a safe distance from him, their guns pulled out and pointed to the back of Sabres head. Percy cried out distress. It hurt him physically to see his mate put himself in danger.


But the were kept on walking without a single glance back. Percy rushed to the doors but they’d already been locked. He pulled his burned hands back with a hiss but the pain in his hands paled in comparison to the tearing of his heart. He slid to his knees, silent sobs wracking his chest.


Percy was miserable. He hadn’t seen Sabre in days. He didn’t leave his cell, too heartbroken to eat. But oddly, a guard brought him food three times a day and one even sneaked him a book. They didn’t look him in the eye nor did they ever linger too long. When he’d asked about Sabre, he’d been told the shifter had been placed in solitary until he calmed down. Calm down from what? But Percy didn’t believe them. Sabre had left him and moved to another cell because he was a bad omega.

Tonight was the night of the full moon. It should have been a night for celebration. It was the one night out of the month were he got to feel the love and warmth of mother moon. Out of all other days, full moon nights made him feel the closest to his wolf. Aside from that, were shifters were let out for the full moon night and allowed to roam the prison forests for the duration. Percy just wanted to stay in his cell but he knew his wolf would need the light of the moon or fall sick.

So when a guard came to escort him out, he gingerly got up and his hands out to be cuffed. His bones popped in protest, having been folded in his miserable crouch for too long. Percy hadn’t been able to help it. All he’d wanted to do was sit in bed and roll around in the sheets that still smelled like Sabre. It might be the only thing he had left of his mate.

The guard took him to join the other were shifters in the lunch room. A few of them leered at him openly, seeing how Sabre wasn’t with him. Percy ignored them.

On top of being rejected by his mate, Percy had been feeling hot since the day Sabre left. He wrote it off to an aftereffect of being rejected. Or perhaps it was just a fever. He didn’t know and he didn’t care much.

A guard pushed him in line with the other weres as they Bahçeşehir travesti marched outside into the cool, night air. A few already started to howl. A bright moon and her silvery rays blanketed them. They walked out for a mile before the guards unlocked the shackles around their wrists. Trained snipers with silver bullet aimed their guns at the inmates, lest they get the foolish idea to try to overpower the guards. They would also oversee the transformation and make sure none of them made trouble.

It should have been reassuring but to Percy it was anything but. He’d felt more than a few gropes over his body, a few tripping on him and taking the opportunity to touch at his delicate flesh.

Percy rubbed his hands along the cuff marks as he watched the other inmates disrobe. He knew he had to get naked too or rip his jumpsuit during the transition. They were only given two sets of the uniforms and the prison was too stingy to replace them if they got damaged. Percy didn’t want to be left with only one set because of his false sense of modesty. He’d been naked many times in font of his pack, this shouldn’t be any different.

He was the last to unzip his clothes and even so, he instantly transformed into a wolf the minute the fabric slid to his ankles. He barely noticed the cracking and popping of bones as fur sprouted over his body. A lithe, chocolate brown wolf stood tangled in Percy’s clothes. He kicked his legs free of the fabric with a little yip. Many of the others too had transformed, unable to resist the sweet siren call of the moon. They’d also begun circling him, nostrils flared to catch his sweet scent and teeth bared at the ready. He shot off like a bullet to avoid the other wolves. He was the only omega among them. Not only that, they were prisoners who hadn’t had release in who knew how long. He needed to find a cave or a burrow and hide his scent.

As an omega, he was built for speed. While alphas were more powerful, nature gave omegas the ability to outrun them. They had better stamina and had high pain thresholds. That should have given him an advantage except for….

Percy skidded to a sudden stop with the horrifying realization that he was in heat. In this form he could feel it more clearly. The steady throb of arousal, his pheromones calling out to mate. His body was readying itself to revive his mate. To receive Sabre. He’d forgotten that weres went into heat went they found their mates.

He transformed back but the intensity of his heat only increased. His mouth was incredibly dry and his heart was beating a mile a minute. He lay writhing on the ground. He could already feel slick coating the inside curves of his buttocks. And all he could think was Sabres name. He moaned it out load, never wanting the man here as much as he did now.

His cry was answered but not by the shifter Percy wanted. Five wolves growled and prowled towards his fallen body. Percy barely saw them. They were blurry shadows but he knew they were the enemy. When one of them crouched and flew in the air, Percy gathered enough energy to roll away. The wolf hit the ground with a thud, whimpering when its front paw broke at the hard impact.

Percy pushed himself to his hands and knees and stumbled into a run. He had to try at least. But his movement were sluggish and another wolf pounced right in top of him. Fur morphed back to hot skin. The shifter above him rutted hard against him. Rough hands held him down by the neck, the other grabbed his thigh and pulled it apart from its twin. Percy twisted and kneed the were in the groin. Howling, the rolled off. When Percy tried to scramble away, a hand shot out and pulled him back by his ankle. This time, the were was prepared and used his body weight to hold Percy down. He gathered Percy’s flailing arms and pulled them over his head before settling heavily between his thighs. His legs were stretched painfully, his thigh muscles screaming at the stretch.

Percy snapped his jaw and tried to bite at the man’s jugular. The were growled down at him, trying to assert his dominance. He lunged down and bit viciously into Percy’s shoulder. He screamed as the teeth tore into his skin. He lay still, trying to breathe through the pain. His wolf forced him to bare his belly to his assailant, in the hopes of staving off another attack. Satisfied buy the show of submission, the were grinned savagely. He rutted his bared cock against Percy’s and sniffed at the omegas scent gland.

Percy closed his eye and let his hands go slack. He hadn’t yet been lost to the throes of his heat, he still had the state of mind to fight back. And he’d fight until one of them died.

Lulled into a false sense of security, the were the let go of Percy’s hands to grasp at his thighs as he got ready to enter the omega under him. Percy didn’t waste another minute before he reached with his hands curved and gouged his thumb into the were’s eyes. The squishy bulb resisted before bursting around his fingers. Percy jam his fingers deeper, bring forth his harp claws to dig into the man’s skull. The were screamed in agony and struggled to pull away. But Percy held on. And just when the were was expecting it least, Percy lunged up and put the man in a headlock before twisting to the side and breaking the man’s neck. The screams cut off with a wet gurgle.

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