It was a Long Day


It was a long day. I mean, as far as being in conference in Florida can be a long day. It wasn’t all that bad really. Endless speeches and talking about how all these new techniques could save our sales staff. I was so bored. It was good to return to my room. Now we had the luau part tonight. The company did it up, I can say that. It was a excuse for everyone to put on Hawaiian shirts, get drunk but not act drunk. Too bad we couldn’t bring the spouses. The wife would have loved this. Being the ad sales manager, I had my own room at least. I wasn’t doing badly. I was 47, and quite successful in our market. At least we were turning a profit. Yet the stress was awesome. Everyone was looking at you here. The entire corporate staff was just observing. I really felt sometimes like it was better to just go back to my pre-college days and drive a truck again. At least the people were more honest.

I got down to the party at 8pm sharp. Had a glass or two of booze and began to wander about. That’s when she came up to me. Mary, our shining beauty was also our newest account executive. Tall girl. Brunette. Gorgeous long legs that wouldn’t quit! She was wearing a wrap around, with a floral design. Not to mention the high heels and bare midriff blue shirt tied off at the waist and a large flower in her dark hair. Eyes that shines like diamonds. Lips that glowed silky cherry red with her lipstick. Long nails and toe rings. And she smelled like flowers. I had to smile. She was so young and innocent looking. Just 22. It was her first job out of college. Even though she was married at home, it didn’t stop all the guys from flocking around every move she made in the office. She loved the attention and she was kicking ass on the street. She was exceeding all her goals handily. Her breasts weren’t large but they weren’t tiny either. She had a walk to make a man drop. She sat down next to me, and crossed those long legs.

“How are you doing, Mr. Giles?” istanbul escort she asked sweetly. “We missed the Indians tonight!” Mary was a huge baseball fan as I was. Her cute painted toes hung provocatively close to my leg. She was sitting probably a little too close. I noticed the looks from the other managers. I could see the little sly smiles. Fuck those guys.

“Good, Mary,’ I said, ‘enjoying the festivities?”

“Well, yes.’ She explained,’ but I really want to dance! I love Hawaiian music! Would you dance with me, Mr. Giles?”

“Of course I would, Mary!” I said, a little taken aback. “Only if you don’t tell your husband!” I had to laugh. She just smiled and leaned closer to me, “What happens in Florida stays in Florida!” she giggled and that brought a round of nervous laughter from the table. I introduced her to everyone then. To say she was charming the socks off the entire managerial staff would be an understatement. She was beyond adorable. Her long black hair was mesmerizing as was her big brown eyes.

The luau band started a new song.

“Dance with me Mr. Giles?” she asked sweetly, already standing up. Her long thin body was exquisite in the soft light. “Of, course, Mary. Excuse me, Gentlemen.” She led me by the hand to the poolside. Couples were dancing all around and we faded into the crowd. She wrapped her arms around my neck. We danced one song and the next was even slower. Her warm body was pressed against mine and I could feel all these eyes staring at me. My employee was getting quite sensual. She didn’t seem to notice at all.

Suddenly she whispered in my ear, “Lets go back to my room. I want to dance for you there.” I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. Here was this entirely attractive young woman who just made a come on to me. We were both married. She just whispered in my ear, “I’ll dance for you like your wife doesn’t!” It was like she was reading my mind!

“Uh, şişli escort Mary, ‘ I stammered, ‘this isn’t usual…” my voice trailed off in her big brown eyes. I reached into my pocket.

“Here are the keys to my room. Ill meet you, in say, 15?” She just smiled, took the keys and spun on her heels. I returned to my table.

“Run her off Giles?” they were laughing. Little did they know? 15 minutes late I excused myself. I had to stop from running upstairs to the room. Trying to put on my best cool act I knocked on my own door, hoping no one was watching. I heard a shuffling inside. She was looking through the peephole the door opened. It was dark inside. I stepped in and someone closed the door behind me. There stood Mary. This tall youthful girl was completely naked from head to toe. She just smiled and wrapped those arms around me for a second time tonight. This time she kissed me deeply. Her tongue darted into my open mouth. She led me to the bed, bathed in the soft glow of a full moon. She raised my stupid Hawaiian shirt above my head. Began to work my belt. In a moment, my shorts had fallen to the floor. I stood there, with my erection pointed directly at her young face. She took my stiff cock into her hands, gently rubbing and stroking it. Her mouth engulfed the head. Sucking it tenderly yet firmly. She raised the shaft up to my belly, running her wet warm tongue under it, till she came to my balls. She sucked them firm but lovingly.

“I can do for you what you’re wife cant.” She said.

“Oh, God, Mary…you are so beautiful!”

She really went to work on my hard penis. The thing this young girl was doing was beyond description. She stroked it. Licked it. Sucked it. Ran her tongue up the pee hole and back. For a minute I felt bad for her husband back home but then all thoughts were lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Passion over came me. I laid her long sleek body back on the bed. She was shaven clean. I mecidiyeköy escort knelt before her goddess like body and began to kiss her hips. Legs. Down to her toes, which I sucked on. Back up again. I spread those long legs and before I could bury my face between them I could smell her sex filling the room. Her scent was beautiful and strong. I ran my tongue up the length of her slit. So wet. Dripping with Mary’s nectar. I inserted my tongue between her legs the second time. Her hips were grinding my mouth with each taste and I grabbed her hips to get a better position. Her legs spread even wider. Her groans were now audible and her breathing became rapid. I ran a finger inside her, searching for that spot behind the clit I was now sucking on with a ferocity that surprised myself. I had never wanted a woman so much. Suddenly, she began to shake and my face and the bed were covered with a torrent of warm pussy juice. She was Cumming in waves. I kept swallowing but now way could I drink her all. She was flooding the bed with her wetness. She rolled over, and got down on her elbows. Her beautiful ass was high in the air.

“Fuck me like this, please baby…fuck me hard!”

I positioned myself behind her and placed my swollen member at her vaginal entrance. I plunged in to the base on first thrust. I felt her cavity clench tightly around me. She was using all those young muscles to suck out every drop of seed I had stored in my balls. I fucked hard. Fast. I rolled her onto her back and put those long legs up over my shoulders. I wanted to fill this young woman with cum and not miss a drop! I bucked and thrust as deep as possible, filling her every inch with my rock hard cock. I was building. I began to shake. My cock jumped in spasms as I unloaded shot after shot of sticky white sperm deep into her warm wet womb. I finally felt my spasms subside and I pulled out, trailing a long stream of warm sticky jism from inside her all over those long thin thighs. I collapsed in her arms and kissed her slow and deep.

Eventually, we both divorced shortly after returning home. My Mary is soon to be my young wife. We are expecting. Exactly 9 months from that glorious night.

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