Is This What You Really Want? Ch. 05


The next day, Timothy only just managed to drive himself to work. He had made all the adjustments needed so that he could see the road, but he was realizing that he wouldn’t be able to drive for too much longer before his feet wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals.

‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,’ he mused to himself as he pulled into the parking deck. He had lost another inch last night, a direct result of more of Beatrice’s dirty talk, and he now stood at just under 4’10, and weighed 93 pounds. His new girlfriend had been sure to weigh him in the morning, and she was absolutely gleeful over the fact that he had shrunk again. He was wearing some baggy jeans and an even baggier t-shirt. Beatrice had helped him go through his closet before they went to bed, and she had discovered a box of clothes that Timothy had stored from a relative. The clothes had belonged to one of his nephews, who had outgrown them once he turned 11. For Timothy, however, they were the only clothes that he had that fit him, and even then, they were definitely on the roomy side. He had no choice but to wear his old loafers, which now looked unquestionably like clown shoes as he clopped and stomped his way into his office. But what was he going to do? Show up at work barefoot? There was a professional dress code, after all.

As he sat down at his desk, he thought of Beatrice back at home. She had been lounging on the sofa as he left, promising him that she’d be there when he got back. She had licked her lips at him hungrily and made hungry animal noises at him as he walked out the door, which caused him to have a full-on erection by the time he reached his car. Even now, sitting in his office, just thinking about Beatrice made him uncontrollably hard. He couldn’t believe his luck — Maia was indeed a goddess — she had come through for him in the most mind-blowing way possible…and that was only the first night he and Beatrice had spent together! Timothy sighed in pleasure, allowing himself to lapse into daydreams of the unimaginable things that awaited him when he returned home.

A sudden crackle from the intercom had him start out of his daydreams as the unmistakable and business-like voice of Clare came through to him through the static.

“Good morning, Springer,” her voice said. “You there? You better be there, Springer.”

“Y-yes!” he said excitedly, pushing down the intercom button. “Y-yes, Clare, I’m — I’m here!”

“Good,” crackled the voice. “Because today’s gonna be a busy day. A really busy day…lots of items on the agenda…lots of things to cover.” Timothy’s heart sank a little as he heard the tell-tale signs of Clare’s authoritarian streak through her voice. He hated it when things got busy like this…it tended to exacerbate her overbearing demeanor. He hoped it didn’t mean that he was going to stay late again. But he quickly chased these thoughts out of his mind as he imagined a naked Beatrice, with her long dark hair, lounging her big, lithe body across his sofa, touching herself as she waited for him to come back home.

“An emergency order came in from corporate last night,” continued Clare over the intercom. “They want us to come up with an entirely new drink — a totally new product. Fast.”

‘Oh great, not corporate,’ thought Timothy, fumbling for a notepad.

“The market’s veering toward healthier drink options, so corporate wants us to adapt with the times,” crackled Clare. “They want us to come up with something that’s still carbonated, still caffeinated, and still sweet-tasting, but that has no more than a quarter of the calories, added sugars, and carbs that are other options do. You’re taking all this down, right, Springer?”

“Yes…yes I am!” called Timothy into the intercom, scribbling down with his other hand.

“Alright,” said Clare. “I need you on this, Springer. I’m putting my top talent on it, obviously — Ashley and Patricia and Katie will be handling most of the work — but I want to give you a chance to prove yourself, Springer. You had a good day yesterday. Let’s see what happens when I put you in with the A-team, alright?”

“A-alright!” said Timothy, actually excited to be part of the team.

“Ok. Draw up some ideas. Meeting in Ashley’s office in one hour. Don’t be late.”

An hour later Timothy was plodding down the hallway in his oversized loafers, baggy pants, and baggier t-shirt, his heart fluttering in his chest, as he made his way to Ashley’s office. What were the girls going to say? How were they going to react?? He was positively awash in anticipation, and as he neared the partially-open door to Ashley’s office, he could hear female voices. He had a sudden urge to run. But he caught himself, laughing and shaking his head as he pushed the door open and went in.

All four women were standing around Ashley’s desk, apparently already deep in discussion. Clare stood out from the rest of the group, since she rose up taller in her heels and was sporting a bright red dress that clung tightly to her curvy tandoğan escort body, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She had her hands on Ashley’s desk and was talking — Ashley, Patricia, and Katie were all standing around her, listening with rapt attention.

At first, none of them realized that Timothy had walked in. Clare kept talking intently, reaching down to sketch something on a piece of paper, as the other three women all leaned in to get a closer look. In this time, Timothy was able to get a good view of all of them and was totally blown away — they all looked so huge! The first thing he noticed was that Patricia and Katie were obviously taller than him now, and even from across the room, he could see the swerve and weight of Katie’s backside winking at him. Good lord, it looked enormous! Timothy knew that Katie had always had a fat ass, but he could not escape the thought now that her rear end had grown, gotten even rounder, fatter…gotten sexier. Was this part of the beautification that Maia had promised him?

A quick glance up at the faces of the women confirmed this suspicion. They all just looked…fresher, brighter…just…more alive. Clare had always dressed skimpily, and today was no exception, but Timothy noticed how the usually-modest Ashley was wearing a green form-fitting dress today that showed off some impressive hips. Katie’s cornflower-blue blouse went down to about her mid-ass and did little to hide its voluptuous volume. Even Patricia, who Timothy had never really been attracted to, seemed different today…he noticed how her kakis looked tighter than usual, and betrayed some indisputable shapeliness in her hips, ass, and thighs. Had she always been that thick…?

All of this flashed through Timothy’s mind in a matter of moments as he walked slowly over to Ashley’s desk, the four women seeming to him to get taller and taller with each step he took towards them. When he was about ten feet away from the desk, Clare looked up and saw him and immediately stopped talking mid-sentence and stared. Ashley, Patricia, and Katie turned their heads in Timothy’s direction to see what Clare was looking at. Ashley took a sharp intake of breath and put her hand over her mouth in shock. Patricia’s mouth hung open. And Katie could not contain herself and let out a high-pitched squeal.

“Oh my god!” squealed Katie, bringing up her hands to her cheeks. “Oh my god oh my god…Timmy!!” She quickly rounded Ashley’s desk and walked straight up to him, stopping when she was directly in front of him as she stood up to her full height, staring down at him in wonder.

“You’ve shrunk again!” she practically yelled.

“Y-yeah Katie…I uh…I have,” stammered Timothy, feeling totally overwhelmed by Katie’s larger presence.

“Look at this!” she continued, as if he hadn’t even spoken, “your head barely even comes up to my chin!” She extended a flat palm out and placed in on top of his head, measuring his height to hers. There was no denying it — she was definitely a good deal taller now. And such close proximity to Katie’s big, heavy curves was beginning to have an effect of Timothy; he could feel himself growing in his pants.

“I just…wow, Timothy,” came Ashley’s quiet cautious voice as she joined Katie in standing next to him, her hand still up by her mouth as she looked down on him. From this vantage point, Timothy could see quite clearly that his head did not come up to Ashley’s chin. In fact, staring straight at her, he found that he was looking straight into the tops of her breasts. It was obvious to him now — Ashley’s boobs looked fuller, bigger. Was it just that tight green dress she was wearing? Or was this Maia’s magic?

“Are you feeling ok?” said Ashley in a worried tone, furrowing her brow down at him.

“I’m…yeah! I’m fine — feeling fine!” he said enthusiastically, knowing that his happy tone had to sound suspicious to his co-workers. “Never better!” he added, smiling up at Ashley. God, the skin on her face was so…healthy and clear. He glanced right over at Katie and saw her face looking unusually illuminated and lively as well. Was it just the lighting in Ashley’s office? It couldn’t be…

“Have you seen a doctor yet, Springer?” came Clare’s clear and authoritarian voice. She hadn’t budged from her standing spot leaning down on Ashly’s desk as she continued to stare forward at Timothy, her hands splayed out supporting her weight. She didn’t look particularly pleased at this unplanned-for interruption.

“Ummm…yes!” Timothy decided to lie, since otherwise he either had to tell the truth or pretend that nothing was odd or wrong. He thought that lying about seeing a doctor would shut down Clare’s probing questions and douse any suspicion. “Yes!” he continued, “and he, uh…the doctor said that…uh…that he wasn’t, uh, sure what was going on, but that…uh…that all of my, um, vitals were…were doing well, so that I had…umm…no reason…no reason to worry.”

Clare türbanlı escort narrowed her eyes down at him from across Ashley’s desk as she scrutinized his response, not seeming like she bought this explanation.

“But…but you’re just shrinking, Timmy!” said Ashley, with some force in her voice. “Surely…surely the doctor would, like…you know…run some tests, or…or send you to a specialist or something, right?” She reached out and grabbed one of his upper arms, letting out a short gasp as she realized how thin it was. “I mean, look at this, Timothy — you’re not just getting shorter…you’re getting thinner…skinnier…”

“Wimpier!” put in Katie, shooting a toothy grin down at Timothy, cocking her hips sexily as she folded her arms across her ample chest. She seemed to be especially enjoying this.

“Katie, come on!” came Patricia’s chastising voice. “Don’t play around; he could have some kind of serious condition!” Ashley nodded her head in kind, agreeing. Timothy suddenly noticed that the acne on Patricia’s face seemed to have disappeared.

“But…but I don’t! The doctor said I’m fine,” he said, nervously noticing that Clare seemed to be getting more and more impatient. He really was looking forward to being part of the team today, and he didn’t want to waste more time with all of them gawking at him. “And…and, you know, he’s the one who went to medical school,” he continued, thinking up a couple more lies as he went along, “and anyway, he said that I could just come in to his office every week, just so he could…he could, uh…monitor me and everything…to make sure everything is ok. So there’s…there’s nothing to worry about, ok?”

Katie’s eyes sparkled downward at him as the smile grew on her face. “See?” she said brightly, indicating to the rest of the group, “he’s fine! He’s just…turning into a little shrimp!” And she winked down at him and Timothy felt that little pull in his stomach, telling him that he had shrunk again, just a tiny little bit, due to Katie’s teasing.

“You know, I’m as much for teasing and taunting Springer as the next gal,” came Clare’s exasperated voice, “but can we please get back to business? I’m under a lot of pressure from corporate for this new drink idea, and if we can come up with something great I know they’re gonna give me a huge-ass promotion.”

Timothy inwardly rolled his eyes. Of course that was why Clare was so insistent about them staying on-task…of course it had to do with her own personal promotion. Ashley and Katie retuned to their standing places around Ashley’s desk, and Timothy followed them. But as he took his spot in the circle, he saw that Ashley’s desk, which came up to the waist of most of the other women (and a little lower for Clare), came all the way up to the middle of his chest. From his vantage point, he couldn’t see what Clare had drawn on her piece of paper.

“Ummm…” he said awkwardly, glancing up at Clare for help, “I can’t…uh…I can’t see.”

“Why are you telling me, Springer?” she answered quickly. “Do you really need me to tell you what to do?” She turned to Ashley. “Ash, is there anything in here for him to stand on?”

Ashley glanced around her office for a moment and then nodded. “I just emptied my trash yesterday,” she said, walking over to the small trash can in the corner, fetching it, and turning it upside down. “You can stand on this, Timmy.” She placed it upside down on the floor next to him and indicated for him to stand on it. “Just…be careful, ok?”

“Ok,” he said, feeling slightly ridiculous as he grabbed onto the desk and used it to help him stand up. He felt the energy and intensity of all four women staring at him as he helped himself up. The trash can was around 8 inches high, and looking around at everyone once he was up, he realized that Clare was still a little taller than him. He was about the same height as Ashley…maybe just a smidgen taller…and a couple inches taller than Patricia and Katie.

“Are you all set, Springer?” said Clare, not bothering at all to hide the irritation in her voice. “Can you see everything clearly now?”

“Y-yes…yes I can.”

“Ok everyone,” said Clare, breathing out an exaggerated breath of relief, “now that Springer is on our level, we can continue.” She lowered her head back to what she had drawn, which was a series of pie charts. “Ok, now remember ladies…and Timmy…corporate wants low calorie above all other options. Understand? That’s the most important bit — low calorie and low-sugar. That’s where the market’s going, and that’s where we’ve gotta go. Ok?”

The three women and Timothy nodded their heads. Despite all of his excitement around all his fantasies coming true, Timothy couldn’t deny that he was just…just enjoying this normal, everyday meeting as part of the A-team. He just wanted to feel like he was a part of something at work…like he mattered…like he was making important contributions.

“And that brings us to the real challenge,” continued Clare, indicating to one of her pie-charts. Timothy took pleasure in leaning in with the other women to scrutinize it. “Anyone can take the sugar and calories out of a soda,” said Clare, “but what we need to find out is how to take out all the sweet stuff…all the calories, and still have a soda that tastes sweet — and not that artificial kind of sweet that you get from all those shitty artificial sweeteners.” She stood up to her full height, looking around at the group. “That’s what Bubble Town did with their new brands, trying to get ahead of the curve…and guess what? No one’s buying them, because they taste like what?”

“Like ostrich poop,” laughed Katie.

“Exactly,” said Clare. “And so we’ve gotta find a different way to make our drinks taste sweet. And that’s — ” and here she pointed a finger as she scanned over the group, “—where you all come in. I need you three…you four…to get to work on this. It’s our major task now. Are you up to it?”

“Of course!” said Ashley energetically.

“Yeah!” said Patricia, smiling excitedly.

“Yep!” said Katie with gusto.

Timothy nodded silently, feeling suddenly self-conscious hearing the full and dynamic voices of his co-workers. He felt the reality of their size disparity, and couldn’t help but feel like his voice would sound weak and tiny in comparison.

“How about it, Springer?” said Clare aggressively, turning on him. “Are you up for it?”

“Y-yes, yes I am,” he said, stuttering a little bit as he inwardly winced at how small his voice sounded in comparison with everyone else’s.

“A ringing and confident endorsement from our newest and smallest member!” called out Clare sarcastically, looking down at Timothy across Ashely’s desk as she shook her head. “Make sure he stays on task, please,” she said, turning to Ashley. “And I want a specific report before you leave today about how he did. Ok, Ash?”

“Sure, Clare,” said Ashley, turning to Timothy and smiling as she extended out a large hand to pat him on the head. “I’m sure our little guy here will do just fine.” Timothy heard Katie exchanging little laughs as Ashley pet him on the head, and he almost couldn’t believe how big her hand felt…it seemed like she could nearly palm his head right now if she wanted to.

“Well alright,” said Clare, rounding the desk as she headed out the door, “I’ll leave you all to it.” She gave Timothy one more stern look, like she was making sure he knew that she had her eye on him, and then she was gone. A few silent seconds passed by, and Timothy suddenly realized that all three of the remaining women were looking at him…studying him.

“Ok then!” said Ashley, clapping her hands as she went around to her chair and plopped herself down in it. “Let’s get started! Pull up chairs, everyone!” Patricia and Katie moved to do as they were bid, and Timothy started to step down from the trash can.

“Not you, Timmy,” said Ashley, seeing him start to move. “I think it’d be easier if you just…uh, if you just sat on the desk here next to me.”

“But…but, uh — I’m sure…I’m sure I could find some chair high enough,” he began to protest, not wanting to feel like the odd man out, so to speak.

“I don’t think there’s a chair in this building that’s high enough,” laughed Katie as she pulled her chair up to the desk, “unless you’re talking about one of those high chairs in the nursery downstairs.” Patricia joined Katie in giggling at her joke. Ashley rolled her eyes.

“Enough of that, Katie,” she said (even thought she was smiling). “But she’s right, Timmy…just…just come on over here and sit down, ok? We don’t have much time for dilly-dallying.” Timothy sighed and started to do what Ashley said, until he realized that she was actually asking him to crawl across her desk to sit on the edge next to her. He moved to step down off the trash can. He’d walk around the desk and use the trash can to help himself up.

“What are you doing, Timmy?” came Ashley’s voice, a little exasperated. “Come on — just come over here, ok? We need to get started.”

“You mean…uh…just…you want me to…uh…”

“Yes, Timmy, come on! Just crawl over here, please,” said Ashley, patting the spot on her desk next to her chair with her hand. “Let’s go!” Timothy obeyed the slightly irritated authority in her voice and got down on his hands and knees and started crawling over across the desk to where Ashley was sitting. It felt absolutely humiliating, crawling like this across her desk, and he could feel his face start to burn red as he heard Patricia and Katie whispering and giggling.

“Ok!” said Ashley once he was sitting on the desk next to her, his legs dangling off the edge, “let’s spitball some ideas, why don’t we? Go!”

“Agave!” came Katie’s chipper voice immediately. “We render down agave syrup and add it in small increments to the batch. Keeps the sweetness, but cuts down on the calories.”

“Hmmm, agave is packed with sugar,” said Ashley, “so I don’t think we can get it down to where the drink retains the sweetness without using too much of an already-sugary ingredient. But I like the idea of rendering it down and reducing it to a concentrate — nice, Katie! Next!”

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