Incest Runs in the Family – Chris’ Story 5


End Part 4: My life was amazing. I was just wondering who I would fuck next. Laura? Gabby? Allison? Jamie or my cousin in a threesome? Little did I know, it would be none of the above. My life was absolutely insane. But it was about to get better. The next day, Allison, my biological mom, got a phone call from an old friend. She had just finished touring Europe and was coming home to see Allison for the first time since she and Abby had married. To say my mom was excited was an understatement. Jenn would be here in less than a day, and be staying for a week. She rarely planned anything in advance, and was almost always traveling. Allison offered our home as a base for her for a week while she got settled. Unfortunately, all of my sexual activity stopped, due to the amount of work we had to do before she arrived. The doorbell rang. Allison excitedly ran to the door to answer it, and then engulfed the body in a hug, then a passionate kiss. We all looked at her, then over to Abby, who just smiled, and then back to the erotic display. The kiss broke, and Allison spoke. “We used to be a thing. Abby knows all about us, and knew that this would happen. In fact, the three of us got together on more than one occasion.” My mouth dropped open when I heard that. My dick also rose a little in my shorts. Allison then stepped out of the way to show off her old friend, whom she introduced as Jenn. My dick rose the rest of the way and my tongue fell out. Of my cousins, Escort Küçükyalı moms, and aunt, she was the hottest person (except for Jamie – call me biased) to walk into this house. My god she was gorgeous. Perfectly tanned skin, a great set of breasts, silky smooth brown hair. She had a figure built for speed. The years had apparently been great to her. She soon melted into an embrace and kiss with Abby. Gabby and Ty each received a similar treatment. She did a double take when she saw me. “He’s a spitting image Ty! Is he the same everywhere?” She had a glint in her eye that both frightened me and excited me. Ty laughed. “I haven’t checked, and don’t plan on checking. You’ll just have to ask the ones that have sampled both.” He gestured at Amy and Allison, both of whom turned a deep crimson in the face after hearing that. Jenn was unfazed, as if she expected this. “Well, does he have similar…equipment?” Both girls nodded enthusiastically. “I might have to give this a try then.” Slightly embarrassed, I receded to my room. My phone rang, playing Jamie’s personal ringtone. I was quick to answer. “Hey babe!” “Whatcha doing?” I loved when she said that. “Well, I just met the hottest girl on the planet. Well, second hottest. I am now talking to the person who holds the title for number one in that category.” “Good save, Romeo. Who is she? Should I be worried?” “An old friend, and apparently lover of my moms, aunt and Kartal escort uncle.” “Lover? How could you tell?” “Friends don’t usually kiss like they did.” “She kissed all of them. In front of you, Amy, and Laura? She got balls.” “If that’s true, then she is the hottest man alive, and probably the only one I would ever consider fucking.” “She’s that hot, huh?” “I keep forgetting you’re bi. Yea, you’ll get wet just seeing her.” “I’m coming over then. But what am I gonna do when I’m that wet?” “I’m sure I can think of something.” 15 minutes later the doorbell rang. This time when the door opened, I received a hug and an extremely hot kiss. “Let me see this beauty. Where is she?” Just as she asked, Jenn entered the room, Amy’s pussy juice on her face. Amy followed out, walking in a daze, obviously having enjoyed Jenn’s oral talents. The pussy juice on her face just served to make her even hotter, and shorten my pants significantly. Jamie leaned into me and whispered in my ear. “Ok. She is that hot. I want her.” “Baby, I don’t think she’ll put up much of a fight. I only ask that I get to be there too.” Jenn interrupted our conversation. “Oh yea. You’ll be there. You’ll be pounding me from behind as I send your girlfriend to heaven and back.” She pulled Jamie to her and planted a kiss on her, smearing Amy’s pussy juice onto Jamie’s face as well. I looked at Jamie for her permission to fuck this goddess of a woman. She gave Suadiye escort bayan me a slight nod, and looked at me with an evil gleam in her eye. It was as if she was telling me to fuck her hard. We entered the bedroom and Jamie attacked Jenn. They wrestled for dominance, kissing the entire time. I was unaware before, but now I knew that both my girlfriend and Jenn preferred the dominant role in a relationship. Each of them tried to assert their aggression on the other, getting her to back down. It was not working. They continued to wrestle each other, never removing their lips from the other woman’s mouth. Clothes began to fly off of them, and I was treated to the two most beautiful women I had ever seen completely ravaging each other. And they were both completely naked. This was almost too much for me. Finally I had to intervene. “Enough,” I bellowed. Both girls stopped their wrestling and kissing, content to just hug each other, the girls breast to breast with each other. They each looked at me, expectantly, sex in their eyes. “Jenn, on all fours. Jamie, get your sweet cunt under her mouth.” Both of them responded to my gruff tone. While aggressive, it seemed that they each had a little submissive streak in them. Willing to go for what they want, but more than willing to submit to commands. I tore off my clothes, and watched the mature goddess begin her finely honed oral talents on my girlfriend. I eased behind Jenn, and pushed my entire length into her in one stroke. She lifted her head from Jamie’s pussy to moan out her appreciation. Jamie took the opportunity to turn her sexy body around into a sixty-nine with Jenn as I fucked her from behind. Jenn returned her mouth to my girlfriend’s twat as I resumed my thrusting into her perfect cunt.

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