I Used To Hate My Roommate Kelly

Big Tits

My two roommates and I had a strange dynamic.

To give some background, Brian and I had become good friends since moving into the apartment 5 years ago when we were both 22 years old and when a three bedroom unit opened up next door, we decided we could save money by moving over to there and finding a third roommate. We met a few guys and girls off craigslist even though we weren’t keen on living with a stranger but then one night at a bar as I was telling a friend about my situation, he mentioned he knew a girl who was looking in my area.

His friend’s name was Kelly and we agreed that Brian and I would meet her for a drink the next night. When Kelly arrived at the bar, we saw a fairly attractive girl, not really my type as someone I would date but that wasn’t the point; the point was to find a roommate we could get along with.

Kelly was also 27 years old, about 5’4”, somewhat overweight with long blonde hair and an average face. What did stand out was her tits, which appeared to be pretty big and were kind of popping out of her top. I wasn’t sure if they looked big because she was a big girl in general or if they were just a pair of big tits. We had a pleasant conversation with her and she ended up moving it to our place the following week.

Brian and Kelly seemed to become better friends than Kelly and I which was fine because it wasn’t like we were all home at the same time and it wasn’t like Kelly and I hated each other. We just didn’t have much in common, and I spent most of my time with my girlfriend.

While I never walked around the apartment in my boxers or underwear, Kelly would occasionally be in the common areas of our apartment in her boy shorts and a tank top with no bra. She would sometimes come out of the shower and Brian and I would see her in just a towel for the few seconds that she would walk from the bathroom to her bedroom. It was during these moments that I did take notice that those tit were pretty fucking big. Her legs were also kind of thick as was her ass. Again, I obviously didn’t mind these glimpses but I was never very attracted or had any thoughts or interests in anything sexual ever happening with Kelly.

One night we got into an argument over one of the utility bills because she was using her air conditioner every night and I was not and I didn’t think it was fair to pay the same amount. Brian stayed out of the argument and we ended up working something out but after that, Kelly and I didn’t talk much. If I saw her car when I got home, I would sometimes try to come in and sneak into my room or I would walk around outside for a while just to avoid any interaction with Kelly. I knew she had started dating someone though because I heard her talking to Bri about it and I saw her posts on Facebook. I hadn’t yet seen the guy at our place but I figured he must be an interesting guy to put up with her bullshit, which had gotten worse of late in regards to her leaving her stuff all over the apartment and being the typical slob roommate.

The more time that went by, the more I realized how self-centered and into herself Kelly was and I thought it was kind of funny because I didn’t think she had reason to be based on her looks and her average job as a cashier. One particular night, I came home late from work and felt the immediate dread upon seeing Kelly’s car but when I walked inside, the apartment was totally dark. I walked to the bathroom to take a piss and that’s when I heard the clear moaning coming from Kelly’s room. At first I thought it was maybe her tv but then I knew it was the unmistakable sound of her getting fucked, and fucked hard from the sound of it. I lingered in the bathroom doorway for a minute and listened to her getting plowed and begging for the cock to go deeper inside her. I assumed Brian wasn’t home since his car wasn’t outside and I guessed Kelly thought she had the place to herself, didn’t know how loud she was, or just didn’t care. I suspected the latter. But as I stood and listened, I couldn’t help but start to get a hard on and my mind started to picture what the scene behind that door looked like.

I walked away and went back to my room and for the life of me could not get the image of Kelly getting fucked out of my head. I went on to her facebook page and started browsing her pictures, specifically the ones where she was in tight shirts or bikinis, which weren’t batman escort plentiful but there were more than enough to excite my now throbbing hard cock, which was attempting to poke it’s full 7 thick inches through my shorts. I couldn’t hear them fucking anymore since my room was across the apartment but I must have jerked off two or three times to the thought of if that night. I didn’t understand what was happening since I never found her attractive and barely spoke to her at all anymore, but there was something about the sounds she made and the thought of those big fucking tits bouncing as she begged for cock that made me start to see her differently.

In the morning I went to take another piss and paused for a second to see if I heard anything from Kelly’s room. I didn’t so I went to the bathroom but when I came out I could swear I heard a guy’s subtle groaning. So again I stood in the doorway of the bathroom and listened while my cock hardened down my leg. She was definitely sucking this guy’s dick and as I tried to hastily head back to my room to jerk off again, I bumped the door pretty hard and I heard them stop what they were doing as I scurried down the hallway. Did she know I was standing there listening now?

That afternoon I was watching tv on the couch when Kelly came out of her room in those boy shorts and what looked like a sports bra. She grabbed a quick glass of water and headed back into her room, but before her door closed I could tell she was doing one of those workout videos in her room. I guess she was trying to lose some of that weight. Subconsciously as I continued to watch my show my cock hardened in my pants and I was rubbing it slowly. A few minutes later she came out again for more water and I barely looked up at her but we did exchange a very quick glance and her expression seemed weird as she walked back to her room, slamming the door behind her.

I didn’t really see much of her or Brian for that matter the next few nights just due to various work schedules and social activities but each night I stroked my cock thinking about Kelly until I blew a huge load of cum. One of these nights I wiped myself clean and headed to the bathroom to wash up just as Kelly came out of her room, yet again in some type of low cut sports top and sweatpants. I could see her nipples poking out and I shimmied past her with no more than a nod and went into the bathroom to wash up. I heard her door close again before I came out and when I did, I heard her talking to someone but didn’t hear another voice. She was on the phone talking to someone about breaking up with her new guy because he couldn’t keep up with her sexually.

All I heard was her side of the conversation and I have no idea who she was talking to but I heard her say she had gotten so used to cock that she needed it constantly and it was all she thought about. I heard her say her guy was always telling her he was busy with work or couldn’t come over and she thought it might have been because of her weight. I figured I was pushing my luck standing there for so long eavesdropping so I headed back to my room where I again was hard as a rock but decided not to jerk off again.

My girlfriend was away on business a lot and so most of my sexual encounters lately had been with my right or left hand but every one of those was now focused on Kelly. Something about a big titted cock whore sleeping 20 feet away while I jerked my cock to her got me so damn hot. The taboo nature of what it would be like to fuck her considering I had a girlfriend, Brian’s room was right next to hers, and the fact that we essentially hated each other somehow kept me with a constant hard on anytime I thought about the situation. In fact, on two occasions I got brazen enough to sneak into her room and grab a pair of her dirty panties from her hamper. I had never done anything like this and I didn’t want to cum in them because she would know but what I did was lay them on my face so I could breathe in her cunt while I jerked my cock to her facebook pictures.

That Friday I was in my room getting dressed for work when I heard Brian and Kelly talking out in the den. He was telling her how he was leaving for the weekend to visit his family and she was telling him she had a date with a guy she met at the bar the night before. When I returned home from work that evening, I heard the blow dryer bayburt escort in Kelly’s room and since her door was ajar, I could see her in the final stages of getting ready for her date. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a black top that showed off that huge set of tits. I don’t know if it was the bra doing it, but those fuckers were making my mouth water and they were on full display. She was dressed pretty casual for a date but I could tell she was going to make it clear to this guy that he wouldn’t have to try very hard to come home with her tonight. She was in a rare good mood around me and as she came in and out of her room, the smell of her perfume and the sight of her sexy body was getting me aroused.

I left before her to go meet a friend for a drink and when I got home, I could see the den light was on from the outside. I was alarmed because Brian was away and Kelly had her date but I was only gone for an hour. I got to the front door and slowly turned the knob and the door was unlocked. I got my phone out to call the police and I looked in our outside hallway for something to grab but then I heard what sounded like sobbing inside. I slowly opened the door and peered my head in when I saw Kelly laying across the couch with a half empty bottle of wine wearing only a pair of her yoga pants and a white t-shirt with a dark colored bra underneath it. There was a bag of chips and some tissues on the table as well. When she saw me, she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes but I obviously had to ask what happened.

I assumed I would hear some bullshit story like normal and barely leaned against the counter half listening but when she told me what happened I truly felt really bad for her. Apparently the guy she met the night before had been very drunk when he agreed to the date but when he saw her facebook pictures this afternoon he decided he didn’t want to see her again. He could have easily made up any lie to get out of the date but the asshole actually told her he forgot what she had looked like and didn’t want to go out anymore. So Kelly called a few friends to see if they wanted to meet up but everyone was out on dates so she got undressed and proceeded to drink half a bottle of wine in the apartment.

I told her I was sorry and that sucks, and then I went to go toward my room because I didn’t think our relationship warranted me lingering any longer to talk about her bullshit with her. I heard some more sobbing and made my tv louder and went about my own night of doing nothing alone also since my girl was again away.

A little later I heard the tv go off in the den and then her bedroom door closed. That’s when I made my move to go grab something from the kitchen and hopefully avoid any further conversation with Kelly and her guy problems. As I rumbled around in the fridge, I heard Kelly yell through her door asking if I could bring her her water from the fridge. Fucking lazy fat ass, can’t even open the door or come out, she just yells through it and expects me to do as she says because she always gets what she wants. And since tonight she didn’t get what she wanted, she assumes I’ll be her little servant. Whatever. I brought her damn water bottle to her door, and as I opened it, I was met with the following scene:

Kelly was under her blanket in her king size bed, and as I entered her room, she slid the blanket off of her, showing me her body in nothing but a bra and matching panties. No doubt what she had hoped tonight’s date to be treated to but why the hell was she showing me? She knew I had a girlfriend and I was pretty sure we hated each other! Before I could even comprehend the situation, Kelly told me she knows I jerk off thinking about her and she has noticed my cock harden when I’ve seen her walk around the apartment. On top of that, apparently I didn’t put her panties back in the same place the second time and she was suspicious that I may have ‘borrowed’ them.

While she spoke, I took in her body laying sprawled out on her big bed. Her thighs were big and her stomach was by no means flat but wasn’t as big as I would have guessed. Her black bra was not one of those lacy sexy bras but one of those with the heavy wires that are needed to keep a pair of oversized tits in place. Her panties were black and they seemed to be silky material with a noticeable blonde bush pushing out the sides. The only bilecik escort part of my body that was not in shock must have been my cock because Kelly pointed to my crotch and as I looked down I saw my dick sticking straight out, painfully pushing away my gym shorts.

I still hadn’t spoken a word when Kelly said she is craving cock and always gets what she wants. I finally spoke and told her she knows I have a girlfriend and there’s no way this could happen. She responded by unhooking her bra and tossing it to the floor. This was my first sight of a fantastic set of fat milky tits with big silver dollar nipples. They sagged a bit but she was laying on her back and I couldn’t really tell much beyond that. She didn’t say another word but gave me a kind of knowing smile as if to ask me how I could possibly turn her down. I was close enough to her bed still with the water bottle in my hand when she grabbed my bulge and told me I’m fucking her tonight.

Her hand rubbed my rock hard cock through my shorts as her other hand slid under her panties. I could smell her wet pussy but couldn’t see the wetness through her black panties. My mind raced as I thought about my girlfriend, and then Brian, and then how much I truly dislike Kelly, but then I felt immediate disappointment when her hand let go of my cock. That disappointment went away quickly as she used both her hands to lift her ass off the bed and slip her panties off. Her legs spread out wide giving me a close up full on view of her hairy blond snatch. I could see the matted down hairs due to her wetness and I could smell her. Kelly told me to get between her legs and taste her and before I could debate this, she tugged me by the front of my shorts forcing me to fall on top of her legs. I asked her what about Brian finding out and what about my girlfriend and she told me to shut the fuck up and eat her. She asked how I can even think about anything else with her on display like this begging for me. Remember Kelly gets what she wants all the time.

Well now I knew personally how she always gets what she wants because I was caught in her web. Not that I needed it at this point, but she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. I took it from there, rubbing it at first and then slipping a finger insider her hole. Fuck was she wet. I had never felt a wetter pussy in my life, including my girlfriend or any ex girlfriends. Kelly’s eyes were closed now and I slid in a second finger and began fucking her hot wet cunt with my fingers while her hands gripped the sheets. I had never seen such a hairy pussy either but it was a huge turn on seeing the blond bush between her thick legs. I reached my other hand up toward her bare tits and she slapped it away, telling me I have to earn that. This chick was fucking crazy. She saw my puzzled look and felt my fingers slow down inside her when she said again that her big tits need to be earned and until she cums I can’t even touch them. To rub it in even more, her hands were now all over her milky globes, squeezing them and rubbing them and moaning as she did so.

I was always pretty good at finger fucking a girl but I seemed to always make them cum much faster with my tongue so I pulled out my fingers, licked them to taste her cunt juices and then I slid further down her bed and lined my face up with her bushy hole. I went right for the clit, got that fucker in my mouth and licked it and tongue flicked it for all I was worth pushing as hard with my tongue as I could to put pressure on her clit. I continued to eat her while I worked a finger back into her hole and that was it. Her body shook and convulsed and my face got drenched with her warm pussy juice.

When I looked up from her crotch, her eyes remained shut and a satisfied smile was on her face as she recovered from orgasm. I immediately slid back up toward her and placed my hands on the massive tits that were off limits seconds ago. I squeezed, rubbed, flicked her big nipples with my thumbs, and pushed them together. I couldn’t believe just how big they felt in my hands. My girlfriend was only a B cup which was fine but these were spilling out of my big hands. I leaned in to put the first one in my mouth and she pushed my head back. She told me she needs my cock NOW. It wasn’t a question or a request. It was a demand and it was to happen now before I could even get one of those pale globes into my mouth. She needed it so bad that she started using her feet and legs to slide my shorts off. I helped her as she struggled to do so by sliding them off, leaving me in just my boxer briefs, with a thick cock straining to be freed.

Part 2 is cumming shortly…

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