I have to pay the school fees Day One


I have to pay the school fees Day OneI HAVE TO PAY THE SCHOOL FEESDAY ONE MISFORTUNEI enter the Headmaster’s study“Ah, Miss Duval, thank you for coming, I need to have a word with you about your school fees”“Not more bad news, Sir?”“I am afraid so, following your parents’ conviction and the seizure of their assets by the Congo Government, your school fee cheque has been returned ‘unpaid’ by the bank”.“I’m sorry, I do not know what to say Sir”.“Well do you have any friends or relatives, who could help.”“No, I know no one who could help. Sir”“What about any assets or monies that you might have?”“A few hundred in the school bank for my sister and I to use as pocket money. Sir”“That’s not much of a start, you owe ten thousand each for this last term plus any extra expenses you have put on the basic fees.”“I’m so sorry sir, that is all we have”.“Miss Duval, please do not be so modest, lift your skirt”“What, how under these circumstances can you ask such a thing of me. Sir”“Because hidden under your skirt behind your knickers is your major asset – now lift your skirt and knickers down”“I will not, I am not going to be a prostitute just to pay a school bill”“Now do not go jumping the gun. No one said anything about prostitution, anyway, that route would take too long to raise the sort of money the two of you owe, you would hardly keep up with the interest rates!”“Well, what then, and why do you want to see my knickers down?”“As you may or may not know there is a film company based in our town. Now, they specialise in ‘Adult’ films and are always on the lookout for fresh young talent to star in their little productions, and they do pay very well. So, I will take a few pictures of you and see if they are interested.”“So how does that work, and what will I be expected to do?”“I take a few ‘glamour’ pictures of you, fax them over. If they like you, then you sign a form stating and proving that you are over eighteen and that you agree to being an ‘Adult’ actress and model: They pay the fees and you go with them until they get their money back from selling the films they make starring you – very simple and straight forward really”“ok, I am not ashamed of my body, and as you say it sounds simple and an easy solution”“Right then, skirt up, knickers down and let’s take those pictures”Without time to stop and consider what I was doing or where this could lead, I actually took off my skirt and dropped my knickers to my ankles – click whirr click went the camera as I posed to reveal my charms in their best light.“Just one thing I have to check, please get on the desk, lie down, legs apart”In my dizzy state of mind I acted like an automaton and did as I was told, suddenly the headmaster’s fingers were probing my cunt, he quickly withdrew them and wiped them on his silk fob handkerchief.“I am ashamed of you, how can a girl at our prestigious school not be a virgin? I am afraid to say that that has blown the big money shot. How could this be?”“It’s only been a couple of times with my new boyfriend last holidays” I managed to stammer in embarrassment.“You obviously enjoyed it then if you went back for it more than once, so a slut like you should obviously have no problem with earning money as an ‘adult’ actress. Though I will have to tell them that you have already been broken in and will not be worth as much as a virgin”I pulled up my knickers, put my skirt back on and stood there with tears of humiliation running down my face. I watched the Headmaster load the intimate pictures of my body onto his computer and press send, followed by a fax copy of my birth certificate. He then made a phone call, occasionally glancing up at me.“Did you get the pictures – she owes about twenty five thousand in fees and extras for herself and her sister – no, she is not a virgin, done it a couple of times with her boyfriend – You are interested, oh that is good news – full works you say – I had a feeling that that would be the case for this sort of money – No problem I will get the consent forms signed and witnessed ready for you – you’ll send a car. Great see you about seven this evening”It suddenly dawned on me that my school life was about to change irrevocably in a very short space of time, like in two hours, a car was coming for me, to take me god knows were. And what was ‘Full works’ supposed to mean.“You probably got the gist of that conversation, my secretary will accompany you so that you can collect a handbag of personal effects and say goodbye to your sister and friends. I will draw up the required consent and release forms, see you back here by six thirty”He buzzed his secretary in and gave her his instructions to accompany me to complete my business. I left with his secretary.Six thirty very quickly came round and I found myself back in front of the headmaster. Three forms were neatly laid out on his desk one atop the other with the signature spaces on view.“Please read this standard consent form and then sign it”I read it through and it looked normal enough, consent to appear naked in adult movies, that I was over eighteen and that the first twenty five thousand of all pay and royalties were the property of the film company. I was not entirely sure what appear naked in adult movies actually entailed, but it could not be any worse than taking my skirt and knickers off for the headmaster! I did notice a space entitled extra consent with ‘Not applicable’ written across it. I duly signed all three forms, the headmaster and his secretary countersigned as witnesses to me sealing my fate as the new porn actress: And I was told to keep the top copy. The headmaster put the second form in his file under my name, the third copy was quickly folded and put in an envelope.Knock at the door “Come in gentlemen” Two gorilla bouncer types entered “This the girl? Not bad. Has she signed the forms”“Yes”“Full works as agreed?”“Yes, here is the consent form”“Ah yes ‘No restrictions on the use of my body for sexual purposes’ excellent – lets go girlie, the boss is eager to start you out tonight, he has just the role for a ‘full works’ slut like you, especially one so young and innocent looking”What had I signed, were all the forms not the same, how stupid could I have been. I started out “Nooooo” but a hand was clamped over my mouth and I was escorted between the two gorillas, placed in the back of the car with my hands handcuffed to bolts in the seat and my legs cuffed to floor bolts, a ball gag was put in my mouth and we set off.The car swept through the gates of the seedy little local film studio and into the old warehouse they obviously used as a film set, I was uncuffed and frog marched across the dirty floor and re cuffed spread-eagled to an upright cross.“Just look at that damp patch on her skirt”“Yer, the dirty slut pissed herself in the car, toss you as to who cleans it”“ So, this is the new girl, yes, just what we need to finish our extreme abuse film. Do you have her signed consent form”“Yes boss, you can do anything you like with her”The ball gag is taken out of my mouth – “I never signed that full works thing, I do not like the sound of th……” My face is slapped.“It quite clearly says under the extra consent heading that you have consented that there should be no restrictions whatsoever on the sexual canlı bahis use of your body, without that we would not have bothered with just another bit of sexual decoration, so shut up and put up”My head dropped and I started crying.“Excellent, just the sort of natural innocence that we require, she is genuinely going to look forced when made to do things against her will”A hand is swiftly placed between my legs and rummages about on my knickers, a finger tries to push the thin material into my cunt, and then it is withdrawn, the finger wafts under my nose and I can smell my own piss.“What’s this, you’ve pissed yourself you dirty bitch. From now on you only piss when told – Got it. We own you body and soul”I mumbled a consenting reply.“Get those wet knickers off, and have her cunt shaved. Film it, could be useful for one of our tamer productions”Those words ‘tamer productions’ filled me with dread, my mind raced, if that is tame what an earth did they have in mind under the heading of a ‘full works’ production. Too late now to get out of it, but at least my young sister was safe and ignorant of the fee paying arrangements. My parents were probably getting it worst, political prisoners in a Congo jail did not sound like much fun either.I was uncuffed from the cross and led to a well lit side room, rather like a beauty room with a padded table in the middle, I noticed straps at the corners of the table.“Do we need to tie you down or are you going to behave?”“I’ll behave”“I don’t believe her, bet she struggles Dave.”“ok, your probably right”Stirrups are inserted into the table and I am laid out on my back, hands cuffed to the side of the table, and my legs spread and raised into the stirrups, then locked in place. I had never been that exposed before a man before, I could feel my wet knickers cooling with the wind chill effect of the overhead circulating fan. My skirt was scissored off, quickly followed by my knickers. A set of film cameras clicked away recording my humiliation.“Might as well get the bra and blouse off, eh Dave”“I don’t know, Boss didn’t say anything about that, and you know how he is, best leave them on”Wow, I thought, I get to keep my top on!! My thought was quickly interrupted by fingers probing between my legs, slowly my cunt lips are pulled apart and a finger is roughly pushed into me, I winced and bucked my waist.“Told you she would struggle, get that waist restraint on to hold her down”A belt is passed round the table and tightened across my stomach, so now I have to lie there and take whatever they wish to do. My cunt lips are pulled back apart and the finger reinserted, but this time I can not buck my hips. It roughly sc****s about inside my twice used love tube. My clitoral nubbin is grasped between finger and thumb and brutally twisted till I cried out.“Some super clit on such a young un, at least we can see it now it is stuck up, wouldn’t want to cut it, or not at this stage tee hee”The brute bends down, smells between my legs and then takes my clit in his mouth and sucks it hard, meanwhile the other brute continues to graze the inside of my cunt now with two fingers, I feel fully stuffed and hope that two fingers is enough to satisfy his exploration of my delicate interior.“Very nice, the boss is going to enjoy having this cunt subjected to extreme abuse, she is so tight, anyway, let’s get her shaved”They stop their exploration of my cunt. Buzzing clippers are used, and in a strange way, I am reminded of my vibrator and try to stop myself feeling sexually excited. Soon all my long pubic hair is gone and I am given a wet shave with a safety razor, all the way round so that even my arsehole is clean and shaved. I am dried and some after shave oil is applied, again the fingers manage to probe my cunt as part of the oil application. Now I can really feel the cool air of the overhead fan on my mons.“Go and tell the boss she is shaved and ready for him”One gorilla leaves the room, the other one smirks and puts his hand under my blouse and starts pushing up my bra, with some difficulty, I do have rather firm 34 Ds with big sticky out nipples, he grabs one of my nipples and twiddles it between his thumb and fingers, his other hand starts stroking between my legs, unfortunately for him his mate and the boss are very quickly back.“Oh, I see you had to use full restraints, that should make good viewing. Get that blouse and bra off let’s see the rest of her goods”The said articles of clothing are quickly scissored off and I am left totally naked. The boss walks round me, peers at my cunt and fondles my nipples.“Very nice, we shall make some money on this one. Have some restraining rings fitted – two on each side of her cunt lips and one nice large one through each nipple – let me know when you are done, and make sure those cameras are still running”“Yes, boss, won’t take long”“Just make sure you get it all on film, close ups, facial expressions, you know the sort of thing that viewers want”“Noooo I blubbed, I did not sign up for that I …..” my face received a good smack.“If she gives you any more back chat, gag the bitch until she learns just what her position is here – I expect girls who have signed up to be a bit more compliant and willing, especially for the amount we have just paid for her”The ball gag is put back in my mouth and strapped round my head, the boss man left me to the mercy of his gorillas and the horrors of getting my body pierced.“You do nipples. I’ll operate cameras, then we’ll swap. I’ll do cunt and you operate cameras – Ok”“I’d rather do cunt, but I suppose so”They busied themselves, getting things out of draws and cabinets, generally clattering about and adjusting cameras.Rubber gloved hands grab my left breast and a cold anaesthetic spray is applied, I feel my nipple go numb. The same is done to my right nipple. The left nipple is pulled out against a piece of cork and a syringe needle the size of which would have graced a vet’s kit! Is swiftly pushed through my yielding flesh. A stainless steel ring, that could have been intended for a bull’s nose, is slipped into the syringe and drawn back through my nipple. The two halves of the hinged ring are brought together and a snap off screw used to fasten it together. The base of my nipple is swollen to twice its normal size and is really starting to sting. I brace myself for the same treatment to the other nipple. They are heavy, I can feel the weight of the rings dragging my breasts to my sides.“Beautiful job, could not have done it better myself. Will be really good time we edit all the cameras together, right I’ll do the cunt”The Gorillas swap roles. My cunt lips are pulled out over a bright small torch and four little marker dots are made – two on each side. The cold anaesthetic spray is applied and my lips go numb, four rings half the size of the bull’s nose nipple rings are shown to me, I shake my head and try to voice a complaint – but to no avail. A smaller syringe needle and cork are produced and in very swift order I find my cunt lips weighted with screw shut rings of stainless steel and starting to sting like hell.“Boss is going to be pleased with that, and no messy blood either, great job, really improves her looks. I’ll go and get him”One gorilla leaves while bahis siteleri the other one tidys up and checks the cameras“You gonna be a good girl if I take out the gag”I nod yes as best as I can, and the gag is removed. Boss enters.“Oh that looks nice, just as I wanted them, hope you got it all on film”“Yes boss, thank you boss”Boss man pulls on my new adornments one after the other eliciting gasps of pain from me on each pull.“Time to get her on the film set, the Doctor and Washington are ready to play with her”I was obviously not going to be afforded any healing time on my new appendages, but what was a doctor going to do, and a doctor of what? I am released from the beauty table and, yet again frog marched, across the dirty ware house to the film set room, where I am secured by my arms and legs to an octopus shaped set of arms protruding from a single large pillar set in the floor, there is a man dressed in a white coat.“We call this the dentist, it is our latest piece of equipment, and it allows you to ‘open wide’ for us. I will demonstrate”The Doctor twiddles with his control pad and the arms of the octopus move my legs apart and up, my arms pulled out straight behind me, and then they move back again to a more decent relaxed position.“Now that you understand the nature of the dentist, it will require very little acting skill from you as we shall be controlling and using your body, so relax, enjoy the ride and scream when necessary. Get that camera man in here and we can begin”The two gorillas take a back row spectator position, A man and a women enter with cameras and recording equipment, the Boss enters also dressed in a white coat, followed by a black guy and a young girl. To my absolute horror, I now have eight people looking at my nakedness.“I don’t suppose you have ever had any black cock before, so you are in for a treat Miss Duval – let’s start with a nice sucking scene”“Nooo it’s too big I won’t do it”“I was hoping you would say that, always gets a better audience when you are made to do what we tell you – ok boys, you know the drill”The two gorillas grab my head and put a scrum cap type device round my head, my nose is pulled one way and my jaw the other, two curved metal bars drop into my mouth and are strapped in tight, a butterfly screw thread between them is turned and my mouth is jaw breakingly spread. Meanwhile the young girl is on her knees stroking the black meat into an erect state.“Now where were we, ah yes, a nice slow sucking scene, finish with the full deep throat”The black man grabs my head and turns it to one side so that I am facing his massive erection, my god I have seen men with smaller arms! I can smell him, he is circumcised and has a glistening shiny helmet. What can not be avoided must be endured, and so it is that I must submit to this invasion of my mouth.Slowly at first he pushes the helmet just pass my teeth, the camera comes in for a close up, the young girl is still stroking him from the back between his legs, I shut my eyes and try to imagine fields of spring flowers, but it does not work, I am too aware of the black meat in my mouth, I can taste its saltiness. His hips start to sway back and forth forcing his massive appendage ever deeper into my mouth.I want to scream but can only manage a gurgle, I want to bite it off and spit it out, but can not move my jaw. I feel him stop at the back of my mouth and then withdraw, he comes in again and again, every time pushing harder and harder at the back of my mouth. I feel as if I am being choked and splutter as best as I can; My whole body is sweating and struggling against the restraints, then tilting my head back he takes one giant lunge at me, he screams, but continues his thrust, his goal is achieved as his cock starts to bend and then rapidly unbends as it forces its way down my throat. The audience clap and applaud his success. He holds it there for what seems like an eternity, I can not breathe, then he slowly pulls it back before slamming it into me again, tears run down my face, I desperately want this onslaught to be over.He continues to batter my throat, as I desperately gulp for air through my nostrils in between the onslaughts. I can feel him start to pulsate, I am filled with fear, I can not possibly be epected to have him ejaculate in my mouth, that would be disgusting, salty pre-cum mixes with my saliva.“That’s enough Washington, let the girl wank you off on Miss Duval’s face, we want to see you cum”The black cock is withdrawn from my mouth, I gasp for air. The young girl uses two hands up and down on the black shaft, which very quickly gives up its load, I shut my eyes as the warm sticky fluid forms a deluge across my face, it goes in my mouth, in my nostrils, in my hair, it goes everywhere, squirt after squirt. He wipes his cock on my hair and the ordeal is over.“Ok girlie, your turn, clean her up you know what to do”I remained eyes closed waiting for warm water and a face flannel. But what is that awful fishy smell? I open my eyes and I am looking straight into the depths of the young girls unwashed cunt, as she pulls her lips apart she starts pissing all over my face, deliberately she piss washes the cum from my face towards and into my mouth, I am forced to swallow this dreadful mix of cum and smelly urine. She grinds her cunt against my mouth and squeezes her last drop into me, she stinks as how I would imagine stale cum, bro and piss to smell from a long unwashed cunt.“Stick your tongue out and lick her”I manage a gurgled refusal“Now you see this soldering iron, it is hot and can be applied somewhere intimate and sensitive – now which do you want us to film, we are not bothered”I got the point, though I did think that with my recent luck, they were going to find an excuse to use the soldering iron no matter what I did. But for now I would avoid its pain. So, very reluctantly and tentatively I stuck my tongue out andstarted to lick at the stale fish forced onto my mouth, I wanted to retch but could not even do that. She rubbed her clit against me, massaged her own breasts and then moaned to a shuddering climax, a smelly salty discharge squirted from her cunt into my mouth, another disgusting thing that I was forced to swallow, More claps and applause from the spectators.“Excellent first part, could not have paid a professional actress to be more natural, should just manage another scene before we wrap for the night”.“What about you Doctor? A nice little examination and sounding of her pee hole”“That would be fun, ok then, I’ve got my irons ready”“Right, let’s have her legs wide apart, and put her new cunt rings to good use, and she is all yours, get the spreader out of her mouth”The Dentist machine does its bit and my legs are taken apart and up, almost doing the splits. I can feel my cunt being forced to protrude from me in this position and naturally start to open. Chains and clips are attached to my new cunt rings and I am pulled open. I can feel the hot breath of the Doctor as he peers at my exposed vulva, lights shine down and the cameras move back in for more close ups. I try to look to see what is about to happen, but can not see over my own breasts in this position. The jaw breaker spreader bar device is removed from me.“That does look güvenilir bahis good, looks bloody tight, should make some good footage opening that up. I’ll keep her cunt for the main scenes tomorrow. Carry on Doctor”A smooth rounded end stainless steel rod is waved over my face, and then slowly drawn down my body, passing between my breasts, down my stomach and pass my clit where it stops right over my pee hole, Now it dawns on my befuddled brain as to the exact nature of the forthcoming use and scene to which my body is to be subjected. I am very quickly proved right as the metal rod is slowly introduce into my urethera, it stings like hell, I try wriggling about, but I am too well restrained. A hand is clamped over my mouth to stop the obvious and imminent yell of protest that I am about to issue.“Just moan gently, any more complaints and you will quickly be reminded what the soldering iron is for”The hand is withdrawn from my mouth and I resort to a low volume distress wimper.A few twists from the metal rod and thankfully it is withdrawn, but horror, I am shown a fatter rod, it traces the same route as the first, but this time it really takes some effort for the Doctor to twist it about until he can finally get my little hole to expand enough to take the metal intrusion. I am really hurting and trying to wriggle about, but no one cares for my plight, they are all too busy filming the metal intrusion that is being pushed in and out of me.“Anyone need a pee?”“Yes boss” “Please”A Gorilla and the Black guy both piss into a jug held inches from my face, looks like about a litre of stinky yellow fluid.“That’s plenty boys, cheers. Should be enough to really fill her, here you are Doctor”.The Doctor uses a large plastic syringe to suck up all the yellow fluid. I did not need A levels to be able to guess as to how this was going to play out. I had never even heard of such sexually activity, but it must be. My intuitive guess was right. The large metal rod was taken from me and a bulbous ended catheter tube was inserted, I could feel it sting as it was pushed all the way into my bladder. The end of the tube was attached to the large piss filled syringe, and the Doctor slowly pushed down on the plunger.I could feel my bladder start to fill, I got that desperate must pee sensation, but could do nothing no matter how hard I tried to push.“Don’t fight Miss, you aint doing anything with that catheter in there”“She is swelling up nicely, can she take it all Doctor”“It will be uncomfortable for her, but won’t cause any lasting damage”“Ok, give it all to her. And remember Miss Duval you do not piss without permission”The syringe plunger went down the last few inches and the last of the yellow fluid was forced into me. How the hell was I going to hold all the liquid without letting go. The Boss rubbed at my lower stomach and pushed down on my bladder, I was starting to get cramps in that area, he was now making it really painful, I tried to push as if to pee, but could not dislodge that which the Doctor held in.A bucket was placed on the floor between my legs and the catheter tube was quickly and painfully pulled out of me. I now tried desperately not to pee, I clamped my muscles as tight as I could, but to no avail. I could feel myself losing the battle and sure enough it started to trickle out of me, what a mistake. ‘Whoosh – crack’, the Boss wielded a heavy leather strap right across the length of my exposed cunt, pee splattered everywhere and I let out a howling scream.“You are not a very good listener, or are you just stupid Miss Duval?”“Please Sir, I can not help it, it is not my pee”“I do not care whose pee you think it is, it is coming from you”Whoosh – crack, I received a second searing painful cut of leather across my most sensitive and intimate parts. I screamed yet again.“Please Sir, may I have permission to Pee”“Count out loud to ten, then you can let go”I got to eight before, I let out another trickle and was rewarded with my third taste of leather across my cunt.“Start again”I managed to get to ten this time and then, what a relief, I let it all go. I thought it would never stop. It was painful it stung as it flowed out of my sore peehole, and some trickled onto my bruised red cunt and really burned.“Again Doctor”“Nooo…..”A raised leather strap stopped my complaint, and I resigned myself to having to endure the process all over again. I determined this time to ask permission as soon as.The large syringe was refilled from the contents of the bucket, the catheter tube reinserted into my bladder, and the, now cold, liquid was reintroduced into me. I had never known such pain as that which was coming from my throbbing leathered cunt, this was a lot worse than six of the best on my bottom at school, so as soon as the Doctor started pulling out the tube I made sure that I asked permission to pee.“Count out loud to fifteen after the tube comes out, then you have permission to piss”Fifteen, could I really hold it for that long, especially with my legs so far apart and a man mauling my bladder. I got to thirteen the first time, earned another cunt leathering but managed the full fifteen the second time .“That’s a wrap – Thank you all”And they all left the room. I desperately wanted to rub my cunt to relieve the burning sensation. Ten minutes later the Boss and a Gorilla came back in. The Boss put a finger in my exposed cunt and again I winced in pain and embarrassment.“Put a pair of cotton knickers on her and padlock them ring to ring across the crotch, put her in room eight, give her something to eat and drink, cuff her hands to a side belt and chain her nipple rings to the bed post – and no funny business”“And, Miss Duval, the knickers had better still be dry in the morning or you know what to expect”With that he withdrew his finger, wiped it on my stomach and left. The Gorilla fumbled with the Dentist controls until he got my legs down and back nearly together, he uncuffed me, put his hand between my legs, wriggled two fingers into me and then picked me up, half carrying me and half walking me to room eight. A well lit room with a single bed, he unceremoniously dumped me on the bed, produced some white cotton knickers from his pocket and told me to put them on.“On your back legs apart Miss”I did as I was told, my new cunt rings were pulled out either side of the gusset in the knickers and padlocked together. Two long thin chains were fed from the top bed posts and attached to my nipple rings, just long enough to stop my head banging against the headboard. The other Gorilla entered, placed a tray of food on the bed, patted my padlocked knickered cunt and left the room.Steak and chips and a steaming mug of hot tea, I manage to wriggle about so that I could get at the food and eat without pulling too much on my tits, I was not very hungry and only managed half of it. The Gorilla removed the tray, put a wide leather belt round my waist and fixed my hands in the manacles attached thereto. Without a word he switched off the light and left, I heard the lock turn in the door and two bolts being slid across. I was left in total darkness, in a state of discomfort with all sorts of frightening and apprehensive thoughts swimming in my head, I wanted to rub my cunt and rub my nipples to relieve the burning sensation. sleep would not and did not come easy, especially as my imagination was running away with me just trying to think of all the terrible things that they would do to my cunt on the morrow.

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