Hot Wife at the Bar


We go to the local “gay bar” on occasion, ostensibly because it is the best dance club in town, but the reality is that we enjoy looking at hot people. The heat in this bar is almost palpable, bodies writhing tight against each other, sex is tangible here, a reality outside the real world.

Tonight, the bar is hopping, the DJ is doing his thing, and the dance floor looks like a single organism, undulating with the deep bass line of the trance music. Not my favorite but it beats the country bar by, well, by a country mile.

My wife and I walk up to the bar, the bartender recognizes us and has our drinks ready when we get there. They mix ’em stiff but not burnt, the way a drink should be. We thread our way to a table where a few of our friends are sitting.

Michelle is a pre-op transsexual, stunningly beautiful. Jim is an effeminate gay, laughable with his too-small shirt and neatly trimmed mustache. Karrie is a straight girl who is deathly afraid of straight men, and Ryan is a masculine gay with a slight beer-belly and a flannel shirt.

I plop down between Michelle and Karrie (who scoots her chair over a few inches with a shy “I’m sorry”). Michelle greets me and asks me how I think she looks, of course I take that opportunity to slather her with compliments… My wife takes note, but there is no jealousy there…

I am halfway into my second drink when the table talk comes ’round to sex, as it almost always does when adults get together (I think it does anyway, unless we are just perverted). I asked my wife if she would ever consider going down on another man and she kind of blushed and said “Let’s see how many drinks I can have, and then ask me again.” That brought a laugh and the ice was broken…

I ask Michelle if she ever still “thinks like a man”, to which she replied “Are you asking me if I like looking at women?”

“Well, yeah, that and watching football and fishing and lifting weights…” She was laughing at me by then, so I swilled my drink and excused myself. I headed off to the bathroom (a two hole affair with no partition) to relieve myself and regain my senses. The rum was really cooking my liver and my brain was spinning a bit. Plus, I could not get Michele out of my fool mind.

“Shake it off big boy” Oops, I said that out loud and the guy standing there pissing looked around at me and gave me a smile-that kind of a smile. I shook my head and turned and stumbled out of there as fast as my drunken feet would carry me.

I headed back to the table, to see that another person had joined us. Derrick was a straight man who acted gay-the ladies loved him. Or so he claimed. Good looking, but a tad annoying with his lisp and bent hip walk.

He sat next to my wife, and I took my spot between Michelle and Karrie. After a few minutes, I felt my wife’s stocking clad foot rubbing my inner calf, so I was glad she still noticed me…

I looked across at her, and noticed she was turning a deep shade of scarlet, and her eyes were half closed. In other words, she looked incredibly turned on, I tried to make eye contact with her, but she didn’t even see me. I looked over at Derrick, and noticed he was breathing a little quickly, and his eyes were pretty much closed. I put two and two together, and decided that my wife was probably jerking this dude off under the table.

I was instantly hard, who can explain why? I mean rock solid, raging hard… And my wife was touching someone else! I grabbed a pen and wrote “I know what your doing, and I think its hot your stroking that guys cock under the table. When you’re done, I want you to come over here and give me a kiss.” on a napkin and slid it across the table to her…

Where it was intercepted by Michelle.

I instantly wanted to crawl under the table (and not to find a warm spot to put my mouth). She read the note, looked at me and smiled. I felt a little better…

Michelle leaned over and said “But I ain’t stroking a cock under the table, not yet…” She gave my leg a squeeze, not a ¼ inch from where my hard cock lay against my thigh. It pulled the fabric of my jeans across the tip and I gave an involuntary shudder. Michelle must have noticed because she left her hand there, oh so close to my cock…

I leaned over to Michelle and told her I had to scoot in a little closer to the topkapı escort table, hoping she would remove her hand. She told me to go ahead and do it. I scooched the chair closer, she lifted her hand, and when I got settled, she dropped her hand again. Right on my, by now, uncomfortable bulge.

Umm…. Wow. My cock was throbbing through my jeans, I know Michelle could feel it. She stared dancing her fingers lightly over the denim, flirting with the button. The whole time, she kept up a conversation with Karrie and Ryan about sucking dick. Karrie was getting more and more uncomfortable the whole time, and I noticed Ryan looking around for something else, perhaps a dick to suck?

Jim excused himself and walked away, presumably to do whatever the Jim’s of the world do.

Derrick was breathing noticeably harder now, and no-one at the table could pretend nothing was happening. My wife’s whole body was moving, she was jerking his cock for all it was worth.

Michelle continued caressing my rock hard cock through my pants, and with one practiced motion, undid the snap on my pants and pulled my zipper down. My cock sprang out and she wrapped her soft hand around my shaft. She slowly started pumping me, stopping briefly at the tip of my prick to rub my pre-cum around, and then bringing her hand back down to the base of my shaft.

With a jerk, Derrick locked into position as he undoubtedly came all over my wife’s shapely hand. He twitched a couple more times, and then relaxed, in fact he almost fell onto the table… My wife grabbed a napkin and snuck it under the table to clean his hot cum off of her hand, a look of satisfaction on her pretty face.

I could feel my balls twitching as Michelle stroked me closer and closer, my hips bucking slightly in rhythm with her pumping. I could hold out no more, and I let out a small moan as I dumped cum all over Michelle’s hand. She continued pumping me, my cum acting as a lubricant for her feverish jacking…

She slowly subsided, and eventually, after what seemed an eternity, asked my wife “I need a napkin, your husband made quite a mess on my hand.”

I was floored… My wife just looked my direction and tossed me a handful of bar-naps.

Michelle lovingly cleaned my cock off, and then elaborately cleaned her hand off. She looked at me, looked at my wife, and did nothing but smile.

My wife, naughty girl that she is, leaned forward in her chair and started rubbing my crotch with her foot, as if to say “My cock, I cannot believe you let another touch it!”

****************************** ******************************

I sat there with cum drying on my cock and wondered what had just happened. A beautiful person had just given me a hand job under the table, and I watched my wife stroke off another guy at the same time. It was undoubtedly hot, but damn… I got a hand job from a man, technically. And it was hot…

I reached down and stuffed my cock into my pants, got up and walked to the bar. While I was waiting in line, my wife got up to join me. She put her arms around me and whispered in my ear “Honey, I am so fucking hot right now, I could just rip your clothes off and suck your cock right here in front of everyone”. My toes curled at the thought… There is a room downstairs, where people go sometimes to “get it on..” I ordered drinks for all of us, and my wife and I went back to the table. Derrick was gone, so my wife was left alone on her side of the table. Michelle, me and Karrie sat looking at her. Michelle kept smiling at m wife, and I just kind of stared at my drink. Karrie mumbled something about having to work the next morning and got up and walked off. She never was one for partying anyways.

That left my hot wife and this hot girl (man?) Michelle…

“Come sit next to me hon” I asked my wife. She agreed and got up and came around to our side of the table. She sat next to me and I was nestled between two gorgeous people, people staring at me wondering how the hell I managed that.

I put my hand on my wife’s pantyhose clad thigh, and cautiously reached out to Michelle’s thigh at the same time. Michelle was wearing a red pleated skirt and a white short sleeve button up shirt, with the front tails tied up. My wife was wearing her little black dress. They both looked stunning… Michelle fatih escort must have sensed my hand, because she reached down and grabbed it. She held it tight for a second, and I thought I had overstepped-but then she guided my hand to her thigh, just above her hemline. Which meant it was about 3 inches from her crotch.

My wife, not to be outdone, slid my hand up and under her dress, and that’s when I found out she was wearing thigh highs, not full hose. My pinky was almost touching her pussy, the hairs were tickling my finger… My cock was growing hard again, so I just sat there and enjoyed myself.

Soon I needed a pull of off my drink, but I wasn’t willing to let go of either hot thigh. My wife sensed my dilemma and had the waitress bring me a straw. Clever girl… I love her so much.

Ever so gently, I began rubbing Michelle’s thigh, and just as gently, started lightly touching my wife’s pussy with my pinky. She shuddered a bit, and thrust her hips forward into my finger. She was soaking wet, mostly shaven, and my finger was instantly wet.

Michelle started rocking her hips, and that’s when I felt her cock. It was stiffening but still lying against her thigh. I froze, not quite sure what to do. My wife looked over at me, then looked down and must have seen the tip of Michelle’s cock sticking out past her skirt and barely touching my hand.

“You are supposed to grab hold of it, honey. She wants you to. I want you to.” Never one to deny my wife anything, I gave up any pretense at inhibition and boldly grabbed Michelle’s cock. She pulled her chair close to the table to hide what was going on, and my wife did the same. My wife hiked her dress up and spread her legs a bit to grant me access to her honey hole, and my fingers were busy playing with her clit and dipping into her hot hole. I love playing with pussy, especially under the table in a crowded place.

I gripped Michelle’s cock and tried to think about how I liked to be touched. I gave it a few tentative tugs, and she responded by pushing her hips out-making her cock even harder. It was turning me on to feel this woman’s cock in my hand, and to top it off, I was playing with my wife’s hot cunt with my other hand. My own cock was raging now, as hard as I have ever felt it. I was squirming in my chair, finger fucking my wife and jacking off Michelle. I could hardly take it anymore.

“Come downstairs with me” I asked of my wife. “Please. I want to fuck you now. Now!” She stood up, and for a brief instant, the entire bar got a good look at her shaved pussy, the lips glistening with her juices. I saw more than one guy and quite a few women look at her with unmistakable lust. That always gets me hot.

She walked behind me, and whispered into Michelle’s ear. She nodded, and got up. She held her cock flat through her skirt and pulled my hand to get me up.

The three of us winded our way through the crowd to get to the door leading downstairs. Push through the door, walk down the steps, and turn left. A hallway leads to the “room”. We walk that way, past the couples necking in the hallway, past one lesbian couple engaging in some very hot 69 action. The girls had to pull me away from that one.

When we got to couch room, there was room on one of them for all three of us. So we headed there. I sat down and my wife sat down on my right and Michelle sat on my left. Michelle immediately freed her hard cock and grabbed my hand and guided my movements up and down her shaft. My wife hiked her dress up over her hips and crouched over to start sucking my dick. Her naked ass and pussy waving in the air was quite an attraction, I reached over and played with her pussy… She moaned through a mouthful of cock, and I nearly lost it.

Michelle was getting quite hard now… She stood up and faced me. Her cock at my mouth level. I knew what she wanted, but I was unsure if I was ready yet. She made sure I was ready when she thrust her cock at me, and my mouth simply opened and I was sucking a cock… My wife was deep throating my shaft, and I was tasting cock for the first time. It wasn’t bad. As long as I was doing this, I thought, I might as well do it right. I reached one hand around t hold her ass, with my other hand I continued playing with my wife’s pussy and ass. We did this for what seemed ages…

I eyüp escort felt a weight shift on the couch, and realized it was no longer the three of us. A younger guy had sat on the couch, and was staring at my wife’s bare ass. His cock was out, and it was hard. With out warning, he got up on his knees and slid his cock into my wife’s hot, tight cunt. She grunted with surprise, but pushed back against him.

He must have been ready, because in no time he was slamming into her and I could tell he was ready to shoot his load. It isn’t easy to watch your wife get power-fucked while you have a mouthful of a hot chicks cock, but if you ever get the chance, it is worth it.

This young guy pulled his cock out and started shooting his load on my wife’s back. She moaned a little when he pulled out, she was just getting into it. His cum roped up and landed in pearly globs on her back. He hastily out his cock back in his pants and slouched away…

I continued to work Michelle’s knob, and I wondered what I would do when she needed to cum. When I slipped a finger into her tight ass, I knew what I would do. Her hot cum started shooting into my mouth, and she bucked her hips, forcing me to swallow her seed. It wasn’t too bad. Not really. My wife looked up to see this woman cumming into my mouth, and she started playing with herself. Her shapely fingers diddling her clit, and she started to get that look on her face…

Another guy suddenly appeared and positioned himself behind her. This guy was older, a little hairy, but well built and he had a pretty good sized cock. He leaned into my wife and slammed his rod home into her sopping wet cunt. She yelped a little, and started furiously sucking on my cock.

Michelle grunted one more time, and a small dollop of cum oozed from her cock onto my tongue. She was spent. I continued sucking her dick, by now I was pretty sure it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. She shuddered with each movement, her cock was hyper sensitive.

The older guy was plowing my wife, trying to split her in ½… With a moan, he pulled his cock out and started shooting his cum onto my wife’s back. It mixed with the other guys load and she was starting to get covered with the stuff.

After this guy came, she took her mouth off of my shaft and grabbed Michelle’s cock from me and started sucking her. My cock was waving in the breeze with no one doing anything to it, so I started casually stroking it. My wife pulled Michelle’s skirt down, and told her to sit on my cock. Hmmm…

Michelle did as requested, and I felt her tight asshole rubbing on my hard cock. Michelle licked her fingers and reached behind herself to lube her hole up, and as soon as she did that, my cock slipped into her just like that.

My wife was on all fours now, sucking the dick of the girl I was ass-fucking. Another guy walked over, dropped his pants, and slid his cock into my wife. She was quite the slut tonight, but who was I to talk?

Michelle started fucking me hard now, and every time she came up off of my cock, she rammed her cock into my wife’s throat. Every time that happed, my wife pushed back into that new guy. We established a pattern, ad before too long, we had a small audience watching us. It must have been a hot site, to see a hot girl getting her cock sucked by a another hot girl, while getting her ass fucked.

The third guy pulled his cock out, and came around to where my wife was sucking Michelle off. He started jerking his load all over her face, and she took it in stride. His cum mixed with her saliva on Michelle’s cock… I felt the beginnings of a super blow stirring in my loins…

My wife had cum all over her back, all over her face now. She looked like a sweet little cum whore, and with that thought I started to blast Michelle’s ass full of my cum. She used her hips to grind down hard on my cock, milking me for every drop. She tapped my wife on the forehead, and told her to stop-she was ready to cum. My wife obliged, and took her mouth off Michelle’s cock. Michelle continued grinding her asshole down on my cock and stroking herself, started shooting her load onto my wife’s face. My wife is a total mess now, I am spent, and Michelle is spent.

As soon as Michelle is done cumming, my wife stood up. Her face was a veil of cum, her back soaked with cum. She walked over to where I was sitting, pushed Michelle of off my cock, and started kissing me. The taste of the cum on her face was blackly exciting…

“I love you honey,” she said. “This has been an extraordinary night.”

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