Hot Missouri Summer Ch. 05



It was hot in Missouri that summer so long ago, after we all turned 18 and graduated from high school. If you have read what some of my friends have already written, you know how hot things got for them. But now that it is my turn to write, I have to tell you that even though I was the valedictorian, I was the most backward dweeb in the Senior Class. I was totally scared of girls and would never think of asking one of them out.

The summer got well started, and Joe and Gary were filling my ears with tales of their hot times. That was bad enough, but then even Mike, who never talked about that stuff, began bragging too. I would squirm in the back seat of Gary’s Chevy convertible and try to hide the hardon I got just listening to them.

Well, one night we were sitting at Smitty’s Drive In and we saw Loretta and Edie pull in. They were a couple of really smart girls. They had been my major academic competition for four years. But unlike me, they were confident and popular with the opposite sex. They hopped out of the car and came over to talk to us – well, to Joe and Gary, anyhow. They kidded with them, and then said, “You have dates for tonight? Gary, you are picking up Linda of course? How about you, Joe?”

“I have a date with Charlotte, and we are going up to the Drive In for a movie,” Joe replied.

Loretta chuckled and said, “Well, you boys will sure have your hands full.” Loretta was known for her innuendo. Linda and Charlotte had the two biggest pairs of boobs in the whole class and Loretta winked slyly at the guys.

Then she looked back at me, frozen in the backseat. “And what about you, David? Oh, wait, I forget about your GPA.”

That was another nasty dig. I had a perfect straight A average all through school, until I hit the senior year class euphemistically called “Family Living.”

Edie chuckled and said, “Poor guy, that C- in Sex Ed really did you in, didn’t it?”

They were right. Too paralyzed in class to even ask a question, I froze up on the final and barely passed the course. And of course in no time, the whole school found out about it.

Then it happened. Loretta got an evil look in her eye. She pulled Edie aside and began whispering. They kept glancing at me and giggling. Then they sauntered back to the car. “Gee, you guys better go pick up your dates,” Edie said.

“Yeah, just drop David off here. I’ll give him a ride home,” offered Loretta. Before I knew what was happening, she had the back door open and was dragging me out of the car. As she pulled on my arm she pressed it up tight to her chest and I felt her soft boobs under my hand. Embarrassed I tried to jerk away but she pulled hard and I flew out of the car and into her arms.

Edie took up the conversation. “You see, David, everybody knew it was a darn shame about your grade in Sex Ed.”

“Family Living,” I corrected.

Edie giggled. “If you say so, David. Everybody knew what it was all about. You know, we both got A’s in that class. Anyhow, Loretta and I thought it was only fair …”

“…And proper,” added Loretta, “for you to have …”

“Another chance!” concluded Edie, with a smug grin.

“And so,” chuckled Loretta, “we are going to my house to give you the full course in Sex Ed!”

“Complete with final exam, which you will NOT fail!” said Edie. And as she said it, her hand dragged right up into my crotch and gave my stiff dick a good rub through the cloth of my jeans. If I could have gotten loose I would have run away at that point!

I was mortified, terrified, and confused. Were they really serious? Did they mean what they said, or were they going to totally humiliate me?

They dragged me into Loretta’s car. Edie squeezed in next to me, and Loretta hopped in the driver’s seat. This left both of them with their thighs, bare in the short shorts they were wearing, pressing against mine. Edie turned slightly toward me which made her boob rub my side, and as soon as we were out of the parking lot Loretta took one hand off the wheel and put it on my leg. Of course this intensified my boner even more. I could hardly grasp what was happening.

I tried to stammer a question, but we were in front of Loretta’s house. By the same tactics as before, they got me into the house and plopped me down in a big easy chair. The two girls stood across the room in front of the fireplace, looking incredibly sexy in their shorts and tight tops.

I blushed and squirmed in the chair, looking wildly around for a way out. Yet at the same time, I felt my cock twitching at what they were implying. I realized that this was my big opportunity if I could only get control of my fears.

“OK, lesson one,” intoned Loretta. “Title: the Female Mammary Organs.”

Were they really going through with this? I must have looked blank. “Breasts, David, Breasts! First question, what are they for?”

I stared at her and licked my lips. Before I could answer she broke in.

“Nursing infants is the answer. Breasts are part of the female equipment to nourish Escort bayan the next generation.”

I guess my face fell at that.

Loretta giggled. “Ah, but while they are waiting for that important natural function they have another one. They are a prime Secondary Sex Characteristic and Erogenous Zone of the female.”

Now I know I was looking stupid. Nothing that I ever heard from the guys was anything like that.

Edie stood up. “Girl, you are not only confusing him you are embarrassing him. Let me do this.” She walked over to stand in front of me. “Look here,” she said smiling. And then she quickly dropped her top so her pretty little tits were standing up practically in my face.

“You know that girls grow these things as teens. I think mine have developed nicely, don’t you?”

I had no idea what to do. I stared at her nipples hardening, and managed to get out, “Yes … yes, beautiful.”

Then Loretta instructed, “All right, girlfriend. Demonstrate what he should have learned in sex education about breasts.”

Edie dimpled, and went on, “Breasts are called an Erogenous Zone because they react to stimulation by creating sexual excitement. I mean, if a boy rubs them, it turns them both on.”

I trembled as she picked up my hands and placed one on each tit. A soft movement of her chest encouraged me to squeeze gently and then rub my hands around. She leaned into me for a minute, and then pulled back. She took my wrists and moved my hands off those lovely soft boobs.

“They come in all sorts of different sizes,” she went on. “It really doesn’t matter, they are all sensitive.”

I saw with amazement that Loretta also had her boobs out, holding them in both hands and squeezing them together. Hers were bigger than Edie’s and her nipples stood up firmly. They both looked smug and were having a good time teasing me. I was really afraid to join in. My cock clearly had no such misgivings as it was getting harder by the second inside my pants.

“The darker area is called the areola,” Edie went on impassively. She brought one hand forward and let my fingertips run around her nipple, tracing the slightly rough surface of her areola. I really was learning something, deep down in my brain, but all the cells on the surface were firing on nothing but pleasure as I caressed her.

“But the most sensitive part is the nipple. During nursing a woman feels sexual pleasure in the nipple, and of course during sex foreplay she does too.”

Oh my god, foreplay. Was it really true? I gripped her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. She closed her eyes and smiled mildly. Without her direction, my other hand came to her other nipple and rolled it too. I pressed them gently into the soft boobs and felt them getting even stiffer. My cock was stiffening too, and was now pressing hard against my pants crotch. I wanted to believe, and continued the boob play while my excitement intensified.

Now she pulled away from me again. I looked around the room and saw that Loretta was enjoying this too, squeezing her own tits as she watched. My cock was throbbing too hard for me to think any more about this idea. I just went along with my driving need and accepted what I saw.

“David, men have sensitive nipples too. Tell us about yours,” Edie demanded. She moved close to me again and began to unbutton my shirt.

“Uh, but, well …” I was inanely stammering again. Her hands began to rub my bare chest, and to run softly over my nipples.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered. “Yes, they are sensitive too. Oh, that feels so good…”

Then she leaned forward, and began rubbing her nipples against mine softly. I thought my cock was going to explode right there.

“Thank you, David,” Edie whispered in my ear. “Thank you for being here with us tonight. We are enjoying it.”

Besides getting my cock ready to perform, this girl was stroking my ego and making me feel eight feet tall. I was more and more prepared to join their lessons now.

My sex education soon continued. Loretta giggled again and said, “Lesson 2: Dorsal Adipose Tissue.” I guess I really looked dumb at that one, because she said, “OK, watch this, David.”

Now she turned her back to me and wiggled her little ass. Loretta slipped up beside her, and I was treated to two magnificent butts wiggling together. As one, they bent forward and stepped out of their shorts and panties. Both those white moons shone in their splendor right at me.

Edie went on, “The female ass is highly erotic and attractive to the male. Some anthropologists speculate that this is because in our closest primate relatives the chimpanzee, the female displays her buttocks when she is ready to mate. They think men are hardwired to continue a nice shapely ass an invitation.”

At this the girls giggled and shook their butts. I knew that my hardon was throbbing in my pants and making them stand up like a tent. Loretta backed up to me and sat in my lap. I tried to twist away in embarrassment and realized that I was only Bayan Escort rubbing my stiff dick on her bare ass. She increased my embarrassment, and also my excitement, by wiggling around on my cock. Just as I thought I was going to shoot my load right there, she moved away.

Edie now intoned, “Lesson 3, the most important one: The Mons Veneris.” Both girls stood there with their arms around each other’s shoulders. I gulped and swallowed hard to see two naked pussies lined up like that. On one side was Edie’s gentle mound covered with neatly trimmed blonde hair, her pink lips engorged below it and glistening with liquid. Next to her, Loretta’s tight stomach curved down to the swelling of her sex. It showed fine red hair lightly covering it and rounded down to her cunt lips which were white and only slightly open at this time. Only the outside of her slit was visible, and at the very top a tiny small button peeking out. I could not take my eyes off it.

Then Loretta knelt down. She ran a hand slowly up one of Edie’s legs. When she reached the top of her legs, she traced a delicate path around her pussy and up to the area under her belly button. Edie closed her eyes while Loretta did this, and a look of bliss was on her face. This was so exciting to me that my rock hard dick was twitching in fast time.

Then Edie began talking again, softly. “This is the pubic area, or the Mons Veneris. That means the Mount of Venus. She is the Goddess of Love, you know. I think that is such a nice name for it. It is naturally endowed with pubic hair.”

Here she spread her legs so her trimmed bush was displayed in its full glory. Below it her pink pussy lips opened slightly and I could see that they were well lubricated.

She then said, “Some girls trim the hair. This gives them a more groomed look.” She ran her fingers softly over Loretta’s natural mound, tracing small circles but not touching the actual slit. “Others like to leave it natural. It attracts the scent of their juices that way.”

This open approach to all things sexual was blowing my mind. Clearly the girls had learned more in Sex Ed than I had. Or was it from experience? Just having them displaying their sexual attributes and describing them was playing with my mind, though. From the satisfied grins they had I was pretty sure they knew that.

Loretta now took up the instruction. “Do you know what the actual sexual organs are called, David?” As she said that, she spread her legs and ran a finger around her pussy. The lips were swollen and it dripped with her juices.

I know I turned bright red, and I felt heat spreading over my face. All I could do was stammer out, “P-p-pussy …” in a weak voice.

Loretta giggled again. “Yes, and many other things. The proper name for them is the vulva.”

I had no idea why she insisted on telling me that. She was rubbing her pussy gently, and the sexual odor of it was drifting my way. She could have called it vulva or volcano and it would have been all the same to me. I could not take my eyes off it right now.

Loretta continued to rub her pussy, and went on, “The outer lips become engorged when they are stimulated. Then the inner lips follow.” As she said that, Edie rubbed her finger over her own little slit. She closed her eyes again and moaned softly. Her pussy opened up and the pink lips were visible as she continued to stroke.

I think I moaned too at that point, and my cock was starting to twitch visibly under my jeans. Loretta gave her low chuckle and said, “Don’t worry, David, we are getting to that part of the lesson.”

Her fingers began to stroke Edie’s pussy. They moved up to the top of the slit and found the little round button. Slow circles around it made Edie moan again, and her hips twitched to bring it into closer contact with that moving finger.

Loretta went on, “This little bump is called the clitoris. It is the main spot for intense stimulation. That is, playing with it really turns a girl on.” She continued to stroke Edie, causing her hips to begin rotating slowly.

She stopped stroking, and slowly Edie opened her eyes. She said, “This concludes the lesson on Female External Sex Organs. Before we continue with the female anatomy, it is time to examine that of the male.”

Examine? What did she mean? My fears were realized as both girls pulled me up out of my chair. Loretta unbuckled my belt and Edie pulled down my zipper. They lowered my jeans to the floor, leaving me standing there with my stiff dick pressing out my briefs.

Edie eyed it and giggled. “The male sex organ is the penis. Normally it is limp, or flaccid, and hangs down. It looks as if we have to skip that part of the lesson tonight though.” With one quick motion she pulled my underwear off, allowing my cock to spring to attention in front of me.

Loretta gave a low whistle. “Why, David, you have certainly been hiding a treasure. That is one fine looking dick.” She ran one finger from the base to the tip, and of course my cock twitched in pleasure. “Oh, look,” she went Escort on, “it dances, too!”

Edie glared at her. “Loretta, the lessons are not over yet. He has to pay attention.” Chastened a bit, Loretta moved away slightly to allow Edie to continue.

She cupped my balls in her hand. “Below the penis hangs the pouch called the scrotum, which contains the two testicles. While a hard blow to it can cause the male great pain, gentle stroking can be very erotic.” She demonstrated with a light hand and my hard cock throbbed with every soft stroke.

“The length of the penis varies, and makes little difference in sensation either to male or female,” she went on. One finger traced up the side of my cock as if measuring, causing it to jump again. “The urethra runs along the bottom of it, and is very sensitive.” Now the finger traced that line and the pleasure was intense. I writhed in the chair and moaned.

Loretta matter-of-factly said, “Male orgasm control is an important skill. Most boys learn through masturbation to hold out for a longer time.” I realized what she was saying, and I knew she was right. In bed at night I could prolong the experience, so I needed to try here. It was a lot harder with real naked girls than with them only in my imagination. My jerk off fantasies had included both of these girls along with almost every other girl in the school. I struggled to regain control and keep from ruining my great night by coming too soon.

Edie went on, “On the bottom of the shaft just below the head, where the ridge is on boys like you who have been circumcised, is a spot called the frenulum. It is especially sensitive.” Her finger found that spot which I liked to wank but never knew the name of. “Together with the entire tip, it gives the most pleasure.” Now she cupped her fingers around the end of my cock and rubbed up and down rapidly a few times. My hips jerked up toward her fingers and I strained for more, but she pulled away.

“The opening at the end of the penis can be teased for intense feeling also,” she went on, running a finger around it. I moaned again.

At this point Edie chimed in, “Among teenagers, common foreplay begins with manual stimulation of the sex organs, called a hand job, finger fucking, or mutual masturbation.” She moved close to me and guided my hand to her cunt. It was slightly open and juices were beginning to flow from it. As Loretta jerked my dick slowly, Edie encouraged me to move my fingers up and down her slit, which soon opened up and became wet enough that I could insert one, and then two fingers.

Loretta grabbed my other hand and pulled it to her tit, and soon I was rubbing her nipple and fingering Edie’s cunt while being jerked off. This was beyond even my wildest masturbatory fantasy.

Edie was gasping now, but Loretta continued, “Once past the lips, you have entered the inner canal, or the vagina. It is very flexible and accommodates organs large or small. The female derives intense satisfaction from feeling it filled. Moving the penetrating organ in and out increases the sensation.”

I took the hint and pumped two fingers in and out of Edie’s pussy – er, vagina. She threw her head back and moaned. Meanwhile Loretta slowed her strokes on my cock, but did not quit. She went on, “Just inside the vagina is the genital sensory area, or the G-spot. Much like the male frenulum, it is a site of intense pleasure when stroked.”

I wiggled my fingers around inside Edie. Suddenly she gasped and I felt her contract around my fingers. “Yes yes, that’s it!” she breathed. I worked on that spot, becoming so concentrated that I almost forgot Loretta was still stroking my cock. Suddenly Edie cried out and I felt a series of tight contractions squeeze my fingers.

Loretta stopped stroking my cock, and continued impassively, “This can quickly lead to orgasm of the female. However, most females are capable of being multi-orgasmic, so an orgasm early in foreplay can soon be repeated. Males are not so lucky, and must exercise control during foreplay to avoid being out of action for some time.”

As she stopped stroking, my cock ached for more, but I knew I had to wait as things just seemed to be getting better and better. Loretta now moved until she was straddling my leg. I could feel her wet pussy against my thigh. She leaned in until her tits were rubbing my chest. Careful not to rub her leg against my throbbing cock she rubbed back and forth against me. After a bit of this my cock stopped twitching and I felt a little more in control.

Edie had stopped panting and opened her eyes. Now she took up the lesson. “Many teen girls learn that the male particularly likes oral stimulation, and often perform fellatio.” Again I guess I looked dense because she said, “A blow job, David. A blow job.”

I had heard the guys talking. Mike claimed Kathy was particularly good at sucking cock. But I had no idea how it would feel. Loretta slid down between my legs and took my still stiff dick in both hands. Then she delicately licked the very tip of it in small circles. Immediately it began to twitch again. She opened her lips and let it begin to slide inside her mouth. Then she sucked it in and out slowly. The feeling was intense. I jerked my hips and pulled her head toward me, forcing my cock deeper in her throat.

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