Hot for Doctor


“Mrs. Jones, would you come with me.” The only other patient besides myself still in the waiting room, an elderly woman, hobbled to her feet and made her way towards the door, leaning on her cane. The nurse, a petite redhead in a blue smock, waited patiently.

The nurse smiled sympathetically at me and said, “The doctor will be with you shortly.”

I had been waiting two hours already. A little bit longer wouldn’t hurt. I nodded my understanding and covertly tried to imagine what the nurse would look like without her clothes on. It was a pleasant exercise but the nurse had nothing on the doctor. I smiled at that thought. Doctor Stone was a beautiful blonde with a decent figure and full, lush lips. There was a constant sense of sexuality about her and a certain playfulness in her mannerism that appealed to me. Though I had only seen her once before, and had been in too much pain then to properly appreciate her presence, I thought there might have been some chemistry between us.

Time passed.

“Mr. Orfeo, your turn. If you will come with me.” Was it my imagination or was their a playful smile on the nurse’s face. She casually reached up and brushed a stray lock of her long red hair out of her eyes and… no it was not my imagination. Her eyes definitely traveled up and down my body as she curled her hair in her fingers.

“This way,” she said. Her hips swayed from side to side as she walked. She was wearing two inch heels that made her legs stretch nicely. Her short white skirt wrapped tight around her well shaped ass. I could not keep a smile from my face as I followed her. The hall was empty. I was the last patient of the day.

“In here if you will.” She held the door open for me and I stepped into the examination room. It was painted a pale blue. Anatomical charts and stainless steel instruments were on the wall behind the examination bed and a sink and cabinets filled the other wall. The floor, strangely enough was carpeted bright green.

The nurse stepped into the room after me and closed the door. It clicked shut. The air conditioner was running and the air was cool.

“Would you please undress,” asked the nurse. Her tone was very professional but when I looked there was a sparkle in her eye. I noticed she was holding a hospital gown in her hands.

“Is that necessary,” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said gravely, “I’m afraid it is. The doctor wants to give you a complete and thorough examination.” That sounded promising I thought.

I slipped my t-shirt off and held out my hand for the gown as I pushed off first my left shoe and then my right. She didn’t give me the gown though. Instead she looked at my pants and licked her lips. She had on a dull red lipstick.

“Pants too,” she said and this time there was no mistaking the suggestion of desire in her voice. She wanted to see me naked before giving me the gown. The thought was enough to cause my cock to start hardening. A bit nervously I unbuttoned gaziantep escortları my jeans and pushed them down, stepping out of them. My cock was straining against my briefs and I knew if I was any harder it would rise up and out of the elastic band.

The nurse stepped closer and reaching down she rubbed the shaft of my cock through the black cotton fabric of my underwear.

“Everything has to come off,” she said softly into my ear. Her breath was heavy and I could feel the fabric of her blue smock against my chest. My own breathing was becoming heavy. She laid the gown on the table besides me and then with both hands she slid my underwear down for me. My cock sprang forward, as hard as it had ever been. The cool of the air and the heat of her body made for an erotic juxtaposition.

“I’m going to have to take your temperature for Doctor Stone before you put on the gown,” she breathed into my ear, her hands on my shoulders. She slid her hands down my chest and grabbing my erection with one hand and gently cupping my balls in the other she kneeled gently onto the floor.

Hardly believing what was happening I watched her as she slowly ran her tongue from the base of my dick up to the head. There was already some clear pre-cum leaking from the tip of my dick and she gently lapped it clean. I trembled from the feeling. She lowered her head and repeated the slow lick, all the time cupping my scrotum with her left hand. I trembled again and clutched her red head with both hands. I think I groaned but it was low and I don’t know if it was audible to her or not.

She lifted her head from my cock and looked up at me. “You seem hot.” She licked the tip of my dick with a quick flick of her tongue. “But tense.” She licked again and moved her fingertips on my balls. Then she took my cock and put her lips around it. I felt her teeth for just a moment and then her tongue circled my cock. I moaned loudly this time.

“That’s good,” she said wickedly and she stood up suddenly, releasing my cock, “the doctor will be with you in a minute. I’ll tell her that you’re ready. You can put on the gown if you want.”

I groaned with frustration. With a wink she strolled over to the door and opened it. Looking back my way she licked her upper lip and winked. Then she was gone and the door closed behind her.

I took a deep breath and touched my cock. I was so turned on at the moment. It was hard to think straight. But the cool of the room helped fight my arousal and I put on the gown, if for no other reason than to be a little warmer. Then I hopped myself onto the table and waited. The gown was of course open in the back and the plastic of the examination table was very cold at first on my posterior.

I was not waiting long. In just a few moments the door of the room opened again and Dr. Stone walked in. She was everything I remembered and more. Her white lab coat came down to her knees and her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. Those were the only conservative things about her outfit however. Her low cut red silk blouse hugged her breast and the material was thin enough to easily discern that she wore no bra. Her hard nipples were just visible behind the white coat. Her mini skirt was black and showed off her sexy legs well. She was wearing glasses and red lipstick and the whole effect was very sexy.

Dr. Stone was looking at her clip board as she entered and she was smiling. Then, as the door closed she laid the clipboard down on the sink and smiled at me warmly.

“So, how are we today?”

“Just fine,” I croaked.

“Good,” she said and she pulled a stethoscope off of the wall. She placed it around her neck and then positioned it on her ears. She moved close and put her left hand on my shoulder. She placed the round medal disk over my heart. I could feel its cool touch through the thin fabric of the gown.

“Lay back and breath deeply,” she said. I was aware of my cock stiffening from her touch but I did what she asked, wondering if she would notice it pushing the gown up like a tent pole.

“Your nurse is something else,” I said by way of conversation before taking a deep breath.

“Yes she is,” said Dr Stone, and then leaning close to my ear she whispered, “She eats pussy as good as she sucks cock.” My erection immediately became full once more.

She stood up and shrugged off her lab coat, letting it fall to the floor.

“Just stay on your back if you will,” said the sexy doctor, “I need to examine your stamina now.” She rand a finger over the length of my dick and then pulled off her blouse, dropping it too to the floor. Her breasts were perfect, her dark nipples a vivid contrast to the smooth white skin. They were firm and just enough for each hand. I longed to cup them and squeeze them.

Her skirt joined the clothing on the floor and I saw she wore thigh high stockings but no panties. Her pussy was shaved except for a triangle of cropped hair above the dark red lips of her cunt. I stared at her perfect body and I know my breath was heavy.

She lifted the gown up and over my cock and then crawled up onto the table. As she mounted me, I reached behind my neck and untied the gown. She pulled it off, leaving me naked and then she slid her pussy onto my cock. She was slim and light and her pussy was so very warm and wet. I moaned as I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze.

“You feel good,” she said with breathy, husky voice. She slowly undulated her hips. “I love the feel of cock in my cunt.”

“Uh-huh,” I said wittily, lifting my knees and putting my feet flat on the table. I lifted my hips, grinding my cock up and into her pussy.

“Move it baby,” she said and she began bouncing.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed her breasts. They were soft and warm and my mind and body both reacted to the thrill of touching them.

“Don’t cum yet,” she warned me and she reached down and rubbed her hands, both of them on her clit, spreading her pussy as she did so. I tried to nod but it was to do so in my position, and kept moving my hips, lifting her body with mine, making her literally ride me. I could feel the desire to cum building within me but I fought it. It was hard for she moved faster and faster. I pulled my right hand from her breast and, pushing aside her hand, I slid my thumb into her pussy above my dick. Rubbing my hand on her clipped crotch hair, I moved my thumb softly on her clitoris and pushed up hard with my hips, lifting my buttocks off of the table.

She gasped and began pounding her pussy up and down on my shaft.

“Oh yes…yes…yes…!” Her excitement was more than I could take and I came with a cry. I felt the warm cum pulsating through my cock and into her cunt. Her muscles tightened on my dick and she too came. Sweat glistened on her skin and her hair had began to pull out of her pony tail. My stick stayed hard, as it often does after I come, and I kept moving it in her. She moved her pussy once more and then lifted herself off of my cock. For a moment, a thick ribbon of fluid linked her cunt with my stiff cock and then it broke.

“Come on then lover,” she said and she pulled me up off of the table. I stood next to her uncertainly, wondering what more she wanted. She leaned her naked torso over the table and wiggled her ass in the air. My cock, slightly softer than it had been, hardened just a little more and I stared at her perfect but. Her cheeks pulled apart just enough to display her asshole but were still fleshy enough to make me want to grab them.

I bent and kissed her back, running a hand up each of her stockinged legs. I slid my left hand down between her legs and pushed my forefinger into her cunt. It was sticky and wet but still so sexy. I rubbed her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and then slid the fingers of my other hand into her wet pussy. With my moistened fingers I traced a line to her anus and slid my wet pinky into her as hole. She shuddered and wiggled her rear, grinding herself against my fingers.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, “that’s what I want. Only use your cock. It’s bigger.”

Smiling, I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks. She wiggled and squeezed and I closed my eyes from the pleasure. I’ve always loved the feeling of my cock rubbing a woman’s ass. My dick was still wet and her asshole has already been moistened. I placed the tip of my cock . . .

“Mr Orfeo.”

“Mr. Orfeo, it’s your turn. The doctor will see you now.”

The nurse’s voice snapped me from my day dream and I sighed, opening my eyes. I probably had a goofy grin on my face, I knew and I felt myself starting to blush. My cock was already softening in my pants, but I could feel the wet moisture left behind by the fantasy. I looked at the nurse and nodded to show I was aware that she was addressing me. She stood waiting in her sensible shoes as I pushed myself up with my crutches and began hopping myself on one leg towards the door for my meeting with the doctor.

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