Horsing Around


As a cast member of the off-off-off-Broadway comedy play about a girl and her horse, of course I was included in the upcoming Halloween party. It was to be held next week the on Monday before the 31st. It’s an off day since almost no one goes to see any show then. On the other days, there was a pretty good sized audience so the run was extended for another month.

I was part of the costume custodian along with my co-worker Terrence.

“Hey, Gere!” Terrence greeted me as he entered stage left. We needed to make sure everything was set for tonight’s performance. He slapped my ass. “I’d know that butt anywhere.”

“Yow! Terr!” I called back. My upper body was inside the front-head piece of the horse. “Hey. You’re here just in time to help out with this fucking thing.”

Making sure the cumbersome horse costume was relatively clean inside and out as well as making sure it needed no repairs was a two person job. I had to put the top on to make sure all the mechanics operated correctly. And the backup; we had a spare top just in case.

After making sure everything was in order, Terrence helped me off with the top and help with the examination of the rest of the costume.

That night’s performance was great. Friday’s were usually a pretty good crowd watching and the cast were totally on. One of the best, since we’ve been running. After the show, we needed to make sure everything was properly taken care of. Mostly everyone was gone by the time Terrence and I were done.

“Hey, Terr! Feel like grabbing a brewski or two?” I asked.

“Yeah. Sounds great! I need it after tonight.” He replied. “What a great show, eh?”

“Yeah, eh?” Our Canadian was showing through.

At Millar’s, we sat at the bar, discussing the show and downing shots with beer chasers. Terrence had Canadian Whisky but I didn’t like the taste of rye so I had bourbon instead.

“Are we supposed to dress up for the Halloween party Monday?” I asked him. “Stupid eh? We’re taking care of the costumes and I don’t know what costume to wear.”

Terrence choked on his drink supressing his laugh. “Yeah, eh? I hadn’t really thought about it. Any ideas?”

A few more shot followed by a few more beers resulted in Terrence’s epiphany. “Hey! I think it would be a funny gag if we went in the horse costume. We could use the spare one so Bob and Doug (the horse actors) won’t get pissed. Plus, afterwards we could split in two. It will be hilarious you walking around in the top and me with just the bottoms.”

I guess being more than slightly drunk, I thought it was a great idea. Plus I didn’t have a better plan.

The Sunday show was okay. Not as good as the Friday’s. With the sparser audience, the cast seemed less inspired to perform. Still, it was performed well as professionals do.

Terrence and I went for beers after the show. I was excited for tomorrow night’s party. I mean who wouldn’t; free food and booze. “Hey, I can’t wait for tomorrow, eh?”

“Yeah, me too!” I answered in agreement.

We had a few more; I really lost count of how many more.

“Phht!” Terrence laughed. “I just had a thought… No… I couldn’t.”

“Wait! What? You can’t say something like that and not finish!” I told him. “What were you laughing at?”

“Well… I was… I was şişli escort thinking I could modify the bottoms slightly…” He started. “No…no, I couldn’t. We could get fired.”

“Modified? How?” I prodded.

“Well… I could sew a hole in the bottoms and when we see some sexy little thing, I could grow my horse cock through the hole.” Terrence whispered. “No… we can’t.”

“Mind you, I wouldn’t mind sticking mine into Cherri. She’s pretty hot.” I told him. “Wha…? What do you mean ‘your horse cock’?”

Terrence took a quick glance around before he took my wrist and pulled my hand to his leg. I pulled my hand back like it was burned as my mouth dropped open. “Oh my gawd!”

“Can I?” I asked. Terrence nodded. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. My hand went back between his legs and grasped his member. Terrence had a thick piece of meat that almost went to his knee. “Holy fuck, man! That’s huge!”

“It gets slightly harder and bigger.” He admitted. We both laughed when he said. “And taking a piss with a hard-on is impossible without spraying all over the place let alone trying to point it towards the bowl.”

It was about two by the time we shook hands and parted. I got home to my hovel apartment and stripped off my clothes before hopping into the shower. As I soaped myself, I thought of Terrence’s horse cock and found myself over soaping my own hard cock. I was a decent size; over 6-inches but nowhere near what I felt inside Terrence’s pants. My white cream splattered against the wall.

The next day just before the party was to start, Terrence and I met up at the theatre. He had arrived before me and was trying on the costume bottoms. “Hey, I just discovered the spare horse costume already has a hole so I guess the bottom guy doesn’t have to strip everything off in case he has to piss.”

“I wonder why the other one doesn’t have one.” I said back as I started prepping the upper half.

“Hey! Check this out!” Terrence called out.

I turned around to see he had put on the bottoms and stuck his dick through the fly. It hung down like… “Jesus, Terr. It really looks like a horse’s cock! Put it away before we get caught!”

I knew it would be pretty hot inside the horse head so I wore a loose tee with some baggy, nylon, running shorts. Terrence wore something similar but I noted the shorts were just slightly longer and didn’t hide much.

Terrence helped me with the head and upper horse torso. The bottoms are much easier to put on; just step in and pull them up. Suspenders over his shoulders would hold them up. With my hands trapped inside the top to operate the mechanics, Terrence joined the two of us together with buttons and velco.

“Ready?” I heard.

“Yep, ready.” I answered. I looked through the screened opening of the head. “Er… how do we open the door?”

Terrence unbuttoned us enough to stick his hand through and open the door.

Walking in coordination was tougher than we thought, but by the time we reached everyone, we kind of figured it out. Of course as lead, Terrence would have to trust me and go where I wanted. Someone called out. “Look! It’s Bob and Doug!”

“Uh… no. We’re over here!” I saw Doug answer back. “Who is that?”

We trotted around and mingled with nişantaşı escort a few of the others. A couple of them figured out who we were and thought it was great. So did we until we figured out neither of us could drink while in the kit.

“Hi everybody!” I heard a female voice call out.

I turned to see it was Cherri. She was the principle actor of the show. She was dressed as a sexy witch. A short black dress, strategically rips in the right places accentuated her perfect body and pert tits. She had on sexy fishnet stockings with rips and high heeled ankle booties. Natural shiny raven hair cascaded down over her bosom.

I whispered back to Terrence. “Wow! She looks hot!”

I managed to maneuver us to her. Actually, I was looking around for her and accidently bumped into her.

“Oh! Sorry!” Being Canadian, I apologized.

“Oh no! That’s okay…” Her smile melted my heart but started to make my cock harden. “Hey, I recognize your voice. Gere?”

“Yeah, got it in one!” I was ecstatic that she knew me let alone knew my name.

I stood there listening and hanging onto every word Cherri spoke. I sensed Terrence getting a little antsy as he tried to coax me to move but I resisted. Then I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh creeping higher and higher. I tried to shake him off but with my hand trapped, couldn’t offer any real defense. He repeatedly brushed his palm against my semi-hard cock making it rock hard.

The distraction made it difficult to think of an excuse to politely leave the one-sided conversation with Cherri. Not if I wanted a chance with her sometime in the future. Then others started to cluster around making it more difficult to leave.

I was relieved when Terrence ceased his movements, but then I felt him hook his fingers into my waistband and pull down my shorts. One hand wrapped itself around my shaft while the other massaged and squeezed my balls.

“Hhau…!” I involuntarily gasped. Terrence had pushed his face into my ass crack. His hot, wet tongue licked between my cheeks. When his tongue found my asshole, I groaned slightly. “Uu..!”

“Are you okay, Gere?” Cherri asked.

Not really sure what to answer, I muttered. “Ah… yeah. I’m okay.”

Terrence not only had a big dick, he had an extraordinarily long tongue… even longer than Gene Simmon’s tongue. The tip wriggled against my rear entrance; digging its way in more and more. I pushed my hips back, his face was pressed hard into my ass as his long length was inside me.

“Huup!” I inhaled sharply. Sherri gave me a concerned look. “Sorry. Hiccups!”

Terrence’s tongue wasn’t the first thing that’s been up my ass. Being a lonely, nerdy single guy who never had a real girlfriend, I’ve used a couple of dildos and vibrators inside me when I masturbated.

“Excuse me.” There was a perfect pause and I was about to excuse myself but Terrence squeezed my balls hard and pulled them back, preventing me from leaving. I used my previous alibi. “Hiccups!”

I was relieved yet disappointed as his tongue retreated but it was quickly replaced by one of his fat digits. “Haaup!”

“Drinking water upside down from the other side of the glass works, you know!” Someone said.

“Nooo… I’m ooo…kay!” I stammered back. topkapı escort Terrence’s finger was prodding and playing with my prostate. He pulled out one then pushed in two… Then three. When he hit that right spot, I spasmed and spurted. Hard! I tried to stifle my moans. “Uuu… Uuu… Uuu…….!”

My knees buckled slightly but I managed to catch myself. I was panting and sweating. It was a pretty hard cum. Harder than I had in a while. Terrence pulled up my shorts and called out. “Hey Gere! I’m thirsty and it’s getting too hot in here. Let’s take this thing off.”

My shaky legs moved us back to the change room. Behind the closed door, Terrence detached us. I removed the head and turned to scowl at Terrence but sticking straight out of the costume was his immense horse erection. He pointed to it. “Come here and suck me!”

It was the most sexiest, hottest thing I had seen. I wanted it. I needed it. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his hefty sausage in my palms. I rubbed my face along his entire length.

Terrence grabbed me by the hair and positioned his tip against my lips. Slowly he pushed himself into me. My mouth easily parted and I sealed my lips around his knob. I licked and sucked his knob like a jawbreaker lollipop. Eventually, he pushed more and more cock into my stretched open mouth. I could only manage about four or five inches. Even with both hands wrapped around his shaft, I couldn’t cover it all.

My head and hands moved back and forth in unison. I wanted more down my throat but I was already gagging as he hit the back of my mouth. His ball sack tightened as his thrusts became more assertive.

The largeness of his first hot spurt took me by surprise as his cum filled my cheeks. Before I could swallow, it was followed by another equally large spurt. Some of it squirted out my mouth regardless of how tight my lips were around his girth; most of it spewed out of my nose. I swallowed what I could. When I pulled off, his third, fourth and fifth splashed my face.

As I was showered in his hot cream, Terrence picked me up and bent me over a table. “We’re not done yet! I have more!”

He yanked down my flimsy shorts and rammed the head of his still rock hard cock into my wanting, still wet asshole. It popped inside without any resistance. I cried out sharply. “Auuuh!”

“Fuck your asshole is tight!” Terrence grunted as he pushed more and more into me.

“Oh fuck. Oh gawd yes! More. I can take more!” I pleaded. Then I begged. “Please! Please give me more of you cock… Your horse cock inside me!”

At that, Terrence managed about half before I started to spasm. I could feel my bowels trying to suck out more of his remaining jism.

“Holey fuck you’re going to make me come again!” He groaned. His thrusts were hard and deliberate. “Oh gawd! Uuuh… Uuuh… Uuuh…!”

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh…. Fu…c…c…k…!” I cried out as I felt him unload inside of me. It felt so good as I could feel his cock pulse the last remnant of goodness into me.

Neither of us could move as we panted and tried to recover. He began to lose some of his thick hardness and started to slip out of me.

“Knock…knock!” The door opened.

“Hi just mak…” We both turned to see Cherri standing at the entrance. She started to back out. “Oh! Sorry. I was just finding out if Gere was okay, but I guess he is… Sorry.”

I looked back at Terrence. He looked back at me. There was a big pregnant pause, then a big smile. “She wasn’t your type anyways. Ready for some more?”

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