Horizons Ch. 02: Stolen Moments


To find out how Jody and Ellie started their story, read Slow Burn

This story was originally published in 5 parts. I have combined them into one story and made a few changes and adjustments

Please leave me a comment on the story. I’m working on the next part of their story and would welcome any input from you, the reader.


I ended up staying the rest of the week. I slept in the RV mere feet from where Jody laid next to Joe. That first night was nearly torture. I could hear her rhythmic breathing, could feel the sway of the RV when she shifted positions in her sleep. Yet I couldn’t be near her. The next 2 nights weren’t a lot better. Our days consisted of board games, swimming and stolen moments when we hoped no one was watching.

That first evening after we had been together, we went to the drive-in. Everyone went. My son sat with Madi in the bed of the truck, Kevin, Joe and Jody sat together on an old bucket seat Joe had put on the ground. I sat in a camp chair alone. I was not a happy person, but I was going to have to learn to deal with situations like this. Jody and I had barely talked about what had happened the night before because we were rarely alone. I tried unsuccessfully to extend my hotel reservation. Tried to find another hotel that wouldn’t break the bank, also unsuccessfully. So, there I was sitting off to the side, alone, watching Angry Birds 2 and questioning why I had stayed. In that moment, in that situation my anxiety was controlling my emotions, which was never a good idea.

I knew why. I needed to be near her. Hear, smell and feel her when I could. This movie was just none of those things. My mood soured so badly I put the hood up on my hoodie, effectively shutting out any view I had of Jody next to Joe. This level of angst was going to be my undoing if I didn’t get control of it quickly. Right there and then though, I was allowing myself a little pity party. I had no idea what this movie was about, my focus was not on the screen. I was semi aware of my hand tapping on my knee, a sure sign my anxiety was close to boiling over.


I snapped out of my self-induced brain fog and realized Jody was talking to me.

“Sorry, what?”

“There’s a few minutes until the second movie starts, I need to stretch my legs. Want to go for a walk?” She looked at me and that sheepish grin I loved so much flashed across her face.

“Sure, I could use to move a little too.” I wondered what she had in mind, given we were surrounded by other movie goers.

Before anyone could ask to join us, we bustled off behind the truck, walked behind the concession building and out of sight. As we rounded the concession stand Jody grabbed me and had my back against the wall kissing me. I was all in. My hands grabbed for her breasts. I drank in her scent and bathed in the warmth I loved so much. This went on for a few minutes, each of us exploring as much as the location allowed. All too soon we heard the next movie starting. We got ourselves together and walked the rest of the way around the large building and back to the truck. I was glad now I was sitting to the side. My hoodie now smelled of Jody and I put the fabric up to my nose. I watched the second movie in a better mood. This was a new road to navigate and we were going to have to figure out how to, together.

The next day came and went and another night was upon us. We ate burgers and toasted marshmallows and played corn hole. All these moments felt the same as all the moments before. Before we hooked up, before we both admitted we had a draw to each other. Before I knew what she tasted like. The only exception was the after was better in many ways. I didn’t wonder or worry about my attraction being wrong or it possibly ruining a friendship. I didn’t wonder if she felt anything for me. I still got electric pulses when our skin touched. A brush of our hands as we gathered up the corn hole bag sent shivers between my legs. Now I knew. I knew what it felt like to not only posses her, but what it felt like when she possessed me. I wanted more. That was what the after was about. Living all the moments between our stolen moments.

We sat down to play a round of Rack-O at the picnic table. Jody sat next to me, close. Butterflies filled my stomach as our legs touched. When I was shuffling and then dealing the cards, I felt her hand high up on my inner thigh. This contact didn’t last long, but it was enough to keep me hoping for more, soon. We played the game and soon enough the kids were ready to head into the RV to watch a movie. I was hoping for a seating arrangement the same as a few nights ago. I got up to help pick up and head in when Joe told Jody if her and I wanted to go get a drink or something we should. He’d make sure the kids settled in for the movie.

We both said yes! Then quietly giggled.

“I’m gonna change before I go in public.” I told Jody and headed in to wash up and put on clean jeans and a decent maslak escort shirt. I’m not much of a make-up person but threw some mascara on.

Jody was in her bedroom area doing the same. She had put on jeans that hugged every part of her and I was jealous of them. God she was amazing. I had no idea what the rest of the night held for us, but we were going to have a couple hours alone and I would take it.

“We won’t be late, promise.” Jody told Joe as we headed to my van.

“I’ll drive, I know the area better.” Jody grabbed my keys from my hand.

I changed directions and headed to the passenger seat. Jody climbed in the driver’s seat and started the van. She was all business as we left the site and then the campground. As soon as we made the left-hand turn onto route 9 she grabbed my hand. We drove like that, hand in hand for miles. It was dark and I wasn’t familiar with the Lake George area like she was. I could see bright lights in the distance and soon we were pulling into a parking lot.

“This place is decent, quiet. Dark” she said.

It looked like a typical hole in the wall bar. I was game, I was game for anything if she was with me. We walked inside and Jody guided me to the very back, and she was right it was dark. We claimed the furthest table in the darkest corner. Jody didn’t sit, instead she left me to walk up to the bar. Jody liked beer, I did not. She was always trying to get me to try new beers, I was fairly certain I would never find one I liked. I really hoped she didn’t come back with two beers.

She started walking back and I let out a small sigh of relief. She had a beer in one hand and what looked like a Titos and cranberry in the other. She set them down on the table and pulled her chair closer to mine. To anyone looking on we looked like two friends having a drink. Her hand had found its way to my upper thigh again. That grin that was now how I defined her was on her face. I wanted to down my drink and take her somewhere. Anywhere. Instead I sat and sipped my drink, and she drank her beer. We chatted, hushed voices. Her hand moved up higher and I let out an audible moan.

“Ya know, that’s not fair. Getting me all hot and bothered and then going back to sleeping alone four feet from you. “

Jody smirked,” who said we were going right back to the RV?” Her hand slid up my thigh as far as possible, her fingers gently rubbing my labia through my jeans. Another moan slipped out and I shifted positions. This was getting too hot for this space; it was dark and quiet but not enough of either. She gave me a disappointed look.

“Afraid we will get caught?” She said as she took another pull of her beer.

I looked at her, not saying a word. I took a large swing of my own drink and moved my own hand under the table and between her thighs. She spread them ever so slightly to make way for my fingers to do some stroking of their own. I wanted to feel her, really feel her. I leaned in, my head almost resting on hers.

“I wanna fuck you so bad.”

Jody’s eyes widened. She picked up her beer and downed what was left. The look in her eyes told me I should do the same. Drinks emptied, she took my hand and we exited the bar. Without a word she pulled me towards the van.

“Get in.” She all but ordered me. I did as I was told.

She climbed in, shut the door and as the interior lights dimmed, she reached over and kissed me so deeply I was left breathless. When she was done, she started the van and drove out of the parking lot. I had no idea where we were going, but I prayed it would be somewhere that I could rip her clothes off her.

We drove in silence; the dark winding road gave me no hints of our destination. Ten minutes later Jody turned onto a dirt road. Winding our way up and around, the woods around the van getting denser as we drove. She took another turn and the van was enveloped fully by darkness. We stopped, Jody turned off the engine and unbuckled her seatbelt. I immediately reached over, my fingers in her hair, and pulled her closer. I kissed her with all the fierce lust that had been building up all evening. She responded with her own brand of intensity. The stupid console between the two seats was annoying the crap out of me. I let go of her and climbed into the middle row, and made my way to the back row, leaving my shirt and bra as I moved.

Jody caught on quickly and followed behind me, leaving pieces of her own clothing in the middle row seats. Our half naked bodies collided. We became a tangle of hands, lips and breast. Taking turns nipping and licking and sucking. This time we knew each other’s bodies a little better, knew what got a reaction. I loved how her hips raised up to me when I rubbed my thigh between hers. I grasped her left nipple between my teeth, gently nipping at it. That got a deep moan of pleasure. I continued to rub between her legs and suck on her breasts. She radiated warmth and smelled as amazing istanbul escort as always. I relished being this close to her.

The jeans were becoming an issue and I reached down and began to unbutton and unzip hers. She did the same to mine. I slid my hand between her skin and her thong, my fingers finding her slit. It was warm and slick. I wanted to taste her so badly. I slipped one finger into her hole and rub her nub with my thumb. Her body reacted and she dug her nails into my back. The tight confines of the back seat of the minivan didn’t allow for much spreading out. I pulled my hand out and before Jody could protest, I pulled her jeans off and slipped my fingers around her thong and slipped that off too. My hand went back work. This time I slipped a second and then a third finger into her. I thrust with all the force I had as I kissed her, and my tongue teased her nipples. I knew she was getting closer to climax and I brought my face between her legs. My tongue was much more adept than the first time and I went to work finishing her off.

Soon her body was bucking, and I drank up every bit of her climax. My left hand rested on her stomach, feeling the deep orgasm as it took over her body. As she calmed, I crawled up and rested myself on her, placing my head so I could feel her heart. I wanted to live in this moment forever.

“Do not fall asleep.” She breathless told me.

“But this is perfection, I could sleep for days like this,” I told her, knowing that was not even close to a possibility.

We laid there for a moment, living in the perfection of that sliver of time. Her heartbeat was so close to my ear it filled my head and my heart.

“You shouldn’t wear a tank top tomorrow. Sorry.” Jody’s fingers traced what I assumed were the nail marks she had made earlier. She was right, no tank tops for a few days.

Her fingers continued to trace down my back as I laid there. They felt like butterfly kisses down my spine. They reached my ass and she grabbed both cheeks and squeezed, as I reacted, she thrust her tongue in my mouth. Before I knew it, she was flipping me onto my back. I wasn’t sure how she managed it in the small space, but she did. She began to grind herself on my mound, god it was heavenly feeling. Her mouth left mine and trailed down my breasts, stopping at each to suck and nip. She continued to grind, and I spread my legs a little wider. I wanted to feel more of her on more of me.

She made her way down, her tongue teasing at my clit as her fingers entered me. I was nearly dripping with my own juices. Her fingers slid in easily. Her thrusts were in perfect timing with her tongue. This side of her, this sexy aggressive side that I had rarely seen when we were just friends turned me on so much. I could feel myself edging close to climax. Jody grabbed my right breast and rolled my nipple, never stopping her tongue or fingers. She was a magician of another caliber. My body was overpowered with its own orgasm and I lost all control. Jody didn’t stop as my whole body convulsed.

“Holy. Fuck. “I panted.

“Exactly and stop swearing.” She retorted.

Slowly she made her way back up me, kissing every part of me on the way. I never wanted to move, ever.

“It’s getting late.” And the perfection was shattered. I hated the reminder that real life was waiting for us at the campground.

I sighed deeply and unwillingly agreed.

We made our way back to the front of the van, putting our clothes back on as we moved forward. I opened the glovebox and was grateful Jessie always left various lotions in there. I handed one to Jody and used a different scent on myself. I hate masking her smell, but I knew it was something we had to do.

We both checked our faces and hair, putting everything as close to back together as possible. Jody started the van and we headed back to the campground, back to real life. She took my hand in hers and we drove all the way into the site that way. The fire was dying, and all was quiet. We exited and walked over and let ourselves in. The kids were all hanging out and Joe asked if we had a good time. Jody told him we sure did. We had a few drinks, did some dancing, enjoyed the ambiance. I smiled in agreement. Then I went to my bag and got my pajamas and went and got changed. I wasn’t sure if it would be easier to sleep now or harder. I placed my bet on harder as I crawled under the blanket, I could hear Jody breathing only a few feet away from me.

Time moved faster than I ever wanted it to and before I knew it Timmy and I were back home. Back to living life. Just like that we had been home from Lake George for five days. Jody and I still hadn’t seen each other. We had both gone back to work the next day, and I was still getting back in the groove after the whole summer off. She missed the very last Tuesday night race. I was fighting off falling into a deep funk and I was trying hard to pull myself out of it. Today was Saturday and the end of the sarıyer escort season time trial and BBQ for the race series. Jody was on call so she wasn’t sure if she would be there, or if she would be able to stay.

I knew this was what the immediate future looked like for us, but it didn’t make it easier to swallow. As I sat listening to the buzz of excited racers all around me, I let my mind wander to the day after our first night together. We were still in Lake George. The night had been unexpected and amazing. That next morning began with a “Good morning” text from Jody. Everyone in the RV was still asleep except for Joe who was off on a bike ride. She wanted to know when I was heading over, I reminded her I needed to pack up the room. I set my phone down and went to shower. When I got back, I noticed she had texted me a few times.

7:45 Jody- wait why are you packing?

7:47 Jody- Ellie??

7:50 Jody- I thought you decided to stay?

7:52 Jody- El??

7:54 Jody- Ellie where are you? I thought you were staying. Please don’t leave.

7:58 Jody- ………

I giggled a little as I read through her texts.

Me- I was in the shower, calm your tits lady ???? yes, I’m staying but they couldn’t extend my reservation here, so I have to leave here at least. I’m gonna try and see if I can get another cheap place.

Jody- I got scared for a minute.

Me- I noticed

Jody- don’t worry if you can’t find a place, I already told Joe you decided to stay and take the pull-out couch. He was cool with it.

Me- okay. I’m gonna finish getting dressed and head over. See ya soon ??

Twenty minutes later I was pulling into the campground. I parked and walked over; Jody was sitting having coffee. No one else was around. I smiled wide and sat down next to her. She poured me a cup of coffee and handed it to me. I took it, then gave her a good morning hug, which lingered. God, she felt amazing. I could hear Timmy and Madi inside the RV. I got up and moved to the other side of the table.

“What, don’t you want to sit next to me?” Jody asked.

“I want to be able to watch you, and I can’t if I’m sitting right next to you.” I replied.

She grinned at me as the kids lumbered out. In true Jody fashion she got up and got busy making sure the kids got everything they wanted. I teased her that she’s a nicer mom than I am. My kids all take care of their own breakfasts and lunches at home. Of course, Timmy was loving having someone do the work for him while he was with them. I was just enjoying the view as she bustled around, going in and out of the RV in her yoga pants. Yum.

Once the kids all had food and were sitting at the picnic table, I went inside to make myself a bagel. I squeezed by Jody, my hand finding her ass.

“Don’t worry I made sure I can’t be seen.” I whispered in her ear as I leaned closer. I had grown a bit bolder since this time a day ago. She giggled and handed me the cream cheese. We are standing there, side by side. Outside I heard the telltale sound of gravel on bike tires. Joe was back. I didn’t move, nor did Jody. The RV wasn’t huge so us close together inside it wasn’t new. The door opened and there he was, hungry. Jody got busy throwing a bagel in the toaster for him.

“Your bagel is toasting. Ellie and I are going for a walk.”

We left the RV and started walking the loop of campsites. There was a very eclectic array of camping set ups. From old Pop-ups, to rustic tents to giant 5th wheels. I loved checking out how everyone customized their experience.

Jody broke the silence, “Just so you know, in my mind we are holding hands as we walk.”

I smiled and we continued walking. I felt like I was trying to act normal, which makes one look abnormal. I didn’t want every interaction we had now to be weird or appear weird. We had gone for walks before, long before before. That’s where my mind was now, before and after. Every moment would be fall into one of those 2 categories.

I had been itching to ask her what brought her to what happened last night. I just didn’t know how to. I guess I wasn’t that much bolder after all. We approached the river and saw the kayaks that were available. I had taken her kayaking at the beginning of summer; she had never been before. We each had our own that day and we spent more time sitting in the middle of the lake talking than actually paddling. It was a great memory, a before memory.

“Wanna take the double out for a few?” I asked her, hopeful.

“Um, I’m in my yoga pants.”

“That’s okay you get in I’ll get the kayak and you into the water. “

She agreed, and texted Joe to know we were going to go out for a little bit. We didn’t have much planned until later when we were going to the drive-in, so we were not in any rush. She climbed in the front and I pushed the kayak into the water. I left my sandals on the beach and hopped in behind her. We aimed the boat south and paddled in silence for a few minutes. I looked back and could barely see where we launched from. I tethered my paddle behind me and scooted up a little, wrapping my arms around her. She leaned into me and sighed. We sat that way, the kayak following the current, taking us slowly further away from real life.

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