Holly’s Awakening


INTRODUCTION: This is a story about Jim and Holly, their lives, their relationships, how their lives changed from the day they became a couple, and how it allowed Holly to awaken her sexuality that had been repressed and hidden away before the time she had met Jim. To set it up, Jim was 24 when they got together, while Holly was only 18, just out of high school. Jim was just fresh out of a bad marriage, where his wife cheated on him. He and his ex-wife were a little kinky but nothing too bad, a little exhibitionism-voyeurism, watched a little porn with friends, etc.. fairly tame, yes, but Jim was very sexual and couldn’t get enough sex. His ex was 20, and he always liked the young girls so, Holly was definitely his type.

Holly was fresh out of a relationship with the only “true” boyfriend she’d ever had. They had been dating since she was 14. He always treated her bad, but she kept going back to him. Yes, she had sex with him several times, but not enough to her meet her needs. She had only had sex with one other boy, and it was more of a one night fling after getting drunk at a high school party. She always wanted to have a boy or a man that would eat her out, but neither of her partners had been interested in this. They were more into getting themselves off, than her. About as kinky as she had gotten was watching a few porn movies before, and masturbating a few times.

Now, Holly and Jim had known each other for 2 years, as they had worked at the same place during this time, and they still did to this day. Jim always fantasized about her even prior to this but now he was a free man, she was free as well, and she was of age too. The stars had aligned just right and this was the time to make a move. At a party that they were both invited to, he made his first move and were going to go out. Their chemistry was perfect, over the next couple of months they became addicted to each other. Holly was about 5’8″ with long blonde hair and a slim build. Jim, who was 6’2″ w/ sandy blonde hair, and an athletic build, loved her 18 year old body and her long legs. Holly loved the fact that Jim would almost rather eat pussy than anything else, and he really got off when she got off. It wasn’t all about himself, like the other men she had been with. The story picks up after they had been together a couple of months. They were now living together, had just gotten married, and were living in a duplex on the east side of town.


Holly and Jim were still having a great time sexually with each other, but at the same times they were trying to find new things to try. Jim’s ex never would masturbate in front of him before, and that was a fantasy for him, so he knew that Holly liked to read so he got a couple of Penthouse forum magazines.

This worked just like a charm as she got to where she loved reading them, so all it took was a little prompting to get her to start touching herself in front of him. Seeing an 18 yr old with her fingers all over her pussy was too much for him. They had some of the best sex they had ever had that night.

It seks hikaye got to where she wanted to play with herself all the time. He decided they would take it one step farther the next day, as they went out to their back porch that was only separated from their neighbors porch by a 6 foot tall wooden fence. They sat out there nude, masturbating and reading more erotic letters. Their neighbors showed up, they were a middle aged couple with no kids. Holly laid back on her chair with her legs spread and her feet on the table, while Jim went inside and was peeking through their bedroom window.

He could tell that the neighbors got an eyeful, then he went out, and had sex with her right on the porch, as her neighbors watched through the fence.

Holly went on and on about how being watched turned her on so much, so Jim had an idea for next weekend. They went to a local adult book store that had peeps, and a theater. They started out in the theater. They watched this flick and Jim kept pulling up her skirt and reaching inside her panties playing with her clit and making her pussy so wet. Then he whispered into her ear, how he wanted to masturbate right there.

She complied and started playing with herself right there on the third row. There were a couple of guys watching her from across the small, secluded theater. Both of them were rubbing their crotches. Then Jim got up and led her to one of the booths where you could watch a full length movie.

They had a glory hole in there also. Holly and Jim noticed an eyeball peeking through the hole as Jim took Holly right there, while a lesbo movie was on the screen. Holly was a squirter and she shot her juices all over the couch in that room, when she noticed a cock sticking through the glory hole. Jim told her to do whatever she wants.

Holly walks over to the cock giggling as she’d never seen this happen before. She grasps it with both of her hands and twists, pumps, and slides her fingers all over it until he shot his wad half way across the room. Holly’s eyes got so big when she saw how far it shot. Holly got where she wanted to do it all the time, and she loved exhibitionism to no end.

Holly decided to invite one of Jim’s friends from where they worked, to watch some porn at their home. Billy and Sonya came over that night and it started something that would be an ongoing frequent activity, to watch porn with friends from work. Billy was a 5’11” black man, with a slender build, and Sonya was about the same height as Holly but she was a brunette, with beautiful tanned legs.

The 2 couples would even go the porn theaters together at times, and while they weren’t truly swinging, there was some exhibitionism going on. Sonya would flash Jim while Billy was rubbing her pussy at the theater and Holly would do that to Billy as well. There was some curiosity there but nobody made the move to step over the line.

Holly always wondered what it would be like to fuck and suck a black man but she wasn’t sure what Jim would say, and she loved him to much to just cheat on sex hikaye him without him agreeing to it first. Well, this went on and on to the point where many people from where they worked would come over. Occasionally a single girl would come over, an occasional couple would also, but mostly it was single guys wanting to watch some free porn.

Well, one night they invited Billy and Sonya, Robert and Stephanie(another couple that hey knew from work), Roberto and Jose(2 brothers from work), Juan(another friend from work who was single), and Jennifer(a cute single girl from work who was Holly’s age). It turned out that with a snowstorm coming in only Robert and Juan said they could come over, and then Juan called right before he was going to be there to cancel as well.

Jim got off work after everyone else, so he was going to get the movies on the way home. Robert got there at the same time as Holly and he was flirting with Holly. This annoyed Holly a little bit, but at the same time it turned her on. Robert was about 6’1″, he was Hispanic, but was fairly light skinned. He was really athletic with a muscular build, and was 19 years old.

Finally, Jim arrived, and they started watching the movies. Holly sat on one couch while Jim sat in a chair, and Robert sat on the other couch. She watched as both of the guys cocks made impressions through their pants. They would occasionally touch them, and she could do nothing but fantasize about being made love by the both of them at the same time.

She decided she would get comfortable and she went to the bedroom to change. She put on her blue bathrobe with nothing on underneath. She wrapped herself in the blanket and went back to her couch and lied down. She pulled the bathrobe up to where the only thing separating her soaking wet pussy and the 2 guys was the blanket. Then she started playing away with her pussy. The couch was getting soaking wet underneath her as she teased her clit over and over. She slid 2 and sometimes 3 fingers deep inside her love hole, then occasionally she would show a little leg by pulling back the blanket, which got Robert’s attention several times.

She never showed her pussy but she wanted to, believe me she wanted to. She was just afraid what Jim might say. Finally it was time for Robert to leave and she could get some cock. Jim went over to her and was astonished when he reached under the blanket to find a naked body and a blazing hot pussy.

He asked, “How did your pussy get so wet?”

“I was playing with myself, fantasizing about having the both of you.”, she said.

“Well, why didn’t you say something?”, he responded. Holly’s eyes lit up with astonishment.

“I thought you would be mad”, she said.

Jim said, “I just want you to be happy, and if this will make you happy then we’ll do it, but you need to be the one to call him.”

She told Jim to go the room, and she made the call. She went to the bedroom and told Jim that he was on the way but he needed to get naked and stay in the bed, as she wanted to undress him when he sex hikayeleri got here. This was her fantasy and she wanted to do it right.

It seemed to take forever, but he arrived. He opened the door and she laid a big wet kiss on him and immediately started unbuttoning his pants. She pulled them down and started massaging his already hard cock through his underwear. She laid another kiss on him, and then dropped her robe exposing her naked body to him for the first time.

She pulled his sweater off of his muscular torso and pulled his underwear down, as she saw his cock for the first time. Jim’s was about 7″ long, and Robert’s appeared to be just a little bigger. She sucked it a couple times and then led Robert to the bedroom where Jim awaited. She laid on the bed, and her first threesome was at hand.

Robert and Jim attacked her body like 2 vultures finding prey in the middle of a barren desert. They both sucked and licked her tits, and they kissed and licked every inch of her body She took over when both of them wanted to kiss and explore her mouth. She told Jim to eat her out, and told Robert to kiss her. As Robert’s and Holly’s tongues probed each others mouths, Jim was burying his face in her wet pussy, making her moan and her hips squirm.

Jim kept devouring her pussy while Robert took his cock and pushed it deep into Holly’s throat. Holly made love to Robert’s hot, throbbing rod with her tongue, as her pussy shot juices all over Jim’s face. They switched, and she sucked on his cock while Robert licked all over her pussy. The next thing you know, Robert started fucking her pussy violently while she continued to suck Jim’s cock. She was always good at sucking cock but after feeling her suck his cock when she had another cock in her pussy, it was 10 times better. He decided that they may have to do this again. Just watching that cock go in and out of Holly’s pussy made him so hot.

They switched places again, and Robert started licking her tits again while Jim fucked her. Jim went a little to quick and shot his load deep into her snatch. He pulled out and Robert said he’d finish her off. He pulled her up to do her doggy style, and Holly looked so tired, but yet she looked like she was in ecstasy. She was panting and yelling, “Oh baby, give it to me!” Robert grasped her long hair smashing his hips and and his rock hard shaft into her. She shot her juices again, all over the bed.

Then he laid back onto the bed and she got on top. She rode his cock like a nympho who hadn’t seen a dick in a year, moving her hips back and forth faster and faster. It wasn’t fast enough for Robert though, as he told her to go faster, she did so, and her juices sprayed again all over Robert. She pulled off and started fingering her clit right over Robert’s face and her juices were drowning him.

He turned her over and fucked her “Missionary style”, until he was ready, then he pulled out and shot gallons of white, hot steaming cum onto her tits, as she massaged it all over them.

Afterward, Robert left and a new chapter had opened in their lives. There was a little bit of jealousy that Jim hadn’t planned on, and a lot of things for them to sort through and talk about, but definitely they would never be the same people they were before that day.

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