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“Holiday ride”[ENG]This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “Holiday ride”, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.Holiday rideHello. At the outset, I wanted to say that this will be my first story. My name is Tom, I am a student and I am 22 years old. In the summer happened to me incredible story. Well, in late August, I went on a bike ride through the surrounding forests. Biking is my passion, but that day I did not want to treat as training and picked up the clothes “civilian”, without a helmet and dress, but with a towel, for my beloved sweetheart, mountain biking, which brand do not tell, brag about just that This high-end equipment. I headed toward the swimming pool, some 9-10 km, according to the indications of my counter into the forest, to a huge pond, the remnants of the former open-cast mine. The place is little known even to local and there are not too many people, especially in the morning. I lead a rather sporty lifestyle and norm for me is getting up in the morning, even on vacation, but to the point. I stayed on the shore, about 50 meters from a tanning a boyfriend. I was just about to begin to undress, but przylukalem that chap staring at me insolently, but whatever … I stripped to underpants and went swimming. I like swimming, very good for my body, and I belong to those who care more about each other. Swimming, always impose his fast pace, also I came out of the water very tired and lay down on my towel. To my surprise, my “neighbor” as if it was closer to me, although it was still thought that just seems to me. Next big distance between us. Constantly I spied him gasping for breath. The guy saw that watching him, because the more surprised me is that at some point he took out his little and began banging himself, looking at me! I felt very strange … I knew I should, shout something to him niecenzuralnego, or at least look away. But I was straight, although with women not too much I was going, I was convinced about his orientation. It is true that sometimes suspected of being a BI myself sometimes because I liked to look at gay porn movie, for entertaining with each other boys shaved their batons, but had never enjoyed any particular guy. Although everything looked curiously like a stranger piles. It excited me. I could feel my dick stiffen and makes it to be tight in underpants. I like that slip underpants and start doing well, but then even common sense prevailed. I thought that such a polite, laid boy like me can not do such things. At one point, the guy broke his fun. I could not see whether fired or not, but he rose up, and went into the water. Probably he thought that his advances were rejected and he gave up. I regretted a little bit, because I was so şişli escort fasted … so get hot, even for simple fun together. So I made sure that the guy is busy swimming and started to rub cock through panties. I did not want to let me see how I do. I thought to pull away further and relieve himself in a safer place, but still I was tired of swimming. I decided that I Rub it for a while and then change a seat. So I closed my eyes because the sun began to rise high and I gave myself massaged. I do not know whether these sensations completely lost track of time, or this guy really swam literally a few seconds, but I heard that someone came up to me close. I opened my eyes, and it was obviously the boy. I did not know whether to remove his hand from tent to not know that a wonderful time, and keep a hand on him, that he did not know that he was standing. Before I could react the type said to me: “I see that you liked how I amused” – and looked pointedly at distinct bulge in my underpants … “nooo” – I said, confused. “It’s nothing,” she replied, and smiled broadly. Generally, the guy looked like a juvenile criminal. His smile was missing the top two, his frame was decorated with a tattoo … frankly some so ugly, I would even say that it does not successful daub. He was quite tall and very briefly cut nearly bald. In addition, he was tanned guy and a wiry, he had a slight musculature, radiator, but overall his physique was slim. “My name is Andrew, and you?” “Tom …” -Odpowiedzialem and shook his hand. He had a very strong hug … “sizeable have, I can touch” ?? – Asked … I stammered only very puzzled me that question, and Andrzej without waiting for my consent, he began to stroke my bird! It was a great feeling! I thought I’d let him do it, “Want to see my”? – He asked. From my side again lacked reaction. I do not know what came over me. I lay propped on his elbows, and Andrew knelt in front of me and told me it revealed itself. He was dressed only in boxer shorts wet. He intrigued me very much of his chump, so it slowly slid down and I saw the nice, big, beautifully shaved dick, half protruding, so easily triggered. I could not look away. “Show your” – said Andrzej. “I do not know” – I replied, but when Andrew reached out to me his sinewy paws and slid my underpants. There was in me a shred of resistance. I lifted even slightly hip, he was to make it easier to download them from the ass, which adjoined to the ground after all. Honestly, I wanted this and probably only pretended decent heretic. My truncheons jumped like a spring. She was already very stiff. I think my new colleague flirted with me is that there is a good, never them as such I did not consider. Such a mere 15 may 15.5 cm. He took it in his right hand and began to slowly move the hand up and down. A wonderful feeling. With such sensations doszedlbym mecidiyeköy escort in a dozen, up tens of seconds, but Andrew suddenly interrupted massage and threw bluntly: “I’ll make you a blowjob, if you do me.” Lightly me speechless. I wish that I could see their faces then “never doing?” He asked. I shook only his head, “I envy you. The first blowjob taste the best! Come on, no one sees, yet I can see that you want! “- assured convincingly. The area actually was empty and nobody would see us. I gave up when his deeply hidden rzadzom and shyly asked him to be sure someone else who has to settle first. My companion in response told me to move, took place in my towel and answered without hesitation: “You got me.” I looked around again for 100% certainty, then found that you can start. I did not know at the beginning how to approach it and clumsily putting on his stomach took a seat between his hairy legs. I took his equipment in hand and looking at him with curiosity, I began to pull the skin down. The first time I saw someone else so close member. “Come on, take it” – urged my companion. I smoothed it to the end and started to lick the tip. Do not sensed then no taste, there was a neutral, probably because I just came out of the water. So I put the whole acorn in his mouth and began to fondle her lips, holding the leather hand at the base of his cock. Obslinilem it neatly to slide nicely into my mouth. Then he hardened him for good. I felt that I did flushed face. It’s hard to describe what I felt then. Excitement, shame, insecurity, humiliation light and who knows what else … but I have no doubt that it was me then great. When he stood so neatly turned out that is clearly larger than mine. I took it from his mouth, to see it in full glory, temporarily replacing oral caresses, gentle hand massage. I could not get enough of this view, because Andrew grabbed me with one hand behind the back of the head, d ** nd hand spurned my hand, grabbing both her and slapped me pyte it a few times. Cool feeling, when such a hot cock up my cheeks and forehead, leaving wet patches of my own saliva. I had to turn a blind eye to them picked me. He put it later to my face, so that the acorn was at my forehead, and eggs at the height of my mouth. I understood what he meant and started to suck his bags hanging loosely “good lick, eat, lick!” – Groaned. But the more I liked sucking dick. I noticed that with his czubeczka filtered fluid droplet ejakulacyjnego, I wanted her to try. I lifted my head, snapping back to this great spear, but Andrew stepped back and pressed her hand to her belly. “And what? Like this? “- He asked. I nodded my head at this time as “Tastes?” He again nodded in the affirmative. “It’s you, suck” – said scornful tone. As soon as he let go of his cock, which przygniatal his hand to his stomach esenyurt escort jumped as this spring, hitting me in the nose. Not paying attention to it eagerly sat down to continue processing. Then I felt the salty flavor of this magical droplets. I really tasted. Now I sucked faster and more dynamically. From the mouth of my companion came at a moment of clues, sounding more like commands – “poslin more, hide those teeth, you’re doing well, almost!”. Saying this sighed with delight with every word. I sought, and the effects of my efforts could be heard and seen. At one point, he pressed my head and rhythmic movements nadziewac started me on his pal. “Swallow whole bitch” – he said through clenched teeth. I should not afford such taunts, but I really wanted to have ended. I absolutely have to see how sperm spurts out of this monster. See it and taste it. Andrew suddenly pushed quite strongly my head and grabbed his hand behind his dick. I realized that I have to accept it on face. It excites me very much. I waited even with 2, but for a very long seconds, Andrew groaned loudly and my face felt hot stream of sperm. Instinctively, I closed my eyes. He fired strongly a few times on my hair, forehead, cheek and nose. When the shooting stopped, still I sucked his penis from which oozed slowly even a single drop of his cream. I was able to suck even quite a number of sperm, despite the fact that dripped a few more times on the towel, “Well, swallow,” – he said Andrew winded. I made an order dutifully, and even licked with relish. Andrew put his finger still pointing to my cheek and snag him a great stain of sperm directly into my mouth. I used a moment when his finger dipped in his white icing was right on my mouth and sucked it a little bit to taste the remnants of his discharge. Andrew smiled and slapping me twice lightly on the cheek saying he did a great job. “Now it’s your turn” – I said shyly. Sharply it excites me doing canes Andrew, and especially its very abundant ejaculation and great taste his cream. Pulling his dick, my chump was as hard as steel and tempted me to blame myself during these caresses, but I also wanted to be cherished in this way and therefore refrained from doing so. “Good homie, now I” -odpowiedzial, but he added that he will jump into your backpack after browarki for us, and advised me that I should at this time rinsed with each other’s juices. I thought it was a good idea. I splashed up on the hair. Zanurzylbym on the occasion of my penis in the water. I was hoping that it would reduce my blood pressure a little. I did not want to drain before my buddy would start on a good deal with my Pete, and I felt that it would have been. A few sips brewery also be able to extend our fun. Without thinking, I ran long with protruding bare his stick into the water and immersed to the waist. I washed his face quickly, washed the hair and when I looked at Andrew … I saw that just screwed up my bike! By the way, it took my clothes, leaving only his towel obspermiony. Never later he did not see either him or my bike. Police investigation continues.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL

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